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  • Friday 14 December
    Swim 2,000m
    A short session before yet another Christmas Party. The last one perhaps. Body isn't able. What the body needs to able for is 1,500m best effort in my first ever Gala on the first weekend of March.

    My first mark at this was 26:33 a few weeks ago. I made a slightly better attempt at tumble turns this time. I'm not getting the push and glide off the wall but I'm no longer swimming up from the pool floor desperate for a breath.

    Overall 1,500m|26:00|1:44

    A PB :) I kept the first 800 very steady doing my best to keep up the momentum on the tumbles. Then pushed on a little, only to fade at the end. I was wrecked for a finish and calves have been cramping since but its an honest mark to work from. The pacing was not awful but I would rather have something in the tank for the last 200.

  • Monday 17 December
    Swim 2,400m Tri Group
    I was down early enough for a warm up for once. Fins on and 600m of catch up and back stroke. I liked the look of the main set, 2 sets of 6x150m steady. I lead out the middle lane and lost my group so I swam the whole set alone. We were supposed to be off 2:50 but my early morning math isn't great so I just took 15 sec recoveries. Given the times I was going a couple of seconds early. There were a few missing form the middle lane though so I'm not really leading out yet. Plus my times are not good enough to join the tail of the fast lane.


    Pretty happy with the consistency. Not as tight as I could if I was fit but to get 5 of the reps under 1:40 pace, particularly the last 2 , was pleasing. As I tired I tried to swim "better" instead of "harder". Focusing on things like high elbow, reach before the catch naturally rotating my hips, triceps at the finish etc.. A lad in my lane commented that he was watching my stroke and it seemed slow, despite moving well. Blown away that someone was actually studying my stroke :o

    Promise this wont become a swimming log and I'll post a run again ASAP! :D

  • Tuesday 18 December
    Steady 7.54 miles @7:37
    I made decent time up the motorway but my head was wrecked. Out into the wind to clear it. It was actually a lovely run along the Clontarf seafront out to Bull Island. Occasionally hopping up onto the wall like the child version of myself to avoid flooded parts. I stood at the furthest point, the Mary statue and gate post to the shipping lanes watching the rough waves roll back toward Dollymount strand. I had nothing but seagull triangle formations and dog walkers for company on the way out but after a few minutes of meditation my mind cleared and I noticed much more. Running happily back with a tailwind I spotted some hardy skins swimmers with pink hats at the wall, a stolen car half buried in the beach after an unsuccessful half doughnut, smiling friendly runners and the miles just ticked by unnoticed. Before I knew it I had run the bones of an hour at an average 147 heart rate clocking mid 7 minute miles. In the zone! A treat of a run...

  • Wednesday 20 December
    Swim 2,400m
    Plan was a mix of endurance and speed. Easy 800m with 60 sec rest, 2x400m steady with 30 sec rest and 8x100m fast with 10 sec rest. Fast 100s with 10 sec rest is more like strength endurance. Its not top end speed or the 100s would be off 3 minutes or something. The 800m was about form and practicing tumble turns. Improving but still awful. Ideally I wanted to break 7 minutes for the 400s and 1:40 for the 100s.


    The 800 was comfortable but I'd occasionally lose my breath at the turn.
    The 400s were steady but tougher than expected to hold the pace for the second one. Also a tingle of cramp in the sole of my right foot.
    The 100s were hard work. The first one too fast and tired myself out. The 10 sec rest was barely a breath. I relaxed the effort a tad but tried to keep a higher turnover. I was fighting off the cramp in my foot each time I turned and pushed off the wall. It felt like putting the brake on with my right foot. I had a bit of traffic to overtake on reps 6 and 7 so a couple of sprints mid rep made those faster. It also toasted me. On the last rep the foot finally cramped painfully leaving me hanging onto the lane rope after the turn. By the time the lifeguard ran over I had shaken it off and finished the length. Good session hitting my targets and keeping decent form.

  • Friday 21 December
    Swim 2,000m
    Quiet logs today, everyone out shopping or working?!

    dist|time|avg pace/100m

    It kicked off with 8x50m max effort off 1:45 so over a minute rest. I left 5 secs and gave a full effort but caught the guy in front after 30m. They could have been 1-2 secs quicker but very pleased to get them all under 40 secs.

    The main work was then 3 sets of 200m/2x10m/2x50m at threshold pace. I shared the lane lead for this and felt great. Usually after a max 50s prelude the main work is about surviving but I was pumped and almost holding back at times. Felt on top of the water at times. Really good swim.

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  • Saturday 22 December
    Easy 7.21 miles @8:00
    Concious that 8 of the last 10 posts have been swimming related. So a run :) Dirty cold wet night out there. I ran easy across town for a loop of the north circular road. Half way around the loop I stopped with a sudden loss of motivation. This last mile was taking forever. As soon as I stopped too I felt the cold and my cold wet top stuck to my raw chest. I glanced at the watch at it showed 3.5 miles. Oh! I though I was still in the 3rd mile so now a mile ahead of myself I snapped back into the zone. Funny, I have almost no memory of that 3rd mile. Properly zoned out. Mindless running. Part of the last mile was running up O'Connell street under the lights. Usually pleasant but it was so wet and busy with traffic and Saturday nighters. The bones of an hour done, sort of reluctantly.

  • Christmas Eve 2018
    Easy 5.05 miles @8:03
    Just getting a short one done before the madness. So mild it felt like early spring...
    6 days to the start of a marathon plan

    Happy Christmas bordsies!

  • Friday 28 December
    I really want to run but can't yet. I have a serious acute health issue to get under control.

    Instead Ill post a couple of pics of my first proper training notebook that isn't a note pad. Got the idea from the Christmas gifts thread and Santa delivered

  • Friday 28 December
    I really want to run but can't yet. I have a serious acute health issue to get under control.

    Instead Ill post a couple of pics of my first proper training notebook that isn't a note pad. Got the idea from the Christmas gifts thread and Santa delivered

    You have a link for that pal?

  • healy1835 wrote: »
    You have a link for that pal?
    The Journal? Sure. It's by Lauren Fleshman. Lovely leathery cover to protect it from sweaty hands after a run. Very high quality journal and I'm a geek for this stuff

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  • Wednesday 2 January
    Recovery 6.11 miles @8:54

    I needed this, if only to distract my mind with the sound of birds confused that its spring or the smell of water, rain, river, doesn't matter. Life is very heavy right now but health is priority. For the body and mind. My lungs crackled in the first mile but happily settled with the relaxation of rhythmic running. I opted for the country church route for the cleanest air. If running could only fix things I'd still be out there. I've officially started the program and I entered the Limerick marathon this morning.

    The only thing I managed in the last 8 days was a spot of bored Yoga in the hospital on New Years Eve.

  • The Journal? Sure. It's by Lauren Fleshman. Lovely leathery cover to protect it from sweaty hands after a run. Very high quality journal and I'm a geek for this stuff

    Sorry, don't mean to derail your thread but I bought a few of these as Christmas presents. You can get them on sale at Book Depository at the moment :)

    Happy New Year

  • Thursday 3 January
    Plan: Easy 6 miles
    Actual: Easy 6.64 miles @8:15

    Slowly feeling physically better. I headed to town, through the Peoples Park, across the bridge and out along the riverbank. Still mild but enough of a chill for me to wear a gillet. I think I'll get some more actually to protect the chest. They are cool enough and leave the arms free. The easy miles ticked by slowly. I did a couple of extra minutes to the turnaround but didn't want to register 7 miles. The plan called for 6 and for the first time in a long time I'm just going to do what the plan says. Its the generic Hansons method, advanced plan. I'll adapt bits to suit me but I'm going to try and follow my first ever marathon plan (despite having 10 marathons done).

    Next week for example the SOS, sessions of substance, begin with a 12x400 speed session. I will approach that with extreme caution. I've never done 12x400 and the last set of them cost me 13 weeks with my hamstring.

    Anyway the run became a bit more laborious for the last 2 miles back up town that has all of the hills. Good to get it done in daylight.

  • Friday 4 January
    Plan: Easy 6 miles
    Actual: Easy 6.17 miles @8:05

    Chilly out there. I got out for the country route for the last hour of daylight. I felt ok starting but perhaps it was the cold that shorted my lungs a bit on a long hill that takes up half of mile 2. By mile 3 and turning around I felt hungry. I ate healthy today but not enough. My heart rate went up as my belly rumbled through the next 3 laborious miles. Not a great run at all. The hills, breeze, posture all felt like more effort. To make matters worse I came back to the office hungry and one of the girls had dumped a pile of Friday goodies on a table. I ate a bag of salt n vinegar taytos, a full box of chocolate fingers and 6 dark mini kitkats :o

    Earlier this morning... (and partial reason for the hunger)
    Swim 1,000m.
    Just 25 minutes in the pool. I got there very late but intended a short swim anyway to see how the lungs felt. I was just in time for some max effort 100s :rolleyes: Basically 6x100m max with a minute rest and some easy 50s either side of the set.


    I joined the back of the group for the first 2, left them go 10 seconds and chased them down. Then got found out. So lead off for the 3rd one. I had SharkBoy (sub 20min 1,500m type) leading out the fast lane with paddles on his arms and a pull buoy between his legs. I went for it, max effort, held him to the turn then lost a few meters. Clocked 1:21 which surprised me. I was breathing really heavily though and died over the next 2 reps. I dropped back behind to lads for the last one as I was spent but caught them just after the turn and gave it max effort for the last 40m to pass them both. Very short swim but complete red line!

  • Saturday 5 January
    Plan: Easy 6 miles
    Actual: Easy 6.3 miles @7:44

    Danger of some consistency creeping into this log! Out the door at 6am to a crisp cold clear morning. The difference a feed and some sleep makes. I felt I was holding back on the roads to myself around sleepy suburbia. The body does feel it needs a good stretch but good nonetheless. Was thinking about the interval session next week. What is the best approach to 12x400m if A) 8 is the most you have done before B) June was the last speed session C) Hamstring tear in between? Just do them at hr zone pace? MP pace? Slowly accelerate to 5k pace? I have a tendency to start reps too hard anyway. I'm not going to anywhere near the pace range in the plan but do want to complete the set.

    In other news Limerick Masters got back to me and I join my first ever Swim Club Monday night 😊

  • Generally speaking, you want to be doing the 12x400m at 3-5k pace (i.e. a V02max workout), but not wreck yourself in the process and ideally run your fastest at the end. The amount of recovery matters too - if this is your first session in a long time, then be generous.

  • Thank you Singer. Been a while ya so I'll take my time

    Sunday 6 January
    Plan: Easy 8 miles
    Actual: Steady 8.38 miles @7:42

    Late Sunday night is my least favourite time of the week to run, particularly mild misty Sunday nights. There is little life to the town and taxis speeding around the place. However I was determined to finish week 1 of the program. I tried easy but my heart rate was still raised after another nebuliser today. The legs felt good and I just went with them holding a steady pace. I included a figure eight of the 3 Limerick bridges which was a but greasy in the mist.

    So week 1 down and 17 to go
    The plan was 26 miles but I completed 33.6. Just one easy run pre program included.

  • Monday 7 January
    Plan: Easy 6 miles
    Actual: Easy 6.27 miles @8:31

    Week 2 begins. This week will feature a "session of substance", tomorrow. An interval session. Game face on and all that. Then a day off and easy running for the rest of the week. It should be an interesting session but I wont begin to get a sense of where I am until week 3 that brings on the workload.

    Todays run was a lovely very easy out and back the countryside. I love this route and happy I found it. Its an honest hilly out and back. The scene sounds, smells and colours change regularly and It feels like luxury to be able to get away from city/work life so easily. After the first mile I turn off to head up a long country hill. There was a gentle breeze on my back nudging me forward and it felt quite peaceful. The odd car slows down and almost always salutes. The distant hills across fields were covered under cloud and there was a taste of rain in the air. I kept the effort low and sorted a few thoughts out. The route back was into that constant breeze and thus noisier. I did get the smell of fresh cut grass, in January! A farmer cutting the local football field. Nice run and 6th day on the trot :)

  • Monday 7 January
    Session 2
    Masters Swim 1,900m

    So, joined my first ever swim club. That's half that bucket list task complete. Really busy, 6 lanes! Such a lovely welcoming bunch. First a mid lane lovely tribute to John Dempsey RIP, a much loved long time friend and coach at the club who passed away last week.

    The secretary met me and explained the lie of the water. Avoid Shark lane. Lane 2 swims at 1:35 pace and lane 3 at 1:45 pace. Feic it, I'd attach myself to the tail of lane 2 and hold on.

    After a 700m kicking with fins warm up the main set of work was 1.1km of 150m and 200m reps. Sure enough the pace was 1:34/1:35. I held on, just. To my shame I didn't complete the session but I have good reasons

    1. A sharp pain in my upper right ribs has been getting progressively worse over the last few days and I could not get a full breath without pain. Seeing the doc again in the morning
    2. Toes, soles of feet and calves were constantly cramping which was essentially swimming with the brakes on. It's the running.

    The body is not good so I'll move the planned 400m interval session to Thursday do an easy run tomorrow (If doc allows).

    Frustrating swim but really happy to join the club.

  • Great to see you join the Masters, I'm sure you'll get a lot from it.
    2. Toes, soles of feet and calves were constantly cramping which was essentially swimming with the brakes on. It's the running.

    I'm going to suggest the fins as the culprit here shotgun... especially if you're not used to them

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  • Tuesday 8 January
    Plan: Intervals 12x400m
    Actual: Rest

    Docs orders. He said I can walk or jog but I need pain relief, rest and sleep. Torn intercostal muscle (the muscle between 2 ribs). Coughing was agony. Agony brought on short of breath which brought on asthma which brings panic crawling up my face etc..

    I've been running easy OK but the swim last night hurt. Bringing tomorrows planned rest day forward. Need pain relief and sleep.
    Kurt.Godel wrote: »
    Great to see you join the Masters, I'm sure you'll get a lot from it.

    I'm going to suggest the fins as the culprit here shotgun... especially if you're not used to them

    Fair point. The soles of my feet were a little cramp putting them on. No doubt the kicking accelerating things and shortness of breath/pain even more so.

  • Wednesday 9 January
    Plan: Rest
    Actual: Easy 7.27 miles @8:28

    I took yesterday off to get onto the pain relief. Thankfully it works and I got some sleep last night. Even a nap this afternoon too. Significant because over the 2 weeks of health problems over the Christmas Period I hardly slept at all.

    Legs and lungs felt ok and I trotted around the town reigning in the pace. It was wet but oh so calm. The high tide was like glass. Pretty uneventful run except for 2 tipsy girls running beside me for about 60m in town screaming. Interesting company until one of them doubled over and vomited onto the road.

  • Thursday 10 January
    Plan: Easy 6 miles
    Actual: Easy 7.13 miles @7:46

    I'm starting to think about the sessions on the easy routes I'm covering. Where I'll do intervals and where to do tempo runs. Its unbelievable mild out for January. I was tipping along happily until I hot mile 3 and then suddenly felt feint/weak. I had to stop a few times to get a full breath and pull myself together. I felt hungry. I've cut sliced bread out of my diet and that's a good 300 Kcals less off my breakfast so likely that was the culprit. Anyway I got going again, fell in step with a friendly lad for a half mile and that got me to the last 2 miles which felt grand. A small tightness in the lower right calf which just needs a stretch. I'd so love to go swimming tonight but the rib still hurts a lot.

    While the average was 7:46 pace I'd usually have a rhythm. Today it was a range of 7:27 to 8:05 so not the steadiest

    For reference on the plan the pace range for easy is
    Easy A 8:10
    Easy B 7:36
    Long Run 7:17
    Recovery 8:43

    The way the plan works is that there are 3 easy runs and 3 sessions per week. I think I'll do a recovery easy on Mondays after the long rug and then easy A or B on Friday/Saturday depending on fatigue.

  • Friday 11 January
    Plan: Easy 6 miles
    Actual: Intervals 12x400m

    I felt much better today. Legs and lungs were good. I figured I'd do the first rep and see how it was, back off if any pain. 1.5 miles easy warm up then into the reps. I tend to go off too fast but I had the target pace 5:52-6:00 dialed into the watch and that really helped me control the set. I started each rep fast but brought it back to the desired range and worked to hold it there. I was anxious before the session but figured the aerobic recoveries were generous (400m or 1:45 to 2mins) and I'd back off if there was pain/niggle/breathing difficulties.

    I actually found the target pace manageable. Hansons say that if you cannot run the recoveries easy then you are doing the reps too hard. I maintained 7:45-8 min pace on the recoveries. The last few were tough and my heart rate maxed at 182, well into the red zone, but I actually enjoyed the session and am bloody delighted to get in done! 9 miles all in. The right calf is a little tight so some rolling and stretching as soon as I can. An easy run tomorrow and the program will be back on track :)

    12x400m w/400m recovery
    Target pace 5:52-6:00
    rep#|rep time|avg pace

  • Nice session, fair play.

  • Absolutely lovely. Well done. Glad you're feeling better and back on plan.

  • Saturday 12 January
    Plan: Easy 6 miles
    Actual: Easy 6.67 miles @7:49

    Cold, wet and windy. That kind of soft continuous misty rain that soaks you slowly. The legs felt good. The tight calf from yesterday not tight. Hips and quads a little stiff from the intervals but pretty good. Chest and lungs good. Rib on side and back a bit sore but its not a running injury. Easy miles around suburbia and the local industrial estate. Would really love to do some Yoga but have to wait until there is no pain from breathing exercises first.

    Main thing today is that the program is back on track now, happy days :)

  • Sunday 13 January
    Plan: Easy 8 miles
    Actual: Easy/Steady 8.18 miles @7:38

    I thought I missed the window and was facing a late evening Sunday night run, my least favorite time if the week to run. I hit snooze on the alarm and then the kids got up at silly o clock in moods. Alas another opportunity opened because the pool was closed and their swim cancelled. It was dark setting out into the wind. The first mile was slow then I kept a steady effort into the wind for miles 2, 3 and 4 (7:51, 7:31, 7:31). It was an out an back to the Coonagh Roundabout so wide open to the wind. I maintained the steady aerobic effort on the way back for miles 5, 6 and 7 (7:28, 7:24, 7:10). The cyclists were only starting their Sunday morning spins geared up and grimacing into the wind. The last mile up town and home was slow.

    Overall the legs felt full of running. The rib injury is sore but nothing I can do about it. It will just take a few weeks. Next week is the first long run of the program and the prescribed pace is 20 secs faster than this run which right now seems unlikely :eek: Week 3 of the program overall steps up the intensity. Very happy to finish week 2 on track and intact :)

    Mileage summary: Actual (Plan)
    Week 2 : 44.67 (41)
    Total program : 78.27 (67)

  • Monday 14 January
    Plan: Easy 6 miles
    Actual: Easy 6.35 miles @8:32

    I was out before the bin men this morning. The kids were awake but quiet shining torches around their room. I had to be ninja like getting through the stair gate, avoiding the creaky steps, dressed in the dark and out the door, keying it shut. I hit the road before the body realised what was happening and before the kids ran in to wake Caz. It was 2 miles downtown through empty streets, 2 miles up and down the riverbank by Corbally and 2 miles back up through city life awakening.

    The first mile felt horrible as often is the case with silly o clock runs. Heavy legs, achy joints, lungs filling with cold air. Tomorrow is an interval session and it has to be done first thing as I have Rugby Coaching in the evening. I'm not usually good with intervals at 6am so it should be interesting.

    This morning was simply very easy miles. The far side of the riverbank was pitch dark and peaceful A guy ran past with a head torch but I didn't see the black dog following 20m behind him. I got a real fright and side stepped it but that caused an unmerciful stabbing pain in my rib. It eased as quick but it was a stark reminder to take the pain relief before work and a day of sitting on chairs.

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  • Tuesday 15 January
    Plan: Intervals 8x600m
    Actual: Intervals 8x600m

    I was dreading these. The way the Hansons plan works is that the speed session comes at the end of the 6 straight running days. Legs are not Fresh. That wasn't it though. I historically don't do intensity first thing in the morning. Well, in my University rowing days we did but that was "easier" as it was part of a crew and coaches basically told us what to do!

    Doing running intervals unfueled is tough and doing them at 6am in the dark unfueled is tougher. The kids were awake at silly o clock again and nearly excused me out of it but I knew I would have no window later and I don't want to swap sessions around unless I really have to. This wasn't one of those decisions. It was a simple matter of HTFU and get them done!

    1.5 miles sleepy warm up into town and onto the bridge. I had the workout on the watch so before I could talk my way out of the hurt and into an easy run, it beeped and I set off. The watch doesn't wait for you to decide if you would like to do it or not it just plows on beeping through reps and recoveries. As usual I set off faster than the planned pace and settled into the reps. Overall the volume of work was the same as last week but the reps were essentially holding the pace for an additional 40+ seconds. After the first 4 successful reps I overcooked rep 5 and switched off a little on rep 6 before pulling it back together for the last 2. I found it more challenging than last week (4 days ago) but I think it was just a case of energy/fueling rather than fatigue. The fatigue will come, I'm sure of it. The quads were feeling the workout on the 2 mile cool down but very pleased to get this done this morning :)

    A pint of High 5 Zero Electrolytes, a large helping of overnight peanut butter, cacao and seed oats and a mug of Joe and I was good to go for the day..

    8x600m w/400m recovery
    Target pace 5:52-6:00
    rep#|rep time|avg pace