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Temporary Clerical Officer 2021 in the Civil and Public Service (Please read OP)



  • Scouseouse wrote: »
    I got OOM 378 this year for Donegal. I was OOM 50 last year and didn't get an interview. I think applicant numbers have shot up as so many here are out of work or in precarious work . I dont think I will get called for interview in Donegal this year if last year was anything to go by. I gained some extra qualifications in admin related skills during lockdown, but suspect I fall down on the psychometric testing.

    At OOM 378 for Donegal I really didn't think I would get called or even hear from PAS again this year. But I didn't check my email this weekend and missed out. Turns out Friday evening last I got an message saying I had to register interest before Monday 9 am to be considered as 'still interested ' in a TCO position. I only noticed the message yesterday so this year's competition is over for me. The moral is - check you emails regularly and don't assume Friday evening email means I can leave it to Monday morning.

  • Something to bear in mind for anyone counting where in the order or merit PAS is at for a particular location. Just because an offer has been made at OOM 50 doesn't necessarily mean the next offer is at OOM 51. There may be people put back onto the panel for one reason or another e.g. their offered appointment not materialising, a candidate who deferred their place on the panel returning to the panel, etc...

  • If you turn down an offer, can you be placed back on the panel or is that it?

    I'm being interviewed soon, and I'm seeing people here being offered 12-16 week contracts. I wouldn't personally take a contract that short as I'd be leaving full time employment so would want something like 6 months.

    If I explain that as my reason for turning down a shorter contract, do I go back on the panel or goodbye?

  • I was able to defer my place on the panel when I was made an offer earlier this year. I was still on a Temporary Clerical Officer contract from the 2020 panel and was able to suspend my place on the 2021 panel until my existing temporary contract ended. I had to provide a copy of my existing contract to defer my place on this year's panel and notify PAS when I had completed my contract to request my place on the 2021 panel to be reactivated.

    You might want to check if this same process is applicable to suspending a place on the panel because of an external position.

    I'd be very cautious about giving up a permanent position for a temporary contract.

  • Hi everyone, I went into this blindsided. I have been offered a job with Intreo in Bray which is 1 hour away. It's 14 week contract. What do I do after 14 weeks? Do I get social payment or put into another job straight away? I'm confused? Would you leave a permanent job? Was hoping to get into AGS. Thanks.

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  • It's a temporary contract. Once the 14 weeks are up your contract is over and you look for another job. It's not a probationary period for a permanent position. It's a fixed term temporary contract. You don't get offered another position from the PSA panel let alone be put in one straight away.

    Unless you have something lined up at the end of the 14 weeks you apply for jobseekers payment like anyone else who finishes in a job. I wouldn't leave a permanent position for a 14 week temporary contract.

  • I emailed them confirming my interview and providing ID, three days before the cutoff.

    I received a message on publicjobs saying I never confirmed so I'm out of the running. Wtf?

  • Shoot them out an email, if they're really running out of people in Donegal they might let it slide, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  • I'd email them with a copy of the original email attached an ask them to reconsider.

    I had problems with sending emails with attachments to the TCO email address when I was trying to send in requested documents. In the end I had to get someone's direct email address and send it to there as the TCO address was rejecting any of my emails with attachments.

  • Thanks for that. I did immediately email them with a screenshot showing my original email so we'll see. Strange that I didn't get any notification of a delivery failure when I originally emailed though

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  • While uploading the documents did anyone else not have a way to exit the screen? All the documents went green and said uploaded but there was no done button or anything so I'm panicking now if they actually uploaded.

  • Has anyone here been offered a position in Dublin in the last few weeks and approx what oom are you if you have been? I haven’t been called yet and am now thinking that I won’t be. Thanks

  • Had a call from HR in AGS about a 12 week contract. Anyone any experience working with AGS?

  • This thread has become very quiet! Is there much movement with the TCO panels recently? I enquired about my position weeks ago but no reply from clearance.

  • They are usually very quick about replying, I'm wondering if the new campaign will be opening shortly?

    "Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts"

  • I had a TCO offer a few weeks ago. I’m in Kildare.

  • Good to know offers are still going out. I'm in a different part of the country and had deferred my place on the panel when I got a short duration offer earlier in the year as I was still in a longer contract from an offer from the 2020 panel. When that ended I reactivated my place on the 2021 panel but I've heard nothing since despite being high in the order of merit.

  • A tco was recently placed in my office in Galway covering a ML, no idea of panel placement though

  • Had my interview back at the end of July, OOM in the 1900s for Dublin, and was offered a position today

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  • Hi all

    I have been asked to attend an interview next week. I am having a problem downloading the various forms I need to send before the interview. There are 3 of them. Any idea what problem could be. Thanks

  • I have been offered an interview for Meath, any idea what they will ask me? has anyone had an interview recently.

  • You will be asked about previous work placements. Different scenarios. Have a look at the familiarisation info as well. Just wondering if you have sent your scanned docs. I have mine on PDF and word just wondering what one to upload. Bit confused.

  • I just had to send photo id and cofirmation that i was attending the interveiw.

  • I have to get this done by Monday. Its a bit of a pain especially the references.

  • Hi all,

    I was employed on an 8 week open contract as a TCO last year. I was 'terminated' as it was put and let go a short while after my 8 weeks was up.

    I intend to have another go at this years campaign, and see if I have better luck..but here is the problem I am now facing; I contacted my manager about a reference regarding this employment and they basically sent me a copy of the letter I recieved outling the reason for my contract termination, not even a letter stating my employment dates.

    Just wondering what are my options now for a reference that will be accepted by P.A.S.?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Jeez they could’ve given you a proper reference. I tend to hound them for a reference before my contract ends for this reason

  • Thanks.

    Any idea what my options are now regarding a reference for the 2021 TCO campaign? As I say, my manager didn't give me a proper reference from my last TCO assignment so I'm at a loss as to what to do now for a reference. 😔

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  • Have you got references for the last five years from other companies you’ve worked for? That’s what they asked me for. I would explain to whoever emailed looking for references that you contacted your manager from last TCO and they only sent you on what you had already