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Summer 2017 - General Discussion



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    Summer 2017 was a bit average in the Limerick area. June and July were fairly good. August was a let down. Overall rating 45%. Sunshine and temperatures below average but rainfall a bit above.

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    June 7/10
    July 6/10
    August 1/10

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    Grange's Summer 2017 summary

    Relatively sunny, warm and wet.

    Rainfall: Relatively wet but not remarkably so.
    I recorded a rainfall total of 198.6mm which comes to 107% of the LTA. This made it my wettest Summer since 2012 but even then was in around 150-200mm drier than Summer 2012 so was nothing remarkable. June had 87.2mm (143% of the LTA) and was my wettest since 2012. July had 42.1mm (77% of the LTA) and was not as dry as July 2016. August had 69.3mm (100% of the LTA). Each month was varied in terms of rainfall with June being wet, July being dry and August bang on average. But none of the months were remarkable in terms of their extremes for rainfall. My wettest day for Summer 2017 was August 14th with a deluge of 42.9mm - 62% of my August 2017 monthly rainfall total! This was my wettest Summer day since 2014. I recorded 55 wet days (days with 0.1mm or more) during the season which was my highest quantity of wet days in Summer since 2012. My longest period without rainfall was July 4th-9th (6 days) which would make it also my shortest period of dry weather since 2012. All in all, a terribly forgettable Summer in terms of rainfall here.

    Temperature: Rather warm but not as warm as Summer 2016.
    I recorded a mean temperature of 14.9c which comes to +1.1c above the LTA but it was not as warm as Summer 2016. June recorded a mean of 14.6c (+1.9c above the LTA) and whilst very warm, it was not as warm as June 2016. July recorded a mean of 15.2c (+0.4c above the LTA). August recorded a mean of 14.8c (+1.1c above the LTA) and was not nearly as warm as August 2016. Whilst June was my second warmest on record, July and August weren't remarkable in any way. My warmest day of Summer 2017 was unusually early on June 21st with a maximum of 28.4c, just -0.2c lower than 2016's maximum of 28.6c on July 19th. This was my warmest June day on record. My minimum temperature was 4.1c on June 26th - just 5 days after my Summer maximum, my coldest Summer night since 2015. I recorded 25.2c on July 17th, 25.0c on the succeeding day July 18th. My highest August maximum was only 22.3c on the 27th which made it my second lowest August maximum on record behind 20.5c in 2011. June 29th with a maximum of just 12.9c was my coldest Summer day since 2009. June was very interesting in terms of temperatures but July and August were very forgettable.

    Sunshine: Slightly sunnier than normal but still sunniest since 2014.
    I recorded a sunshine total of 501 hours which comes to 102% of the LTA. Despite being only slightly sunnier than average, it was still my sunniest Summer since 2014. This sunshine total was barely higher than my Spring 2017 sunshine total of 490 hours. June recorded 172 hours (97% of the LTA) but was sunnier than June 2016. July recorded 184 hours (106% of the LTA) and was my sunniest July since 2014. August recorded 145 hours (103% of the LTA) but was not as sunny as August 2015 or 2016. My sunniest days were June 17th & July 17th coincidentally with 16.0 hours on both days. Meanwhile, my sunniest day for August was the 8th with 10.5 hours - was my only very sunny day (day with 10 hours or more) of August 2017, among the lowest amount of very sunny days on record for August. Overall, Summer 2017 couldn't be more forgettable in terms of sunshine for how it turned out.

    Summer 2017 when you look at these statistics doesn't seem that bad at all and in fact, extremely average but the devil really is in the detail. June had a mixed start, fine mid-month then an atrocious end with cold, wet and dull conditions. July started off rather mild and very dull but dry then the second half was mostly cool, sunny and wet. August was a mix all around but the first two weeks were mostly fine with sunny spells and rather ok temperatures - before the deluge came on the 14th of course. My final ratings for Summer 2017 are June a 5/10, July a 3.5/10, August a 4/10.

    If you think I'm "overrating" August, it's because the month was less humid, maximum temperatures weren't very low here nor were they very high which is perfect to me, when it rained, it was exciting particularly with the deluge instead of that boring patchy stuff. I still rated August under 5 nevertheless.

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    A summer of two halves - it was great in the SE until mid July and then it was as crap as everywhere else. Hardly got two days that were warm and sunny before the next infernal front - even if plenty of those lows actually brought little rain most of the time. Lovely day today as it happens :)