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Boardsies Decide: Greatest Sitcom Character (US & Canada)



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    Yester wrote: »
    Thanks a mill Also Starring LeVar Burton for organising all this. It's the most fun I've ever had on Boards.


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    Well as far as I'm concerned, Niles won.

    For this I have to go Rachel. I agree with a lot of what Homer said but really she's the one character in the show who felt the most real...she is funny but not always, smart but occasionally really stupid. Rachel ftw.

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    Cheers LeVar. Good fun. We should consider promoting you from guest star to regular cast. :D

    Fcuk Putin. Glory to Ukraine!

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    Ill go with Ron, because he could whittle a battleship with his arse. ( And some wood of course)

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    Omackeral wrote: »
    I love Friends but I can't in good conscience consider Rachel the best sitcom character ever. I can't. Ross, Chandler, Eddie the Housemate, Janice, Gunther I'd even put ahead of her! Jennifer Aniston's characters in her later feature films were a lot better actually I think.

    I think I'll regretfully abstain here.

    I don't get that, I voted Ron but I think Rachel by far the best of the friends. Aniston's comedy timing is great and she doesnt play off a quirk like the rest; Chandler's sarcasm. Phoebe's ditziness, Joey's stupidity, Ross's insecurity, and Monica's OCD. Rachel was just normal. ish.

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    FVP3 wrote: »
    . Rachel was just normal. ish.

    Which isn’t really good enough for best sitcom character ever imo

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    I'm late to this thread, looks like good fun.

    I'm voting Rachel. She and Chandler were always my favourite Friends. I agree with an earlier poster who said that her character evolved throughout. I liked her style. She was funny and never grated on me the way that Phoebe, for example, occasionally did.

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    I see Necro is rallying the troops :pac:

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    Thanks a million LeVar, this thread has kept me sane in the mayhem of work and Lockdown.



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    This is turning in to a final worthy of the contest!!!

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    quickbeam wrote: »
    This is turning in to a final worthy of the contest!!!

    It is indeed very close right now.

    Still an hour and a half to go though... We may even have to go in to extra time if its a tie...

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    Ron Swanson, what is not to love about the character. He is a master craftsman woodwooker, a great outdoorsman, an accomplished musician, a connoisseur of breakfast food and meat. He is actively trying to take down government while being part of same, and takes great joy when he is told his department budget is being cut.

    Despite the gruff exterior and demeanor woe betide anyone who messes with his work-place proximity associates. He becomes a great father figure to April and Andy, he's just an all round stand-up guy.

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    Rachel was probably one of the better friends but she wouldn't have beaten Raymond Holt in my book and would have been out in the first round if it were up to just me, and also would have lost to Jack Donaghy. But Ron, whilst maybe not my favourite character, would be there or thereabouts. I share his views on skim milk, cats, Lil Sebastian and breakfast foods. Ron Swanson gets my vote.

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    I'm voting for Rachel. I've never seen the other show and Rachel was kind of funny for a girl.

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    Not even Aubrey Plaza could make P&R palatable to me, so this is an easy one. In terms of overrated characters in all of TV and film, Ron Swanson is a comfortable podium place.

    Rachel Karen Green- I prefer Chandler but she's a great character, worthy finalist and an easy winner of this one.

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    Ron gets my vote. A moustache any man would be proud off,hates the government,taxes and adores meat. Very relatable character with some fantastic quotes. Nice to see how the relationship with his co workers means to him in the later seasons.

     “Just give me all the bacon and eggs you have. Wait … I worry what you heard was, ‘Give me a lot of bacon and eggs.’ What I said was, give me all the bacon and eggs you have. Do you understand?”

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    I'm very new to P&R - only watched it this year for the first time, but I really liked it. It has a great ensemble cast, and a lot of heart.

    Ron is everything I am not, anti-government, hunter, handy, meat-lover. But what I like best about him, is that he can get on with people who are different to him, as is true to those he cares about. And despite appearing inflexible, he did allow himself to get dolled up by his step-kids, and for that he is cool.

    Jennifer Aniston is a great actor. Actually, a better actor than Nick Offerman, more nuanced. But, Rachel, while she had her moments was also spoiled, and jealous. Her treatment of anyone who looked twice at Ross was pretty atrocious. And multiple reruns of Friends have made it feel jaded, where P&R seems fresher, in my head anyway.

    I left it late to vote, as I wanted to see where my heart really lay. But after consideration, and for those reasons, I am voting for Ron Swanson.

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    After an epic final battle which was back and forth all evening, your Champion, and the winner of the Boards Greatest Sitcom Character tournament is, by an 11-10 vote...

    Ron Ulysses Swanson


    And commiserations to the Runner Up, Rachel Green, who had a phenomenal run also

    Hope everyone had fun and enjoyed the Tournament, thank you all for voting and playing along

    Keep an eye out for the next Tournament, I know Omackerel has something coming up over the weekend, and there's always plenty of other games and tournaments going on in Forum Games worth checking out if you're only joining us here for the first time, so have a look at those too

    Just for fun, at 9pm, I'm releasing a list of My own Top 15 Favourite Characters from this competition, since people had been asking who my personal favourites were, so come back and check that out if you care about my irrelevant opinion...

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    Thanks ASLB. Great contest!!!

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    Omackeral wrote: »
    I'm gonna have to vote Niles here despite being more familiar with Friends. Rachel Green should not be in the final of a competition for Best Sitcom Character Ever. She'd hardly crack the Top 5 for me in Friends to be honest.

    You weirdo.

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    This isn't just a win for Ron but also Pawnee and ofcourse Lil Sebastian!

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    Yessssss woohoooo.. I'm the best!

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    I am surprisingly pleased with the result of this, Ron is a hell of a guy.

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    Democracy works. :pac:

    Thanks ASLB, very well run

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    I do have some thoughts on the Finalists, but I'm including it in the ranking of my own personal favourite characters, which I'll be posting at 9pm, so not going to say anything about it just now.

    But thanks again everyone for taking part!

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    Thanks LeVar, tremendous effort put in. Enjoyed following.

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    Since a few people had asked who my personal favourites were throughout the competition, here's a quick countdown of My Own Top 15

    Of course this is an arbitrary list that can probably change depending on my mood, but more or less covers it

    15. Ron Swanson (Parks & Recreation)

    A few years ago, while the show was airing, he probably would have topped my list, but after re-watching a few times and appreciating some of the other characters much more on repeat screenings, I just don't have the same love for the big man as I once did. Still a great character though, and a worthy winner, who still makes my Top 15 of 120 characters to choose from, all of whom I like to some degree, so I still rate him highly... Probably just wouldn't have been my own personal choice as overall winner...

    14. Dean Craig Pelton (Community)

    I still think Community is hugely underrated, and the standout character for me was always the Dean. His entrances, costumes, and just the little nuances Jim Rash gave the character were always a joy to watch.

    13. Donald "Jared" Dunn (Silicon Valley)

    He's just so pathetic it's hard not to love the guy, and of course as we all know this guy f***ks!

    12. Dick Solomon (3rd Rock From The Sun)

    3rd Rock From The Sun may not be remembered as one of the greatest sitcoms of all-time, but it was certainly a lot of fun, and even as a kid in the '90s watching this, I just absolutely loved John Lithgow's energy as Dick and the over the top antics of the character were always a delight.

    11. Frasier Crane (Frasier)

    Frasier as a character really came in to his own in his own series and brought something that he never could have on Cheers. Add to that the fact that Kelsey Grammer's voice is like velvet and it's no wonder I can sit and watch Frasier all day long.

    10. Leslie Knope (Parks & Recreation)

    I don't think Leslie or Amy Poehler ever get enough credit. There's always so much praise given to Nick Offerman and Chris Pratt for Ron and Andy (and rightfully so), but Leslie's delivery and her reactions are always spot on, and I find her character's enthusiasm and frenetic energy very endearing. Her relationship with Ben is also one of the best on screen partnerships.
    As an aside here, I actually wanted to include Ben in this comp instead of Ron, but I knew there'd be murder if I left out the big man.

    9. David Rose (Schitt's Creek)

    In a few years time, he'll probably be higher up on this list, but I've only gotten in to Schitt's Creek since the end of last year, so don't want to jump the gun. I'd like to revisit the show and the character at some point as I have all the others on the list.

    8. Gob Bluth (Arrested Development)

    I don't love Arrested Development as much as some others around her clearly do. It has its moments and I did enjoy it overall, but never been overly keen to sit down and re-watch it, and I've never ranked it as highly as I would a lot of the other comedies on its level (The Office, Parks & Recreation, Community, etc), but the character of Gob transcends the show for me. I think Will Arnett is superb (big Bojack Horseman fan, so that makes sense), and he was the highlight of Arrested Development as far as I'm concerned.

    7. Rachel Green (Friends)

    Before this competition I may not have ranked Rachel so highly, but was watching some clips of all the semi-finalists this morning just in case I had to split any ties, and she definitely jumped up a few spots. I think Gunner Thousands Advisor put it best in his reasonings for voting for Rachel, that she was the most consistent of the characters on Friends, and Jennifer Aniston does not get enough credit for how good of a comedy actor she is. I was rooting for her to win during the last few minutes of the final. I had a post ready to go for both Finalists to announce them the winner depending on the outcome, and it killed me a little to have to delete Rachel's one. I never would have predicted it before the contest that she'd even get as far as the final, but once she was there I would have liked to see her win. Had it been a tie at 8pm, there would've been extra time of an hour, but if there was still no resolve at 9pm, I was going to break the tie myself and declare Rachel the winner, based not only on my own preference, but because I think Homer gave the best reason.
    Just wanted to give an idea of close it was to going the other way, but again Ron is a worthy winner... Don't @ me!

    6. Michael Scott (The Office)

    I'm slightly surprised myself while making this list that Michael just missed out on the Top 5, as Steve Carrell just did a superb job in the role and made The Office the success that it was. I love how cringeworthy the character is, but it's that awkwardness that makes him so deliciously appealing. That's What She Said!

    5. April Ludgate (Parks & Recreation)

    April is one of the most relatable characters in any comedy for me, because I'm a lot like her personality wise. She has so many great lines and moments in the show and is easily the best Parks & Rec character as far as I'm concerned. Her apathy is fantastic, and Aubrey Plaza plays the role perfectly.

    4. Red Forman (That '70s Show)

    I think if anyone other than Kurtwood Smith had gotten the part of Red, it probably wouldn't have worked, and the foot is the ass jokes would have gotten old fast, but Smith's delivery just made it funnier every time, and the way the character genuinely cares about Eric and the rest of the gang, works really really well. The best moments of that '70s Show is when Red is sitting down and just having a heart to heart with Eric or Hyde or Jackie.

    3. Ross Geller (Friends)

    When I was a stupid child watching Friends in the '90s I stupidly believed that Chandler and Joey were the funniest Friends, but with age and wisdom it's obvious now that the funniest were Ross and Rachel all along. While Rachel I feel was consistent throughout, Ross was obviously a bit all over the gaff, but I appreciated every version of Ross. His meltdowns were all absolutely fantastic and I particularly enjoyed when he finds out that condoms are only 97% effective... Pivot! Pivot! Pivot!

    2. Niles Crane (Frasier)

    I'm sure it comes as little surprise to anyone paying attention throughout the competition that Niles is high on my list. To me Frasier as a series, would not have worked without Niles and I doubt anyone else could have made the character what it was the way David Hyde Pierce did. All of Niles' little mannerisms and eccentricities were always a delight to watch, and his deadpan put downs of some of the other characters, particularly Roz, were some of the best moments of the show.

    1. George Costanza (Seinfeld)

    Once again, how did you heathens vote the greatest character out in Round 1! Round. F**king. One. Are you taking the pi$$!
    I'll tell you, I had a right mind to cancel the entire tournament there and then after that catastrophe. Seinfeld is a phenomenal show, George Costanza is the Greatest Sitcom Character of All-Time and you were all wrong. He is clearly the real winner and the past week has all been one big waste of time. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk!

    But really though, thanks for taking part, I had a lot of fun this week and I hope you all enjoyed it too.

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    That was great fun LeVar. Thank you so much for organising it!!!

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    What a great fun interesting game, mega thanks Also Starring LeVar Burton

    I have learned there is sitcoms I need to watch and rewatch

    I think Garret Dillahunt should have made the cut for Raising Hope and/or The Mindy Project ;)