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How is the season going so far?



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    Cass wrote: »
    As per the title how are ye getting on this season?

    Whether its duck, deer, pheasant or some combination of the various game species.

    Also any odd or weird stories about stalks/outings? Any Muntjac, "boar", etc?

    Terrible deer season for me so far, been out prob about 29 times, and nothing yet. Forestry around most if my permissions has had massive felling, and 2 of my best per missions have been taken over by new farmer leasing the land, and he has levelled every ditch and every but of cover possible, just one big open field now.

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    Shot a nice pricket early in September, a good size healthy lad. He was front on looking at me so I took a neck shot at 75m. A good clean kill and dropped where he stood.

    I shot my second hat trick of deer early in December, the first was 4 years ago.
    There were 4 deer well into the field at 60m from me and about 200y from the forest line. I took the first at 60m.

    After the first, a Doe, went down the others ran towards the forest line and then stopped to look back. The second, a pricket, went down at 150m, and the third, a calf, ran along the forest line only to stop at 175m when I took the shot. All 3 dropped on the spot with heart 'n lung shots

    All this happened in about 90 seconds. After which I then stopped to catch my breath and let my heart slow up a little. It's then that the real work starts. I went to the nearest Doe and bled her out, before going to the other 2 to bleed out and galloch and then drag back to my pick up point. Then I gralloched out the Doe and then dragged back as well. An hour or more later and this auld lad was nackered and happy with my shooting at the same time.
    A great days hunting.

    I'll try to bag another before the close of season, but its not always easy for me to get out.

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    Been a very very poor season, to date, so much cover destroyed. We're all aware of the irony of lamenting the numbers of birds dropping and trying to keep populations healthy but the balance seems to be tipped, at present. Been out across a wide range, over the past few weeks and more and more days without even a sighting (never mind a shot).
    Hearing the same from different clubs.
    Ditches have been completely levelled or stripped back to the Berm/Wall in so many places, yet there is no way I can blame the farmers given the pressures which they are under.

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    Great season so far for me, 7 reds to date so all freezers and families freezers are stuffed. highlight being a Bronze medal 18 point Stag on the first week.
    Also great to be shooting locally with likeminded friends with lots of new permissions between us.

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    Have to join in with the lads that are having a poor season. I've been out a few times, no where near as often as i'd like, and i've seen crickets. Between continued logging, and a lot of work by the land owner in clearing land i've a feeling my "hot spot" is cooling down.

    I rarely shoot pheasant and only take a Duck occasionally so it's never a busy season for me with them.
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    Second kid arrived recently so the gun hasn’t even come out of the cabinet.
    I was invited on a driven day but couldn’t go last minute which was very annoying.

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    Good for me was out 3 times and have bag 2 nice deer da my season over for me till next year.