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The Wire-Is it any good?



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    I think sopranos led to an absolutely huge raising of the bar tbh

    Ok maybe the top five or six shows stand out, but as noted above homicide, life on the street (which was the precursor to the wire in many ways) is pre sopranos and you really have to get into the staginess, the tv acting, the setups being way off cinematically, and the rush to keep storylines somewhat episode to episode (at the start, anyway)

    Sopranos gifted tv producers resources and platform to get hugely ambitious

    I still remember it being a woah moment when big movie stars started to anchor shows like eg boardwalk empire

    TV drama pre and post Sopranos is night and day

    A word for deadwood, by the way. Somewhat patchy and nuts but jesus christ its got moments of brilliance and an incredible cast

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    trashcan wrote: »
    I watched about three or four episodes of Ozark and left it at that. I couldn’t get past the feeling that I was watching a show where some executive had looked at Breaking Bad and it’s success and said “bring me a show like that”. Just a poor mans BB for me.

    I lasted the first series and thought the exact same throughout. The blue hue off everything was annoying too.

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    There's a few short videos on YouTube of The Wire prequels. Young omar is very good.
    Well worth watching if people haven't seen them already.

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    Season one of deadwood and season two of justified hold up well with any tv made in the box set era imo.

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    Pleasantly surprised to see this pop up a bit again.

    I've not watched it in quite a while now but the grá remains. Another fanboy of S2 although I was quite the opposite on first watch.

    I like the Sopranos too but the camera effect they use in S1 actually makes me feel uncomfortable and not far off nauseous :confused:

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    theteal wrote: »
    I like the Sopranos too but the camera effect they use in S1 actually makes me feel uncomfortable and not far off nauseous :confused:

    which effect?

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    TheBalcony wrote: »
    The sopranos is next up for me. Hard to see it overtaking the Wire but I'm open to it.

    It will definitely make you consider it as better then The Wire.. it is that good

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    The Wire, Breaking Bad and The Sopranos are, in my opinion, the holy triumvirate of box-set TV. There are many other great TV series with many great moments and characters, but these three are the tippy-top, and the Wire is possibly even a little higher than the other two, just because it's such an insightful show. It's not only a great crime drama, but a brilliant analysis of different societal institutions. The things that the show depicts happening in Baltimore could find allegories in most parts of the world. Aidan Gillen, who appears in the show, said he could understand the problems Baltimore faced because of growing up back when the heroin epidemic really raged through Dublin's inner city.

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    Wire wins by the amount of compelling character's and it gives you insight into so many sides to the City ,

    The police, the drug dealers ,the stick up men, the dockers , the Kids, The school system , the junkies, Developer , Politicians , Ex con's

    It really was amazing TV

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    It will definitely make you consider it as better then The Wire.. it is that good

    I dunno. I got to the end of Season 3 of Sopranos and gave up. The writing was great, the acting was great, but I just realised that the vast majority of characters, I wouldn't care if any of them died. They were okay, but their deaths just wouldn't affect me. Whereas with The Wire, I loved almost every character, good guy or bad. Even the arseholes, even most of the minor characters... Nearly every death hit me in some way.

    Maybe I should revisit at some point, but the characters in the Sopranos, as well acted and performed as they were, I just didn't care about them.

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