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I am Clairvoyant.

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    You can ask me questions to answers Yes or No, I do communicate with my spirit guide.
    Please understand once you ask something from that world you have to create balance on this one - what that means you asked spirit with mediums help - you have created spiritual energetic imbalance, so you have to do do a good deed to somebody living here on earth to restore balance (As money or time does not exist in that world) . When it comes to tarot cards big No No as malevolent spirits prey on people who choose to go to tarot readings. At the moment spiritual world is not a very nice place and humans should know about it. Life itself never stops it always changing, so if you got an answer and it changed or it did not happen - it simply means that, either you haven't done something to create it, or some other human being or life form changed a situation.

    Last note: Spiritual world is not for everybody who wants to know things as you dear humans might not be ready to accept consequences.