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Breda Altair Special (Cheap Semi Auto)

  • 29-09-2019 8:00pm
    Moderators, Sports Moderators Posts: 27,397 Mod ✭✭✭✭ Cass

    Selling this on behalf of my Uncle who doesn't use, well, the internet.

    He bought the gun two and half/three years ago with a view to get back into shooting, but has since been diagnosed with a relapse of Cancer and with his age (70s) his shooting days are over.

    His licenses are due to expire in the coming months so he wants to sell it and get them (has a 22 rifle too which is sold) out of the house if the worse should happen and not leave them for his wife to have to deal with.

    The gun details are:
    • Breda Altair Special
    • Magnum
    • 12 gauge
    • Semi auto
    • Walnut stock
    • Blued 29" barrel
    • Fixed choke (full)
    • Black action with detailed engraving

    As said he bought the gun only a couple of years back. It is in good overall condition with no damage, dents, etc. The stock is well cared for and well maintained. The only marks on the action are from what appears to be a zip when the gun was being carried, shown in the pictures, however as my Uncle never managed to get out with the gun i dare say this was done by the previous owner.

    He is asking €249.

    There is one "catch". As i said above his license is expiring shortly and he has no intention of renewing. It would be preferable, but not a deal breaker, if any potential buyer (after inspection and making a deal) could pay up front and i'll have the gun stored in an RFD while the application goes through for the license. Again not a deal breaker, but preferable.

    Its a cheap and reliable gun that while fixed choked will knock birds all day long with most any cartridge. There is no original case but i'll try find something in the form of a carry case for it. If i have a spare case i'll throw it in.

    Thanks for looking.






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