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Dream big, work hard, achieve your goals - My DCM '19 Journey



  • So sorry to hear of your loss, may he rest in peace

  • Sincere condolences on your loss E.

  • Elaine - I don't know what the appropriate thing to say here is or how to acknowledge this wonderfully piece, albeit as a result of horrible events - but that is a brilliant articulation of what many people feel in those circumstances.

    Hopefully see you Sunday.

  • It's ok Alan, none of us are comfortable around this kind of thing, myself included when it's someone else! They are just my scribbles & thoughts right now, thank you for the lovely comments 😊

    Yep hopefully see you there, be nice to finally race again 🤗

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  • Fantastic and such a well earned and deserved performance 👏

  • Really really well done, excellent running. I was trying to keep an eye out for you, I double checked every luminously garbed female, nearly got arrested 🤣

    you’re in great shape



  • You're a legend

  • Superb. Great to read a race report - the report and performance didn't disappoint.

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  • Great account of a great performance. The splits are a thing of beauty. Richly deserved! Congrats.

  • Thanks so much for the lovely comments, this is why I love this running community, I really hope boards stays alive even though people aren't happy with the changes, I think it's a pretty special place💛

  • Wonderful race and a wonderful report too. Your splits on Strava show that you very much ran your own race and what a controlled race it was.

    I'm so glad I'm not running a marathon this year, but I'm so glad you are. It's going to be great to see what you do.

    Congratulations Elaine

  • Brilliant race and report E. I was looking forward to reading this, it didn't disappoint!

  • Many congrats on a well executed race, the report was a great read as was your powerful prose above it. You write really well. Condolences for your recent loss. I can only imagine how difficult that was but it took a special strength to not only go and race but to come away with a 1 minute pb. You've done yourself and your dad proud.

  • Smashing run, pb & report E. You're an amazing runner, it's a honour to follow the journey.

  • Was delighted to see this on Strava and even more so after reading that, congrats. You are indeed a legend 💛🙌

  • Thanks for sharing these thoughts, E, and nothing about what you have written suggests any selfishness - quite the opposite, in fact. And of course you need time to yourself to process all these overwhelming events and emotions. Hang in there.

  • Not that it makes a loss any easier to know it's coming, but to have had it thrust upon you completely from no where like what's happened to you is so rough. You're not being selfish at all, you're being honest. And in spite of all you're going through you're still working away.

    You've got the shock and the grief to deal with and it must be so hard. Be kind to yourself.

    I hope writing it down helps. We're all here with you and listening.

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  • Thanks so much💛

  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts E. Hard to find any words of comfort really. Time is probably the only thing that will help ease the pain.

    As for guilt - I understand why you feel that way but there's absolutely nothing wrong with allowing yourself some happiness, albeit for a brief day. I think under the circumstances you should allow yourself that - doing something you love and something you know your Dad was keenly interested in and proud of. Take those moments of happiness coz they will be fleeting for a while. Also, we're back racing after a solid year and a half of lockdown misery - jaysus its understandable you were happy for a few hours!

    We're all here for you.

  • Thanks so much P, really means a lot.

    The logical me knows that I shouldn't feel guilty & that my da would say that to me! The emotional side just misses him so much...

  • Thank you so much for the detailed reply. I am so sorry you lost your dad too. Everything you have said makes so much sense to me, hopefully the waves of intense grief lessen as you have said. I was afraid it might be a bit much for people but it is who I am, heart on my sleeve person. I hope they didn't upset you too much or anyone else that was never my intention. Sometimes being so in touch with my emotions is a curse but hey you can't change who you are. I know I need to face it & deal with it as best I can.

    I'm hoping Manchester goes well, I have put in the work but not accounting for the last month obviously. Yes I agree it's something we can all finally look forward too having races again & race reports to read🤗

  • This is exactly the place to write those thoughts, they're part of what's going on right now, it's great that you are able to put your feelings into words. Wearing your heart on your sleeve will help you through all this. Time does help, just be patient with how long that could take. You absolutely need to look after yourself, nothing selfish about it. My dad used to think I was mad running too but loved listening to me talking about it, dads are the absolute best things in the world and when we lose them it's beyond heat breaking but, they are up there somewhere cheering us on. I think you'll smash Manchester too, I think you're amazing actually!

  • Have you got your Manchester start time yet? Seems a bit of a mess.

  • No nothing yet & with everything that's been happening it was only when I seen it mentioned on the Manchester thread that I sent them an email, waiting to hear back now.

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  • Just got my reply I'm in Red A - arrival time of 9:50 - 10:00 with hopefully a start time of 10:50😊