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NBA Regular Season & Playoffs 2017-18



  • bot43 wrote:
    Not that it matters much to me as I have Pass at a great rate, but do we have any idea what the UK/IRL broadcasting rights are for the new season are yet?

    Just as I type, Sky Sports news "Breaking news " has announced a 4 year deal with the NBA, broadcasting 170 games per season including NBA London, playoffs and Finals. Will show approx 5 games per week.

  • One game every Saturday on Sky Sports Mix.

  • All the shows listed on their guide so far

    Wed | 1:00 | Boston vs Philly
    Wed | 3:30 | Warriors vs Thunder
    Thur | 1:00 | Rockets vs Pelicans
    Fri | 1:00 | Philly vs Chicago
    Sat | 1:00 | Toronto vs Boston
    Sun | 3:30 | Lakers vs Rockets

    They seem to be doing a tonne of "Team Profile" shows in the hour before each game too.

  • What do you get on the league pass app exactly? I am trying to get into NBA this season. I was hoping that it would have a highlights show that I could watch but it looks like I can only watch that if I watch it within one day of it being shown.

  • Blazers (and Seahawks) owner Paul Allen has just died of cancer at 65, had it back in 2009 and only got news it had come back a couple weeks ago.

    Contingency plan seems to be that ownership status will go to his sister, and she has no interest in owning either team so will look to sell.

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  • One game every Saturday on Sky Sports Mix.

    As an NBA fan its sad that I will not see as many games as I have in past several years. Having BT Sports for free was great but the cost of Sky Sports is too much for me.

  • New season thread is up so no need to have this open

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