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Shotgun 2020



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    Thursday 21 March
    Plan: 8m MP Tempo
    Actual: 8m MP Tempo, pace 7:04, HR 159 (12.17 miles total)

    I learned something today, or rather, reaffirmed something. No matter how good I feel on the morning, I will NOT go out with the 3hr pacers. That's not my gig for Limerick. However, this run was more encouraging than I thought it would be.

    I honestly didn't know where I stood with my fitness, base or form. I didn't know, even 12 weeks into a plan, what to aim for. My MP tempos up to now have been too fast. So, today was a dose of reality. Instead of the usual flatter routes/loop I took in miles 13-19 of the GLR route on the tempo, not an easy section. I also ignored pace and went with heart rate. I kept it around 160 but did burn a few matches on hills. Overall It was a steady piece and a tough but manageable pace. My hamstrings tightened a bit so I will need to work on that over the next month.

    The MP Tempo splits
    6:56, 7:04, 7:08, 7:04, 7:05, 7:01, 7:02, 7:04

    An average of 7:04.
    My previous tempos were 15+ secs faster and obviously not realistic. Could I hold this pace for another 5 miles for a 1:33 half marathon? sure. Could I hold for 26.2 miles for a sub 3:10? Hmmm... not sure but it feels like a more organic goal for where I am and it would be completely satisfactory too.

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    Friday 22 March
    Plan: Easy 6m
    Actual: Easy 6.68m @8:05, HR 137

    Brr its chilly out there but I'm happy I waited for the morning heavy rain to pass. Just easy miles around the town. I came across a girl with blood on her blonde hair and dried streak down her face after being beaten up by an ex. She was lucid and coherent but definitely on the wrong side of town. I was half a mile from a gardaí station but she was having none of that. I just ensured she knew what bus she was getting. The uglier side of city/drug life. It was otherwise an uneventful run, ducking beside buildings and trees to avoid that bitter wind.

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    Saturday 23 March
    Plan: Easy 10m
    Actual: Easy 7.2m @8:20

    Slept an epic13hrs last night. I was in bed after putting the kids down. Back to 100% now. Only had a 1hr window this morning before Caz went to work. Lovely and crisp, calm morning. A bit laboured initially but felt good once warmed up. Nice to be running in daylight in the morning. Might put a few MP miles into tomorrow's run at heart rate effort to see what pace comes out.

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    Sunday 24 March
    Plan: Easy 10m (Original Plan Steady LR 16m)
    Actual: LR 14.18m as 1m Ez, 2m MP, 1m Ez, 3m MP, 1m Ez, 5m MP, 1m Ez

    A bit off script but it was a run with a purpose. Woke up feeling great, good sleep and legs ok after 50 miles of running the last 6 days. Sessions pared back this week and body recovered. Next week I kick back into the Hanson's plan for the last 6 week run in (3 weeks behind original plan).

    The recovery plan was easy 10m but I have 5 weekends, 5 opportunities to go longer and simulate a marathon type effort over a long run. There are just 2x 16m steady runs left in the Hansons plan and even with the reduced focus on LRs from a Hanson's perspective, that's light for a marathon. Plus, the goal MP (Marathon Pace) is still in question. The MP tempo during the week came out at 7:04. I decided to check that again in a longer run.

    I went with a 2m, 3m and 5m MP tempo with 1 mile easy between reps and using heart rate to guide the effort. I also did the run over the 2nd half route of the Limerick Marathon with the main objective to do the 5m MP tempo over the final 5m of the marathon route.

    The first mile was a quick warm up to the 14m mark of the marathon route. The next 2m MP were 6:37 and 6:54, both too quick but the legs were fresh, it was slightly downhill and I had a breeze at my back. Another easy mile then the next 3m MP around Dooradoyle and back up to the Rosbrien Road, 6:44, 6:59 and 7:02. I settled into a marathon effort during this piece and still felt good.

    The next easy mile brought me down town and onto Sarsfield Bridge for the final 5m MP. The first 2 of those miles, 7:02 and 6:54 were down the quay and out the North Circular Road into the chilly breeze. I was working now and also ate a gel where I plan to take one on the day. The previous 10 miles with 5 MP brought the cumulative fatigue into play for the next mile down behind the Gaelic Grounds, 6:51. I was working but felt strong, even on the hill towards Thomond Park.

    Back around to the main road and up the drag passed the Gaelic Grounds in 6:59 and I had the breeze at my back again into town. I visualized the run in to the last mile of the marathon and felt excited to be simulating it. The heart rate was mid 160s and while that would be high for the first 13 miles it is precisely where I would want it with a mile to go. I kept the effort on and push on a little for a last the last MP mile at 6:44. Oh to finish the last 5 miles like that on the day! I ran easy back up town home happy the work was done but with more in the tank.

    Discounting the first 2 MP miles and the last mile the average tempo pace was 6:55. So between this and the Thursday tempo I'm looking at 6:55-7:05 as the target range to train at for the next few weeks. All I wanted from this week was to get back on track, but to get a solid LR like that and settle onto a realistic goal is a bonus. Motivated to kick back into the plan now :)

    Mileage summary: Actual (Plan)
    Week 12: 64 (55)
    Total program : 532 (576)

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    Monday 25 March - Back to the Plan!
    Plan: Easy 8m
    Actual: Easy 9.23m @8:03, HR 138

    Lovely run in the sunshine around Raheen and Mungret. I took in an additional loop of a local park just because it was such a nice day and I felt great. I've had so many health issues, physical and mental over the last 4 months that it was a joy to be running easy, feeling strong and with a clear mind. A few other runners out, almost all down to short sleeves and smiles. Fingers crossed for another summer like last year. I don't mind running in gnarly conditions but I'm a summer person. Today was back onto the Hanson's plan a couple of weeks behind the original plan but its the same routine each week. I just have to change the Tuesday strength session and continue on the rest. T-5 weeks to Marathon week, eek!

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    Tuesday 26 March
    Plan: Intervals 6x1m strength w/400m recovery
    Actual: Intervals 6x1m (12.41m total)

    Strength reps are MP-10secs. Since the MP is still WIP I left these at target 6:40 pace.

    Cracking day out there, calm and sunny with a slight chill to the breeze. The pace was a few seconds slower that last week but the heart rate a few beats higher. I certainly felt I was working harder. The cumulative fatigue was present. The quads were a little heavy and the right one a little tight. Overall I enjoyed these reps. They are long enough but not red zone like speed sessions. Plenty of runners pacing up and down the Condell Road and I wasn't the only one doing intervals in the sunshine. The schedule has a day off tomorrow which is needed ahead of the MP Tempo Thursday. 2 small changes to the Limerick Marathon route I plan to check out on the long run this weekend.

    6x1mile Strength w/400m recovery
    Target pace 6:40
    rep distance|rep time|Avg HR
    1 mile|6:40|155
    1 mile|6:40|161
    1 mile|6:38|165
    1 mile|6:41|164
    1 mile|6:35|165
    1 mile|6:39|165

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    Wednesday 27 March
    Plan: Swim
    Actual: Easy 6.57m @8:48, HR 130

    I planned to swim this morning but a late night and not waking up on time, I decided to have breakfast with the kids instead. I had an hour between a hectic schedule of meetings to some air. Another beautiful day. I ran out the countryside under a blue sky and a gentle cool breeze. Just keeping it very easy. I could see all the way over to Moylussa, a favourite training hill for my Adventure Racing buddies and the highest point in Clare. Just a cracking day to be outdoors, smelling cut grass, hearing the laughter, the birds and feeling the energy of the sun.

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    Thursday 28 March
    Plan: 9m MP Tempo
    Actual: Easy 8.25m @7:56, HR 141

    I didn't have time to do the SOS Tempo today. I need a 2hr window for it. So more easy miles in the late afternoon sun before collecting the kids. It felt a little laboured so no harm moving the Tempo to tomorrow.

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    Friday 29 March
    Plan: 9m Marathon Tempo
    Actual: 9m MP Tempo, (13.41m total), HR 159, time 1:37:26

    Another SOS in the bag. Nice sunny day again though slightly cooler. A bit wrecked after this but then 9m MP within a 13m run is a solid workout. I did the tempo over miles 14-23 of the Limerick Marathon route which is more challenging than my usual 2 mile industrial estate loop. After 2 mile warm up I kicked into gear down the Rosbrien Road and into Dooradoyle, the first 2 MP miles in 6:58 and 6:59. I ran the whole tempo off heart rate rather than pace again and by Dooradoyle I was at target 160ish.

    The next 2 MP miles up a hill and around Dooradoyle were 6:57 and 6:48, the latter a bit quick as I was heading downhill with a breeze at my back. Up the hill to the top of the Rosbrien Road again and strangely I expected the next mile to be my quickest but a 7:02 turned out to be my slowest! Hmm.. I think I just burned a few matches again around Dooradolyle and backed off to get my heart rate down and find a comfortable rhythm with 5m MP remaining. I thought the next mile then going up the hill towards Punches and onto O'Connell Avenue would be slower but it was a 6:50, go figure. I had settled into a sort of auto pilot.

    The next mile, 6:57, was downtown, navigating cars, dogs and bodies, across the bridge and down the quay. I was a bit hungry so I ate my emergency gel here. 2 miles to go but now onto the North Circular Road and into a breeze. The last 2 miles were a tougher 6:56 and 6:59 before a labored plod back up town to work.

    Overall MP Miles - Average 6:56
    6:58, 6:59, 6:57, 6:48, 7:02, 6:50, 6:57, 6:59

    Its a bit quicker than last week but still in the target 6:55-7:05 range. The legs were definitely fatigued for this and it did take some concentration. Solid session though. People have been commenting on my tanned face and loss of weight lately... all is good with the running world :)

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    When people say I have a good tan I say i’m more weather beaten!! Solid workout.

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    Good stuff :D

  • Registered Users Posts: 9,130 ✭✭✭ Murph_D

    Enjoying catching up with this. You seem to have negotiated the missed weeks well, and it’s interesting how you are progressing towards a final target, using HR to make the big decisions. Should you take the odd day off? Everyone is different of course. You seem to be coping well. Great writing style too - always a welcome bonus!

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    Murph_D wrote: »
    Enjoying catching up with this. You seem to have negotiated the missed weeks well, and it’s interesting how you are progressing towards a final target, using HR to make the big decisions. Should you take the odd day off? Everyone is different of course. You seem to be coping well. Great writing style too - always a welcome bonus!
    Thanks Murph_D!

    Over the last couple of years I've had a few life lessons to make me focus more on the journey than the goal. HR is my default. I often used to use it exclusively to build the base fitness during winter training. Good point about the day off. I intend to this week. I often work better with an active non impact day off like a swim, row or yoga. However the purpose of filling the last 2 with easy runs were to build the cumulative fatigue back into the legs for the LR tomorrow. I found the first few runs back last week were fresh (and wonderful) but the Hanson's approach to the 16m LR is to make it feel closer to the last 16 of the marathon. The last 2 days felt close to where I was before I became ill so just the LR to execute next, then 2 more runs to a day off and synced back up to the Hansons pattern.

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    Saturday 30 March
    Plan: Easy 8m
    Actual: Easy 8.75m @7:51, HR 139

    Zeus has been kind to runners on the Emerald Isle this week. A beautiful calm sunny morning greeted reluctant legs. Another pre breakfast plod through the first mile to wake the body up, straighten up and enjoy the close to steady, easy miles. Meandered around local suburbia and decided to take in a lap of a local park. In doing so I ran into the tail walker for a parkrun! I had no idea about this Parkrun but then I'm usually at gymnastics with the kids on Saturday mornings. I always though the 1.25km loop that I do with the kids on their scooters, would make a nice 4 lap Parkrun. Not the quickest 5k as it has a decent hill each lap but great to know it's there. Productive run to keep the legs honest for tomorrow's precious LR.

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    Bye bye Spring, hello longer evenings!
    Sunday 31 March
    Plan: Long Run 16m @7:35
    Actual: LR 18.32m @7:31, HR 147, Inc miles 1-16 of the GLR route. Time 2hrs17

    After a very fun day with Mum and the kids I finally got out at 5. Thanks to the extra hour it was all done in daylight 😊 This would be my first 2hr run so I broke it down to 4 blocks

    Block 1
    7:44, 7:25, 7:32, 7:32
    Plod to the start of the GLR route a loop back into town and onto the river bank. I felt good, comfortable and holding the pace back.

    Block 2
    7:37, 7:33, 7:36, 7:20
    From the riverbank up to the back gate of the Industrial Park. It was a long stint into a breeze. The sun disappeared and it became noticeably cooler. The course change for this year bring's the turnaround further up the hill to the gate. By mile 5 the fatigue was evident but I felt great aerobically and the legs were strong.

    Block 3
    7:30, 7:35, 7:27, 7:35
    Through UL and onto the riverbank. I like the Living Bridge but not the noise it makes running over it. The second change to the route this year seems to bring you down past the library to the roundabout before a short but sharp incline double back to cross UL. It's quick down to the roundabout but the 30-40secs back is not nice at 9m. Legs were weary but strong. With the changed marathon pace target, the LR target pace is now 7:35 and I was finding it more comfortable.

    Block 4
    7:32, 7:32, 7:28, 7:27
    Uptown and down the Rosbrien Rd to Dooradoyle. It took me over 16m but this LR would be well under 25% of the weeks mileage. This was a very solid section. I was working and the fatigue was significant but the legs kept turning over and I felt good aerobically. Overall the heart rate for the run was 147, the right zone.

    Miles 17-18
    7:31, 7:23
    I just kept the cadence up but it was work. Face covered in salt at the end but I'll feed and drink on the day to avoid that.

    Overall very pleased with this, my longest run in years. At the end I really felt I could dig in for the last <8m of the route if I had to. Legs wrecked now but it was a 77m week. Easily my biggest ever weekly mileage. This week will be reduced volume as I'll take Wednesday off. That's one precious LR in the bag and cumulative fatigue back to that fine line to overreaching with 5 weeks to go. Precisely where the plan says you ought to be!

    Mileage summary: Actual (Plan)
    Week 13: 62 (77)
    Total program : 609 (638)

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    April Fools Day 2019
    Plan: Easy 6m
    Actual: Easy 7.11m @8:53

    A snow-ice warning for 10 counties from tomorrow?! With the day that's in it I thought ME were taking the p!ss! Still quite nice out there today, albeit cooler and cloudy. I didn't want to run. I felt tired, hungry and the legs ached. I smelled the hot food from the canteen going out the door too which didn't help. These are the days you need to just get it done. My right Achilles, right knee and left quad were all tight, the Achilles the only recurring one. The soles of both feet were sore and I had a large slowly developing blister on the second toe this week finally pop. The legs were rebelling. 2 miles later all was ok again and the miles were completed in the countryside, slowly. Better to get this done early as I have intervals and a long commute in the morning. Hope the legs feel a bit more up to it for that one.

    Main thing learned today is that I need to stock up on snacks.

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    Tuesday 2 April
    Plan: Intervals Strength 3x2mile @6:40 w/800m recovery
    Actual: Intervals Strength 3x2mile , HR 154-171 (Total 12.01 miles)

    Up at 5am, 3 hour commute on the horrid M7, quick change and out into the chill on the Clontarf seafront. I barely warmed up for the first rep but had a slight breeze with me to keep these tough but steady and comfortable. It feels like a sweet spot effort, harder than MP but lower than LT or Speed. It takes concentration but you get into a good groove and just hold on. 13 minutes are the longest reps yet. I found a good rhythm at or just below 6:40 and just worked to hold it there. Don't check the watch until those lights, no the next lights etc..

    I did 2 reps with the breeze behind me but had that in my face on the return from Sutton. It was bitter and the effort went up just a notch. Maybe it was because I felt I had to dig in more that it was my fastest rep. Normally there is a progression from 6x1mile to 4x1.5m then this. However I skipped ahead this week to do the 2x3m next week and execute the original plan over the last 3 weeks.

    I felt the breeze picking up towards the end of the rep to become a stiff and Baltic headwind for the last 3 miles where I cooled down to freezing knees and knuckles! My average HR for the "cool down" was 159/160! Very pleased to get this done in the cold sunshine. I'd be far less motivated after a full day workshop and a nice Italian booked this evening.

    3x2mile Strength Tempo
    Target 13:20/pace 6:40
    rep distance|rep time|avg pace|avg HR
    2 miles|13:08|6:34|161
    2 miles|13:06|6:33|166
    2 miles|13:04|6:32|167

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    Friday 5 April
    Plan: 9m Marathon Tempo
    Actual: 9m MP Tempo (13.45m Total)

    The day off turned into 2 days off after I gave myself shin splints walking around Dublin too much with my work bróga on. They were still a little tender today. I moved the Thursday SOS to today and canned the short easy run. Just 4 weeks to go and its all about quality.

    Same run as last week over miles 14-23 of the GLR route only a minute quicker. The watch GPS was acting funny and rather than just go with my gut instinct on the effort I was letting the pace influence the effort. The wind too seemed to be a headwind no matter what way I faced. You would think 9m at marathon effort should feel pretty comfortable by now, even mid program and another session this week in the legs? Nope. It varied from easy to steady to threshold. The max HR for the run was 168 which is fine, but I spent over 30 minutes over 160hr which is a bit much.

    I finally got the wind behind me on the North Circular Road (with its freshly painted mile markings) but the body and mind were weary by now. Its been a long week. Still, happy to get it done again when the body was reluctant. Shins are no better or worse but its not running related so I'm not concerned.

    Overall MP Miles - Average 6:51
    6:49, 6:55, 6:46, 6:50, 7:00, 6:54, 6:42, 6:59, 6:48

    The weekend plan is 2x 10 mile easy runs. The whole program has 3x 16m LRs and I missed one. I want to do a longer run than 10m on Sunday but next week is the biggest week of the program finishing with the final LR. Any thoughts?

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    Instead of doing the 10m + 10m, why don't you do the 16m with whatever was scheduled for the day before? At least then it won't be playing on your mind that you didn't get the third 16m run done

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    Thanks Kate, precicely what I was thinking 😊

    Saturday 6 April
    Plan: Easy 10m
    Actual: Steady 8.05m @7:26, HR 141

    The week with the LR I missed was 8m steady and 16m LR. So that's the plan this weekend. Late by the time I got out tonight but felt great from the first step. Covered the last 7m of the marathon route at a steady pace and pushed the last mile up to speed tempo to finish strong. The legs felt great, the lungs felt great but it ensures the legs are not fresh for tomorrow's run. Always fun running through town as it gets geared up for a Saturday night. Smells of perfumes and curries...

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    Well you’ve made the decision, but I don’t think it’s the only option. You said you struggled with the MP run. That’s fair enough - it’s supposed to feel like that. But the 2x10 is a good back to back workout with, I presume, an eye to next week - the last big week - and a little mercy before the final push. Doing the 16 this week makes next week that bit tougher, so I’d say make sure to take it handy - an easy 16 as opposed to the steady option that the plan prescribed, the latter being much harder at this stage of the programme. Have a good one, but don’t overdo it.

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    Thanks Murph_D good advice and much appreciated

    Saturday 7 April
    Plan: Easy 10m
    Actual: Easy 16.04m @8:05, 2:09:47, HR <150

    With the last big week coming up and the decision to run longer that 10m for this, I opted to drop the pace and run easy. Minimum 30 secs slower than other LRs and next week's final LR. I covered miles 13-26 of the GLR route too. All in all I know the course pretty well and know what to expect, even down to how the wind direction will affect it.

    The key objective was to just bank 2 hours running. The cumulative fatigue kicked in around the hour mark and while pace and heart rate** numbers kept in check the actual effort was more considerable. t will suck to have the wind against you for the last 2 mile run in from the Gaelic Grounds on the day. Pretty tired and the legs didn't appreciate having to cut the lawn afterwards either. A good sleep tonight (I've been up early the last couple of mornings watching the Irish Men's 7s Rugby Team in Hong Kong) and a very easy run tomorrow and I'll hopefully be up for the intervals on Tuesday. A day at a time. Less than 4 weeks to go...

    **Garmin acting up on GPS and HR spikes lately

    8:10, 8:02, 8:07, 8:06, 8:02, 8:08, 8:10, 8:15, 8:10, 8:07, 7:58, 8:06, 8:00, 8:00, 8:02, 8:03

    Mileage summary: Actual (Plan)
    Week 14: 56 (55)
    Total program : 664 (693)

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    Monday 8 April
    Plan: Easy 8m
    Actual: Easy 9.23m @8:40ish.. Garmin died just after I hit "save"

    This felt like ages. I think I spotted 1hr20 on the watch before it blinked off. Easy miles meandering around suburbia, early enough to avoid the school pick up madness. The wind is strange. It feels like a light Easterly battling the normal stronger South Westerly, hence why is feels like a headwind everywhere you turn. Everything ached. The usual heaviness from running and the long run yesterday plus the hour of cartwheels, handstands and sprints I did with my niece beforehand!

    A thing about Running
    James Cracknell is a multiple Olympic Gold Medal winning GBR Rower. He has an amazing life story since those days. Yesterday, at 46, he became the oldest person by a decade to compete and win the Oxford v Cambridge University Boat Race. He is bonkers. This note is about his running though. He came 12th in the MdS which was incredible at the time but last year at age 45, 6ft 4 and 90kg, he ran the London Marathon in 2hrs 43. You should check out his pacing too. Ok, he is a case study in making sacrifices and pushing beyond extreme physical limits but still, how hard can sub3 be...? I thought about this today on the run and the aches just went away.

  • Registered Users Posts: 4,799 ✭✭✭ OOnegative

    Cracknell is a one of those once in a lifetime freakishly gifted athletes, he must have serious reserves of making himself suffer.

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    Tuesday 9 April
    Plan: 2x3m Strength Tempo w/1m recovery
    Actual: 2x3m Strength Tempo (11.12m total), 1:19:12

    I had a 0740 train to catch this morning with a 20 minute brisk walk to the station. Decision time. Push this out a day and take today off? I did this earlier in the program during the speed reps when I had to travel and it worked out ok. The Thursday tempos were shorter then and the fatigue not as heavy. This is the last big week and carrying the longest intervals of the program forward escalates the risk of overreaching. The legs were fatigued and tender already. The next 2 workouts (SOS) are more important.

    So, no other choice than to SIU and get out the door at 5am. I don't like doing intensity during the dawn chorus and on empty. Getting it done so early too would give me 48hrs+ recovery before the next workout, this was a real incentive.

    After sitting on the bottom step of the stairs battling the demon on my shoulder telling me to go back to sleep, I just got on with it. Pleasant, chilly, calm pre dawn. Hardly no cars, just birds. The warm up felt awful and again I timed it wrong, starting the first rep on a hill! Way to suddenly get the heart rate into the zone. 20 minutes of work in the Raheen Industrial Estate with 2 hills. I just picked up the cadence and got stuck in. I checked the watch after a mile and was at 6:30, a bit ahead of target but that would settle. These are just short of 5k so its a case of plugging in and hanging on. The first rep felt good.

    On the mile recovery I had to duck into a bush. I emerged a couple of lbs lighter and got stuck into rep 2. The first mile beeped 6:29, grand just keep going. It took more concentration but I sort of liked the hurt. If I flagged I just pumped the arms and got the cadence back up. It felt good to be getting this done while the world slept. The last mile beeped 6:19. I was in a zone.

    Quick brekkie with the kids and out the door again. The legs felt tender walking to the station but super awesome to have this done and dusted already! Overall the pace was 10 secs faster than target but I found a groove and hung on. I'll be more diligent about MP effort on the next session. Just 2 more of these strength interval sessions left in the program.

    2x3mile Strength Tempo
    Target 20:00/pace 6:40

    rep distance|rep time|avg pace|avg HR
    3 miles|19:27|6:29|161
    3 miles|19:20|6:27|166

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    Some session at that hour of the morning, looked well impressive on Strava!

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    Thursday 11 April
    Plan: 8m MP Tempo
    Actual: Easy 7.56m @7:50

    70hrs since my last run. I should feel fresh and ready to go. Long day and I felt the opposite. Tired and lazy. Still had the tempo in mind getting out late but a stitch told me I ran too soon after a meal. It was dark within 2 miles and I had to run into town weaving around gangs of dressed up young wans to be sure I was a few miles away from home to run back. Work and crap sleep and diet this week not helping but no excuses. The tempo will get done in the morning! An hour reluctant horrible run in the bank, that's all. Just 3 weeks to go so I have to keep focus on all the non running stuff.

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    Friday 12 April
    Plan: 10m MP Tempo
    Actual: 10m MP Tempo (14.59m total), 1:45:39, HR for tempo 155

    A thing about running
    14m with 10MP is not classified as a long run in the program, yet its just 2 miles shy of the longest actual LR (16m) and the average pace for it is 30 sec faster than the LR. It included 1:09 for 10 miles and 1:33:50 for a half marathon (faster than my current best). All done on empty, 2 days after an interval session and at 6am. Welcome to the Hanson's method!

    I was under pressure to get it done this morning. I bailed on it last night, feeling crap and this evening has no window. If I missed it today, it was gone as the LR Sunday is the key session of the week. I woke up before my 5:30 alarm and was out the door before 6. As usual the warm up 2 miles felt as though gravity had doubled in pressure overnight and my bones creaked under it.

    I aimed to do miles 14-23 of the GLR route. I know every hill on the course now but that doesn't make them any easier. I wonder if its better not to know? The first 2 MP miles in the dark (6:50, 6:55) were just pushing on to find a rhythm and mostly flat or downhill. I didn't feel good. My right Achilles ached, my hip flexors were tight, my hamstrings were tight, the ball of my left foot was sore and I felt heavy. Basically I felt as though I was dragging the body around town against its will. 7:08 for the next mile up that hill by Rosbrien and down to Dooradoyle. 7:08?! Seriously, the effort felt like it should be 20 seconds faster. I wondered if that was a sign of things to come for the run...

    Around Dooradoyle is up and down but 6:57 up and 6:51 down felt about right and I thought, grand I have the rhythm now, panic over.

    The next 5 miles into town and around the North Circular hummed around 6:54 pace and 158 HR. The numbers would suggest all was right with the world. It felt anything but... I also had a stitch now to carry with me, so the rhythm was up and down trying to manage that. The Achilles usually eases off but didn't. The sole of my left foot usually eases off but didn't. Overall it was just much, much tougher work than usual. Not a hope in hell did I feel I could maintain this for another 16 miles!

    However, as I plodded back up through town city life was getting started and I began to appreciate getting this done first thing. Also, the body is supposed to feel close to the edge about now. This is a run I'll think about when I have my first doubt on the day. I was greeted at the door by 2 smiling tots all excited to show me a spider they found... Life is ok.

    MP Tempo miles - Average 6:55
    6:50, 6:55, 7:08, 6:57, 6:51, 6:54, 6:52, 6:54, 6:50, 6:55

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    Saturday 13 April
    Plan: Easy 8m
    Actual: Easy-Steady 8.78m @7:47

    Hard at times to keep the effort easy out there. A cold gusty wind and rain made it perfectly miserable running conditions. Later out too as usual to ensure the legs are not fresh for the final long run tomorrow. The legs felt better than yesterday but the fatigue is still evident. The effort was easy with the wind and steady against it. I was soaked and it was cold enough to stiffen the knees and knuckles. I passed just one other runner with a hood up and clearly not enjoying himself. To make it feel worse I badly needed the bathroom for the last 3 butt and core clenching miles. It was just about getting the miles done and getting warm and dry asap.

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    Sunday 14 April
    Plan: LR 16m @7:35
    Actual: LR 18.27m @7:27 with last mile hard, HR 146, time 2:14:07

    Fair play to everyone racing in these miserable conditions today. Cold, with colder gusts and rain, lots of rain, incessant rain actually. This was the last LR before Limerick. It was 16m on the plan but at 15m I'm a mile from home or an option of doing 2 more miles on the route. I decided to see how I felt.

    I did breakfast, bathroom and all that I would on the day. A gel before I went out the door and 2 more in my pocket. I wore a cap which was great as it kept the rain out of my face and prevented brain freeze into the cold wet gusts. I jogged to the start of the route and settled into a rhythm. I felt pretty good and the first 5 miles flew by with ease and 7:20s, a bit quick. I knew the fatigue would dig in soon enough.

    The hills from the Dublin Road up into Plassey will burn some matches but with a headwind the box could go up in flames. The pace dropped to 7:40 for a couple of miles until I spotted the huge white wind turbine in top gear. It always distracts me for the 2 miles in and out of the Industrial Park, particularly the sound of the heavy whirring. I took a gel at mile 6 as I will on the day. The markings are on the road now so I know the extension to the turnaround goes right up to the gate, and by up, its uphill. Thankfully short lived and I had the wind behind me all the way back into UL. The fatigue kicked in around mile 10 but the few others out doing long runs, grimacing into the wind on the riverbank, served as a distraction. I took a gel at mile 12. I ate it slowly over 2 minutes with no issues. Water on the day will help digest it faster. I was working now to maintain the target 7:35 pace.

    Back into town now and dragging the legs uptown towards the route half way mark amongst the traffic. My shoes and socks have been soaked for over an hour an a half. The ball of my left foot hurts and I definitely have a blister on the right. I dig in on the hill up towards the Barracks and my decision is made to tack on the 2 extra miles. I was expecting a fade down the Rosbrien Road. It was murky and seemed like cars were not giving as much room. Actually, it was I running further out from the ditch to avoid streams. The hill by the Old Crescent Rugby Club is a little stinger but I got up it unscathed. No cramps, the legs hurt but were still going. I was averaging 7:30 and the heart rate was below marathon effort. I started to slowly pick up the pace after the hill and thought I'd go for the last mile at MP. I actually just pushed it hard. The legs hurt but it was a good hurt. The lungs were good, the arm drive was good, this was the last mile to the line. 6:37. Nice way to finish off 18m steady and oh to have that kick in the on the day!

    The legs were toasted for a finish but a very good LR to top out just under 70 miles for the week with all sessions accounted for on the biggest week of the plan. The next 2 weeks still have 2 sessions each but no LR. I have some butterflies in my belly thinking about the marathon now. I should get through the rest of the training. The main thing is keeping healthy, stretching, sleeping, hydrating, eating well and staying positive. Less that 3 weeks to go...

    Mileage summary: Actual (Plan)
    Week 15: 69 (63)
    Total program : 735 (756)