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Fantasy Premier League - Your Season Review - 2016/2017

  • 21-05-2017 9:00am
    Registered Users Posts: 28,710 Paully D

    Obviously people will want to wait until the update tonight before filling in the below, but I thought it would be no harm to get this set up now.

    I feel the last two review threads (2016 2015) were good reading.

    Final Overall Ranking:

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank):

    Total Transfers:

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:

    Your Best Transfer(s):

    Your Worst Transfer(s):

    Highlight of the Season:

    Lowlight of the Season:

    What Have You Learned from this Season:

    Aims and Expectations for 2017/2018:

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc):


  • Registered Users Posts: 1,883 ✭✭✭ Trimm Trabb

    Final Overall Ranking: 14,215

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank):
    106.4 (nothing in the bank)

    Total Transfers: 60

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:

    Wildcard 1 in gameweek 5 to fix up a pretty bad GW1 selection which included such stars as Valdes, Souare, Stones, Shaw, Amat, Mahrez, Oscar, Hojberg and Townsend. Wildcard only improved things a bit - Mandanda, Bolasie and Bony get honourable mentions there before gradual improvement took hold from about GW10.

    Wildcard 2 was played in GW28 where loads of teams had blanks. My team in general needed freshening up and couldn't wait til until DGW's so decided to go all in on Liverpool, Everton and Swansea which didn't really pay off that week and I passed on Josh King which turned out to be very costly, for that week itself and the rest of the season. But had a gradual rise in rankings from that point so was a modest success.

    Triple Captain - went for Aguero in GW27 - stand by the logic but obviously would have been worth a lot more in GW36 or 37. Definitely the chip to prioritise using and wasn't 100 per cent on Aguero that week but probably let wanting to use Bench Boost in 37 influence me too much.

    Played Bench Boost DGW 37 and got 10 points. Not going to let it interfere with mt TC thought process at all next year. Might consider playing it early if fixture list is favourable to it.

    AOA - meh, there was a week after I 'd played it frivolously where I had 3 injuries in defence so will try hold it for such an occurrence again next year

    Your Best Transfer(s):

    Got Alonso in at 5.9m in GW11 and he did great for me. Got rid of him at right time when Chelsea were conceding and got him back at the end for a flourish.
    Got Harry Kane back and captained him after his injury in GW33 which got me a nice green arrow.
    Yoshida and Pieters had nice little runs for me right after I got them in too.

    Your Worst Transfer(s):
    Sold Heaton and Grant before both went on a great runs.
    Bought Ibra to catch a price rise before he did his ACL.
    Swapped Couinho and Firmino a few times to miss out on big hauls.
    Llorente stunk out my team for a good few weeks at the end before scoring again once I sold him

    Highlight of the Season:
    Alonso brace and CS at Leicester and Harry Kane's exploits this week.

    Lowlight of the Season:
    DGW34 - Buying Ibra before getting injured. Then taking a hit to get Rashford and captain him for 3 points having taken a hit the week before to get Zaha. I knew I was making wrong decisions as I was clicking but felt powerless to stop myself!

    What Have You Learned from this Season:

    Harry Kane is very close to an autocaptain
    Hits can be very beneficial (but I may have an addiction now).
    Try to pick a more solid team to start next year.
    Double and trebles ups work well (still haven't had one pay off in defence but 3 Liverpool/City/Spurs mids/attackers paid off in certain periods)
    Cheap goalies are still the way to go
    Probably the first season I made use of premium defenders

    Aims and Expectations for 2017/2018:
    Same as ever - Top 10k. Close enough this year so that it feels like a success.

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc):
    Nothing I can think of off the top of my head about the game specifcally.
    I enjoyed Ultimate Fantasy so would like to see something like that brought back.
    Also I would love if the official site or some other site ran season long pay leagues where 10 or 20 people entered their teams for 10/20 euro and were randomly put in a league together. I was in a couple of pay leagues, including the boards one, but there is so many players entering and the standard is so high you are never going to win unless you have the season of your life.

    Would be very interested too hear from the likes of MarkX and anyone else on here with a really high rank - what did you guys do differently to have such good seasons?

  • Registered Users Posts: 10,709 ✭✭✭✭ Green&Red

    Final Overall Ranking: 105

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank): 107.1

    Total Transfers: 45

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:

    WC1 - GW 14 - No need for it before that and didn't really need it then
    TC - GW27 - Aguero 9Pts - poor decision
    WC2 - GW 30 - Great decision, three red arrows in a row had me dropping, it stopped the slide
    BB - GW 37 - 18 points - would consider GW1 in future
    AOA - didnt use - should have used it in a previous week where I only had 2 defenders - hindsight
    Your Best Transfer(s):
    Alonso - f*king machine - got on him early
    Eriksen - love this man
    Lukaku - had him for most of the season
    Yoshida & Bavies towards the end of the season
    Phillips & Capoue - had them for their big scores and got shut early on

    Your Worst Transfer(s):

    All useless [email protected]

    Highlight of the Season: Flying so high for most of the season, have been in the top 1000 for the last 20 GWs

    Lowlight of the Season: Sturridge today, Kane sitting there with VC but it was a risk worth taking.

    What Have You Learned from this Season:
    I had 6 GWs where my weekly rank was over 2,000,000 and another 8 where it was over 1,000,000 - was very lucky these were in the main low scoring weeks.

    Boards is a great source of information, this is my first year using it all the time, a huge help.

    Aims and Expectations for 2017/2018:
    Top 100??

  • Registered Users Posts: 14,589 ✭✭✭✭ ShaneU

    Final Overall Ranking:

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank):

    Total Transfers:

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:

    Wildcard 1 - GW4. Terrible. Brought in Lamela who was instantly dropped. Bony was bone idle. Brought in Sanchez and captained him, he got 1 point.

    Triple Captain - GW27 - Aguero 9 points. fixtures were great on paper, would have no problem doing something similar next season.

    All out attack - GW35 - Benched Alonso who got 6 points, but brought in King who got 11. About as good as you can hope for with this chip.

    Wildcard 2 - GW36 - Perfect. 96 points and GW rank of 19,146 shot me into the top 3k.

    Bench Boost - GW37 - Got 16 points from it which is ok I guess. Stephens only played one game and Caballero let in a sloppy late goal. Anichebe died.

    Your Best Transfer(s):

    Alli - GW19. 14,15,6,6. Legend.

    Your Worst Transfer(s):

    Capoue GW6 -Got caught in the hype train which was derailed the moment I brought him in.

    Alli out GW27. Swapped him for Sterling who I thought had two games. Of course he only plays one and gets 2 points. Meanwhile Alli gets 12 points.

    Highlight of the Season:

    Sanchez captain GW14, 46 points.

    Lowlight of the Season:

    GW7-9 was a disaster. Aguero and Sanchez letting me down. total of 111 points from 3 GWs.

    What Have You Learned from this Season:Not much, try to pick the right hype trains to jump on. Managed to avoid Gundogan and Gabbiadini. Got suckered by Capoue. Should have got King much earlier.
    Also don't use the wildcard so early.

    Aims and Expectations for 2017/2018:

    Takes a lot of luck to make top 1000, will stick with a top 10k goal. I was ranked
    373,630 in GW12, very tough to come back from that.

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc):[/QUOTE]

    Defensive midfielders are useless in FPL so I'd split midfielders into offensive and defensive.

    Offensive lose the clean sheet point. (Should Hazard, Sanchez etc really be getting points for clean sheets?)

    Defensive keep the clean sheet point and also get a point for every 3 successful tackles.

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 4,429 Kenjataimu

    Final Overall Ranking:

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank):
    £105.8 + £2.1 ITB

    Total Transfers:
    92 :eek:

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:

    GW4 - Wilcard1 - Didnt rise in OR until GW10 so not great.
    GW9 - AOA - A bad score of 36 points
    GW21 - Wildcard2 - went ok, rose for 3 of the next 4 weeks.
    GW22 - Bench Boost - not great, bench gave me 8 points in total.
    GW27 - Triple Captain - Aguero DGW 9x3=27 points, could have been better.

    Your Best Transfer(s):
    Kane for how the season ended.

    Your Worst Transfer(s):
    Kante - Being a noob, I didn't think about how FPL works, shipped him out by GW3

    Highlight of the Season:
    Probably this week, ending the season decently.
    Went from 485k in GW34 to finish 184k.

    Lowlight of the Season: A 24 pointer week, Jaku on the bench with 11.

    What Have You Learned from this Season:
    Not to take as many hits & be smarter with chips.

    Aims and Expectations for 2017/2018:
    Anything better than this year. Top 100k.

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc):
    Points for assisting the assist. Sanchez always seems to be doing this.

  • Registered Users Posts: 11,580 ✭✭✭✭ titan18

    Final Overall Ranking: 8823

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank): 108

    Total Transfers: 49

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:

    GW4 WC 1
    GW36 WC 2
    GW22 AOA
    GW27 TC Aguero
    GW37 Bench Boost

    AOA I find useless anyway, TC wasn't great as Aguero got 9 points over 2 games. Two wildcards went well and bench boost went well so 3/5 ain't bad

    Your Best Transfer(s):
    Josh King in GW28 I'd say or Son in GW29, got them in as they were hitting form and really worked out

    Your Worst Transfer(s):
    Few options here, Gabbiadini in GW35 was a sh1t transfer though

    Highlight of the Season:

    I won my main league so get like 300 euro out of it. Highest ever finish too

    Lowlight of the Season:

    I finished in 3,500,000 positions in a few GWs

    What Have You Learned from this Season:

    Don't buy Benteke or Van Aanholt

    Aims and Expectations for 2017/2018:

    If I can get close or higher than my finishing position this year, it'd be great, but win the work league again

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc):

    Remove VC, too many fluky autosubs with it.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 11,710 ✭✭✭✭ Necronomicon

    I put last year's form on the long finger and didn't end up doing it, which I regret now, so here goes:

    Final Overall Ranking: 14,714

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank): 104.9

    Total Transfers: 52

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:
    WC1 was played in GW4, which is almost tradition in FPL circles at this stage. I honestly can't remember too much about its effect; looking at my history it gave me a short term boost, but soon after I slumped again bringing me back to pre-wildcard OR.

    WC2 was played in GW22, and to good effect. I think it was a catalyst for a new year turn around; until then I was hovering around the 150-200k mark, but from then on I was knocking on the door of 100k.

    TC was played in GW27 on Aguero - it was hard to judge it at the time (though I felt pretty underwhelmed compared to TC Sanchez last year) but it would obviously prove a disappointment given what Alexis and Kane would go on to do.

    BB was played in GW37, and I got 15 points from my bench. I got a monster score but couldn't help but wonder what might have been if I'd kept the TC instead.

    AOA was played in GW38, and to good effect. All 8 of my attackers got attacking points, the lowest score for any one player being 4 points (Costa).

    Your Best Transfer(s): Christian Eriksen. Bought in GW14 and stayed in my team for the rest of the season. Late season honourable mention goes to Holding, mostly because of how much of a punt he was - he'd only had one PL start along with the FA Cup, but he had been dropped again the week I brought him in.

    Your Worst Transfer(s): Zaha, GW34. Brought him in and captained him for Palace's double, rather than Benteke. He netted me 4 points while Benteke got a brace against Liverpool.

    Highlight of the Season: Breaking the ton on three separate occasions: first in GW14 (109), with a glorious San(c)hez hattrick away to West Ham; in GW37 (188), which I think was an all time GW high for me; and GW38 (106), which also meant finishing with my highest OR all season. Special mention for GW24, when I captained Lukaku for his four goals against Bournemouth.

    Lowlight of the Season: GW2, the first Friday night football of the season. Ibra scores a brace against Southampton, and we all realise that he is the real FPL deal. I'd made a terrible mistake not getting him in, and I was straight into the realm of points hits to correct my mistakes.

    What Have You Learned from this Season: Keep TC for the big, late DGW towards the end of the season. I'm starting to believe that effort and planning to get 15 doublers to use BB just isn't worth it.

    Aims and Expectations for 2017/2018: Minimum of Top 20k, but a return to the Top 10k would be nice.

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc): A complete overhaul of the horrible UI. Even just revert it back to last year's, that'd be an improvement. If I can't have that, then I'd like one small functional change - when you toggle the GW fixtures at the bottom of the page, I wish your team preview would change accordingly.

  • Registered Users Posts: 592 ✭✭✭ Pete Moss

    Final Overall Ranking: 39343

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank): 103.1

    Total Transfers: 43

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:
    WC - GW4: Resulted in some good scores for the following 3 GWs but nothing drastically improved. In hindsight, I played it too soon.
    WC - GW35: Played in preparation of the DGWs.
    BB - GW36: 19 points off the bench
    TC - GW37: 169 thanks to Sanchez
    AOA - GW 38: 87 but the chip was useless seems how King didn't play

    Your Best Transfer(s):
    Heaton - Bargain and BP machine
    Alonso - A new FPL hero, imo.
    Getting Kane in for the final few fixtures

    Your Worst Transfer(s):
    Gabbiadini #neverforget
    Opting to put Hojberg in my team at the start of the season over Capoue
    Bolasie - Just before his season ending injury

    Highlight of the Season:
    Use of chips - I got them right this year and they made the difference in the end
    Sanchez as TC, a great improvement on my failed Andy Carroll TC experiment from last year!

    Lowlight of the Season:
    Selling Son after GW29 - He went on to bag 42 points over his next 4 games
    Holding Siggy for so long when he was blanking
    Captaining Deeney in GW 10 - Nearly everyone in the team scored well aside from Deeney

    What Have You Learned from this Season:
    Use AOA earlier or when necessary during the season. I held it for too long and it did nothing for me in the end.
    Get on a bandwagon early, particularly if it's a player who won't break the bank. I held off lads like Capoue, King and Zaha during their streaks.
    Somehow, at some point in every FPL season I end up with Johnny Evans in my team!

    Aims and Expectations for 2017/2018:
    Crack the top 10K

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc):
    FPL to recategorise player positions. Not a major issue, but if it becomes apparent early on that FPL got a player's position incorrect then they should be recategorised - Milner from Mid to Def, same for Moses, Firmino from Mid to Fwd, etc.

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,589 ✭✭✭ lassykk

    Final Overall Ranking: 2084

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank): 104.0

    Total Transfers: 43

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:

    WC1: GW4 - First time I've played it at that stage despite it being the norm for FSAers. Didn't do particularly well out of it other than Antonio getting me a 13 point haul after bringing him in. Other positive point was bringing in Heaton who I kept all season until my second WC and he did rather well!

    TC: GW27 - As for many here - Aguero - 9 points. Fixtures looked great but he didn't do as well as I had hoped. If I hadn't done it then I would have played it in GW36 and stuck it on Sanchez which would have been a net gain of 5 points so no reason to get too upset. Would never have saved to GW37 where Jesus would have gotten it.

    BB: GW37 - 22 points I got from my bench thanks to Capoue (9), Bailly (6), Pickford (6) & Holgate (1). Again had I my triple captain at that stage I'd have given it to Jesus who would have gotten me 19 points additional so the correct decision was made here (Had I planned to captain Kane or Sanchez obviously this wouldn't have been the case)

    Your Best Transfer(s):

    Son in for King on the last day 5 mins before the deadline. Actually wouldn't have cost me my leagues but the additional 5 points from Son meant I had some fingernails left at 4.50pm yesterday

    Heaton did very well for me too all season

    Defoe was a great differential while he was scoring and I managed to get shot when he stopped which is often a failing of mine

    Alonso was also a machine for me

    Your Worst Transfer(s):

    PVA in for Brunt for a hit in GW34 - Had I kept Brunt I'd have played Holgate who got 8 so a swing of 11 points (as PVA scored 1). That 11 points hurt and I thought was going to cost me my place in both leagues I cared about.

    Highlight of the Season:

    The second half of the season was a huge improvement for me. I was OR 283k at GW17 and by GW25 I'd managed to get into the top 10k. Also satisfying that my highest OR for the season was the final one.

    Last season Chris Smalling left a sour taste in my mouth and my OR dropped in the final GW. This year my OR is lower than last year but I'm happier with the final outcome

    Lowlight of the Season:

    See PVA transfer above!

    What Have You Learned from this Season:

    Team value really matters at the end of the season. In fairness I knew this but at the end of the season I was going up against teams with Costa and Alli in them and I could afford neither and had to rely on an extra defender and Son instead. It worked out as Bailly kept an unexpected clean sheet and Son got 5 points but I do feel that luck was on my side in this regard as Costa could have ran riot against Sunderland

    Aims and Expectations for 2017/2018:

    Post here more often (see my long ramble above as evidence of this!). I read a lot but I'm going to try get more involved next year as it's a great community

    I'd love to keep the consistency of the last 3 years of staying hovering around the top 2,000 but that may be ambitious.

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc):

    I'm not sure to be honest.

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,936 ✭✭✭ klopparama

    Final Overall Ranking: - 2,512

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank): - 108.4 with zero itb

    Total Transfers: - 64

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:

    WC 1 in GW 6. Nothing big to report. Will try and hold on to it longer next year.

    TC - Aguero in GW 27. No regrets. Looked good on paper.

    WC 2 - in GW 30. This was a good decision. Had a fairly good idea what to expect in DGW 37 so I didn't feel like I was making too many transfers to prepare. I just wasn't happy with my team and I'm glad I used it then.

    BB - in DGW 37. Think I got about 22 points which is grand.

    Your Best Transfer(s): - probably Heaton and Kane later on. Have to admit that I only went with Kane when Aguero got injured.

    Your Worst Transfer(s): - Nothing too savage. We all make bad transfers. Baines in my WC was a mistake as he was due back from injury that week but missed the following few weeks. I shipped him without getting any minutes from him. So a pretty poor mistake from me on a WC.

    Highlight of the Season: - Definitely Kane going nuts over the last 2 GW's when I had the armband on him.

    Lowlight of the Season: - Nothing worth crying about. I made the decisions.

    What Have You Learned from this Season: - Patience needed in abundance. Don't expect players to come back fit within club guidelines.

    Aims and Expectations for 2017/2018: - To better this years finish. Finished in the 6k bracket last season so would love to keep that going but in all probability it's highly unlikely.

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc):[/quote] - Think they need to find a way of making defensive midfielders more attractive. They are pretty much obsolete. Maybe an extra 2 points for a clean sheet or extra for assists and goals. Also I would definitely have further punishment for players that give away penalties or free kicks that lead directly to a goal. It's a shame when you lose a clean sheet because some clown (probably Lovern) makes a twát of a mistake. Maybe a further -1 or -2 to the offending player.

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 8,502 spock.

    Final Overall Ranking:

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank):

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:

    WC1: GW5 - Went reasonably well. Got rid of a lot of deadwood most importantly
    BB: GW15 - Uses it early as a had a good 15 and I don't think it has ro be used in a dgw. Only got about 14 points from it though.
    WC2: GW21 - Happy with this one. Went on a good run from there.
    TC: GW27 - Aguero - 9 points is alright but I regret Not waiting for the big dgw becuase I didn't have BB left.
    AOA: GW34 - broke even

    Total Transfers:

    Your Best Transfer(s):
    I'll give it to Alli.
    I brought him in before Christmas for his three consecutive braces when his ownership was fairly low. Good consistency in the 2nd half of the season too.
    Coleman, King and Son were good transfers too.

    Your Worst Transfer(s):
    Spurs defenders - brought Rose and Walker in just before they got injured/dropped. Didn't get Bavies all season.

    Highlight of the Season:
    Sanchez(c) for West Ham away.
    Honorable mention to Bailly for his slow walk off the pitch to ensure he got me a clean sheet.

    Lowlight of the Season:
    Jesus(c) going off injured against Bournemouth when he was a huge differential.
    Lukaku scoring 4 when I didn't own him.

    What Have You Learned from this Season:
    Watching matches is 10 times better than checking stats.

    Aims and Expectations for 2017/2018:
    Beat this years finish.

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc):
    I'd like to see them remove the 1 point midfielders get for clean sheets. The likes of Sanchez and Hazard do no defending and still get a point for it.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 7,676 ✭✭✭ Benimar

    Final Overall Ranking: 6,418 (2,326 points)

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank): 104.4m + 0.4m

    Total Transfers: 44

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:
    WC1 - GW4. I didn't get any 'big' GW scores out of it initially, but I do think it was needed as I got rid of a lot of dead wood. I usually play WC1 once the transfer window is closed as we then have better information about team line-ups etc. At this stage I actually plan on using it early.
    WC2 - GW30. My team was beginning to struggle, especially defensively so I felt it was needed (I'm not a fan of 'keeping' a WC for DGWs etc if I need to use it earlier).
    TC - GW27 on Aguero. I'm happy with the decision. Sometimes we are all guilty of leaving the outcome (9 points) influence whether it was a good decision or not. Aguero playing sun, STO is as good a shout for TC as you are likely to get.
    AOA - GW29. A nothing chip. Benched Brunt (2 points) for Siggy (2 points)
    BB - GW37. I got 19 points which is probably par. I would definitely look at using it in a single GW next season in the right circumstances.

    Your Best Transfer(s): Alonso for Ashley Williams in GW10, Ben Davies in GW30 on WC and Kane (c) in GW38 deserve a mention, but it has to be Sanchez in GW14 - returns in 10 of the next 12 games.

    Your Worst Transfer(s): It probably would have been Gabbiadini in GW35, but I knew immediately and transferred him out for Jesus before GW36. I'll go for either Cech (10 games, 31 points) or Ross Barkley (3 games, 5 points)

    Highlight of the Season: Sanchez goals last tuesday night. He was my captain and pretty much guaranteed I'd win my 2 main MLs.

    Lowlight of the Season: Negredo (c) DGW34

    What Have You Learned from this Season: Two things spring to mind - BB does not have to be played in a DGW and if there is a really obvious captain choice, don't get 'clever' and pick someone else. Keep the 'maverick' picks for weeks with no obvious choice.

    Aims and Expectations for 2017/2018: Retain my work ML. I have won it 3 times in 5 seasons but never retained it. I'd like to finish top 10k again (I've had 5 in the last 7 seasons) but I really want to crack the top 5k again.

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc): Can I have 2? The first is points for 'key contribution'. Take yesterday for example where Danny Welbeck gets an assist for missing an open goal, but the player who took the corner (Ozil?) gets nothing. I'm not sure how it would be defined but I think its worth exploring.
    My 2nd is bonus points - I still don't think pure stats is the way to go. Maybe it should be a combined system with the 'man in the stand' (assuming he actually does his job!!) as some of the BP awards this season in games I've watched live have been baffling. The current system is much better than what was there, but it could be better again.

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,589 ✭✭✭ lassykk

    spock. wrote: »
    Honorable mention to Bailly for his slow walk off the pitch to ensure he got me a clean sheet.

    I forgot about this when doing mine.

    I was watching the game live with others and celebrated like he'd scorer a screamer when he passed the 60 minute mark :D

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,262 ✭✭✭ iroced

    Let's start by quoting my last 2 "What Have You Learned from this Season:" with respective final rankings of 9,152 & 69,776 (:mad:).
    iroced wrote: »
    What Have You Learned from this Season (2014/15): There's no right or wrong strategies, at times playing it safe will work, at other times taking hits e.g. to rearrange your team will pay too. But always keep a cool head and never forget this is a marathon not a sprint.
    iroced wrote: »
    What Have You Learned from this Season (2015/16):I'm afraid the new chips are going to ruin the game. And it's not just down to my own bitterness about my disastrous season. My missus did pretty well (a second top 10k finish in a row) and I can say I'm largely responsible for it. I think we kinda played the chips the same way too. So if I compare-analyse both our season I could say the chips had/have little influence. They did not make the difference in our season anyway. But, as useless as they could be, I don't like what they bring to the game, that is an added element of luck.

    Final Overall Ranking: 13,998

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank): £105.7m (£104.2m + £1.5m)

    Total Transfers: 58

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:
    Let's start by again specifying how I see those chips. Apart from the TC one, I don't see them as 1-GW-chips. We all plan for them. And this planning implies that BB & AOA influence our choices/transfers/hits for several GWs (pre, during and post chips).

    WC1: GW6. Success. Fixed a disastrous non-GW3 WC. Helped me starting a good (but short) run from 445k to 91k.
    AOA: GW7. Fail. My GW6 WC was an overall success. So since I played it with AOA in mind, I should consider my AOA a success too, considering my approach. But. reality is the players I brought in for the AOA as part of a strong front 8 rotation all failed to deliver for me in the mid-term plan I had designed for them.
    WC2: GW21. Huge success. 101 pts. From 301k to 127k. Put my season back on tracks.
    BB: GW22. Useless. Again, was part of my GW21 WC. In isolation my BB did not bring me much (11 pts). Overall, it started well. WC GW was a huge success, BB GW was a decent success. But in the following 2/3/4 GWs, most of my BB choices failed and did not delivered when I needed them. So mixed feelings about it. I'd say, it overall had no real influence on my season, which in itself is a failure since we're supposed to and hope for getting a boost from it.
    TC: DGW37. Huge success! 81 pts from Sanchez. Only Kane would have been better (8 pts) but I never really considered him. So victorious use beyond all expectations here. And when you're coming from Lukaku 2x2x3 pointers last year :D...

    Your Best Transfer(s):
    King. I got him in very very late (GW35). But when a player is good, in form and returning, it's never too late. Some here remember Ramsey and Yaya Touré from a couple of seasons ago :p. He netted me 25 pts in 3 GWs and through the great km79 informed me/us that he was not going to be available for the last GW, which triggered myself to get in his team-mate Stanislas who returned a 9 pointer (it almost feels like King sent me a private e-mail telling me "look, iroced, I'm sorry I won't make GW38 but get in Stan he won't disappoint" :p). This guy could not have a more suitable name!

    Your Worst Transfer(s):
    Coutinho my personal "bête noire", never doing anything for me, always performing great while out of my teams.
    Valencia the wrong United horse to back up.
    And of course useless Gabbiadini.

    Highlight of the Season:
    My season start (first 3 GWs). Was travelling Central Europe to reach a good friend's wedding in Eastern Slovakia. It became a little game in itself to try and find the accessible wi-fi and/or 3G/4G spots from one country to another to try and get as much info from here as I could gather in a limited amount of time. And it worked great with my first 3 OR being 63k, 72k, 38k :D.

    Then. 101 pts GW21 WC. 180 pts DGW37 81 pts Kane TC. This last GW where 6 of my front 7 returned at least 9 pts.

    And this 13,998 finish, my 3rd best :).

    Lowlight of the Season:
    GW4. Was back from my FPL-successful European trip, had time and thought my 38k OR was a promise to a great season where I could challenge my personal best and try and reach a 3 digits finish. Well. made a mess of it, got a 3.666 million GW rank and dropped to 420k. Took me up to GW26 to really recover from it and find some momentum to reach top 50k, stay there and try pushing for better.

    What Have You Learned from this Season:
    I still don't like the new chips. Admittedly, they add some fun. But they add too much luck for my liking. What I lke the most in this game is all the mid-term planning and anticipation we discuss in here. These chips, if they're not a full one, are too much of a lottery.
    So I partly rest my case about my last year comment. Partly 'cause they don't ruin the game, that's a step too far in the wording. But I persist they do make a much bigger difference than what the general consensus think they do. And I realise I expressed myself pretty confusingly on that matter last year. Again, as I already stated in this post, the fact we're planning for at least one (BB) if not 2 (AOA) of them, implies they influence a lot more than the single GW you're using them!

    What I really learned this year though is, a bit like Mr. P being more patient (wiser? :p), a different strategy I used in the second part of the season (after my second WC in GW21). Like I said 2 years ago, there are many ways of playing this game right, we jjust need to adapt as best as we can to the situation. But, I used to overly focused on price changes and it influenced my transfers, maybe too much. So this year, I tried to play it/them differently. I actually did not even follow the price changes thread for the last 2/3 months (was just checking from time to time to get a laugh at the pictures ;)). And if I lost a significant team value, I feel I made cleverer moves and it paid off greatly in the end. There was the risk of being short to be able to afford several premium players if they'd become essential but as I anticipated from the previous seasons, there's always one to drop in form/get injured or a cheapie to burst out and shine (e.g. King). Same applies at the back with e.g. Stephens, Holding, Holgate etc...
    As a result, I never got burnt by an early transfer and benefitted several times from my patience for a late adjustment (best example King in this last GW, but also Kane earlier when he got injured and burnt many who jumped early on him).

    Aims and Expectations for 2017/2018:
    As always. Top 10k the aim. And if things turn right, to beat my best ever finish. But it's getting a lot tougher with the increased popularity and amount of "real" players in the game.

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc):
    It ain't going to happen but more transparency about the Price changes system. It's ridiculous the way it is now. Like we don't know but we kinda know anyway thanks to the price changes predictions sites.

    Then. I'm not a fan of these new chips but since they're not going to be removed, maybe make some adjustments to them. e.g. Using the 2 WCs whenever we want (e.g. 2 GWs in a row). I know it's part of the BB but since there's the AOA why not a double GK chip. It'll end up as useless as the AOA but at least it'll spare the uselessness between attack and defense :pac:.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,185 ✭✭✭ Colking

    Final Overall Ranking: 10,630 A personal best for me so that’s fantastic. Would have been stupendous to finish inside the 10k but was 49k in GW 35 so need to be more grateful.

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank): 109.5 It was one of the better ones around and gave me great options from GW 30 onwards. Funnily enough, having too much money can often bite you in the a$$ just as much as not having enough. Point in case Bavies. I had Vertonghen for most of the tail end of the season and he returned really well but I should have gone for the player with the higher potential points ceiling and not necessarily the larger price tag. Can someone tell me if Vertonghen has scored yet ? ;)

    Total Transfers: 78 – A LOT. I’m not someone who is afraid to take points hits and I tend to take a lot early in the season to build RV. I posted a thread at the start of this season to chart how it went for different people, along with a synopsis of how I managed the juggling act last season : My verdict now after 38 GW’s ? I think I misjudged it slightly as opposed to a lot last year.

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:

    Wildcard 1 - GW6 : Pretty good, not too early, not too late. Helped with OR and RV.

    All Out Attack - GW21: Pretty good use of the chip as it was a pure clusterf&*k of a week for my defense. I had Browning, Amat, Ake all not playing. Brunt played but got me 0 in the 4-0 loss to Spurs. My other defender Baines got a decent 6 for Evertons 4-0 thrashing of City

    Triple Captain - GW27 : Like a lot went for Aguero. I don’t regret it as the thinking/theory was sound. It’s a pity the execution wasn’t !

    Wildcard 2 - GW36 : I was hanging at this stage and had to be quite disciplined with myself. It was a good one for me and drove me up the OR rankings extremely well. All in all I have to count both of my WC’s as very successful.

    Bench Boost - GW37 : Like a lot of people around here I was not happy with Puel after the first of the 2 games in GW 37. But … it all turned out well. I had 33 on the bench or 21 if you swapped Sane’s 12 points for City with Gabbiadini’s great return of 0 points for Saints.

    Your Best Transfer(s) : I had a few. I had a sneaky feeling about Capoue in pre-season so had him from the off. Sounds good ? I had him benched for each of his big returns .:pac: Alonso was great for me. So was Vertonghen for periods. I was lucky to get on Lukaku and Kane for their big returns and I had Alli for some of his big ones. Heaton was set and forget a total legend.

    Your Worst Transfer(s): I had more than a few. Gabbiadini was the most recent so the one that burns the worst. That was my fault though for getting sucked in and not calling a halt to the madness. I brought in Phillips from West Brom for his great 9 points in GW 20 and kept the little stinker till GW 29 when I finally managed to get the stale stench of his bench farts off my team. I went with Stones at the beginning of the season and we all know how wonderful that was. But far and away the worst transfer I made of the season was the one I didn’t make. I brought in Lanzini in GW 28 instead of King and it was a coin toss. It was a coin toss that cost me very dearly as I got thick afterwards and refused to bring the player on even though he was a pure hero for the vast majority.

    Highlight of the Season: Best OR finish ever. Lukaku for his big Captained points Haul in GW 28 (when one person on the team does all the work) Sanchez for his multiple captaincy wins and Kane for his multiple captaincy wins.

    Lowlight of the Season: Not getting King instead of Lanzini in GW 28, a real season definer. Getting rid of Alonso in GW 21 and missing his great 21 points. I was like a demon for the weekend even though I’d gotten a respectable 84 points.

    What Have You Learned from this Season: Trust your gut. I stopped checking who everyone else was captaining for the second half of the season and was far, far more successful. It’s a game. Don’t let it define your weekend or diminish your happiness when things go poorly.

    Aims and Expectations for 2017/2018: I will aim for the top 10k yet again. If I don’t manage to squeak out of the FSA Qualifying league with 11th place this season then I will try and squeak out again next season :p. I'm pretty sure I won’t trail-blaze my way out Like El Tel did in 15-16 or Jay0109 did this season.

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc): I like the suggestions others have made about a double classification of midfielders into Defensive and Offensive.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,300 ✭✭✭ Mike Ehrmantraut

    Final Overall Ranking: A personal best of 5,283

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank): 108m

    Total Transfers: 53

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:

    Wildcarded in gw5 to get rid of some deadwood and also got in the likes of Lukaku, who became almost a season keeper after that. Definitely a success, rising from 600k in gw4 into the 100k within a few weeks.
    WC again in gw21 and again a success, seven green arrows in next eight gw's.
    TC on Aguero in gw27 was a bit of a failure, but thought it looked a safe bet at the time.
    AOA gw29, defenders had some tough fixtures so decided to use AOA, a gain of just 1pt.
    BB in dgw37, 19pts gained.

    Your Best Transfer(s):
    Joshua King by a mile. Got him in just before his hat trick. A return of 80pts in 10gws for a 5.5m transfer is phenomenal.

    Others worth a mention, Heaton from gw1, Sanchez, Alonso, Kane, Alli and Ben Davies.

    Your Worst Transfer(s):
    Thankfully didn't have the train wreck that was Gabbiadini, but had a couple of duds, Philips, my main error with him was not offloading him sooner, keeping him with dgw27 in mind.
    Other unworthy mentions, Gundogan, iheanacho, Oirigi and Zaha.

    Highlight of the Season:
    There's been a few but probably Gw37 and 38 heroics from Kane, Sanchez, Jesus, etc.

    Lowlight of the Season:
    Gw4, a lowest ever score of 24pts and gw34 was also bit of a disaster, could have derailed my chance of top 10k finish

    What Have You Learned from this Season:
    Luck. Luck plays a huge part of this game. Making the right call on 4 or 5 really marginal captain calls can make a huge difference.

    Aims and Expectations for 2017/2018:
    No expectations but Top 10k is the aim

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc):
    Nothing really. I didn't like the idea of the chips when they were introduced, but to be honest, so far they've mostly worked out well enough for me and I'd be happy enough with the game as it is.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,843 ✭✭✭ Deise Vu

    Final Overall Ranking: 19,854 - score 2,273 pts

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank): £105.10

    Total Transfers: 57

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:

    WC1 - I used this week 2 :confused:. Even for someone as impetuous as me I am still shocked. In fairness I moved from 400K to 100K by Wk 4 before the wheels came off. Incredibly I got rid of Ibra (I find it hard to have Utd or Jose players is the only excuse). I also got rid of Mkhitaryn and Mahrez and I brought in Costa and Hazard so I must have been applying some logic somewhere.
    WC2. I did the GW 36 & BB 37. The fact that the season was over bar the CL placings rightly screwed this up but I still got 147 points so Iwill stick with this for next year and hope there are no Gabbiadini's about.

    AOA: I was keeping this for defensive emergencies which never arose so I threw it in Wk 34 when McAuley had no game. My other two benched defenders scored 8 & 6. My 3rd worst GW rank all season. Never again unless I need it.

    BB: Wk 37 22 points. Not bad.

    TC: Like everyone else Aguero 9 pts in WK27. Two great fixtures, I would definitely do it again. Removes one element of required planning and GW 37 turned out to be way too risky for rotation / rest even if lots of players did score well.

    Your Best Transfer(s): Not a transfer but I had Heaton from GW1. I also got on the Josh King bandwagon early.

    Your Worst Transfer(s): Out: See Ibra above. In: had Gabbiadini at the end.

    Highlight of the Season: Kane in the last two weeks. Kane & Alli assisting each other at various times. I'm a Spurs fan and I had these two whenever Kane was fit. No better feeling watching your favourite team and getting 11 FF pts as well when I captained Kane.:D

    Lowlight of the Season: I had Sanchez for all bar 5 weeks. He scored over 70 points in those weeks. I hate him and his sour puss woe is me attitude.

    What Have You Learned from this Season: Don't panic after a bad start!

    Aims and Expectations for 2017/2018: Top 10K next year. Need a run of luck with captains.

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc):[/QUOTE] I think it is pretty much nailed down at this stage. There is always luck but I generally like the extra chips as you can plan. maybe the second WC makes planning a bit too easy and makes the last few weeks a bit of a lottery? Also possibly a revision of the BP system away from being completely biased towards goal scorers. FFS Rooney got a bonus point against Spurs the other week for a scuffed shot when most people would have given him the hook for his overall performance.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,828 ✭✭✭ shineon23

    Final Overall Ranking: 53k. 2216 points, won 2 private leagues.

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank): 107.1 + 0.2

    Total Transfers: 58

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:

    Wildcard: GW4: Can't remember anything good or disastrous from it.

    Triple Captain: GW27: Aguero:9 points x3, happy with this. Again as someone else said anything is better than Lukaky (4x3) last season

    All Out Attack: GW29: 68 points. I see this as a needless chip. But better than last year s at lest all my attackers played

    Wildcard: GW36: Success
    Following 11k GW ranking in GW 35, I was reluctant to make a lot of changes. But I did and got another GW ranking of 11k in GW36

    Bench Boost: GW37: 178 points (-8) Took hits to block rivals a bit. GW rank: 28k. Very happy considering I had Costa captain with a huge 2 points.

    Your Best Transfer(s):
    Chris Brunt
    Oxlade-Chamberlain for his 10 pointer v. Man Utd.
    Aguero (as he was a differential in my main league)
    Having Lukaku and Kane at the right times. Same with Alli/Son.

    Your Worst Transfer(s):
    Coutinho, bought and captained against Sunderland, went off injured in 1st half.
    Austin-instantly injured

    Highlight of the Season:
    Ending with 178 points with only 2 points from my captain in GW37

    Lowlight of the Season:
    3 rivals owning James Collins forthe run in gettig 35 points between GW32-36.

    Trying out cheap 3rd strikers: Austin, Iheanacho, Negredo, Carroll

    Not making correct captain decisions. VC often outscoring C.

    My grudge against Lukaku cost me a lot of points by not captaining him :D

    Not typing the price drop of Dann and Dier as Dann-E.Dier with a photo of Danny Dyer. That haunts me.

    What Have You Learned from this Season:
    Don't hold grudges against Lukaku

    Stick to 3 premium strikers and 2/3 premium MFs, no need to be a hero.

    Aims and Expectations for 2017/2018:
    2000 points as a minimum target as early as possible. Win my main private leagues. Not concerned with Overall Rank.

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc):
    No VC, it'd make me less upset with my incorrect captain decisions.

    Would like to see subs coming in get half points, don't like seeing people being rewarded for picking the wrong starting XI.

  • Registered Users Posts: 42,030 ✭✭✭✭ Scorpion Sting

    Final Overall Ranking: 12,792 (Highest rank of the season on the final day like last year.)

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank): 105.2

    Total Transfers: 50

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:

    WC1 - GW4: Worked out ok but looking back now I see I included players like Ozil, Barkley and Benteke so didn't make the most of it and Evans over McAuley cost me a lot of points as well. Costa was a shrewd pick though and delivered the goods for the first half of the season.

    AOA - GW15: Didn't gain anything out of it. Used it for De Roon so could have waited to use it more effectively. I think I'll play it in GW38 next season.

    WC2 - GW20: Played it early because I wasn't happy with my team. Got players like Alli and Brunt in and I consider it a success with 6 green arrows in the following 7 gameweeks. Funnily enough I brought Lukaku in as an initial one gameweek punt just before the wildcard and didn't include him in my final GW20 draft. Ended up getting him back in GW21. The inclusion of Benteke in both my wildcards is a strange one, I obviously have a weird attachment to that lad!

    BB - GW22: I hadn't planned to use it when I did but reading some posts here which warned of the hassle of using the BB in a late DGW without a wildcard led me to play it early. Only got 12 points out of it but all my players started so I'm happy enough with the result.

    TC - GW37: Sanchez 27 points so delighted with this. If I TCed Kane instead I'd have been better off but I never considered him so makes no odds.

    Your Best Transfer(s):

    Heaton from GW1 to when I sold him in GW34. I benched a good few of his hauls though so should have taken my own advice and played him every week.

    Alonso even though I got him in fairly late (GW18).

    Lukaku's an obvious one even though I still had my doubts over him and didn't captain him for most of his easy home games.

    Alli on my GW20 wildcard worked wonders.

    Honourable mentions to Coleman, Yoshida, Maguire, De Gea and Jesus as well.

    Your Worst Transfer(s):

    Dusan Tadic, the most frustrating player I've ever owned. Also Stanislas in GW22 with the blank gameweek in mind. Blanked in 2 matches, got injured and was quickly given the boot.

    Disappointed with Hazard too as I never seemed to own him at the right times.

    Special mentions: Mahrez, Rashford, Walcott and Iheanacho.

    Highlight of the Season:

    Captaining Sanchez for his hat-trick and assist in GW14. He was a bit of a differential back then as a lot had gotten rid for Hazard a few gameweeks before.

    Lowlight of the Season:

    Switching the armband from Lukaku to Mané a few minutes before the GW29 deadline. Lukaku was heavily captained and exploded against Hull whereas Mané had City away and inevitably blanked. Don't know what I was thinking.

    Having two players sent off in GW26 was a sickener.

    What Have You Learned from this Season:

    Not to be so stubborn getting in players who are clearly in the form of their lives such as Josh King. Not getting King in was a massive blunder on my part.

    That planning for the big blank gameweek a month in advance is more or less pointless. Going to approach that gameweek differently from next season on.

    Ditching underperforming players to get inform players is vital and I didn't do enough of this.

    Holding players purely for double gameweeks can be detrimental.

    Aims and Expectations for 2017/2018:

    I want to have a right go for the top 1k but failing that my first ever top 5k finish would be cool.

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc):

    I think they should make everyone use either their BB or TC in the first half of the season because what we have right now is too formulaic in my view (Casual players using chips early with more experienced players waiting for end of season doubles). It'd make for an exciting dynamic I think if we were forced to play one of our main chips in the first half of the season.

  • Registered Users Posts: 923 ✭✭✭ Markx

    Final Overall Ranking: 1082

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank):107.2

    Total Transfers: 48

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:
    AOA Week 6 - Ineffective
    Wildcard 1 Week 8 - Good
    TC Aguero Week 27 - Average
    Wildcard 2 Week 30 - Pivoting after the skinny game week - Good
    BB WK 37 - Bad - 5 DGW players didn't play a single minute in the second game

    Your Best Transfer(s): Eriksen - my player of the season - consistently returning - highly underrated player in the real world

    Your Worst Transfer(s): Tadic on wildcard 2; like Redmond - promises so much statistically, delivers little

    Highlight of the Season: Nailing the week 1 selection or when the Central Heaton got turned on at Old Trafford

    Lowlight of the Season: Squad was really well balanced until Charlie Austin got injured. That led to Iheanacho and Origi in the third striker slot and never got the balance I like back which is 3-4-3 with 1 budget striker.

    What Have You Learned from this Season: Be less of a slave to to skinny and double game weeks

    Aims and Expectations for 2017/2018: Try to focus more on what I can control i.e. transfers and captaincy and not get so annoyed by things outside of that e.g. Evans/McCauley/Brunt scandal.

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc): They need to do something about price changes. It's become the game to a degree. It leads to uniform teams and means people stop making their own decisions. I am in favour of price changes and think generating team value is a great tactic but the swings are too dramatic in my opinion.
    The chips are a nice idea but they are too well understood now and could do with freshening up.

  • Registered Users Posts: 29,295 ✭✭✭✭ Mint Sauce

    Final Overall Ranking:


    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank):

    100.2. 2.9 in bank

    Total Transfers:


    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:

    WC1 GW4. Fell near 400k places :(
    AOA GW19. Fell another 100k places :(
    WC2 GW30. Up 100k places, with continued rises for rest of season (2 red arrows out of 9).
    TC GW36. Up 50k places :)
    BB GW37. 167 pts, up near another 20k places. :D

    Your Best Transfer(s):


    Your Worst Transfer(s):

    Pick any in the first several GWs.

    Highlight of the Season:

    GW36 and 37. Breaking into the top Mil in GW21.

    Lowlight of the Season:

    4 weeks outside the top 2 mil in the first 10 GWs.

    What Have You Learned from this Season:

    Read this forum more. Don't let girls distract you.

    Aims and Expectations for 2017/2018:

    Another top 100k finish, promotion to FSA League 2.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 1,185 ✭✭✭ Colking

    Mint Sauce wrote: »

    What Have You Learned from this Season:

    Read this forum more. Don't let girls distract you.

    Good Luck with that ! ;)

  • Registered Users Posts: 4,114 ✭✭✭ NabyLadistheman

    Final Overall Ranking: 7k. 2321 points

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank): 105.3

    Total Transfers: 54

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:

    Wildcard: GW6

    Triple Captain: GW27: Aguero:9 points x3. Was not to happy at the time but turned out to be OK.

    All Out Attack: GW34: Never really benefitted me

    Wildcard: GW36: Massive Success

    Was in position 43k before Wildcard. No hits for the remainder of the season & a good wildcard meant I climbed into the top 10,000 over the last 3 GW's

    Bench Boost: GW37: Great GW 182 points but bench boost was poor. Will use on a diff GW next year for sure

    Your Best Transfer(s):
    Llorente last GW

    Your Worst Transfer(s):
    A. Williams
    Son (earlier in the season, burnt me as I refused to bring in again!)
    Allen after his good run

    Highlight of the Season:

    182 points in 37 & 105 in GW 38 with no hits

    Lowlight of the Season:
    Not getting Son in for Spurs run.
    Playing Pickford when Jaku saved a Peno
    McAuley. Always Gareth f***king McAuley
    Not having Alonso

    Aims and Expectations for 2017/2018:
    Start stronger. Put more in so that I don't have to WC early

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc):

    West From sell McAuley to the championship

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,727 ✭✭✭ Fowler87

    Final Overall Ranking: 31,346

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank):105.2

    Total Transfers: 58

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:
    AOA Week 29 - Ineffective
    Wildcard 1 Week 4 - 78 points. Decent.
    TC Aguero Week 27 - Average
    Wildcard 2 Week 21 - 83 points with Kane (C) during his first hat trick of the year.
    BB WK 22 - Awful - Can't understand why I played it this GW. Shocking 7 points tally from BB.

    Your Best Transfer(s): Had a few in mind; Alonso, Kos, Lallana, Costa etc. but when you need a boost up in the rankings the only reliable for me was the Chilean maestro Sanchez.

    Your Worst Transfer(s): Tough call between Pogba vs Gabbiadini for this mantle.

    Highlight of the Season: FINALLY after a number of years winning my most competitive mini league:D

    Lowlight of the Season: Nearly throwing away a 100 point lead with 2/3 GWs to go, along with a solid 7k ranking to finish the season poorly enough. Had really good chance to top my best OR but C'est La Vie.

    What Have You Learned from this Season: DGWs can change the course of your season dramatically in positive and in my case(nearly) negative way. I had Sanchez but foolishly in hindsight captained Costa in GW 37. Never-mind not having Kane, but that could have ended my mini league chances regardless of the sizeable lead I had at that time.

    Aims and Expectations for 2017/2018: I really have no complaints this year. OR might say otherwise but this was probably my consistent FPL year in 10 years playing...up to GW 37 that is. Aims next year to retain my mini league and make top 20 in a few other bigger leagues. Push for top 10k-5k too.

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc): Happy with the game as it currently stands

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,739 ✭✭✭ Swiper the fox

    I finished at 13,884 which is my lowest ever finish excluding the first year when I joined in week 3.
    as usual I had a pitiful team value of 102.7m
    I really should have finished much higher but I kind of snookered myself by holding 3 spurs players towards the end of the season and dithering over which was right to sacrifice to bring Kane in, never did it at all and while Son, Davies and Eriksen did the business I missed out on the huge Harry Kane hauls,

  • Registered Users Posts: 28,710 Paully D

    Final Overall Ranking: ~ 69,000

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank): £104.1m

    Total Transfers: 53

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:

    WC1: I played this ahead of GW4. I purposely built my team for the first 3 GW's with wildcarding at this time always the plan as in past seasons I had tried to plan for as long as possible but had always ended up using my WC within 3 weeks anyway, hence I figured I'd probably do better with a 3 week plan. I ended GW3 in 290,000 OR. I was 81,000 OR through GW6 and wouldn't have been near that with my weeks 1-3 team so I think it went well. It's definitely a strategy I would consider again this season.

    AOA: I played this in GW12, purely because I was short of defenders. I had to use Fletcher at home to Burnley and it worked as he somehow scored in a 4-0 win. :pac:

    WC2: I played this in Gw22. Very little impact overall. I could have used this much more effectively but felt I needed a boost.

    TC: GW36 on Sanchez. Returned 42 points despite the fixtures not working out the way I would have hoped when keeping this chip. Aguero in GW27 would have been the only other option I would have considered before GW36 and he only returned 36 from 2 much easier games so I was happy.

    BB: Played in GW37. Absolute rubbish. Gabbiadini returned 0 from 2 games including missing a penalty. Pickford with 6 and that was about it. It would have been hard to do worse if I had tried. Considering I left 20, 20, 17 and 18 points on the bench in 4 of the first 5 weeks of the season along with over 10 in 9 of the last 10 weeks I could have got much more from this chip.

    Your Best Transfer(s): Hard to say as there weren't many. Although obvious, I suppose Alli and Sanchez for pure consistency would be up there as I didn't really have a situation where I got huge points over a short enough period of time from anyone else.

    Your Worst Transfer(s): There's so many, but Gabbiadini is still raw so I'll go with him. I brought him in in GW35 for the doubles, he returned 1, 4, 0 and 1 points. Honourable mentions to Sterling, Phillips and Brunt.

    Highlight of the Season: A strong finish to end fears of what I thought was an inevitable 6 figure overall ranking. Thankfully I've now still only got one on my record!

    Lowlight of the Season: Losing my main private league for the first time in God knows how long (probably ever) stuck in the craw. That was a sure sign that I just couldn't get going at all. Another is not even really being able to say I did too much wrong despite finishing nearly 70,000 OR. I put the time and effort in, but just got plenty of calls wrong and of course the odd case of bad luck too. Other years they'd have gone right and I'd have finished in the top 10,000. Swings and roundabouts I suppose.

    What Have You Learned from this Season: The same thing I put in these reviews every year, despite never really learning the lesson :pac: - it's a marathon not a sprint. I was ranked 550,000 OR by GW20, 200,000 even by GW29, but pulled it back to 69,000 OR by the end. Huge jumps up rankings are still possible late on, especially if you have chips left. I'm guilty of it myself to be fair such is how frustrating the game can be at times, but people writing off their season after 5 or 10 weeks on here is ridiculous.

    Aims and Expectations for 2017/2018: Win my main private league. Finish in the top 10,000.

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc): I really, really wish they'd sort out assists. Consistency is badly needed here as it has been a joke of late.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,742 ✭✭✭ Thepoet85

    Final Overall Ranking: 4558

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank): ?106.2 & 0.4 ITB

    Total Transfers: 53

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards) and 2) how did they go?:

    WC1- GW6, it took me from 45k OR to 5k OR, a success.
    WC2- GW36, to prepare for BB in 37
    BB- GW37, GR of 20k and inside the top 5k for the first time all year.
    AOA- Used in 38, but King was subbed out for Yoshida. Same happened last year, ineffective chip
    TC- 27 on Kun. Still think it was the right choice at the time. Getting that right could have got me top 1k.

    Your Best Transfer(s): Josh King, he clawed back serious gaps in my money leagues for me.

    Your Worst Transfer(s): Alonso. I held him for 8 weeks when he did nothing. He scored as soon as I got rid, timing was off with him.

    Highlight of the Season: first ever top 10k & 5k finish.

    Lowlight of the Season: Missing out on the cup with a GW17 rank of 3.7M!!!

    What Have You Learned from this Season: Go with your gut, and have fun :)

    Aims and Expectations for 2017/2018: Top 1k finish. I didn't feel I had an exceptional season as far as luck was concerned, but I got most of my key decisions correct as far as long term planning was concerned. I was quick to act when things weren't working and I feel it worked. Always want to improve, so a top 1k finish is my aim, but I'll always be happy with a top 10k finish.

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc): Consistency regarding assists and goals. Apart from that I feel the game is fine :)

  • Registered Users Posts: 827 ✭✭✭ False Prophet

    Final Overall Ranking: just outside 20,000

    Final Team Value (Value + Money In The Bank):£101.5 +£2.8

    Total Transfers:42

    Chips - 1) when did you play them (incl. wildcards)
    and 2) how did they go?:
    gw27 treble capt 9 extra points (aguero 1 goal double gw)
    gw37 bench boast was 18 extra points (huth double gameweek 0)
    gw38 all out attack 1 extra point (Albrighton 2 points over def 1 pointer)

    Your Best Transfer(s):
    heaton since gw1 or zatan gw16 with double points in his next 3 games.

    Your Worst Transfer(s): Kane, when i broke a golden rule and and got him in before price rise only for him to get injured. (Honorable mention to Gündogan who got me

    Highlight of the Season: Won a couple of work leagues again, finishing like a train again with lowest rank of the season on gw38

    Lowlight of the Season: Sound logically not getting Alli before he started scoring when i really fancied spurs upcoming fixtures (Honorable mention to any 50/50 calls capt calls where vice outscored, seemed to happen alot this year aka Not capt my vice capt Kane on last day, cost me top 20,000 finish)

    What Have You Learned from this Season:
    FPL strategy is like a golf swing/putting. Always tweaking to find the best fit .
    Every season i start poor, pickup around xmas, fall back a bit in jan/feb, then finish like a train. Maybe time to shake it up

    Aims and Expectations for 2017/2018:
    Aim is become first 2 time overall winner, so just need to finish 1st this season to get off the board
    acceptable top 5000

    One thing in FPL that you would change for next season (an improvement etc): Prices frozen while gameweek is active. OR only have prize rises/falls once a gameweek straight after gw begins using current logic except of daily. So a players that is bought in bulk rises .3 and a player that doesnt loses .3