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Boards PW Draft 2020 - Discussion (and Sign Up) Thread



  • Am I right in thinking they just can't play a big part in an angle? I.e. Mean Gene interviewing Hogan is grand, Michael Cole commentating on matches is too. But Mean Gene punching Hogan and getting involved in a match isn't (as hilarious as that image is)

  • Probably a bit late but if anyone wants to use Gorilla or Ventura on commentary, work away.

  • My PPV is done. Here it is in a single post format for convenience:

    Grapplemania: Part One

    Grapplemania: Part Two

    Looking forward to reading and giving feedback to the other entries.

  • The continuity and lack of editing may be jarring (could also be 100% fine I just don't know as I've been writing a match / backstage segment individually here and there for the past few weeks) but I should have mine up in the next day or so as I've only one more match to do I think.

  • Welp, I got it done. I'm not overly happy with it but DAMMIT I was not letting it beat me.

    Natural Selection V

    Looking forward to reading the other submissions now over the next week or so :)

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  • I've thrown up what my PPV card would be with the roster I assembled. I wish I could get an actual show put up, but time constraints means I wanted to get the card and graphics posted, to show what the ideas would have been :)

  • probably could do with some editing but I'm fkn exhausted and know I won't have a chance to do anything but submit it so... happy to say my stuff is up :)

    Also looking forward to reading others stuff, hope I get a chance to give some feedback and cheers again for running this Necro.

  • Hopefully everyone can manage to get a card up, even if it's not fleshed out or anything. I'm just intrigued by what match-ups people were thinking about during the picks section

  • Time got away from me with getting my write up done, but spent the last hour doing up my PPV Card, and a brief write up on each.

    Hope it reads good, and looking forward to reading other people’s work during the week.

    Thanks again to Necro for the organising of this, and looking forward to next years Draft already!

  • Sorry lads gonna do mine tonight :)

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  • WrestleMayhem is up, apologies for the short briefness

  • And done

    Ended up being much longer than I thought it would be; when I sat down yesterday to write matches I got 2 done with no idea how to write the others so happy with how it turned out.

    I've read a few of the preview/build up shows, looking forward to reading the rest this week.

  • And done

    Ended up being much longer than I thought it would be; when I sat down yesterday to write matches I got 2 done with no idea how to write the others so happy with how it turned out.

    I've read a few of the preview/build up shows, looking forward to reading the rest this week.

    Im almost finished mine, I shall have mine up in an hour.





    I hope you all enjoy! Thanks so much Necro, you started the fire again for me.

  • Done, still slammed with work, so it was just a little bit of the background for each match, who would win, and what the follow up plans would be. Don't think you need to know how many chops Kobashi places on Shibata or anything like that!

  • Ok sorry folks, I've been a bit busy with RL stuff. Also wanted to leave a little bit extra time for any stragglers to get some work in if at all possible.

    Right, Reading Week starts tonight and will run until 28/04/2020 (next Tuesday) at midnight, then I'll sort out the voting. Get this done and dusted for the bank holiday weekend in May when I'll run the Slammies :)

  • I've been going through the write-ups and decided to combine all of the written submissions into a single post to help navigate things for my reading. Thought it might prove useful:

    Mr.Nice Guy - Preview show / PPV Part 1 / PPV Part 2

    Bounty Hunter - Preview Show / PPV Part 1 / PPV Part 2

    Necro - Preview show / PPV

    brianregan - PPV Card

    PTH2009 - First Show / PPV

    A Brad Maddox Guy - Preview show / PPV

    beakerjoe - Preview show / PPV Part 1 / PPV Part 2

    Hello 2D Person Below - PPV

    Lord TSC - PPV Card

    daithi1989 - PPV

    JP Liz - PPV

    thebostoncrab - PPV Part 1 / PPV Part 2

    I hope that's everybody. If you spot any errors with the above, let me know and I'll edit the post.

  • Great stuff MNG.

    Would it be possible Necro, to reveal the slammy categories so I can make notes when reading?

  • beakerjoe wrote:
    Would it be possible Necro, to reveal the slammy categories so I can make notes when reading?

    I will do that this evening after work :)

  • Necro wrote: »
    I will do that this evening after work :)

    **** Hunter, Necro truly is king of kings.


  • So the Slammies, you will be voting for your top 3 in the below categories (silly names for awards in bold, what they're actually for in brackets):

    The Best There Is, Was Or Ever Will Be (Superstar of the Year)
    The Cenation Award (Face of the Year)
    The Bad Guy (Heel of The Year)
    The Wrestling Observer Feud of the Year (Best Feud)
    The Meltzer Seven Star Award (Best Match)
    The What A Rush Award (Tag Team of the Year)
    The Authority (Best Faction)
    The Professional Talent Spotter (Best Roster Pick)
    The Santina Marella Moment (LOL Moment of the Year)
    The Perfomance Centre Up and Comer Award (Best Draft Newcomer)
    The Indie Talent Spotter (Under-rated Pick of the Year)
    The Kevin Federline (Best Celebrity Pick)
    The Barbershop Window Moment (OMG moment of the Draft)

    As well as that there will be the normal three categories, where you will give your top 7 (I think at least 7 have submitted work, I haven't checked this so will update if needs be):

    Best Roster
    Best Write-Ups
    Best Overall

    I'll be creating a google form later in the week with the options outlined and will PM each player a code so I know it's you submitting your votes.

    Any issues with the above or you think something is missing let me know here or via PM :D

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  • Hey lads i have to admit i completely dropped the ball on getting my write up done for the draft :( my procrastination kicked in 10 fold with all this lockdown shenanigans so apologies for not getting anything up. I know for next year im gonna start writing my write ups before it the final rounds are done :pac:.

    Will start to have a read over peoples over the next few days :)

  • Just to note on above in case people are wondering about the weighting of points, for the three main categories they will be weighted as follows:

    1st: 12 points
    2nd: 10 points
    3rd: 8 points
    4th: 7 points
    5th: 6 points
    6th: 5 points
    7th: 4 points

    And for categories where you pick the top 3:

    1st: 5 points
    2nd: 3 points
    3rd: 1 point

    For the best newcomer category there are only three options so it will be multiple choice with only one answer :)

  • Sorry about the lateness folks but I finally got my PPV up :)

  • Some feedback:

    Bounty Hunter -
    The preview show did a good job setting everything out, and the dynamic between Vince and Cody is well done. I also like the storyline you're doing with Goldust and Warrior, playing off the latter's comments in the past. That's a nice touch.

    Wrestlepalooza was well written and I thought the booking made sense. I was pleased that Goldust won the IC belt. The Vince win sets things up nicely for future feuds. Your use of the celebs was well handled and Yokozuna came across like a monster. Main event delivered as well. I see you being in the mix like in previous years.

  • Cheers MNG

    Might not be able to give such depth with the rest of my feedback (reading when I get the chance as Im either at work or essentially at work with the new baby and will probably be doing so right up to the deadline) but here comes a tonne of it now!

    NCW Natural Selection V
    Not having Brock in your main event gives you two main events in many ways especially when you pair him with someone else who like him is such a huge name in the industry as Andre. Jeff is a great face and Ted a really hateable heel so that would def work and get a great reaction from the crowd

    BrianRegan - RCW Isolation
    Name stands out first and imo is a good once and the matches make sense from the Hollywood bout to Kenny vs Eddie (which tbh is all you have to write before I know it'd be an awesome in ring spectacle. Actually you could probably say that about most of your undercard too, Rey/Fenix & Osprey/Dragon just scream good matches

    PTH - WWC Live inside your house
    Interesting differentiation from others to have your build up post being an actual PPV building to your main PPV. Easy to read show too which I def like. Interesting Gods of Power gimmick / group for Abyss, Young and Dain and thats a lot of Beef in a ladder match, should be interesting. Edge vs Christian makes sense and it was also a nice twist to turn McIntyre heel and given the mania that just happened him vs Goldberg does def sound like a big main event match.

    ABMG - Wrestlerama VII preview
    "at least that's what she proclaimed" like that Steph intro. More detailed main event previews but it is a very easy read and I enjoyed getting into the factions and I am oddly happy you didn't go for the low hanging fruit of HHH vs Savage with a Steph storyline. Much prefer Balor/HHH and Savage/Orton especially with the Savage being protective of Ms Elizabeth angle, that works so well given Orton's previous with Steph/Beth Phoenix. Undercard looks good too, gotta be The Bucks facing the Arn/Tully but Devlin/Kota has the potential to steal the show

    PTH - WWC Clash For The Kingdom
    Given who is involved and how you have presented them so far I'd definitely agree with the Gods of Power and Wade winning in the opening bouts. Finlay explains himself and tbh the pairing makes sense but I was surprised to see Goldberg take him out already but expect he will return. Was't expecting the mysterious cross to be broken, actually thought someone would be crucified but that'd be some brawl between the 2 big men. funny to see Edge talk about his one time kayfabe brother as being like a brother to him...actually didn't expect the post match reconcilliation between the two but I don't think people want to see those two as enemies long term so understand it.

    BeakerJoe BCW (always has nice graphics)
    Flair/Cole Ironman sells itself to me before reading it, Sudden death being needed after 60m puts both guys over, a roll up wasn't expected though but makes sense if this isn't your actual big PPV main event and seeing the lenghts Flair goes to sets that up nicely and is a good read "a Roddy Strong beatin, RedDragon stealing, Son of a Gun" - quality - and then taking MNGs Dynamite King too! that's some group for Cole to have to overcome... and Britt too, yep Cole is a damn sympathetic face here/ Walter vs Dynamite would be tough as hell too. Ronda vs Big Dave too def has my attention and would 100% get main stream attention. MJF's attacks on Mark Wahlberg would probably do the same too, in fact I'd say outside of maybe my Trump&Obama main stream stuff yours would get more attention due to your "celebs" than any other fed. The Tag story with the Usos also makes sense and jst like the rest of the Horsemen ReDragon have def p!ssed off their opponents heading into the PPV. Already consider you one of the favs and yet we still have quality like the Whole Fn Bros on the way that just works before I even read the story and then the card is rounded off nicely with a womens title match.

    Hello 2D - Tir Na Nog
    Interesting Irish twist on this and def the best announce team in the draft with Monsoon & Ventura calling the action from Croke Park. Luna vs Manami Toyota (Who I did want myself) would be a great womens match and yeah I'd def be making Toyota my inaugural champ in your spot. Then you have Pillman vs Pac in a ladder match! damn, no big write ups here but your matches do look like they would be great, I mean you have the Midnight Express and The Road Warriors facing off for your tag titles too!. Haku vs Kane fighing in Glasnevin (LOL) would be great craic too and although Haku is arguably the toughest gu in wrestling Kane winning with that spot would be fair enough and he is the bigger star afterall.... Imagine a PPV if this magnitude actually took place in Ireland, I mean Sammartino vs Lou Thesz fighting for an hour and then SCSA vs Piper. Definitely a contender for best roster here

    Wrestlerama MNG
    Windham winning the opener makes sense given the face turn storyline, I'm a little surprised we don't see Windham officially leave the family but that could come later. The two Kings would be a fun match as would a proceeding Lawler victory ceremony on Raw i'd have gone with him for the win too and it does give the family momentum...A BWA mention as always pops me :) in the Hassan backstory as your Americana segment begins and consider me swerved as I was sure that Windham's arrival back on the scene would surely mean an all American victory instead you may have an Orlando riot but your logic going forward is sound. Your tag match could be considered a dream match alright but perhaps like my own Freebirds vs Demolition it may actually be the bout that stands out the least on the card storyline wise somehow. Then we have another one that may surprise some who were expecting a Steamboat win and again a surprise as it doesn't even mean another win for the Heenan family (who are great for a story throughout a PPV) as Rude trades managers and imo Kiebler is a great fit for him and agree her feuding with Bobby could be fun. The main event is another classic MNG write up, maybe I like BH and am not as much of a fan of face Hogan but even still it works and caps off a very good PPV. As always MNG is a MVP of the draft so will be a top contender

    NCW Natural Selection V - Necro
    Time for the return of Jiminy Billy Bob and Co. Maybe it's all the photos of her ass ha but somehow I wasn't surprised with the winner of your opener and her getting the decisive pin over Blanchard would be a big deal and I agree with the booking here. I like your Rising Star championship as it stands out as being different and O 'Haire def stands out here whilst becoming the new champ. I sometimes find tag matches harder to write in the draft and your def kept yours interesting with the stip and swerve. Would be interesting to see what Dogg would do going forward now....Jaysus that image of Sapp & mini Mayweather is a mad one and that would def get everyones attention with his streak ending in that way. The booking of Andre/Lesnar makes perfect sense imo and would be some spectacle. I also agree with your main event call, it had to be Jeff and Dibiase would be a great foil to mean that this result would end your PPV on a high and send the fans home happy

  • Cheers for that, BH.

    Some more feedback:

    Necro -
    The preview show did a nice job of setting things out and I liked the references to the company's history. Big fan of Dibiase getting pushed well and the Beer Money Inc. concept is excellent. Lesnar vs Andre is a great dream bout and you did a perfect job hyping it with Heyman. Thought the Ziggler/Mayweather build was well done as well. I like how you referenced the Blanchard controversy from a while back and the stuff with O'Haire is very interesting too. This got me very interested in the Natural Selection event, so well done on that.

    Strong start to the PPV with Blanchard losing and O'Haire getting a big win. Loved the turn by Billy which I didn't see coming. It makes sense and sets things up nicely going forward. I liked the way you handled Mayweather's loss and you've made me interested in Ziggler, which is a triumph in itself. Loved the Lesnar/Andre match which may be my favourite of the show. The German Suplex to Andre would be epic, and liked the return of the shooting star. Brock winning was the smart call too. The main event was exactly as it should have been to give the fans what they want. Lots of heels for Jeff to face in the coming months also. I know you said at the end you thought it was short but I felt it was just right. I can see this being a major contender and rightly so.

    brianregan -
    An appropriate name for the PPV in these times: Isolation. Omega vs Eddie should deliver for the fans, and Rock vs Arnie referencing Hollywood is a clever touch. I like the idea of Sheamus bullying the luchadors and now having to tackle Pentagon Jr. The two Reys, and Ospreay vs Ultimo Dragon, will be great matches. I enjoyed how you built Page vs Tazz via the latter's commentary upsetting him. This got me interested in the event.

    Isolation - The opening match would get the fans pumped up. Think Ospreay winning was the right call, and Page needed to deliver after the criticism of him. I liked the passing of the torch with Fenix getting the biggest win of his life, and I got a kick out of the way you handled the Sheamus bout with the reference to the Bryan bout. The bully had to get his comeuppance on the big show. Pleased that Rock got the win and I liked the John Connor line. I can see the crowd loving that. Eddie winning sends the fans home happy and was the perfect finale. I can see Isolation being well received and I'm glad you did the write-up in the end.

  • LTSC - Crazy Train Wrestling
    You seem to always leave us wanting more and that is def the case here, what a wacky and wonderful roster you have assembled and Ozzy with the book makes sense. After the boneyard match it could be argued that Taker vs Hardy would be the ultimate "cinematic Wrestling match", still think it's a ity you didn't hold off on Hardy for one more round and go for Bray but can totally understand wanting the Broken one. IN such a cinematic niverse Fole would be great too and vs monster like Braun things could really be interesting. The rest of the roster would similarily work so well in such a situation that unlike say the WWE where such matches might be the something different on a card I' say Regal would do great in your promotion for this exact reason and him vs Black could be a great hard hitting bout.

    Daithi DPW Destiny Day Pay Per View
    That'd be a great action packed opener to get the crowd hyped and it makes sense that it'd come down to the New Day & The Dudley's to decide it. bayley defeating Mickie makes sense given the result later as it sets up the Bayley/Sasha feud like is being teased in real life at the moment and as was so good in NXT...and Boom! no waiting around Bayley wind the title which would def get the crowd rocking! Dunne is the right choice too for the interational title imo when you consider the field and the title itself and surviving 3 matches would put him over well here. Finally Gargano and Ciampa who always deliver for me in a match type that their feud unlike many that end up inside it these days truely deserves HIAC. Might not be as detailed as some other PPVs but this would be a very good one and should not be overlooked

    JPLiz Wrestlemayhem
    "made by the GM of LWE Titus O'Neil who was trying also to find the culprit of a crabs outbreak in LWE".. did that line in the Punk/Becky write up already win the LOL slammy for me ha!. enjoyed that match tho and your use of all the other characters from Beth to Colt. In fact i'd bet your PPV would be a tonne of fun especially when you consider Fury and Bulldog are up next and then you have a womens ladder match before and Elimination Chamber to cap things off! A little surprised that you highlight your tag champs not having a match on your card but the fans would probably be happy with Cesaro becoming a world champion in the main event.

  • Feedback:

    PTH2009 -
    I like this creepy Gods of Power stable and they feel like a menacing threat. Enjoyed Christian turning on Edge, and the finish of Drew getting the win over Goldberg was done well. I liked Rhyno getting the IC belt also.

    On the PPV, I agree with Dain and Young getting the opening win. Barrett winning the title was well handled with Barrett capitalising on the Gore. The Spear to Finlay by Goldberg was a cool spot and lets the audience think Finlay is out of the main event. The spot with Show and Abyss would be another strong spot and helps continue their feud. The promos with Edge and Christian did a nice job of hyping up their match; their bout would be a classic and I liked the show of respect at the end. Really liked the way you teased Finlay being out of the match once again, only for him to show up to help Drew. Pleased Goldberg got the win to send the people home happy. Very well thought out PPV and a nice variety of matches for the audience. Great job.

    A Brad Maddox Guy -
    Well written preview show that put over how the McMahon/Helmsley era are dominating MWA. You've got some major star power and I liked how special you made Savage feel, like when the Bullet Club were courting him. Stephane slapping Miss Elizabeth would be a big moment. This did the job in hyping up the PPV.

    Strong opening for the PPV with the tag match. I enjoyed the tension with Rikishi and Scotty. Bucks winning made sense. White clotheslining Stephanie was a surprising spot and no doubt will have repercussions for the future. Agreed with Storm getting the win. Ibushi/Devlin would pop the crowd, and was pleased that Arn and Tully got the victory. RKO to Savage was a perfect spot that was probably my favourite of the show. Main event was a fun twist that I didn't see coming - when White came out I thought maybe he and Balor had been working on a plan to fool everyone, but I liked the way you did it better. Nice how you explained why he was allowed out there at the end as well. Great job.

  • Some feedback. I've read the preview shows of everyone remaining but want to wait until I've done the PPVs.

    PTH –
    Certainly not a PG show anyway, things got dark in the tv episode with the attempted stabbing. All in all, you have made a really good PPV card; Edge vs Christian is always a great feud to have; Drew vs Goldberg would be a big headliner, especially with Drew’s recent real-life rise. Goldberg comes out looking very strong, I’d like to see whether he stays in a feud with McIntyre or if Edge forces his way back into the title picture. Great call on Big Show vs Abyss being No DQ, that’d be a war and the spot on the Titan Tron was pretty cool. Also, poor Heath Slater – that man’s got kids to feed.

    Lord TSC –
    First off, kudos on the graphics, they’re absolutely perfect for CTW! Secondly, a high concept & unique PPV card. Parts of it could be absolute car crash but dammit it would be the most intriguing car crash on TV. Deletion of the Deadman, excellent (I haven’t actually watched WrestleMania yet, the enthusiasm isn’t there for me & I still don’t know what happened but reading that bit makes me think I should go watch it). Many minds of Foley - hook it into my veins. The women’s feud sounds cool (and strangely logical considering it’s a battle for a person’s soul), plus I like the Darby Allin bit too. Highlight for me is Regal being a fish out of water in this fed but that would be one hell of a match.

    Daithi –
    What a great tag match that is to start the show & the 3D off the top would get a huge reaction. A gauntlet match starting with Baron Corbin sounds like torture to me, so I was happy to see him lose early and Pete Dunne is an excellent choice as the winner. A great women’s title match and I liked the heel turn in the aftermath. Both Sasha & Trish will be gunning for Bayley after that. And it’s topped off with a great main event, I think I could watch Gargano vs Ciampa on a loop quite happily.

    Hello 2D –
    For a second I thought that was Joe Exotic :pac: The All Ireland Champion ladder match would be amazing the watch & I’m glad Pillman won it. Buried Alive at Glasnevin Cemetery is worth it for the name alone but would be a war of a match. That would be a great old-school tag wrestling match but it’s all about that main event feud. The promos would be unreal and it’s worth it alone to have Austin celebrating with cans in Croke Park.

    JP Liz –
    Punk vs Becky would be money although I wonder what the reaction to Punk going around trying to beat up women would be though. Being ‘resuscitated’ by Santina would probably be the end of him in LWE anyway. Good use of Fury going against Bulldog, and I would like both the IC title match & the Women’s triple threat. Highlight is the main event, it’s a matchup that it feels like most of these could believably win, but I think Cesaro is the right choice.

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  • Feedback:

    beakerjoe -
    The preview show was well handled and you did a great job pushing the rivalry between Flair and Cole. I liked the vicious side of Flair. And I popped for the return of Dynamite King. I'm digging this dynamic between Ronda and Batista and the high stakes involved for both of their reputations. Nice use of the Uso troubles in their feud too.

    The opening package with everyone's comments was well done. Pleased Usos opened with an emotional win. RVD/Riddle would be action-packed and glad you gave MJF the win. Ronda/Batista would have the fans on the edge of their seats. Walter/Dynamite would be a war and I think the way you booked it was the right call. The main event was my favourite on the show and you built it up nicely. I liked the Cole promo saying he idolised Flair. The finish was typical of Flair and sets things up nicely. Walter vs Flair would be epic down the line. Great show and can see you being in the mix like previous years.

    Hello 2D Person Below -
    I laughed at Jesse's opening, that was great. Pleased Toyota got the win and Pillman vs Pac would be a fun bout. Kane vs Haku would be a hell of a brawl and your tag title bout is one of the strongest in the game I reckon. Thesz vs Bruno is a nice old school addition and Piper vs Austin would be a massive draw. Very strong card that would deliver for the paying audience.

    Lotd TSC -
    This roster stands out from the pack, which is a big plus. I like the idea of Taker being involved in a Broken Matt Deletion match, and Foley vs Strowman I reckon would be a show stealer. I see them meshing well together. I also dig the fact Regal stands out on the show just by being his old self. This would be a fun event.