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Heavyweight Boxing



  • would Ruiz not be the most comparable to Usyk, smaller man, better movement, faster hands?

    I expect AJ to walk through Usyk, but if it doesnt go his way early it could be an interesting scrap.

  • If AJ himself thought he'd walk through Usyk would he not have come in heavier and look to finish it early?

    Joshua is an overrated puncher. Couldn't put a dent in Ruiz, Parker, Takam (awful stoppage). It's heavyweight boxing so there's always a chance but I'd be surprised if this fight doesn't go rounds.

  • My main worries around Usyk would be how inactive and how many injuries he's had of late. His body feels like it could break down at any stage and he can't afford to pick up an injury in there on Saturday night like he did against Chisora. The fact he's linked back up with Anatoly Lomachenko makes me think he'll be on song for this one though. Also cornered him for his career best performance against Gassiev.

  • I just can't see Usyk dealing with the size and power, I think Aj makes it look easy ,

    Lack of power is a huge disadvantage & his normal stellar gas tank will be depleted from taking heavy shots,

    I hope im wrong and Usyk wins but i just don't think he transfers well into being a heavy weight ,

  • AJ is quite a heavy examples where he didn't take guys out doesn't change that. The chap has heavy hands. Look what he did to many, including a very tough Povetkin. Pulverized him with power shots. Wlad couldn't do that. AJ is circa 245 lbs of size and weight and power, and he knows how to throw power shots. He has very good punch mechanics.

    Ruiz has a solid beard. AJ decided to box him for 12 rds in fight 2. Takam was deservedly stopped. He was quite staggered and hurt

    Parker ran and spoiled for 12 rds

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  • I agree for the most part but lets not forget Wlad fought a 34 year old AVP on the Jesus juice , AJ fought a 39 year old AVP off the Jesus juice ,

  • Wouldn't deny he's a heavy hitter at all (he definitely is) just don't think he's this elite puncher that saws through top level fighters that he's being hyped up to be.

    More of a decent puncher, great finisher for me. I just think he's going to find it much more difficult to pin Usyk down and hurt him than many on here believe. The Chisora fight played out in a completely different style to how this one will go.

  • I don't buy either these excuses....AVP is one tough man, whatever juice he was or was not on; and nobody can know what he was on at any time. I do not believe that it has been established that AVP was juicing in the Wlad fight.

    Anyway, just look at the impact of the shots and this will tell you that AJ is very heavy handed. Look at the impact on the Pulev KO shot...

    AJs KO percentage is very high. His visible power is very clear. I don't think he at all overrated as a puncher. He is a big puncher.

  • These two key questions could well be what decides this fight: 1. Can Usyk take the power? 2: Can he avoid it (if not able for it)?

    Problem I see that he could have is that he ends up doing a Parker on it, and spoiling to avoid the power, resulting in very little offence

    Similar to his LW stablemate, Lomachenko when Lomachenko met Lopez. Spending large parts the fight not wanting to taste any power. In a shell, and losing rds

  • i am probably way off but i see it being cagey enough for say 4 rounds, Aj gets to him a little in 5 & 6 and its all over by 8 at the latest, knock out.

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  • I just don't see this, I could be wrong. But I think alot of fans have Usyk down as just another overhyped Eastern European fighter who is really stepping up in class.

    Also this talk of AJ coming in leaner helping his stamina, Usyk would be best advised to work every minute of every round to test this theory. Some guys just naturally have a poor gas tank, no matter what they weigh, how well they train. Some are built for speed and destruction, others are built for endurance, Usyk is definitely the latter.

    I don't doubt AJ can go 12 rounds, but its usually at his own pace. The worry for AJ is that i'd imagine Usyk will feel him out for 3-4 rounds and then maybe start stepping on the gas, and by stepping on the gas I don't mean throwing the kitchen sink at him, I mean moving him around, having AJ chasing shadows trying to land something meaningful.

    Usyk is an elite level fighter and I don't envisage AJ walking through him like some say he will, but Usyk is a slow starter, i'd be in AJs ear to get in there and catch him cold, I wonder if all this talk about slimming down and trying to box him is a bit of a ruse, and he will rush him from the bell.

  • What about the possibility that Usyk mugs AJ early? Goes out and right from start throws his best shots and lands clean......

    AJs chin, or more his reaction to being clipped/hurt is a little bit vulnerable.......Similar to Khan....

  • Its possible, theres vulnerability with Joshua. But I don't think Usyk will take any risks, it could be potentially a bit of a stinker with Usyk doing his best to avoid AJ's shots, Not taking sufficient risks to land his offence.

    Still a fascinating fight for me, love when the really good fighters (who had monopoly at natural weight) move up. That bit of anticipation "will they, won't they have enough in higher division".

    This isn't a fight against Pulev, Parker, Martin or Breazeale though, Usyk will fancy his chances and is coming to win. He is a commodity in himself albeit the world and his dog wants AJ v Fury.

  • Would you say Whyte is a harder hitter than AJ

    I bet you say no but he stopped AVP in almost half the time AJ did, Why because age matters ,

    35 year old AVP Wlad fought & 39 year-old AVP AJ fought where totally different animals

  • AJ hits harder than Whyte from what I see. And a better overall puncher as well

    Just blind picking an example of fighter A stopping fighter B quicker than another fighter did is not near the full picture.

    It’s not just punch power. It’s delivery, power, mechanics, timing, combinations.

    Simple: AJ has quite heavy hands. He packs a real forceful punch, plus, he is a very good overall puncher.

    Povetkin was nailed very clean and heavy, and he was banjoed by the power. Going into his age etc is simply over-analysing things. He got hit real heavy by a heavy puncher, and we all seen the results.

    AJ was the first man to KO Povetkin..

    But I will say, by the time Whyte ko’d him, he was clearly shot to bits. He looked dreadful even walking to the ring that night. AJ probably would have taken that version out in 1 round

    So AJ most definitely beat a better Povetkin.

    Post edited by walshb on

  • I’m just watching Chisora Usyk now and Usyk did some nice work but against such a plodder and he couldn’t dissuade him at all. Joshua is so much fitter, even bigger and stronger and a far superior boxer. I think Usyk might look decent for the first four rounds (and I’m saying that in hope) and then Joshua will take over - he might clock him with one big shot like Canelo with Kahn or he will trap him and bully him. Either way I think KO 7-9.

    Not sure about who hits the harder between Whyte and Joshua I’d say it’s pretty even.

  • Right going to nail my colours to the mast

    AJ KO in the 5th ,

    Hope Usyk wins but can't see him beating the bigger man ,

  • Yes, he beat a more prime version

    Doesn't change the fact that AP was one tough man when AJ knocked him out....first man to do so.

    I frimly believe that AJ knocks out AP from a few years prior to their actual meeting as well. The shots he connected with were very heavy.

    AP took some, and then folded from the follow up power.

    Anyway, it all coms back to AJ being overrated as a puncher. He is not overrated. He is a puncher, and a heavy one.

  • I'm nailing my colours to the mast. I think Usyk KO's AJ, accumulation of punches more than a cold KO, I think both guys will maybe hit the canvass, AJ a couple of times. Round 9-10 finish.

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  • A very boring points win for AJ is my prediction. Usyk will move well and have good stamina so it will be difficult for AJ to connect clean but Uysk won’t have anything to offer coming forward.

  • A bit like the Parker fight so , he came in with some bravado felt a few hard shots & was happy to stay on the outside & go the distance , Aj was happy to take no chances and just win it wit hhis jab ,

    It'll be very interesting what Usyk does if AJ manages to keep him at the end of a long jab will he be happy to lose but go 12 or will he be willing to risk getting ko'd to have a proper go ,

  • Could definitely get interesting towards the end if Usyk really goes for it as he'll probably have more energy left at that point. But I think he'd have to be clearly behind on the cards to throw caution to the wind.

  • Stuck a few quid on the draw.

    AJ to dominate the first half, Usyk to take over in the second half.

    Usyk won't get a decision in London, so a draw might be a possibility.

    Either way, really looking forward to this. A proper pay per view fight.

  • I see that they had their first official face off today. You can see the 2-3 inches height difference

    One thing about Usyk is how utterly relaxed and calm he always is. Really assured and confident, and not in a cocky way

    I normally don't think too much into these things, but I think his confidence and assuredness is a real positive for him for this fight,

    Post edited by walshb on

  • He is a very stoic bloke , very hard to read,

    I think he is sort who knows the outcome of the fight has already be decided in the work they have put in & its just a matter of waiting to find out what that is,

  • I think Walshb hit nail on head. There is a natural confidence with Usyk that is hard to fake.

    Comes from being in control and having rarely faced defeat even in the amateurs. He faced the UK media before in his scrap with Bellew so although it's a bigger occasion, its not all that new to him.

    You can see he clearly has confidence he is going to win, and that's not the case with a lot of away fighters.

  • Just me or does it sound like AJ has a cold

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