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The Many Saints of Newark



  • ‘The Many Saints of Newark’ Review:

    "Both Gripping Mob Drama and Gratuitous ‘Sopranos’ Fan Service"

    Sounds like it should have been a series in its own right, but that it is nonetheless a worthy addition The only question for me now is it worth going to the cinema to experience it?.

  • Not sure if spoiler discussion is encouraged yet so I'll use tags, it concerns the ending:

  • The messy opening left me worried (especially a wholly bizarre framing device), but it settled into a perfectly serviceable if inessential prequel (prequels being inherently inessential). Taylor’s direction is perhaps more televisual than cinematic, but Chase brings enough Sopranos flavour to the mix to keep things ticking over. It certainly feels like it has at least some breathing space for tangents and diversions, even if it’s a season worth of plot crammed into two hours.

    The best performances are the ones that aren’t just aping the originals, and I include young Gandolfini in that. His performance is more naive and vulnerable than expected, and all the better for it. Indeed I think the script elegantly avoids the obvious when it comes to Tony’s arc, keeping him at a relative distance from the violence and crime to good effect. Farminga is a great Livia, and Corey Stoll a fresh take on Junior. Silvio meanwhile… hoo-boy. That needed to be toned down at least a few notches, even by the bizarre standards of van Zandt’s original 😅

  • I thought it was really good, though id echo some of the comments here it probably would have worked better as a series.

    The performances were excellent though, the Silvio character really went all in on the impression tbf.

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  • I thought the performance of young Tony soprano was spot on. Vera farmiga though, as others have said, was stand out. If her part were bigger she may have been in line for a best supporting actress nod.

  • I enjoyed it and think it's one that might get better on subsequent viewings without the first time experience of looking out for the various nods and winks to the series. I thought it looked gorgeous on the big screen too (a pretty full screen 6 in Vue*).

    *Special thanks to the plonker who moved to sit right beside my wife when a large group arrived and asked him and his missus to move the pair of tools to my left; one of which kept taking out his phone out at various points and talking loudly throughout - man I already miss the quieter, lower capacity Covid screenings 😤. Oh and as for the token "can I see your Covid cert" on the way in where the guy just looked at it and said ok...🙄

  • Really enjoyed it and the cast was perfect.

    Would love to see more be it films or even a prequel TV series.

  • 4/5 for me, thought it was excellent. Livia was brilliant, should get a show of her own!

    Only thing that threw me a bit was the ages of the crew, at the start is that Pussy's father or Pussy? And same for Silvio

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  • I thought it was grand - enjoyable for a Sopranos fan, but I would love to see what someone who had never seen the show thought. The beginning was a bit all over the place (introducing the characters, but it felt a little bit like hand-holding), what seemed like a part that would be a major crux of the show turned out to be completely pointless, and the reveal was a bit meh, even for a Sopranos fan (I can only imagine what a non-Soprano fan would've thought).

    A lot of the characters only make sense as characters if you're a fan of the show. There was nothing to add to Paulie, Pussy, or Sil (except Sil becoming even more of a caricature than, tbf, he was in the show anyway).

    Anyone care to comment on the extra scene during the credits? I'm assuming I'm missing some nod to the show?

  • I've never seen a minute of The Sopranos. Had no intention of watching this, as presumed you'd need to have watched the Sopranos series to be able to get in to the film.

    If its a case that the film can stand out on its own, I'll give it a watch.

  • That's the thing, though - I'm not sure it can stand on its own, but would be very interested to hear people who have never watched the Sopranos and what they think of it.

  • I think it's just showing that his play to go it alone worked and he's come out on top?

    Was a bit strange, I was waiting for more post credit scenes after that appeared but that was it.

    I thought the ending was excellent though with he theme tune starting.

  • I don't think the film can stand on its own, it's not particularly memorable, especially the dialogue. It hits a note with a Sopranos fan as they know the supporting story and cast. The Dickie moltisanti story is pretty much a mystery to sopranos fans though, all we really knew from the series was how he was killed. So for a non sopranos fan they can watch it without having to watch the series but I just don't think it's interesting enough.

  • On the ending, they left it to a bit of cheesy scene to be honest that added nothing. The perfect moment was a scene earlier where Tony is looking out the window of Holstens and the camera is panning away, then the theme should of hit, that would of been amazing.

  • Fair enough, I liked it, each to their own.

    It's a though ask making a movie based on a great show in fairness, they did a better job than I thought they would.

    Any chance of a Wire prequel? Omar's story?

  • Can you not edit posts to correct spellings anymore 🙄


  • I wasn’t mad about it. Some of the fan service stuff made me cringe and I could see it coming a mile off ie “ your sisters c*%t “ and “ he would never make varsity “. Paulie painting his nails and Silvio in general !

  • It's been over a decade since I watched sopranos, I'd agree with the above that the film can't stand on it's own to non fans. It'd probably be a weak 3/5 for ppl going in with no background knowledge. For what it was I enjoyed it, a stroll through sopranos history and dickie was really interesting. The race angle seemed to go nowhere which by the end felt pointless

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  • An actor with literally a fraction of I mean the minutest of acting experience....not great casting...Michael Gandolfini knew his father, the actor, he didn’t know Tony Soprano... so pointless... get in an actor ffs

    Keir Gilchrist

    Ezra Miller

    Both I think mid 20’s younger looking and have a ‘young Tony’ look... and have received critical acclaim for everything they’ve done so far.

  • Whoever Ezra Miller is looks like a mannequin, I'd f*ck him if I was drunk enough, pretty boy.

  • First trip to a cinema since before lock down so first things first: The big seats and acres of leg room (I'm talking one of the smaller Savoy screens) are TERRIFIC!! But of course, the ticket prices have to go up to offset the smaller numbers. We went to a matinee showing and there were only two other punters in the room. Definitely the way to watch movies.

    As a big Sopranos fan I left feeling.....meh. What was the point to it all? Yes it's fun to spot the younger versions of the regulars. Silivo's silly walk, teenage Tony's blond girlfriend (that HAS to be is!) but on only one viewing you forget who's who after the initial introduction. (Were ALL the fat guys the young Pussy Bompensiero?)

    I can't imagine anyone who is not familiar with the Sopranos series making head or tail of this. I'm glad I saw it, as a Sopranos fan. But it's not even as good as El Camino, the Breaking Bad prequel. Take that whichever way you please!

    I'd give it a generous 5.5/10

  • Seen it last night myself. After only rewatching the TV show over lock down. Would like to see it again to be honest, in order to give it a proper review. (at the minute at best I'd give it is 5/10). Its a film for the fans, where as IMO, if it had of been made as a stand alone film with the content available it could have been far better.

    If you have never seen the show I think you would struggle to think the film was any good. I found the time around his younger years went on for too long.

  • Like others I thought the first 40 mins or so was a bit all over the place, but it settled and was a good watch - a plot eventually emerged. I'm really not sure how non-Sopranos fans would think of it but AS a fan I can't make that call.

    It's on HBO Max so available on the small screen to those who can access right now

  • half an hour in and

    ****speculation spoilers**

    I think the villain will be Junior

  • This should never have been a movie. They have the cast and the people to make it at the very least a ten part series if not multiple seasons. I hope this was the whole point of the exercise, because otherwise just giving us a glimpse of these characters and nothing else happening is just a frustrating money grab.

    I can’t imagine its that though and fully expect HBO to deliver us a series because it would be fascinating to watch Tony develop. That kid was the best part of the movie, he has a big future.

    It was a decent enough watch in my opinion, pointless if you havent seen the series though.

    Joey Diaz’s acting was shocking, so unnatural. Like he was always waiting to blurt out his lines. Big surprise that. Junior was great!

  • I've never watched a Sopranos episode fully, have seen plenty of bits but my OH and I didn't enjoy this. It meandered along with nothing happening most of the time and it was just boring. Was hoping for a bit more action and the story was kinda weak. I'm sure Sopranos fans will love it but for anyone else I wouldn't recommend it.

  • As a Sopranos fan I loved it . Went with OH and a young, new recruit to the fanclub after he binge watched during lockdown ( what can I say , he got " an education"!)!

    I found it meandered a bit before it really got into it , but loved Nivolla as Dickie Moltisante , the Italian mistress , and Vera Farmiga as Livie . Oh and Eric Stoll , as Junior whom I hate .

    Michael Gandolfini was amazing in the role of Tony as was the younger kid , totally believable and his eyes and smile and the hatch of him , were so like his dad . Think they made the right choice there .

    Disappointed that Carmella only got an intro but hopefully they will come back with another prequel with more of her and Tony .

    The other characters were just padding and comedy really but that is all they were inthe series too.

    Would watch another happily , or a series about young Tony . But as fans of such a great series we are hooked already of course.

    Don't know what non fans would think of it, but who cares , its 8 / 10 from me and mine .

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  • Seems to be getting generally good reviews, both in the media and here.

    But Tubs has said more than once he thought it was rubbish. Then again, I don't take him too seriously.