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Dream big, work hard, achieve your goals - My DCM '19 Journey



  • That's great, we are in the same wave. Have you thought about race strategy or a goal time yet?

    I can't find any information on what pacers will be with that wave so hard to plan yet.

  • Don't really have a goal time in mind yet. I don't ever really follow pacers so probably won't for this. I ran a decent half in Antrim where I paced it well so I'm thinking I'll try that again. I had a certain pace in mind till the halfway point then decided how to progress, hopefully this will be the same.

    Do you usually run with a pacer? Any target time yourself?

  • I've actually only ever ran in two races that had a pacer, my running career unfortunately seems to have coincided with Covid. I had intended to use a pacer in Dublin 2019 but that didn't work out as I didn't arrive in time and got caught out.

    I think for a marathon that is supposedly as flat as Manchester a pacer won't really make too much of a difference for things other than moral. If one happens to be leaving at a convenient time when we get going I'll follow them for a few miles and see how things are going.

    In terms of time, I've been following the advanced Hanson plan with training times based off 3:15. I haven't raced at all on this training block but did do a tempo half at the weekend where I felt strong so opened up for the last 5k and got a half PB of 1:33, so taking the rough method of doubling a half and adding 10 minutes seems to indicate I'm not a million. Miles away from 3:15.

    My main goal is to get to the line fit and finish strong regardless of time that'll be an achievement.

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  • That's an interesting session goal for the 13 miles - pretty tough run, essentially 13 miles at around marathon pace, depending on how you interpret the "4-8 mins". Not sure of your target time (have I missed it?) but I would have thought your pace there wasn't a million miles away.

  • Thanks D, it was tough enough but ideally I would have liked to have stayed at the 7:35/40 range but sure I will move on🤗

    I don't have a proper target time in mind , trying to keep the pressure off myself really. For now I think I will set a realistic pace for halfway & then reevaluate where I am at that stage. Obviously a nice PB would be very very welcome too😂

  • Wishing you all the very best this weekend. With all you have been through of late you are doing brilliantly.

    I just caught up on your log and read your grief, brilliantly put. The feeling of selfishiness is survial mode. Can relate after being sick, this is what it is. You are inwardly focused and that is more than ok. Don't beat yourself up over it. Just take each day as it comes.

  • Thanks so much A, I've a bit longer to wait for my marathon, it's the following weekend 🤗

    Yes the grief has changed a lot of things with me & how I feel but I suppose that's all part of it. Yes it's baby steps at the moment, just seeing how I am each day & going with it. Manchester has been a good focus for me, the training has really helped me. Looking forward to running it now💛

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  • All the best for taper week and of course the race itself. You're in fantastic shape.

  • Ah thanks D, bet you say that to all the runners 😉

  • Moat important question....what runners are you wearing on race day? RC elite?

  • Only if it’s true!

    Can’t believe you bought yet another pair. You must have even more than AMK. How many in the rotation now?

  • Ah D it's ages since I bought a new pair & in fairness they were a proper bargain😉 I have 4 pairs in rotation that I use mostly, then a couple more pairs if I feel like a change. Variety is the spice of life😜😁

  • "a couple more pairs" 🤣🤣

  • Best of luck on the weekend Lainey.

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  • Ah OK. Six isn’t too bad, I probably have as many myself.

    On the other hand... 😯😂

  • Six! You have obviously taken the reference to a couple literally! 2 additional pairs to the rotation 🤣🤣 I'd guess that a couple means at least 10 in Laineyspeak

  • Eh did we not sign some kind of confidentiality agreement 🤔🙄

    Just for reference D asked how many pairs I have in rotation not how many pairs I own😂😂

  • Best of running to you in Manchester E. I don't doubt you will do very well and do yourself & your ould fella very very proud! You've been super consistent, well forever really, since you started running and this is just the victory lap, or one of many victory laps even. It's lovely that your daughters are going to be there with you, marathons are so emotional at the best of times so we can only imagine how this one will feel for you ❤️

  • All the best this weekend E. Hope it all goes well for you and the running gods are on your side.

  • Best of luck this weekend. Have a great race, work done, enjoy it and smash it.

  • Best of luck with it but most of all enjoy it. 👍


  • All the best this weekend Lainey, hope you have a great race. It's been nice following your journey and thanks for sharing and logging during what was a very emotional period for you. I'm sure running for you and the community support felt like an extra hand on your back for the past few months and no matter what happens this weekend you'll always have that in your back pocket. Enjoy!

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  • I haven't been on the training logs in ages E so first of all condolences on the passing of your dad.

    I'm sure he will be there with you in spirit on Sunday and you are going to make him so proud. You have a serious block of training done in the last 2 years. Put your faith in it and you will smash it.

    Have a great weekend and enjoy it. We're all rooting for you!