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The Many Saints of Newark



  • Loved the movie...not sure id have paid the money to see it in the cinema! On s5 of the series at the moment. Enjoying it tremendously. I love the young Gandolfini as an actor but he probably differs, personality wise, to much to the father in terms of playing a younger Tony. It was a token gesture really. That all said, none of us were charismatic leaders at such a young age and perhaps the bit of naivety the young Tony displays, further shows us this.

    Should have been a series. Definately a second film coming.

  • As a Sopranos fan I enjoyed it. Sil was a problem though, he was too old, he should be the same age as Tony, or thereabouts. Also, they went the wrong way with Sil's mannerisms, it should have been toned down for his younger self, not amplified. People grow into their personalities over time, they got it backwards.

  • I saw this last weekend, I went in totally blind, I haven't seen any of the sopranos, it wasn't my choice to go and see it.

    It was fine, it looked handsome and was (generally) well acted. I thought Nivola in particular was very good, some of the other acting was very cartoony for want of a better word, I thought James Gandolfinis son was very poor. I am guessing you would get more out of it if you knew the TV show.


  • Gandolfini's son is a good actor and was good in The Deuce, but he's a bit too different to his father to play the same character. Perhaps a sequel will evolve him further.

  • I enjoyed it but would be a huge fan of the series so was excited to go back into that world. I do agree that the whole Dickie story fleshed out over a ten part series or a couple of seasons would be much better but ho hum. I don't think I want a sequel to the prequel unless they do it in a series though.

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  • i am a Sopranos fan but my oh half has never watched an episode. I hoped she might be encouraged to watch the series after this as Im dying to look again. But…… wtf with spoiler that the narrator drops at the beginning. That was the greatest shock of all when it happened in the original series. And of course she noticed it too.

  • Sopranos finished 15 years ago so you can’t complain about spoilers. If the sopranos is for her it’s for her, knowing Tony killed Christopher isn’t important.

  • Well it was important to me. And Im not complaining. Im just expressing my disappointment that the single biggest shock I got during the series was revealed.

  • Glad I caught this in the cinema before it disappeared. I thought it was really solid - maybe not quite excellent, but certainly very good. However I'd struggle to find a reason to recommend it to people who haven't seen The Sopranos.

    Casting was brilliant - Dickie Moltisanti was exceptional, but the cast worked well overall and the only person I didn't buy into at all was the guy playing younger Sil - he was hamming it up way too much, it was more like a caricature than anything.

    Everything else was good though - great performances, great set pieces, just a slick production overall that fits in nicely to the franchise and fills out some lore often alluded to in the main show and gives more depth to some of the characters.

    Really enjoyed Corey Stoll as Junior in particular and Vera Farmiga as Tony's mother. Young Tony was perhaps a little soft and a better job could've been done "sowing the seeds" but the likeness is incredible and I totally bought into it.

    Can't help but think also it would have worked better as a mini-series, even just 4 or 5 episodes, as opposed to 2 hour movie. Felt some of the plots could've had a lot more time to breathe.

    I wasn't a fan of the Christopher voice-over either, struck me as an odd creative choice, an attempt to book end it for people who haven't seen the show, but it was just awkward. Overall though, I really enjoyed it and would consider it an easily 7/10, though again, I can't imagine it meaning a huge amount to non-fans.

  • If you are a fan, it's a great piece of fan service.

    If you aren't? And I watched it with 2 people who knew nothing of the Soprano's other than fecking Journey 😉

    It was a poor movie, especially as a prequel IMO. It relied a lot on fan service and engagement and the story itself just didn't engage the people I watched with and some of the plot devices and framing were very meh.

    I enjoyed young Anthony and something that may well colour my opinion is the way the central pillar of the movie was crafted, but Ijust felt nothing for Dickie and that entire shtick. Honestly thought it was derivative and more soap than gangster.

    Not a great way to segue new fans into the show, but I'll convert them yet 😂

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  • I thought it was just alright and I would be a huge 'Sopranos' fan. The world looks very stylish and of its time, some of the set pieces were very well crafted to go with it but the story was extremely bare and tepid to go with it. It just doesn't seem to important enough to warrant a stand alone film of its own and maybe a 5- 6 part tv series would have been a better idea. Some of the things concerning the mindset of young Tony were interesting but nothing that hasn't been seen before in the TV series. Some of the writing I found very jarring, I got sick of Junior after the first time he roared about "your sisters......" then he said it another three times I was just totally dragged out of it with this childish easer egg fan service shtick. But the main thing is I just don't think the story of Dickie is that interesting or even warranted. I'd wager the idea to have Christopher do the talk over was after the film was edited and everybody realised it just wasn't that interesting either.

  • Watched this evening, really disappointed. It looked great but everything felt so contrived. Big fat meh.

  • I’ve watched sopranos 3 times at this stage and adore it.

    That film was one of the most randomly thrown together things I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t wait for it to end, thought it was rubbish. Sil way over doing the mannerisms, and Junior with no real resemblance to the original.

  • Big sopranos fan and it gets a massive meh from me- not sure what the point was- someone once said ‘Remember when' is the lowest form of conversation and it would take too much adjustment to apply it to this film

  • If A Bronx Tale was a 9, this was a 4. This film had the pacing of of the first 2 episodes of an 8 episode series.

  • If this didnt have the Sopranos name it would never have got made based on the script. Gandolfini did a great job and that's it.

  • Loved the Sopranos and how Gandolfini's son in this looked just like his dad at times, but overall I thought it was very messy and when it ended I felt the same as the series. 'Wtf?'. I thought it was cut off early.

    Loved the mother and Dickie.