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Legality of pistol shoulder stocks?


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    Definitions in US law are pretty clear but here in Ireland they are pretty poor.

    They would be legal to own/use as you would still have a pistol. You would still have a short arm as defined in the act as your barrel length will be two short.

    Obviously you will get funny looks on the range, your FO might think your a loon if they see it and im not aware of any competitions that allow them.

    Dont take my word for it though... best ring Firearms Policy Unit.

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    Pretty sure, and someone correct me if i've forgotten something, they're fine to own and perfectly legal. The laws in Ireland do not focus on shoulder mounted or not, only length of barrels and overall lengths of firearms.

    The definition of a short firearm is:
    “short firearms” means firearms either with a barrel not longer than 30 centimetres or whose overall length (including the length of any detachable component) does not exceed 60 centimetres;

    So even with a detachable stock if it doesn't exceed, an overall length of, 60cm with a barrel of not more than 30cm then it's fine. The only issue, and it's not a legal one is use. Would they be allowed in comps, can you get them for your specific brand of pistol, and lastly why have it when a rifle does the same job and is built for that purpose.
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    Legal..It doesn't change the primary firearm in anyway from its primary definition,its still a pistol.It's an accessory to give you a better shooting platform, and have been around since pistols were invented.

    The US would classify it as a Short Barrelled Rifle,and would need a 200 $ tax stamp.Unless it is a Curio and Relic design made before 1900[?].Which allows for guns like the Broomhandle C96 Mauser or artillery Luger.

    Fun gadgets if you can use them for longer pistol shots on a range here,or if we ever introduce long range pistol shooting here.

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    There is a whole range of pistol conversion kits available for common CF pistols like the Glock,CZ,1911, SIG etc.
    Companies like Hera arms, Roni arms etc They are a better idea than just a shoulder stock IMO as they are now allowing you to stabilize the gun much better with a foregrip that you dont really have on a plain stocked pistol,and it is easier to add a better sighting system.

    The Israelis are big into these on their civillian market.As they are only permitted two or three handguns for personal protection,or sport shooting under actually very strict Israeli gun laws,and owning a civillian rifle or shotgun is pretty much prohibited down there. As is hunting in Israel .So this kind of pistol carbine is their solution.

    "If you want to keep someone away from your house, Just fire the shotgun through the door."

    Vice President [and former lawyer] Joe Biden Field& Stream Magazine interview Feb 2013 "