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Now ye're talking - to a driving instructor



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    I think one of his pupils has crashed the car...:confused:

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    I think one of his pupils has crashed the car...:confused:

    Nope, didn't happen :D

    I'll reply to the unanswered posts on Friday evening. Wednesday Thursday were extremely busy days so I just didn't have time to reply as I'm sure you can appreciate.

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    How many hours a week do you usually work?

    About 40hrs Monday to Friday

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    twirlagig wrote: »
    I’m only after noticing this thread and am trying to catch up so I may have missed a few bits, sorry!

    Have you a good sense of humour?

    When I first took lessons I went with a recommendation from a neighbour... I practically froze for that first lesson and the one after.
    Nearly put me off actually, but I went to another guy and the minute I sat behind the wheel, i was so at ease that it did me the world of good. Had a coffee with him before the test (which I passed!) and anytime I meet that man now, we have a pint! :)

    Yeah I think I have a pretty good sense of humour tbh. I'm quite sarcastic too but at times that can break the ice and take the tension out of a situation that develops or happens.
    Learning to drive should be fun, pupils should look forward to their next lesson. I like having a bit of craic during the lessons but at the same time I'll be deadly serious when it warrants it.

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    1. Do you think advanced driving cert is worth it?

    It's not for everyone but I'm heading towards doing an Advanced Diploma. Time is my biggest enemy at the moment.

    2. Why are emergency stops only done at low speeds? There is a massive difference between standing on the brakes at 30 and 100.

    Emergency Stops aren't carried out as part of the Irish Driving Test. They are in the UK and I can only imagine it's for the reason that if the candidate makes a balls of it the consequences will be less severe

    3. Have you ever had a pupil who you knew in your heart would be a 'racer' when on their own and did any of them 'exceed their talent'?

    You get to see signs, yeah. You also know the ones who are driving their own way between lesson as it takes 15 mins to crack them back into shape each time. Fortunately I haven't heard of any of my pupils having serious RTCs

    4. Have you ever heard of a pupil who passed their test having a serious accident?

    As above

    5. We hear on the news with depressing frequency about the number of serious and fatal accidents on the roads. However, rarely do we ever get to hear the investigators report into what actually was the cause of the crash. so everyone carries on regardless. Do you think that there should be some improved methods of communication informing us of how and why these collisions occur - even if it means the blame being assigned to a deceased person?
    How can we learn/improve if we are not being made aware of the root cause analysis?

    You won't hear about these things in the news as there's always something going on somewhere else. Information can, however,be found in this link

    6. Are you living in fear of driverless cars making your job redundant? :D

    NOPE :D

    7. Are you a petrolhead?

    I've always loved cars. From about 8 years old I was mad to learn to drive and I passed my test 2.5 months after turning 17. I've never had flashing high end cars or anything like that. I couldn't fix one mechanically either so maybe that rules me out from being a petrolhead

    8. Do you think that all newly qualified drivers should have those sensors on the cars which monitor their driving? Indeed - should all drivers have it?

    Good question. I don't think I'd be for a carte blanche approach where everyone has to have GPS boxes fitted after passing. I suppose I'd prefer newly qualified drivers to just be responsible on their own accord.

    9. Is the standard of driving on our roads getting worse?

    As traffic numbers increase people are definitely becoming more impatient and that can impact on driving habits. However, the levels of training for new drivers have never been higher in this country.

    10. With the plethora of gadgets and infotainment systems on modern cars are they becoming more dangerous - have you any stories to back up this if you agree?

    The obvious distraction is the phone. Most cars these days have integrated help like Apple CarPlay etc. this makes it easier to keep your eyes on the road. My car will read my texts out and allow me to dictate a reply. I still see people holding the phone in their hand at least 1 hour a day.

    11. What is worse - overconfidence or underconfidence?

    It can depend entirely on the circumstances and the decisions that are made/not made.

    12. Have you ever encountered an ex-pupil driving and thought 'WTF!?!'

    Once or twice and yes, I did text them afterwards!

    13. What car do you currently use for lessons?

    Kia Cee'd

    14. Does it get frustrating when your lesson encounters heavy traffic? Does the pupil pay for the time regardless of the traffic conditions or if it was abysmal would you discount for them next lesson?

    I generally try to work against traffic to try and keep the lesson flowing as best as possible. Sometimes it's unavoidable and that's life. It can then mean a lesson shifts to a focus of clutch control, providing adequate clearance behind the vehicle in front etc. A good instructor will make a positive learning outcome from most situations.
    I have also phoned a pupil to ask them if they'd like to reschedule the lesson if say, traffic was gridlocked and the lesson was about them being able to pick up speed etc.

    Sorry for the delay in replying. Between work and my 2 1/2 year old I've been mad busy. Answers after each question

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    Beagslife wrote: »
    I just had a very interesting conversation with a Bulgarian lady who recently passed her driving test there.

    For the theory test they have to go through a series of photo and video scans using their official ID before they enter the exam area.

    For the driving test itself it always takes place in the instructors car. The instructor sits in the back usually alongside another of his/her students taking the test that day. The car has to be rigged up by the tester with a video camera and gps device and everything is recorded during the test. Everything is entered into the testers tablet.

    How would you feel about that level of scrutiny coming in for Ireland in the future?

    I can't see it happening tbh. I've front and rear cameras fitted in my car meaning I can review, with my pupil, an incident which occured within a minute of it happening to help them learn from it. I have to disconnect the cameras for test. I genuinely feel have cameras recording during the test would be a god send in terms of allowing pupils to make sense of things which cost them their test, in particular. Often, they hear the bad news that they weren't successful, they don't take in the feedback and it's difficult for us to advise them, we're trying to piece it together.

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    Thanks so much for all of the questions and answers in this thread and particularly to OP for taking the time to answer them all so thoroughly. How much has changed since the AMA started - OP I hope your business will weather this storm and you will be giving driving lessons again before long. All the very best.

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