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Last of the Summer Wine



  • She has a dedicated hubby who makes sure running has little to no impact on the many many 7am weekend starts and lunch runs at work..all about to change no doubt....

  • All the best for the weekend D

    All the best for the next 18 years SB 🤣


  • I did Glen River a few years back, awful nasty out and back for sure. Found it pretty steep to let the legs go too much on the way back down.

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  • They’ve a special OAP starting time just for you in Galway this year D :)

    I should be empathising but I still laughing at the thought of you wandering around thinking it must be a small race this year 🤣🤣🤣


  • "...and you must have been training all week."


    Quick turn around? Any HM's taking place in next couple of weeks?

  • He’s doing the midnight half in Galway on Saturday 🤣🤣🤣😇


  • Like I say, it all seems so obvious in hindsight, but it was too late anyway by the time I arrived in town. I was a bit stressed by the need to find parking coins (have barely touched cash in years, and especially since the pandemic forced the cashless holdouts to convert) and didn't really consider the surroundings properly until I was parked up and togged out. Of course I discovered a bigger, emptier and cashless car park later, but that's another story!

    Yes, I am considering Galway, although I deferred the entry. I'll be checking whether I can undefer, or else I might run with Ferris's bib, which seems to be available - assuming I can switch from M to HM. It's an option at least.

  • Couldn't believe it when I read it on your Strava, I'm sure many people, S especially have expected this from me the 2 years I have been running🤣 but not from you! I was gutted for you😔

    Fair play for doing a run, I would have went home & sulked!!

    I hope you do get the opportunity to run a half soon enough😊

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  • How about yourself? The weather looks like it won't be too bad. 😉

  • Thanks E. I've done well over 120 races in my 10 years running and never even been close to being late. I suppose something disastrous had to happen sooner or later!

  • Probably do the sensible thing for once and sit this one out D.

    Slight chance I might attempt the 10k but I more focused on getting to December injury free.

    I’ll text you a reminder of the start time just in case 🤣


  • Aw that's great news D🤗

  • I think it’s on Sunday…


  • You could give these lads a shout. I'm sure they would accommodate you if you told them about your senior moment last weekend.

  • Well done D, great running and some finish. Great feeling passing young lads 🤣

    Missing Mullingar probably a blessing in disguise

    PB definitely there for the taking.


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  • Superb. You can't put a price on a finish like that. Kudos to your sir, you are like a fine wine 😉

    Loved reading that report - as always you never fail to deliver!

  • Love those last 2 miles D, the confidence & exhilaration is clear & rightly so! You put in a great block of training. You never fail to impress me with your determination, grit & honest hard work when it comes to running. Sometimes running is just about having a great race & not solely focused on the numbers🤗

    In saying that there's defo a PB there for you, who knows you might even catch me😜

  • Congrats on a great race and report. I actually saw you lining up at the start as I was at the finishing line watching the marathoners coming in. I was thinking you must have meant business where you were lining up, good choice not to be on the waters edge side too 😃

  • Enjoyed that read D. Surprising you haven't overtaken my HM PB yet (1:34:05), but after the previous week's howler, a great way to right the wrongs.

  • Brilliant report and racing D. Who would have thought that a negative split (an assumption) could feel so good at the business end? ;-)

  • Fine report and fine running, well done D!

  • Young lads, aul lads, aul wans and young wans, as long as I’m going by it feels good enough! The joys of the mid pack.

    Mullingar would have had a deeper field and maybe more runners to stick with towards the hour mark, so it definitely would have been a different kind of race.

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  • Thanks E. When I read about your own heroic efforts I felt bad for not hanging around long enough after collecting the number to give you a shout. Well done again.

  • Well, you will be quite the scalp if I ever manage that feat. Not looking likely! Good luck at the weekend yourself.

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  • Haha yes, I had a good look at that quayside drop and stayed well away. And you should have said hello. Hard luck on your own race, all part of the learning curve as you say.