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Cuan Mhuire question



  • Yeh it is funny how things can work for one person but not another. My bf felt he was more committed to going in if he rang at the same time every day it felt like one step closer to getting in and he was desperate to go because he was so weary of feeling so sick and miserable. But others it might feel different.

    In the end when people hit this so called bottom they are sick and miserable of the Drink, hangovers, failures relapses whatever. They are the lucky ones who get help as many don’t and Drink themselves to death unfortunately. The treatment is fairly standard but at least there is solution to the hopeless situation.

  • I've to go back to St Pats for a short stay after a relapse but thinking of a longer term facility.

    Anyone have any recent experiences with Cuain Mhuire?

  • Hey, you're right in what your worried about the vast majority of people there are from as you said bad backgrounds,homelessness and criminality myself included but that doesn't mean there dangerous once someone has detoxed and back to there normal selfs in my experience there completely different people but you have people form all walks of life so i wouldn't be worrying about your safety etc the staff are very quick to remove people who break the rules they have zero tolerance especially for voilance etc, I was in athy in 2018 and its hard but its the best thing iv ever done it completely changed my life, if your thinking about it anuff to post a question about it you should definitely go to rehab.