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  • Problem is that they haven't built up a threat to him other than Lesnar and do people really want Lesnar as a part time champion again? I don't anyway.

  • Good to see both Brock and New Day earning their title shots.

    Imagine being the guys in the back working every week for a title shot only for guys who take weeks/months off to just come in and be handed a title shot.

    Has there been any reference to Day One being the Usos former catchphrase or at least similar, Day One-ish.

    What do the guys who come to the ring before ads/recaps do the whole time? Like how long was it between the time Sami got to the ring and he spoke? I think there were 2 sets of ads, the Naomi/Sonya bit and the Raw Rebound.

    I look forward to constantly being reminded that Xia Li is WWE's first Chinese female competitor.

  • Really liked the Sami/Brock stuff at the start. Aside from that it was a bit of a meh episode.

    Not sure the point of Sami having won just to throw it out the window immediately. Guessing Brock will be Roman's opponent at Mania this year ultimately. Are they really building the women's feud around cream pies? What decade are we in? Has Vince been watching the Three Stooges or something?

  • Quality stuff from start to finish.

    Zami and Brock was very entertaining stuff throughout the night.

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  • I thought Brock would struggle badly without Heyman but he's great fun on the mic.

  • Are they really building the women's feud around cream pies?

    *Warning! Low brow attempt at humour below*

    Paige making a return?

  • Why? What’s the point of having RKBro on Smackdown?

  • Xia to face one of the women, "local talent" or not have an official match?

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  • With all her promo stuff being about standing up to bullies and vultures, I wouldn't be surprised if they use that angle with some ongoing feud. Would fit with the Sonya/Naomi thing anyway, with Xia stepping in against the power-tripping boss Sonya.

  • Apparently Toni has to win against champ Charlotte to then get a title match

  • That's been the case for a while with these 'Championship Contender' matches, they're incredibly dumb. Has there been any explanation as to why RK-Bro is just showing up to Smackdown for a match?

  • Are RKBro a replacement maybe for Drew and Jeff in the tag match?

  • If only they had another tag team or pairing on Smackdown, like Viking Raiders, Angel/Humberto, Nak/Boogz, Corbin/Moss, Jinder/Shanky or Sheamus/Ridge

  • Yep, but they've probably more reason to be in the match than RKBro.

  • I think Vince must've discovered filters on his phone.

    Not sure who's fault it was but that debut was messy.

    Best team in WWE? So why wasn't Imperium included? And even if they're ignoring NXT and Moustache Mountain and Carmella/Zelina, wasn't it already decided a few weeks ago at Survivor Series when RK-Bro beat The Usos?

    I know he's not, but it would be funny if Brock was calling out the Impact World Champion.

  • Wasn't expecting WWE's booking to make sense like that, was even going to comment that it makes too much sense so they won't do it.

    Also have to agree that debut was a bit strange. The AR graphics would be fine but can't be the only factor to the entrance, audience looked baffled. A match would have served her much better than what they did though.

    I love the Brock/Sami stuff. God help men I'm slightly annoyed we won't get them in Saskatchewan next week.

    No idea why the cast of Jackass Forever was there didn't add much and I say that as Jackass fan. Speaking of dumb, I cannot get over how stupid an idea the Championship contender matches are, they really annoy me. Anyone else not a fan of the new 'comic-booky' graphics or is it just me?

    Evidently they are trying to make Day 1 a big deal, getting Migos for a Special appearance is a good get.

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  • The Comic book graphics seems to be a Fox thing. The NFL on Fox has something very similar.

  • Probably tag match next week between Shayna/Natalya and Xia/Naomi or singles matches with them. Some variation anyway.

    No idea who Migos are but looking at a video on youtube it has over 65 million views so obviously another big name I never heard of.

  • I have no idea what's big in music these days, especially in the States, unless it's someone that's so big that you can't but be aware of them. I am old.

  • Migos are massive

  • Is Brock turning up in a tractor for Day1

  • Farmer moose hunting Brock is the best thing in WWE right now.

  • Nattie needs to lay off the cosmetic work

  • What was the point of that tag match when they're already scheduled to fight for the tag titles? Just so they can have their 50/50 booking and have Usos keep the titles?

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  • Really liked the ending, although it is a shame that it looks like the Sami/Brock stuff is over.

    Wondering if we're gonna get a double turn soon and Roman becomes a face again. Or if Paul Heyman and Roman are secretly working together. Either way it really does seem like Brock/Roman is the programme for the forseeable future which really takes the wind out of the sails of the Tribal Chief stuff imo.