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Connect guitar to android

  • 20-04-2019 7:40am
    Registered Users Posts: 9,962 ✭✭✭ blade1

    Used to have an electric guitar but sold it around 5 years ago.
    I had a Marshall 50watt amp and a Boss HM-2 Pedal.
    I also used to have an iRig 1 and amplitude app which I enjoyed messing around with on my iPhone.

    I'm going buying a new guitar and still have the iRig.
    I'm just wondering will this work with my oneplus 6t phone and if so what would the best app for Android be?


  • The iRig1 isn't compatible with Android apparently, so you'd need to upgrade to an iRig2

    Actually, I might be wrong. You'd need to check. AmpliTube is free for Android

  • Hi feylya, my guitar should arrive tomorrow so I'll know if amplitude works ok with it then.
    I wasn't going to,but in the meantime I ordered a new amp (BOSS Katana 50) off musicmaker and a Boss fs-6 dual pedal.
    They threw in a free leather guitar strap and a Dickies pick pocket for free with the Katana and it was €3 cheaper than Thomann.
    I had never heard of musicmaker before but was delighted with the service.
    I done a search on here for them after I received my amp expecting to see a lot of positive feedback but found mostly the opposite.
    The comments were old though,so I'm assuming they've set things right since???

  • Music Maker have changed their tune a lot over the last few years, especially with the likes of Thomann becoming so big, and accessible.