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Reporting on Crime Committed by Travelers



  • I've just messaged you with all the relevant details. You can go googling yourself if you want to.

  • I’ve just had to do a clear-out of posts from people giving their opinions on travellers, or referring to specific incidents or alleged incidents.

    To be clear - this thread is about how the media covers the traveller community and events involving members of the traveller community (and, broadly, what place ethnicity should have in news reports)

    I’m not interested in spending my time cleaning up after people who can’t stay within that boundary, so if it keeps straying from there I’ll just lock the thread.

  • OP. you are right. There seems to be an omission in any story about travelers from the media, where it is negative news about the them. Its like its handed to the editor and then the editor goes through it and says "oh, cant say that. Delete it.".
    The media are afraid to publish anything negative about travelers.
    When you read any article you can actually tell the areas they went through and removed negative references to travelers. Its like glaring gaps in the information presented.
    Doesnt happen with anything else. Just travelers.
    Its like nobody is allowed to describe anything bad that they do.

  • It's not just Travellers. You don't generally see reports like "Polish man convicted of assault" or "Nigerian man drove while four times over the limit" either. Newspapers/other media generally just give the name and address, and maybe a photo if the offence is noteworthy enough to warrant it.

    It's all to do with "Incitement to Hatred" stuff. The likes of Pavee Point (in the case of Travellers) or other groups (in the case of non-nationals) wouldn't be long in making accusations that the media outlet is tarring them all with the one brush by saying "Traveller convicted of ...." or "Nigerian guilty of .....". They ask things like "would you say settled person convicted of ....., or Irish man guilty of ......?"

    No such issues when it's a positive story, like Traveller appointed to Seanad, or first Nigerian to be elected to local authority, or some such.

    A Polish roofer who is currently serving a lengthy prison term for random attacks on three women has being convicted of trying to rape a woman almost nine years ago.

  • bubblypop wrote: »
    So you believe a person's ethnicity should be reported when they commit crimes?
    for example, I commit a crime, should they say
    ' Bubblypop, an Irish citizen, who was born in the UK'
    Is it in anyway relevant?

    when a traveller earns a PHd or wins a boxing title or something prestigous , they mention they are travellers several times

    its perfectly relevant to highlight crime committed by travellers , travellers go out of their way to identify themselves as seperate and unique , all of a sudden when it comes to crime , we are expected to pretend they are no longer seperate and unique ?

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  • I presume it's related to incitement to hatred laws. Even when it's pertinent to the story, such as a halting site being raised by CAB, it will be reported as "an address in county".

    I'm not sure if it's a correct interpretation of the law but I've argued before that Irish media often take a paternalistic approach to reporting these kind of items. It's like they don't trust the public to not conflate all members of an ethnic group with those caught up in criminality.

    travellers are sacred cows of the PC left , thus references to bad behaviour must be ignored , played down or concealed

  • Mad_maxx wrote: »
    travellers are sacred cows of the PC left , thus references to bad behaviour must be ignored , played down or concealed

    Unless they move in beside said sacred cows then the gloves are off.