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Sailing & Boating on the Telly



  • Maybe two boats getting restored :)

    The BIG DIY Challenge sponsored by Ronseal.
    The Smyth Family (kids included) and a close friend Orla who is in our pod.
    Accepted the 10 day Challenge to restore Erisky (Westerly Centaur) back to Glory. In 2019 Erisky broke her moorings in a Gale was badly damaged heading to a salvage yard till the Smyth family decided to restore her.
    The show starts on TV this week Thursday 6th May on RTÉ ONE @ 8.30pm and runs for 6 weeks to the 10th June. Prize winners to be picked over the series.


  • Dublin Bay Cruises getting going again going to be on The Tonight Show on Virgin after the break