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N25 - Carrigtwohill to Midleton [route options published]



  • I don't think any sort of a junction would fit there tbh. I'd say TII think this too, hence their reluctance to tackle it. The existing situation is a bottleneck but it isn't particularly dangerous.

  • A large volume of traffic is currently diverting via Mogeely to avoid Castlemartyr, so a single carriageway relief road would likely end up over capacity in a short time if this traffic rejoined the main line.

    Definitely can't justify dual carriageway east of Killeagh though.

  • I don't know the AADTs, but I'd certainly say 2+2 from Midleton to the far side of Castlemartyr. Its always ridiculously busy. As for Killeagh, its only a few extra km, so extend 2+2 to the far side.

    Then you might as well go to the Youghal bypass. That could then easily be updated to 2+2 (They had originally planned this).

    But then you run into the Youghal Bridge. That'll eventually have to be replaced, and that would be nice and expensive to do.

  • That traffic going via Mogeely is what creates the problems in Killeagh.

    If the single-carriageway road west of the Two Mile Inn can accommodate the traffic it carries, then a relief road at Castlemartyr can too. Castlemartyr itself needs a relief road to stop its main street being used as the road to Garryvoe, and this will have to be done regardless of what is done for N25.

  • The new local road will join into the Oatencake Interchange, so they're proposing either sending agri machinery back to the Lakeview via the dual carriageway from Oatencake interchange built up area (poor idea), or through Main Street built up area (worse idea). The elephant in the room is always going to be this section between Oatencake and East-of-Lakeview. So the big N25 problems aren't occurring on the stretch that's being upgraded by this scheme, other than the tailbacks at Oatencake Interchange.

    Lakeview, Castlemartyr, Killeagh are the biggest N25 problems I experience. And no question Lakeview is absolutely a huge project.

    But from what I can see, this scheme is primarily about getting a new junction into Ballyadam/Waterrock to develop the lands there. And that looks like poor use of public money: prioritising a road interchange as your primary transport mode to a new residential and employment area 15km from the city centre. I could be wrong, perhaps this will be the first urban area in Cork where they hit their target mode shares...but I won't hold my breath to be honest.

    And even with that land development objective in mind, surely you'd get more bang-for-buck putting your distributor road a little further north, nearer to the train line, such that it serves more of the proposed urban area? In the current design, the new distributor will be pinned up against the existing dual carriageway, so only one side of it will be useful as a distributor.

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  • Exactly yes, I agree with you both and I think Lakeview needs to become limited in exactly the way you describe.

    And as Pete_Cavan says, a full junction East of the existing Lakeview.

    There actually is quite a lot of space immediately South East of the existing interchange, but I suspect a new interchange would need to be even further east?

  • Trouble is, South East of Lakeview is an old Georgian style house, Lakeview House. It needs TLC, but I don't think carving it, and the lands, up to do that will be a runner.

    Flyover the roundabout, roughly following the current line of the N25, then put a new junction slightly south linking to the new Whitegate road (if that gets built) and the current N25.

    And maybe continue 2+2 to Youghal while you're at it!!!

    Edit: Maybe Dungarvan while the diggers are out