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Army and Navy



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    No, i would not like the Army on the streets assisting the Gardai. They are trained for a very specific purpose - to repel an invasion - and that is not suitable training to assist the gardai in any kind of regular way.

    I'm not doing down the army at all. I don't for a moment believe that they could repel a determined invader should that ever happen. But I don't think the army believe they could do that either. What Ireland have been "effective" (I say that lightly as I am including the Troubles in this) at in the past is guerilla warfare. Flying columns, bombs under cars, snipers, etc. What the army provides is a consistent network of trained individuals who could go on to train civilians in circumstances where we are invaded, and make it so that we become enough of a pain in the *ss in any invaders eyes, so that decide we are not worth the effort and then feck off back to wherever they came from.

    Soldiers are not trained for community policing. They would only feed into the right wing stories that the government are trying to take over by stealth and create a new world order. Gemma O'Doherty's gang would have a field day, and would have many more recruits to their cause, all of them flouting the covid rules and making the whole situation way worse. And then we'd have to deal with unpicking that newly solidified group after a vaccine is distributed.

    It short, it would be a disaster. Counter-productive, and creating many more short term and long term problems for the country.

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    JP Liz V1 wrote: »
    A few friends in Spain were stopped by the army there helping the police

    Helping what police?. Guardia Civil are military police, you sure it wasnt them?