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2016 PW Draft Evaluation thread!



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    Strong-Will Wrestling Group

    We are pleased to announce that our inaugural series of shows will be broadcast live from the SWWP (Strong-Will Wrestling Palace) this February.

    Our talented and diverse roster are poised to bring some amazing wrestling action to your screens, the likes of which many have previously only dreamed of.

    We have signed an agreement with World Wrestling Entertainment which will see many familiar faces appear for our group, giving fans old and new the chance to see
    these great athletes in a completely different setting to how they have previously been presented to the international wrestling audience.

    As we previously announced during our initial flurry of signings, Canadian legend Bret Hart has been crowned the inaugural SWWG World Champion following a
    16 man tournament that was held this past November in Rio de Janeiro.

    Our SWWG Women's Division World Champion was also crowned at the same event, Charlotte Flair.

    With two athletes of this calibre heading up both the male and female divisions of this new group we know that wrestling fans don't need to be convinced of the
    quality of matches that await them on season 1 of Strong-Will Wrestling!

    Keep an eye on the Strong-Will Wrestling Group social media accounts for updates on our latest signings and matchups as they are signed.

    Finally, we are pleased to announce that the main event of our first show, to air next Tuesday the 9th of February on the SWWG will feature World Champion Bret
    Hart's first title defence!

    Strong-Will TV will debut with a main event that could surely pack out arenas all over the world, but we're putting it in our hidden Palace deep in the Irish

    Former WWE World Champion Paul Wight will take on Bret Hart in a LAST MAN STANDING MATCH!

    These two warriors used to travel together during their time in WCW and have both promised over social media to bring their very best to this historic television

    This of course is coming on the heels of Bret Hart alluding to an imminent announcement on Twitter this week certainly makes our debut episode a must-see for enthusiasts of our
    great sport. Don't miss Strong-Will Wrestling next Tuesday February 9th at 9p.m!
    This is your chance to get in on the ground floor for the new wave of professional wrestling that all the hipsters will be attempting to act like they're not enjoying in some sort of aloof, ironic way!

    *****Music Fades In******

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    Last night RCW continued its upward spiral with another fantastic pay per view , The World Heavyweight Champion continues to stay around the waist of Raven though him and his Revolve Stable have kept the title on him as much anything , Last night Perry Saturn gave 110% but eventually Raven overcame his efforts to hold on to the World Title once more , Raven now with a list spanning 6 months with guys such as Tama Tonga, James Gibson and Perry Saturn all trying and failing to dislodge him is it time for a new name into the pot

    Speaking of new names Paul Heyman having gotten out of his WWE contract has promised to come to RCW and he has also said he will have a new client with him someone who is just as good as Brock Lesnar and will create history by tearing the title from the grasp of Raven and his Revolve guys

    But there is more than that after Raven's crown Goldberg continues to build himself a reputation defeating Mr. Perfect in a match where he was tested to the limit by Perfect, Needing two Jackhammers to finally put him down , and Goldberg isn't the only man will Saturn himself want a rematch ?

    Then we have our Intercontinental Champion the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels he defeated Petey Williams with the Angels wings last night, The question is remaining though who is Suicide is he Daniels himself or is he someone else hired by Raven to protect him

    And also James Gibson promising to be the 1st one to defeat Apollo Crews we are set up for a massive month here leading up to our Wresltemania RCW's Insanity


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    * Corporate music sounds*

    Crowd boos as Corporate Kane, the newly appointed General Manager of Natural Championship Wrestling makes his way to the ring.
    Kane: “Welcome everyone, to Tuesday Night Destruction - The inaugural show of Natural Championship Wrestling! Before I address our roster, and the championship situation – I want to address you all as myself, Glenn Jacobs. For years I held the persona, Kane – the demon, a destructive monster who revelled in inflicting as much pain on my opponents as possible. I want to tell you all – that now – finally and definitively, that KANE IS DEAD! (Crowd boos) I stand before you now as Glenn – the General Manager of NCW, a changed man. No more will the fire burn as I walk to the ring. No more will I inflict pain and suffering on my opponents. I have moved on – and so should all of you.”
    The crowd boos this announcement with chants starting up of ‘Bring Kane Back!’
    Glenn – “ Now that I have gotten that off my chest, I want to move on to more pressing matters – that of the NCW Championships!” (Kane unveils a cabinet in the middle of the ring, with three titles inside.) “The first order of business, is to crown the first ever NCW Tag Team Champions. (crowd cheers) I am going the unconventional route of deciding on the first ever champions myself. These two men embody the spirit of the NCW Tag Team Division, and I am proud to call one of them a great personal friend. Without further adieu, allow me to introduce to you all – the inaugural NCW Tag Team Champions….. Scott Hall and Sean Waltman – The Kliq!!!”

    The D-Generation X Music hits as Scott Hall and Waltman strut to the stage, the crowd cheering wildly for their introduction. They make their way to the ring and both men pose on the ropes holding up the X sign. Kane then shakes hands with the two men, embracing Waltman warmly and handing the mic to Hall.
    Hall: “Hey yo----“

    “Oh you didn’t know? Your ass better call somebody!!!”

    The crowd erupts again as the music of Billy Gunn and Road Dogg hits, and the New Age Outlaws come to the ring! Both men look annoyed as Hall and Waltman stare curiously at their former stablemates. Road Dogg takes a mic from ringside.
    Road Dogg: “Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages, NCW proudly brings to you – the SIX TIME TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD – The Road Dogg Jessie James, The Bad Ass Billy Gunn – THE NEW AGE OUTLAWS!!!(Crowd goes wild again)” Road Dogg hands the mic to Billy Gunn.
    Gunn – “Don’t worry boys – we’ll get to you in a moment. And if you’re not down with that, we’ve got two words for you……”
    Crowd – “SUCK IT!”
    Road Dogg – “Now pardon me for ‘intruding’ Kane – Glenn – whatever you call yourself these days – but we have ourselves a bit of a reunion on our hands. Now I know, we’re not entirely complete… our so-called betters are off in other two-bit federations – but the band is nearly back together.”
    The four men embrace in the middle of the ring, and the crowd cheers.
    RD: “But you see, ‘Glenn’ – you’re causing us a little bit of trouble. You have to understand, when it comes to TAG TEAMS – you don’t need to look much further than old Road Dogg and Mr. Ass for one of the best in the business. No disrespect meant to my buddies here – but the last team you guys teamed together – didn’t you get your asses kicked in TNA? I know, Scott – you had your own demons – which you beat – through the power of positive thinking! And Sean, Pac – you showed your demon to the whole world… and I guess that brings me to the point. The New Age Outlaws deserve a chance to become the Seven Time Tag…”
    Glenn – “That’s enough of that rubbish for one show (crowd boos). The simple fact is, Mr. Dogg – that I’ve got other plans for you. You see..”
    Hall – “Hey yo (crowd cheers). I ain’t got no problem putting these titles up against you two chicos. If you wanna go – then let’s go – right here, right now!"
    (Crowd goes crazy)
    Glenn – “No, no – that won’t be necessary Scott. You see, I’ve already scheduled Mr. Dogg and Mr. Gunn in singles action tonight. You see, this is a new era. The inaugural Tuesday Night Destruction!! This isn’t the Attitude Era, and it is my belief that the New Age Outlaws are best served as singles competitors from here on in.(Crowd boos furiously) Which brings me to the next Championship – the Natural United States Championship. Tonight will see qualifying matches take place, with you, Mr. Gunn – taking on Albert!”

    The crowd cheered at this match announcement.
    Glenn – “But that’s not all. The second qualifying match will see Road Dogg take on Matt Morgan. Now frankly, gentlemen, I’ve heard enough from all of you. I have more announcements to make, so if you could kindly get the hell out of my ring.”

    Kane handed the tag belts to Hall and Waltman, and they posed with the titles to the crowd as Billy Gunn and Road Dogg looked on with bemused looks on their faces. Waltman extended his hand to Road Dogg, mouthing “It’s just business man, good luck tonight.” Road Dogg accepted the handshake. Gunn and Hall did the same and the four men left the ring together.
    Glenn – “Now that piece of business has concluded, my final announcement tonight – concerns this. (Kane gestures to the NCW World Championship) Now I thought of many ways to decide who deserves the honour of becoming the first EVER NCW Heavyweight Champion. And there truly is no other man more fitting of this honour. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you all – the first ever NCW Heavyweight Champion – the Franchise Player – John Cena!”

    The typical mixed reaction greeted Cena as his music blared and he came to the ring in typical fashion. Kane smiled broadly as he presented the Champ with the NCW Title. Cena posed on the ropes with the title, before grabbing the mic.
    Cena – “Now, I know what you’re all thinking – and to be honest, I agree. Champions are made, not handpicked. But I make this promise to you all tonight – I am a fighting champion! And I am willing to defend this title – right here tonight!!!”

    The crowd cheered this announcement by Cena.
    Glenn – “Hold your horses there, Mr. Cena. There will be no title matches tonight – I thought I made that abundantly clear to those two degenerates (cheers) a little earlier on. No, instead – there will be an a Battle Royale to determine the No. 1 Contender for your championship at Natural Selection. The participants are as follows – Scott Hall, and X-Pac! (cheers) The Monster, Abyss! (cheers) Test! (small Testicles chant) the returning Muhammad Hassan! (loud boos) The Charismatic Enigma, Jeff Hardy! (the crowd erupts) And, finally – a man who needs no introduction. Standing at over 7 feet tall, the 8th Wonder of the World….. Andre The Giant!”

    Andre’s music hits and he marches to the ring as the crowd go wild. Andre steps over the top rope and towers over John Cena in the center of the ring. Cena smirks and raises his title – Andre grabs him by the throat and shoves him over the ropes to the outside! Cena looks up in shock as Andre points at the title belt. Cena tries to get back in the ring – Kane steps between them with Cena on the apron.
    Glenn – “ Now, now gentlemen. That’s enough physical contact for one night. Andre – you will get your chance at Cena – IF you are victorious tonight. With that said….”

    Jeff Hardy comes from the crowd to huge cheers and gets on the top rope – Dropkick to Andre! The giant staggers to one knee – Twist of Fate by Hardy on Andre! The crowd roars as Jeff goes to the top - and is thrown into the barrier by Muhammad Hassan! Boos erupt as Hassan smirks at Kane and Cena who look on in shock – Camel Clutch to Andre….. Andre stands up with Hassan on his back! Test comes charging down the ramp and rolls into the ring – Big Boot to Andre! Hassan rolls off the giant as Andre goes through the second rope to the floor – Abyss’ music hits! The monster roars to the ring as Test and Hassan exchange blows – Black Hole Slam to Hassan! Big Boot to Abyss!
    Andre is up again as Abyss simply shakes off the boot from Test – Andre climbs back in the ring and the three big men face off! Andre and Abyss smirk at each other and both kick Test in the stomach! Shock Treatment to Test! The two monsters face off in the ring as Hardy climbs back to the top – Double dropkick – he’s swatted away like a fly! Both men stalk Hardy as he staggers to his feet… Cena gets in the ring! AA to Abyss! Cena whips Andre – who fires Cena over the ropes again! Hardy is up – and smashed to the mat by a huge clothesline! Andre stands tall as the other contenders and the Champ lie prone – Scott Hall and X-Pac slide into the ring behind Andre with chairs in their hands! Double chair shot to Andre!!! The giant roars in pain as X-Pac drops the steel chair on the mat – X-Factor on the Steel Chair! Andre is out cold!
    Hall picks up Hardy – Razor’s Edge to Jeff Hardy!! The tag team champions raise each other’s arms in the air as broken bodies lie all around them while Kane flips out on the ramp.

    *Commercial Break*

    Backstage – Kane is angrily speaking to security -
    “ I want none of this nonsense to happen again – my main event is in jeopardy now! I have an extremely angry Andre with a potential broken nose rampaging through my backstage area. Get him, no, get all of them – back to their dressing rooms and make sure they stay there. This is all that twerp Hardy’s fault!!”

    “I’m an ASS man!”

    The crowd cheers as Billy Gunn makes his way to the ring for his semi final match.
    Ring Announcer – “This is a qualifying match in the NUS Championship series. Introducing first – Billy Gunn!”
    Necrominus – “What an opening for our inaugural show – all of the contenders for Cena’s championship trying to prove a point before the Battle Royale tonight!”

    Albert’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring for the match.
    The match goes about ten minutes, with both men hitting their signature moves, but Albert pick up the victory as Billy Gunn attempts the Fame-Asser and has it countered into the Baldur Bomb. 1 – 2 – 3! Albert advances to the final!

    Backstage again - Kane is shown pacing around outside his office. He finally enters – to see the place destroyed. Chairs turned upside down, paper strewn everywhere – and a clock sitting on his desk. Written in bright red paint on the wall behind it is
    Kane flips out and throws the clock across the room. Disco Inferno enters the room at this point.
    Inferno – “Mr. Jacobs, I am here to protest your decision to not include me in tonight’s main event – I feel that I…. Disco Inferno – can bring the funk back to Natural Championship Wrestling.”

    Kane turns to Disco, pure fury and hatred in his eyes – and grabs him by the throat!!
    Kane (snarling) – "You pick this time – THIS TIME - to come and bother me? Oh I’ll give you a match alright, Disco. You want a chance?”

    Kane suddenly seems to realise what he’s doing and calms down. He releases Disco from his grasp and starts to smooth his suit.
    Glenn – “You know what? Fine. You’re in tonight. But I’m warning you Disco. I’ll be watching.”

    Disco Inferno nods and runs out of Kane’s office clutching his throat.

    Back in the ring, Matt Morgan’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring for the next match.
    Road Dogg comes to the ring next.

    The match again goes about ten minutes, with Road Dogg struggling to make an impact on the bigger man. Morgan picks up the win with his finisher the Carbon Footprint.
    Necrominus – “This singles experiment for the New Age Outlaws has gone horribly thus far – both men have lost their matches tonight!”

    *Commercial Break*
    Ring Anouncer: “It is now time for the number one contender’s Battle Royal! Introducing first – Disco Inferno!”

    The crowd boos as Disco dances to the ring without entering it, having been added to this match at the last moment by Kane.
    RA: “And his opponent – Jeff Hardy!”

    The crowd erupts as Hardy comes to the ring to his typical rockstar reception.

    The announcer introduces Test next, followed by Abyss and Muhammad Hassan.
    RA: “And next, the NCW Tag Team Champions – Scott Hall and X-Pac – The Kliq!
    RA: “And finally – the 8th Wonder of the World – Andre The Giant!”

    Andre storms the ring, grabbing Disco Inferno and tossing him into the ring – Twist of Fate by Hardy! Hardy tosses Disco over the ropes as Andre enters the ring.


    Andre enters the ring and faces off against the remaining 6 stars who begin to form a circle – Test rushes Andre with a Big Boot – Andre swats him away and over the ropes!


    Andre smirks as the remaining superstars look at each other in shock – Abyss steps forward and nails Andre with a right hand! The two big men exchange blows as Hassan tries to eliminate Hardy from behind – Hardy holds on! Hall and X-Pac slide from the ring to grab chairs from ringside – The Outlaws come from the crowd and block their path!
    Hassan is choking Hardy in the corner with his foot as Abyss has finally staggered the giant back into the corner. Abyss backs up for a clothesline – Andre recovers and counters with a knee to the gut! With two clubbing blows, Andre drives Abyss to the mat. Gunn and Road Dogg back Hall and X-Pac up – Andre grabs both men by their heads and hauls them into the ring!!!! Andre clotheslines Hall to the mat and hoists X-Pac into the air over his head – and tosses him to the floor on top of the Outlaws!


    Andre stalks Hall who backs up into the corner, when Abyss hits Andre in the back of the head. Hall and Abyss team up and start hammering Andre with lefts and rights, knocking him against the turnbuckles. Hassan drags Hardy to his feet and tries to dump Hardy to the floor – Hardy hangs on again! Hardy skins back in behind Hassan – jawbreaker! Double leg drop! Hardy picks up Hassan and whips him into the corner – Hassan reverses it – Hardy ascends the turnbuckles – Whisper in the Wind to Hassan!! Both men are on the canvas feeling the effects of the match so far.
    Abyss and Hall are in the opposite corner, trying to heave Andre across the ropes –Andre fights back and tosses Hall half way across the ring! Abyss kicks out at the back of Andre’s knee and tries to lift him for the Shock Treatment – Andre counters and chops Abyss backwards! He grabs Abyss – and tosses him to the floor!


    Hall is back up and low blows Andre, who drops to his knees in agony –Hall hits a bulldog on Andre! Hardy and Hassan are both up again, and Hall starts to direct traffic as the three men try to get Andre to his feet and over the ropes – Andre shoves them all to mat! Roaring, Andre comes forwards nailing Hall with lefts and rights – Hassan tries to get involved and Andre hits a piledriver on him! As Andre tries to get to his feet, Hardy is quick as a cat to the top rope – Swanton Bomb to Andre! Hall and Hardy try and drag Andre to his feet – he’s dead weight! Hassan gets up holding his neck and the three men start to haul the giant to his feet, leaning him against the ropes. Andre comes to and swats the three men off like flies! Hassan and Hall join arms and go for a double clothesline on Andre - Andre grabs both men and tosses them over the ropes! We are down to two!


    Hardy gets back to his feet as Andre smirks across the ring at him – he has truly been the immovable object tonight! Hardy ducks a clothesline and ascends the ropes, Whisper in The Wind to Andre! The giant staggers backwards, stunned from Hardy’s offense, Hardy goes for a hurricanrana – Andre counters into a powerbomb!
    Hardy is on the mat, gasping for air as Andre wipes sweat from his brow and drags him to his feet. Andre then tosses him over – Hardy hangs onto the second rope and catches Andre in a heads-scissors! Andre’s momentum brings him over, over the ropes and to the floor – Hardy’s feet look they’ve hit the floor too – but he swings back into the ring un-noticed!!

    Ring Announcer: “Here is your winner, and number one contender….”

    Andre is arguing with the referees about Hardy’s feet touching the floor – Andre tosses the ref across the announce table!! Jeff is staggering to his feet in the ring to celebrate as Andre gets back in and hits a thunderous double underhook suplex! Andre is hammering on the number one contender in the ring, sending trainers and referees flying as they try to restrain him!

    *John Cena’s music hits*

    The crowd cheers as Cena rushes the ring, and starts unloading on Andre! Cena staggers the giant backwards and bounces off the ropes, flying into him with a shoulder tackle! Andre stumbles in the ring, and Cena hits another shoulder tackle – taking Andre off his feet! Cena gets ready for the 5 knuckle shuffle – You Can’t See Me! – Andre catches Cena’s fist and gets to his feet again!
    Hardy is somehow on his feet again and ascends the top rope – Dropkick to Andre! Cena and Hardy hit a double clothesline – sending Andre to the floor! The crowd erupts as Andre rages outside the ring and is finally restrained by a small army of backstage agents, trainers and referees.

    The show goes off the air as Hardy and Cena eye each other tensely across the ring.

    Natural Selection Line-Up:

    NCW Heavyweight Championship: John Cena (C) VS Jeff Hardy

    Natural US Championship Final: TBC

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    "How did he kick out"......... "KENTA's on his feet, he's on his feet"......"BUSAIKU KNEE TO SID"....."1"...."2"......"3! KENTA DID IT! KENTA IS THE NEW MWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!"

    They say that war, war never changes. Well the fans here at MWA can attest that this is bulls**t. War is wrestling, wrestling is MWA & MWA is always changing.

    12 months ago KENTA defeated Sycho Sid to achieve a dream, to become a World Heavyweight Champion.The only problem with this is that eventually all dreams come to an end and so was the case of KENTA when he was defeated by the newly signed Brian Pillman 3 months into his reign. After failing to win the title back KENTA left for pastures new, joining Fusion Pro Wrestling.

    Pillman proved popular with the MWA fans who embraced his cocky "f*** everybody" attitude, largely because he was so entertaining in the ring, but also due to his ongoing feud with MWA owner Mike Tyson. Mr Tyson had already fired fan favourite Ken Shamrock leading many fans to believe the Baddest Man on the Planet was actually afraid of the World's Most Dangerous Man. So when Tyson tried to stack the deck against Brian Pillman it was inevitable that the fans would fully get behind the World Heavyweight Champion. Unfortunately for Pillman & the fans, Tyson stripped the Loose Cannon of the Championship before quitting the company the next night & it has been vacant ever since. However..
    Death of MWA? New Champion Revealed! And You Won't Believe Who It Is!!!!
    "PWB Scoooopz reports that MWA has a new World Heavyweight Champion after being bought by a mystery owner. The Champion, whom this reporter has been reliably informed is former WWE/ECW jobber Colin Delaney, was handpicked by the new owner and awarded a big money deal. The decision, described by our source as a "bold strategy Cotton, lets see if it pays off for em", is likely to turn viewers off en masse as such an unworthy champion being handed a belt of such prestige is a slap in the face of those who truly deserve it."
    New Champion is NOT Colin Delaney.
    "Pro Wrestling Witness reports that MWA does indeed have a new champion but the only information we can gather from our sources is that it is going to be a Hollywood star. We will report more when we get it."

    Whichever story you wish to believe it does seem to be true that MWA finally has a new World Heavyweight Champion but the nature of this is where the real contention lies. All accounts point to the Champion being an outsider with no ties to MWA; he is being handed the Championship in lieu of having to earn it in the ring, a fact that (if true) is surely going to anger MWA stalwarts like former Champion Brian Pillman, the newest supreme wrestler Kazuchika Okada, and Intercontinental Champion Rob Van Dam.

    Continue reading below for a slideshow of wrestlers who are more deserving than the "mystery Champ".

    1. Brian Pillman

    The Loose Cannon Brian Pillman is the man MWA fans are paying to see. He was stripped of the Championship by a crooked owner & boardroom politics have prevented him from taking it back. His reign lasted over 6 months and in the 3 months since being stripped Pillman has continued to entertain the fans despite the lack of direction within the company. Simply awarding the World Heavyweight Championship to anyone other than Pillman is a slap in the face of the biggest star MWA has, and it would be an extremely risky path to go down to not at least make the new Champion fight the rightful Champion. I honestly think Pillman could walk out of the company over this. Don't let this happen, give us what we want MWA. Give us the 2-time World Heavyweight Champion Brian Pillman.
    2. Kazuchika Okada

    Okada arrived at MWA late last summer sending fans into fits of hysteria. That they could see one of the best wrestlers in the world competing in front of their very eyes every week was initially met with so much glee that this reporter thought he had finally experienced the wrestling equivalent to BeatleMania. This glee was shortlived as Okada confirmed himself to be the biggest heel in the company when he was joined by his teammates 5 weeks later. Together known as The Lions of CHAOS; Okada, Kota Ibushi, Kenny Omega, Alex Shelley & Kushida would drive various MWA stars out of the company such as Mick Foley, Dean Ambrose, Bobby Lashley, Tazz & Zack Sabre Jr. Ibushi & Omega even toppled the dominant Tag Team Champions and have yet to relinquish their grasp on the titles. The hatred towards the group has died down over recent months though; the Pillman-Tyson storyline took over & the group never crossed paths with Pillman throughout. Once that storyline filtered into real life & the Championship was made vacant the fans actually started cheering Lions of CHAOS hoping that the board would make Okada the new Champion. This would be a wise route to go down as the potential is there for a huge babyface or mega heel run by Okada & the possibility of a Lions of CHAOS breakdown could lead to countless feuds & Match of the Year candidates.
    3. Rob Van Dam
    This suggestion split opinion here in the office with some of my co-workers refusing to talk to me now but hear me out. RVD is one of the few success stories of both the Alliance storyline & WWE's ECW. He has entertained crowds around the world no matter what company he's in or who he's fighting. RVD is a natural fan favourite and after the frustrating 3 months MWA fans have had to endure they deserve a Champion that they respect & like. He is currently the Intercontinental Champion and it would make for interesting viewing seeing MWA have its first Double Champion. Sure it wouldn't rock the boat but after such rough seas MWA could do with a bit of smooth sailing (I'll get my coat) to start the year.

    This has been an article by BMG.

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    (sig by Deadlie)

    Female Voiceover: There are moments in our lives when darkness seems to envelop us…
    For the love of God! Austin kick out! KICK OUT!

    …Here is your winner and the NEW MNG World Heavyweight Champion…Dynamite King!

    …History has been made!

    Voiceover: Moments when the darkness seems to swallow our very being…
    No, damn it! No, this is not right!

    …a new era for Monday Night Grappling has begun. Damn it…

    We see footage of Dynamite King reigning over Monday Night Grappling during the post-season and standing over the bodies of babyface stars.

    Voiceover: But it should always be borne in mind…

    We see footage of Nick Bockwinkel and Ray Stevens who challenged Dynamite during this period. We see them going toe to toe with the heels…

    Voiceover: It is always darkest…

    Now we see footage of the big summer angle where Bockwinkel and Stevens introduced their back up…


    The triumphant first appearance of Finn Balor who spearheaded the war against the evil Dynamite regime. We see him in the demon paint which he wore increasingly in the fight against the heels.

    Voiceover: …before the dawn!

    Now we see Dynamite and his heel stable backing away before disappearing. We then are shown newspaper reports of Dynamite refusing to return citing contract issues. The headlines ask whether there will be a champion for the new season?

    Voiceover: But even though our hearts may be gladdened by the light…

    We now see footage of Balor wearing the demon attire on a weekly basis, as if it has become a crutch for him…an addiction…every week we see new and more darker disguises…

    Voiceover: Our joy is tempered by the knowledge…


    We see Finn acting in a much more aggressive manner with the demon paint. More ruthless, ignoring his fans, focusing solely on his opponents, etc.

    Voiceover: the darkness never truly leaves us…

    We get a close up of Demon Balor’s eyes from the last show before the new season. On this show we were set for Balor vs Dynamite but a new figure emerged on the ramp instead of Dynamite. It was the debut of…


    The Million Dollar Man

    Voiceover: And for some that darkness…

    Dibiase: I’m afraid kid you won’t be getting your title match tonight. Because that title which you want…

    Dibiase pulls out something from behind him.

    Voiceover: …is a beauty… truly…priceless.

    Dibiase: …that belt now belongs to me.

    The Million Dollar Man cackles as the final shot of the season is a lingering shot on the eyes of the Demon eyeing up the greatest prize, now in the arms of Dibiase.

    The show opens with our new theme for this year…

    Commentator #1: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to this Overview/Preview show for Monday Night Grappling where we will fill you in on what you missed since last year and prepare you for what’s in store!

    Commentator #2: We are back this year, right? Like, just us? That Boomer Sooner guy isn’t going to be around is he?

    Commentator #1: Uh no. He isn’t with us this time. Tonight folks I am informed that the Million Dollar Man is to be officially unveiled as the Monday Night Grappling World Champion. We intend to focus on our roster picks and reveal how they came to be at our organisation. Speaking of which, let’s go live to the Million Dollar Man’s limousine right now…


    Time: Present day

    Scene: Dibiase’s limo with the man himself plus Irwin R. Schyster. He is being interviewed by a female reporter.

    Reporter: So there’s no truth to the rumour that you paid off Dynamite for the title which is now in your possession?

    Dibiase and I.R.S. laugh.

    Dibiase: Little lady, why would I do a thing like that?

    Reporter: Hmm, perhaps to avoid having to face him in the ring? He is dangerous. And by paying him off you could skip ahead of Finn Balor who was the number one contender for the title. And…well…you’ve done this sort of thing before, haven’t you? When you paid off Andre The Giant for his title. Before Wrestlemania IV I believe?

    Dibiase: Darling, darling, I don’t need to pay off anybody. I beat Dynamite for this title fair and square in England and that’s all you need to know.

    Reporter: England? You previously said the match took place in Japan.

    I.R.S.: England, Japan, we move around so much it’s hard to keep track.

    Dibiase: Listen, let’s just focus on my glorious unveiling tonight, shall we? Speaking of which, why is the damn traffic so slow? And why are there people on the road?

    Reporter: It can’t be helped. I believe there’s a funeral procession taking place on the street.

    Dibiase laughs at her and turns to I.R.S. ‘Bring that damn hearse driver back here.’

    I.R.S. returns a few moments later with the middle-aged hearse driver.

    Dibiase (starts thumbing his money): I need to get a move on to my title unveiling ceremony at the Ritz and you’re holding me up. I want you to take a detour and get off this road.

    Driver: Sir, we’re heading to the cemetery. It’s a funeral procession and this is the fastest route. It’s a service for a much-loved charity worker who I knew personally. A good man who at just 41 left behind a wife and two-

    Dibiase: I don’t want to hear it. Here’s your charity work. (He rolls out several fifty dollar bills…)

    Driver: Sir, if I take the detour then those people will be left standing another thirty minutes in the cold and the news says there’s heavy rain on the way. I can’t…

    Dibiase continues rolling out dozens more bills and the driver stops talking. He looks at the reporter shame-faced, then back at Dibiase, and then he takes the money. In a matter of moments the crowd ahead begins to clear and the limo speeds on down the road.

    Reporter: You are a real nasty piece of work, you know that?

    Dibiase: Everybody’s gotta price for the Million Dollar Man!

    And he cackles as the limo speeds towards the hotel…


    Time: Several months ago

    Scene: A ‘pleasure’ house, somewhere in Japan.


    We see Big Van Vader with several Japanese women straddled around him, drinking. There are waiters rushing to and fro to get him some beer. A young waiter approaches the monster and is so nervous that he drops the glass which shatters at his feet. Vader gets up and powerbombs the poor fellow through a table before collapsing on the heap of women, laughing uproariously.

    A door swings open and a man in a white hat appears. Vader roars to shut the damn door or he’ll get up and smash him. The man asks Vader if he is sober enough to be able to land a punch. A hush falls on the place and Vader gets up to throttle the stranger. ‘Who the hell thinks they can talk like that to Big Van-’ he begins, but on seeing the man up close, he smiles a big grin and roars at everyone else to leave. They all scarper.

    ‘Well, well’ says Vader. ‘What brings you here, old friend?’

    Man: Ready for a challenge?

    Vader: Where to, this time?

    Man: Back there.

    Vader: Back? I dominated BWA last year. They won the Draft because of me, you know.

    Man: Not there. But another former home.

    Vader: Grappling? Forget it! I dominated there. And they won their Draft because of me. That dumbass let me go and I went and won it elsewhere. (He laughs and lets out a loud burp)

    Man: We got a hell of a roster lined up. Plenty of potential victims. Title opportunities. And some familiar faces.

    Vader gets up, shaking his head.

    Vader: I have nothing to prove. He readjusts his tights. ‘I don’t know who these familiar faces are but they aren’t a challenge.’ He turns towards the room where the women went, but the man laughs.

    Vader: What’s so funny?

    Man: Oh I can think of one guy you’d find a challenge. Someone we aim to have on our books. Someone you’ve been wanting to get at for years, after what he did to your eye…

    Vader’s eyes bulge wide (ironic, you could say).

    Vader: Hansen? Stan Hansen is in Monday Night Grappling?

    Man: The very same. We also have one of the hottest young talents in the business today. Someone who has made quite a name for himself in Japan: Finn Balor.

    Vader: Ah, the Demon.

    Man: His reputation has reached you, I see. We also hope to possess the best brawler in the business today. The man-

    Vader: I am the best.

    Man: Well perhaps you can take that up with him: Tomohiro Ishii. This fella loves punishment.

    Vader: (snorts) They all love it ‘til they meet me.

    ‘I’ll just leave my card,’ says the man and he exits, smiling.

    Vader: So... (he makes the V- sign) Looks like it’s that time again…


    Time: A few days ago

    Scene: A therapist’s office, Tokyo


    We see a camera view of a woman’s crossed legs and, across from her, seated, Bray’s finest: Finn Balor. He seems jittery and sips some water.

    Therapist: Well, if this man in the white hat wishes to give you an opportunity to perform, I think it could be good for you. But I hope you heed my advice and abandon this persona of yours. This…demon.

    Finn Balor: But doc, this is what I am known for. It’s what my fans expect. My alter ego enables me to go to another gear in the ring.

    Therapist: You said yourself you worry about the darkness taking over. Look how nervous you are without that attire on you.

    Finn Balor: I feel almost naked without it.

    Therapist: You see? I have seen this in my work before. Sometimes people develop personas - think of them as akin to wearing masks - to better face the world around them. But sometimes this new persona, these new masks, are relied upon so much, that the person forgets who they were to begin with – it simply becomes for them a new face entirely. They lose themselves. They change. You must make sure that this doesn’t happen to you.

    Balor thanks the therapist and gets up to leave. He stops at the door and then hands her his backpack. She moves to refuse but he insists. He leaves the office.

    We see the therapist move towards the window watching Finn below move into the crowds and then she opens the backpack. She sees the demon attire inside. She shuts the bag and shivers.


    Time: Several months ago

    Scene: A beautiful afternoon sees The Ryback exercising in the park. A woman approaches with her dog. She gestures towards The Ryback with her bags.


    Woman: Excuse me, sir. Could you hold these for one second? I need to pick up my dog’s…er, deposit.

    The Ryback agrees. After a moment she takes the bag back.

    Woman: Thanks that’s very kind of you. I was- oh. That’s funny. I thought I had more doggy treats here.

    Ryback: (muffling something as the dog whines)

    Woman: I should go.

    The Ryback gulps as she moves out of view.

    ‘You’ve got a hunger that can’t be sated, Ryback,’ says a voice from behind.

    Ryback turns to see a man wearing a white hat.

    Man: That’s what I like about you. A man after my own heart. How would you like to come to where the big dogs play?

    He hands Ryback his card. ‘Oh and you don’t know where I might find your old friend Curtis Axel do you? He seems to have decided to become a social outcast for real this time.’

    Ryback shakes his head. ‘I haven’t been able to reach him for a while.’

    Man: I will think of something. In the meantime what do you say I treat you to dinner and we talk some more?

    Ryback smiles.

    Ryback: Guess which word there you won me over with?


    Time: Several months ago

    Scene: A bar somewhere in the deep South, U.S. of A.


    We see Stan ‘The Lariat’ Hansen knocking back a few ice beers in some dive. He is seated at the bar listening to some Johnny Cash. He is alone, or rather, he was…

    ‘What’s this tired old hillbilly sh*t?’ says a voice, standing beside the jukebox.

    Hansen doesn’t move. He eyes them up from out of the corner of his eyes. He sees they are bikers. He knows the type. Usual out-of-town dicks who think grouping together their drunk asses, and sticking on a bandana and a leather jacket makes them into tough guys. Hansen spots there is only three of ‘em and he’s not even tipsy. The hell kind of challenge will this be?

    Head biker: Hey bar-keep! Put some f*cking real rock music on in this b*tch!’ His two buddies are laughing.

    Far off in the shadows a man in a white hat is sipping a coke and watching.

    Hansen sips more of his beer.

    Hansen: Leave the jukebox alone and get out.

    His voice is calm, matter-of-fact. The biker turns; his mouth hangs open.

    Head biker: The f*ck did you just say to me, cowboy?’ His buddies giggle some more.

    Hansen finishes his beer and swivels around on his seat. The bartender pleads with Hansen that he doesn’t want trouble. Hansen raises his arm to quieten him down.

    Hansen: Because I’m not drunk yet I will let the two braying hyenas go quietly. But I’m afraid I’m gonna have to hurt you for disrespecting Mr Johnny Cash. Those are the rules.

    The loudmouth lead biker's lip starts to twitch.

    ‘Want me to go out and get the others?’ asks one of the ‘hyenas’ but the ringleader says no.

    Head biker: We’re gonna deal with this ourselves and send this son of a b*tch to go meet Cash personally!

    He charges, and Hansen swings the empty bottle which explodes on the ringleader’s temple. Blood and glass rain about the counter as the ringleader collapses on the ground and begins to cry.

    The first ‘hyena’ now attacks and gets near-decapitated by a Lariat. The second ‘hyena’, seeing what happened to his pal turns to leave but Hansen grabs him. He hoists him up and gives him a piledriver on the floor.

    From the shadows another gang member charges at Hansen from behind, but he is knocked to the ground by a chair. Hansen turns and sees the man in the white hat having knocked this biker down.

    Man in the hat: You thought there were three of ‘em instead of four, didn’t you? You really ought to get those eyes tested.

    Hansen smiles at the stranger he seems to recognize. He then advances towards the ringleader who is bleeding everywhere.

    ‘Guys!’ he screams, as if calling for back-up outside. But no one comes. Hansen continues to walk towards him. He drags the ringleader up who has now soiled himself.

    Head biker: Please! Please! I’m sorry! I love Johnny Cash! Honest! Please don’t touch me, man!

    Hansen drops the guy down. He picks up a box of matches from outside the biker’s pocket. He strikes the match on the counter.

    Hansen: You should quit this stuff, you know. It ain’t good for you.

    And he flicks the match on the alcohol-soaked head as a fireball alights. The biker screams and rushes out the door, presumably to search for the horse watering-hole.

    Hansen (turning to the man): Thanks for the assist, not that I needed it. So is this the part where you make me the big sell?

    The man nods.

    Hansen: Save it. No force on this earth would stop me being at Monday Night Grappling. I got important business to attend to, y’see? Now then…want to go grab a beer elsewhere?’

    ‘Can’t,’ says the man. ‘Have more big sells to make.’

    Hansen laughs. ‘I never cared much for selling,’ and he heads outside.

    He braces himself for possibly having to fight some more bikers outside but as he exits the bar he brushes shoulders with a big fellow entering.

    Hansen looks around the lot and sees to his surprise that there are four more biker goons knocked out on their ass. There is a look on his face as if to say, ‘I wonder who that guy who passed me by was?’ He walks out into the night.


    Time: Several months ago

    Scene: James Storm is hitching a ride with an old driver. It is nightfall.


    Driver: So you think this Monday Night Grappling place could be the start of something big for you?

    Storm: That’s the plan, brother. About time I realized the potential that I know I have.

    The driver pulls up. ‘Well sir, I wish you well. This here is the place you wanted. It ain’t much though.

    Storm hops down. ‘It beats Nashville. Besides, I can hear Johnny Cash from inside. I think I’m going to like it here.’ He waves the driver off and walks towards the bar.

    ‘Where do you think you’re going?’ says a voice from the shadows. It is a biker; he is bald.

    ‘What’s in the bag, bro?’ says a voice from behind. Two more figures emerge from either side, surrounding Storm.

    Storm: (smiling ruefully). ‘Well, sh*t.’

    Bald biker: That’s about where you are, boy.

    Storm: Correction. Where “we” are.

    Storm punches the guy to his left down with one shot, then elbows the guy to his right and takes him down. The guy from behind grabs him and it is then they hear the sound of a commotion from inside. Storm uses the distraction and kicks the bald biker in the face, before wriggling free of the guy who had grabbed him and trapping him in an armbar. The guy screams as Storm breaks his arm.

    Bald biker: That’s enough.

    He is standing over Storm and has a knife at his throat. He tells Storm to get up. The other three are down on the ground, two knocked out cold and one of them having passed out from the pain, but the bald guy now has the knife up close.

    Bald biker: You’re tough. But not quite tough enough.

    Then the doors of the bar swing open and a biker is seen running out with a giant fireball atop his head. He runs round the side shouting ‘water, water!’

    The biker mouths ‘what the hell’ as Storm takes the chance and grabs the knife, twisting the guy’s wrist so hard that he hears it snap. The biker collapses and begins to moan. Storm takes the knife and proceeds to use it to burst the biker’s wheels. He approaches the bald biker.

    Bald biker: You son of a b*tch!

    Storm (smiling): Sorry about your damn luck.

    He boots the guy in the face and knocks him out cold, then he pockets the knife. He heads into the bar, brushing past a big fellow on his way outside.
    When he enters he sees several bodies on the ground being dragged away into the back. He scratches his head and orders a beer.

    ‘Hell of an evening,’ says a voice from behind him wearing a white hat.

    Storm smiles. ‘Well hell, long time, no see!’

    He hugs the man and says he doesn’t think the chaos in here was caused by him. The man shakes his head and says it’s just an example of what’s going to be in store on Monday Night Grappling. Storm asks who the man he passed outside was.

    ‘You can meet him and more if you sign on the dotted line,’ says the man taking out a contract.

    Storm sips his beer and pats the knife inside his jacket pocket which he stole from the biker. ‘Some things are meant to be.’ He signs.


    Time: Present Day

    Scene: Nick Bockwinkel and Ray Stevens are having lunch at the Ritz hotel lobby. They have just posed for photographs with fans.


    Stevens: So do you think Dibiase is really going to be named the World Champ when he gets here later?

    Bockwinkel: Hard to say, Ray. He seems convinced that he will, but I believe that would be a grievous error of judgement on the part of the company.

    Stevens: We had to earn these (he points to their World Tag Team Titles) so he should have to earn the World Title belt too. I don’t believe for one minute he won that title off Dynamite fair and square.

    Bockwinkel shakes his head and stares out the window. There is a rumble of thunder in the distance.

    Bockwinkel: I have a bad feeling…

    Stevens: We will manage Dibiase.

    Bockwinkel: I don’t just mean that. I have a feeling this year…something ominous lurks on the horizon.

    Stevens: You worry too much. We’ll be fine. You’ll see.

    Bockwinkel stares off in the distance.

    Stevens: There’s a storm coming.

    Bockwinkel sips his martini and nods.


    Time: Several days ago

    Scene: A building in Tokyo


    Manami Toyota is being attacked by several men. One charges her and she delivers a hip toss. Another throws a spin kick only for Toyota to duck and sweep his leg. Then a final man grabs her from behind only to be judo tossed to the side.

    Toyota: Okay!

    It is then that the camera pans back and we see she is in a wrestling ring and that this is her wrestling school. She helps up what are presumably her students and encourages them as they leave the ring to grab some water.

    Then her eyes catch a figure outside. He is wearing a white hat. She smiles in recognition as the man approaches.

    Man in the hat: You haven't lost a step since I last saw you four years ago. I want you to come back with me. I know you love teaching the next generation but I also know deep down you want to show why you're still the best.

    He presses the card in her hand just as Toyota's students return and crowd around her asking questions. She searches for the man in the white hat but he is gone.

    'Who was that?' asks one of her students in Japanese.

    Toyota: An old friend.


    Time: Several months ago

    Scene: Tomohiro Ishii’s home, on the outskirts of Kawasaki, Japan. It is raining heavily.


    We see a sleek black car pull up outside the gates. Four Russian men step out of the vehicle. They are wearing suits and carrying handguns. The leader carries an umbrella. He motions to his colleagues to go around the back.

    Russian Man: Mr. Ishii! The time has come to collect our money. If we do not get our money then we will have to take your home!

    The camera shifts to a scene of dogs running. We see the perspective of one of the men that was sent around the back entrance. The man stops – ‘what was that’ his face seems to say? There is a scream.

    The Russian with the umbrella calls out. One of the men is not answering. We see the perspective of another Russian at the side entrance. He peaks into a window and sees something dash by. What was that? There is another scream.

    The Russian with the umbrella is scared now. He calls for them to return to the car. There is silence.

    We see the perspective of the remaining Russian who has broken into the cellar. He opens a door and sees a pitbull. He screams…but then notices it is a stone pitbull. He breathes a sigh of relief. He closes the door – and then he sees him: Ishii. The man is knocked cold before he can cry out again.

    Now there is silence. All the Russian with the umbrella can hear now is the thrum-thrum of the raindrops. He calls out. Silence. He considers knocking on the front door. He thinks better of it. He calls out once more. Silence. He has to leave now. He turns to head back to the car when he hears something: steps, but not human ones. His mouth drops. He screams.

    A half dozen pitbulls are chasing him down. He turns to run and slips. He scrambles to his feet, hearing the dogs seconds away from him. He makes it to the door. Shuts it. Locks it. They didn’t get him. His hands are shaking. He stifles a sob. He looks in the mirror. And then he sees him. HIM. No scream is heard. There’s no time.

    The door opens. The dogs are frenzied. They can smell the blood on his knuckles. Ishii raises his fist high. They fall silent. He walks towards the house as the dogs part for him. Then they follow him.

    Ishii enters the kitchen and wraps up his bleeding hand. He notices some drops of blood have fallen on the card that the man in the white hat had left here yesterday.

    Ishii (in Japanese): A bad omen.

    One of the pitbulls has followed him into the kitchen and lies down by his feet.

    Ishii (looking out at the black car in his driveway): Don’t get too comfortable. We have a journey to undertake.


    Time: Present Day

    Scene: The Ritz Hotel as The Million Dollar Man prepares for his unveiling.

    Dibiase: Ladies and gentlemen, members of the associated Press, wrestling fans around the world. It brings me great satisfaction to stand here before you today as the new beacon, the new symbol of this wonderful organisation.

    We see Bockwinkel and Stevens in the crowd looking on, unimpressed.

    Dibiase: Monday Night Grappling deserves a World Champion it can be proud of. And as the man who defeated Dynamite for this here championship belt back in England…

    I.R.S.: Japan, boss.

    Dibiase: Right. Anyway the point is I stand here before you as the man! The premier athlete in this great sport. And it is my honour – though mainly your honour – that I stand here and declare myself the new–

    Voice: Not so fast.

    There is a commotion as a man in a white hat strides forth towards the podium.

    Dibiase: What the hell are you doing here?

    Man in the hat: Retrieving property. I have checked the records of the past number of months and I am not satisfied that you defeated Dynamite for this title. In fact, there is plenty of suspicion that you paid him off to get the belt in your possession. Monday Night Grappling isn’t about to have our World Title handed to someone thanks to some shady backroom deal, Mr. Dibiase.

    Instead, live on the very first show of our new season next week on the Boards PW Network, we will have an over-the-top rope battle royal to determine who gets this title belt right here and becomes our new World Heavyweight Champion. Now the good news for you Dibiase is that you will be in that match – the bad news is that so will every other member of our roster!

    Dibiase is nearly tearing his hair out as I.R.S. attempts to calm him down. In the crowd we see Bockwinkel and Stevens applauding this decision.

    Dibiase: You can’t do this! This is not fair! This is not right! I bought-I mean I beat Dynamite for that title fair and square. You can’t do this, you hear me?!

    The man removes his white hat and gets nose to nose with Dibiase. The viewers see his face for the first time.


    Man with white hat removed: My name is Jim Cornette and you bet your ass I can do this because I am the Commissioner of Monday Night Grappling. Now stick that in your f*cking pipe and smoke it!

    Commentator #1: Commissioner Cornette is back, folks! And Cornette has assembled stars from around the world; it seems we’ve got a hell of a show on the way!

    Commentator #2: You ain’t kidding! What huge news that we will crown a new World Champion on our opening show next week! This is one you won't want to miss!

    The credits roll.

    'It is better to walk alone in the right direction than follow the herd walking in the wrong direction.'

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    We interrupt your usual propaganda for this important announcement.


    My name is Solomon Crowe, and I’m leaving this as a message to whoever comes next, to let you know that the world is about to change. Hopefully. Possibly. We’re trying our best. If you’ve found this video file, then hopefully it’s in a much better time than this.

    At time of recording, the date is March 20th, 2019. I’m sure you all know basic recent history, but in case you’re living under a rock, I’ll recap.

    In 2016, Donald Trump was elected President of the United States of America. Some thought it was funny. Some thought it was rebellious. Most pondered what electing a non-poilitican into the White House would yield.

    But no one saw the reality of what was to come. No one could have predicted how tyrannical he could be.

    Shortly after he started his term, he started making wild declarations. Mass censorship of anyone and everything that could relay negative messages about him were shut down; Facebook, Youtube....people tried Bebo again for a while, but he got it all. The web still exists, in a fashion. Content is screened, and he left the porn, which kept most happy, or at least blissfully willing to ignore problems elsewhere. Spotify slowly deleted any songs that could incite rebellion. Television was already becoming a defunct medium anyway, but when he started to censor everything...Fox News has tried to stand up to him pre-election, and he remembered. The Fox HQ still remains baron, a skyscraper sized monument designed to remind everyone whose in charge.

    What people didn’t anticipate was the impact that pro-wrestling, of all things, had on Trump in the decades prior to his election. Sure, he had helped house several Wrestlemanias, had participated in one as a manager...hell, he even owned one of the main brands in wrestling for a bit. But when he was elected, and started declaring his staff, things got a bit surprising.

    I should probably introduce his cabinet.


    Trump, obviously, our benevolent leader. He dumped Wife #32 and married Wife #33, a blonde bombshell by the name of Kaitlin. Jeff Jarrett weaselled his way into the Vice-Presidency; his CV had shown he had experience leading various companies before, albeit with varying success. Asuka was made Secretary of Defence, a nutcase who encouraged no mercy on any opposition. And Umaga....we’ll get to him later.

    Well, it’s 2019...which means re-election is coming round again. “Re-election”. Stressing the faux quotation marks. Not, mind, that there’s anyone running against him. The Democratic Party was outlawed. So was the Republican party, which he felt hadn’t supported him enough in the initial campaign. There’s a Party of One now, Trump and his buddies making all the decisions. Its a scam, designed to make it look like there’s a choice where none exists.

    He outlawed Pro-Wrestling, obviously; too many stories of good versus evil, underdogs rebelling against Authorities, too likely to yield ordinary people thinking they could do the same.

    I guess then, at this stage, I should tell you about my little group, a band of resistance fighters who have decided we can’t let him keep going. This is a record of our attempts to stop him. So far, we’re just a band of three. There’s me, my buddy Dean Ambrose, and some crazy chick who is friends with Dean, called AJ Lee.

    This is our story....



    Dean figured if we’re going to do this, that we could probably use experience. Someone who had fought a fight like this before, and won. Not too many people like that around. He heard tales of an old veteran who liked to drink at pubs in downtown of the capital, so he went to look for himself. Nothing wrong with going to chat.

    He checked a few bars, met plenty of people drowning their sorrows. Some looked up from their glasses every now and again, semi-recognising him but not wanting to get involved with someone synonymous with an outlawed profession.

    He found the vet, eventually. Sitting at a dark and grungy bar, a row of cans lined up in front of him. Dean approached the bald man as he tipped back another can, emptying the contents down his throat, not caring if it all got into his mouth or not.


    Dean: Looking good, Steve. Mind if I join ya.

    Dean didn’t wait for an answer, opting instead to pull up a stool and plop down beside him. Steve Austin just grunted, and tried to ignore him.

    Dean: What ya been up to, Steve?

    No reply. Dean shrugged and downed a drink of his own. The two sat in silence for a while, until the vet talked.

    Steve: Don’t you know what they’ll do if they catch two “sports entertainers” talking and drinking. Wouldn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea about us, think we’re considering doing any wrong doin’s.

    Dean: Me? You? Wrongdoings? Now Steve, why would anyone think we’re capable of doing anything like that.

    Steve let a little chuckle and took another drink.

    Steve: If you’re here for the reason I think you are, the answer is no.

    Dean stayed quiet.

    Steve: People talk. Say you’re going to do something crazy. That you’re putting together a little team.

    : People talk? People talk too much. Should mind their own business.

    Both men drank.

    Dean: Hypothetically. If I was...

    Steve: Goddamn it, Dean. I don’t want to get dragged into it.

    Dean: Are you kidding me? Stone Cold Steve Austin doesn’t want to fight? What happened man? You use to be the first person into the fray.

    Steve: Yeah. I got old. I’ve no desire to get shipped off to The Wall.

    OH! The wall. That’s important.


    See, when Trump decided to outlaw pro-wrestling, he didn’t just force people out of their jobs. The intent was to make sure people didn’t have their heroes to look up to. And he knew that chief among those heroes were the masked luchadores, heroes to many, and sometimes near Gods in parts of the country. Especially among the young Latino populations, luchadors were revered for their ability to inspire. Their tales of ascension, their ability to personify the American Dream, made them dangerous icons.

    He had already announced he would build a wall between the US and Mexico. So Trump decided that he could knock out two birds with one stone.


    Yes, every luchador Trump could find, he drafted into the US Army by force. The legends, those at the top of the industry, were the first taken. He shipped them off to the border, where he appointed Umaga as his Secretary of Homeland Security, a title given to a thug to patrol the walls and instil fear in any who objected to their new lives. They were forced to stay in their wrestling attires, the masks of legend now turned into an oppressive uniform.

    Such lives breed bitterness and resentment. So while Ambrose went to recruit Stone Cold....


    She had to sneak in quietly, but it wasn’t an issue for her. She was small and well capable of being a stealthy presence. As she moved through the camps, she spotted the three men she wanted to find, all working hard on The Wall. She approached them when she saw a window; guards were few, but such was the fear of objecting to their lives that few tried to escape.


    She kept her hood down as she approached.

    ????: Rey?

    The oldest of the three turned and looked at her. He was old and haggard, and his gear was torn and worn from age. But when he realised who stood before him, he still managed to muster a smile.

    Rey Mysterio: It’s been too long, Ms Lee.


    Sin Cara and Kalisto worked nearby. When they saw her, they started scanning the area, looking for anyone who would catch her. It was dangerous for a woman to be at the Wall. More dangerous to be caught by the Samoan monster that was Umaga.

    Rey: You shouldn’t be here.

    AJ: You know me. I’m just a little....

    Rey: Cra...

    AJ: ....rebelious. Speaking bout we break you boys out of here? If you’re interested in getting some revenge?

    The three luchadors looked at each other, nervous but intriguied. If AJ had approached them, if she had risked his well being to talk to them, then the least they could do was hear them out....


    Back at the bar, things weren’t going well for Ambrose. Truth be told, he was sure that Stone Cold would have jumped at the chance to raise some hell again. Yet as he talked to him now, all he felt was that the Rattlesnake was....nervous? Certainly impatient.

    Ambrose: You’re serious? You don’t want to help kick Trump’s ass?

    Austin: No. Thats not the life I live anymore. I just want to have a drink. In peace.

    Ambrose: No way. What happened, Austin. Where’s the hellraising son of a bitch I grew up idolizing? Where’s the rattlesnake who stood nose to nose with a vindictive, tyrannical psychopath, and flipped him off? You were the symbol of resistance, the blue collar hero, the...

    Austin slammed his beer down on the counter. He stood up.

    Austin: I said no. Fine yourself another symbol. I’m not anyone’s hero.

    With that, he walked out of the bar. Ambrose sat, stunned. A voice piped up to his side.

    ???: Don’t be so hard on him. He’s had a long and hard life. It can blunt even the sharpest of tools.

    Ambrose rose and started to walk out, not responding or even looking at the speaker.



    As he walked out into the wet night, another voice spoke from the shadows.

    ???: Dean. Been hearing some unsavoury rumours, so thought I’d come check if they were true or not.


    Ambrose: Mr Vice President. You came all this way for me? You shouldn’t have.

    Jarrett: Can’t have you running round trying to rile people up, Dean. Too much important work has been done for some psychotic lunatic to disrupt us now. I’ll ask you to stop this, once. Go home. Find a girl, have some kids, get a proper job.

    Dean took off his coat, and flexed his muscles. Jarrett sighed. He took off his shirt, revealing himself to be in his gear.

    Dean: Oh someone’s been a naughty boy.

    Jarrett: Perk of being in power? I get to break all sorts of rules.

    The two men charged each other, throwing punches and kicks. Although it had been years since either had fought a licensed match, their wrestling knowledge came flowing back. They threw chops, moved for headlocks and grapples. They whipped each other into the bins, and bodyslammed each other onto the cobblelock ground.

    Dean gained the upperhand, hitting a big clothesline to Jeff that sent him sprawling to the ground. Jeff started scurrying backwards.

    Jarrett: Dean, hang on, let’s talk about this.

    Dean: Been a while since I hit the Dirty Deeds. Think it will cause all sorts of a mess on this hard ground.

    He walked towards Jeff and grabbed him by the hair.

    He was slightly aware of the movement behind him, but not until it was too late. An arm on his shoulder spun him round, a kick to the gut doubled him over. The stranger grabbed him by the head and connected with a Stunner.

    Ambrose went flying onto the unforgiving ground, hurting every part of him. He wanted to get back up, but his body betrayed him. The best he could do was wait a few second before moving up to his knee.

    Jarrett: Thought you were going to leave me hanging.

    ???: You’re late. Kept me waiting an hour. If Trump wants my help, then he’s got a weird way of showing it.

    Jarrett: What can I say but sorry. Don’t get much free time when your Vice President. Anyway, we should finish him off now...

    Jarrett nodded at Dean, and the man he was talking to walked up to him. He pulled back his fist and fired it forward. The last image Dean saw before hitting the ground again...



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    There's a new promotion in town, it's not here to compete it's here to take over, please welcome the hard hitting and entertaining wrestling brand that is PCW (Paulie Championship Wrestling)


    Pyro goes off and Paulie is making his way to the ring

    "Hello everybody and welcome to the inaugural episode of PCW but first let me tell you a bit about my background, I've been a massive wrestling fan for 16 years but lately I've become so disillusioned with the product other brands are putting out there, I decided to start my own promotion that will blow the rest of them out of the water. With the help of anonymous billionaire investors we've acquired some of the biggest wrestling names in history and some current stars that will surely be legends in the future. I'll be back later tonight with a blockbuster announcement that is sure to shake things up around here."

    The Usos are shown backstage as Rikishi joins them:


    "Hey Dad, what you doing here?"


    "Didn't you hear son? I've come out of retirement because the money Paulie was offering was just too good to turn down."


    "Did you hear the rumours Dad about he who we don't talk about joining too?"


    "Yeah I heard them and if it does happen I won't be happy but be sure son if he does turn up I'm going to finish him once and for all."

    Mick Foley is shown talking to a sock


    Well Mr.Socko, I never thought anyone in the wrestling world would ever hire me again after what happened the last time I was on TV."

    Terry Funk approaches

    "Hey Mick, long time no see hey remember the good old days when anything went and you didn't have wishy washy kids or mainstream audiences to think about good God I miss those days."


    Well Terry, I don't remember much due to all those bangs to the head I got but Paulie has assured me that them days are back and I for one can't wait to go hardcore on someone's ass again."

    Steve Blackman approaches laughing sarcastically


    Well what have we got here? two has beens talking about thing's that happened years ago, well if there is hardcore action going I'm the new king of extreme and anyone who wants to take that from me will have to face me."

    Back ringside, Paulie is about to make his blockbuster announcement

    "Well folks, earlier tonight I promised you an announcement that will shake things up around here, at the yet to be named ppv later this year the very first PCW World Heavyweight Champion will be crowned so over the course of the next few weeks a tournament will take place which every superstar on the roster is eligible to take part in and also coming next week I'll introduce you to more huge stars we've signed."

    Closing credits roll

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    NCW – Tuesday Night Destruction (Show 2)

    Opening pyros go off as the commentators welcome us to the show.
    Necrominus: “ Welcome everybody, to Tuesday Night Destruction! And what an ending we had from our first show last week – Jeff Hardy stunning the world by eliminating Andre The Giant to become number 1 contender for the NCW Title! I’m Necrominus, and here is my co-commentator – Jiminy Billy-Bob!”
    Jiminy Billy-Bob: “I’m not quite sure he didn’t eliminate himself first, Necro! Our General Manager Glenn Jacobs has vowed to resolve this situation tonight, and I for one hope that upstart Hardy is kicked to the kerb in favour of the most dominant athlete in history – Andre the Giant!”

    *Corporate music sounds*

    The crowd boo as the man formerly known as Kane comes to the ring in his business attire. Kane ignores the crowd and gets on the mic.
    Glenn: “What a show we had last week – I think we can all agree on that! Now before I get to the question on everybody’s lips – I want to address a certain pair of outlaws who saw fit to involve themselves in the main event last week. As punishment for your actions, Mr. Gunn will face the team of Abyss and Matt Morgan – in a handicap match! And if you even think of getting involved Road Dogg – there will be severe consequences.”

    The crowd booed Kane as he continued.
    Glenn: “Now, to the major controversy surrounding last week’s main event. I have reviewed the footage – and I have seen sufficient evidence to STRIP Jeff Hardy of his number one contendership. It is quite clear to me that both of Jeff Hardy’s feet touched the floor before Andre The Giant was eliminated.”

    The boos got louder as the fans were incensed by this decision.
    Glenn – “HOWEVER – SHUT UP! (Boos continue) However, Andre’s actions after the match were reprehensible. They were the actions of someone who does not deserve a title shot – the actions of a monster, if you will. Therefore – tonight’s main event will determine – finally – the number one contender to John Cena’s NCW Championship at Natural Selection. Competing in this match – Andre the Giant (boos) – taking on… Jeff Hardy (emphatic cheers)! And this match will be contested with No Disqualifications!”

    The crowd erupts at this announcement!
    Necrominus – “What a rocket buster of a main event!!!”
    Jiminy Billy-Bob: “Yeah! Hardy doesn’t stand a chance in hell!”
    Glenn – “Now, before we open tonight’s matches, I have another issue to discuss. The board and myself have been in negotiations all week, and we have finally come to the decision to appoint an Assistant General Manager. This man – is a man I have had issues with in the past, but…”

    *Disco music sounds*

    The crowd goes mild as Disco Inferno dances down to ringside.
    Necrominus : “Kane – I mean…Glenn… can’t mean this guy – surely?”
    Jiminy Billy-Bob: “And why not? Disco Inferno is one of the biggest names in wrestling today!”

    Kane looks bemused as Disco Inferno enters the rings, still busting out the disco moves and grabs a mic:
    Disco: “Glenn, baby – you shouldn’t have! About our little problem last week – forget about it! It’s all water under the bridge!”
    Glenn – “Disco – what are you doing out here?”
    Disco – “Come on man – it’s obvious! What better combination to run this place – than you and I? I mean – you’re Glenn, I’m Glenn – we can be GlennX2!”

    The crowd laughs as Kane shakes his head.
    Disco – “ Don’t like that one, huh? How about the double Gs??? No??? Ok, ok – last one, and I know you’re gonna like this one – we can call ourselves…. THE G SPOT!!!”

    Kane tries to keep his cool as the crowd cheer and begin to chant ‘G SPOT, G SPOT!’
    Glenn (furiously): STOP THAT! That is unacceptable! Disco Inferno – you are not the Assistant General Manager. Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce – Pete Rose!!”
    Necrominus and Jiminy Billy-Bob: “WHAT????”

    *Baseball music plays*

    The crowd is stunned into silence as Pete Rose, a man who was viciously beaten repeatedly on several occasions by Kane, comes to the stage with a huge smile on his face. Disco looks on as Pete Rose comes down the ramp, into the ring and shakes hands with his former nemesis. Pete stops just as the two men are about to shake – and embraces Kane! Pete then gets on the mic.
    Pete Rose – “I know what you all must be thinking – why in hell would I accept this job offer? I mean, I’m standing beside the man who tombstoned me at not one, not two – but THREE consecutive WrestleManias. But, that was in the past – and I have been totally assured by the board – and Glenn himself – that Kane is gone. And to prove that – what better way than to appoint me to serve as his assistant. I am certain that NCW, and of course, the fans – will benefit from this new partnership!”
    Glenn – “Yes. I am truly reformed. And to show that I mean this, I want to offer my most sincere apologies to you for my previous actions, Pete.”

    The crowd booed and ‘Bring Kane Back’ begin to start up again.
    Pete – “Now, to my first act as Assistant General Manager. I am here to ensure that none of our roster are unhappy, and attempt to ‘jump ship’ to the many other…’promotions’ that appear to crop up at this time of year. And I have to say – Disco – I like your style. I mean, the dance moves are terrible – but I want to make you an offer. I want to make you – Assistant to the Assistant General Manager! A title that will certainly earn you some perks.”

    Disco looked excited at this prospect, and nodded his head vigorously in acceptance of the position.
    Pete: “Great to have you on board. Now, as my assistant, I want to ensure that our champion is ready for his defence at Natural Selection.”
    Disco: “Anything you want, boss! Disco is your man! So, what have I got to do – devise a strenuous dance class for the champ?”
    Glenn: “No, that won’t be necessary, Disco. When Pete said he wanted to ensure that our champion was ready – I think I know what he means. Tonight, you will face John Cena in a one on one match!”

    The crowd popped at this announcement.
    Disco: “Wait a minute…. I didn’t think you…”

    Pete: “Nonsense, Disco! I just heard you say – anything we want. Best of luck, buddy – because that match takes place…RIGHT NOW.”

    *My Time Is Now plays*

    The crowd gave their typical reaction to Cena’s entrance music, singing along to his entrance tune: ‘JOHN CENA SUCKS!’ As Kane and Pete Rose exited the ring and left the stunned Disco to face the music!

    Cena barely regarded Kane and Pete Rose on the ramp, stopping to salute the baying crowd before running to the ring and sliding in. Disco, with his hands on head, watched sullenly from the corner as Cena continued his usual pre-match antics.

    A referee slid into the ring and ordered both men to their corners before ringing the bell – this match was on!! Disco came across the ring to Cena, holding his hands up and not trying to fight him. Disco extends his hand – Cena accepts – but doesn’t let go – ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT TO DISCO INFERNO!!! Cena looks down at his fallen opponent as the referee drops to count the pinfall – Cena shakes his head! He drags Disco to his feet again – 2ND AA TO DISCO!! Cena then drags Disco up for a third time – and tosses him to the outside!

    The crowd are in shock at this show of aggression from the normally jovial Cena.
    Necrominus: “Come on, John – he’s had enough!”

    Jiminy Billy-Bob: “Cena just wants a warm up contest that Disco was supposed to give him!”

    Cena whips Disco straight shoulder first into the steel steps. Disco cries out in pain as he smashes into them and slumps to the floor again. Cena proceeds to pull a table from under the ring and set it up – before again dragging Disco to his feet and setting him on his shoulders on the ring apron – AA THROUGH THE TABLE!
    Necrominus: “Disco Inferno has been broken in half here! Come on, end it now!”

    Cena rolls the lifeless Disco Inferno back into the ring, and applies the STF in the centre of the ring. Disco immediately starts a slow tap on the mat – and the referee finally calls for the bell! This match is finally over!
    Ring Announcer: “The winner of this match by submission – John Cena!”

    Cena finally releases the hold, and kicks the unconscious Disco Inferno to the floor before grabbing the mic from the announcer at ringside.
    Cena: “What is this – a joke to you? You serve me up a piece of crap as a warm up? That’s not how I roll. This was a message – to you Andre. Every piece of adversity in my life I have overcome. I have come out the other side stronger. You look at this – and you are looking into the eyes of a man – that is not afraid of you! You may be big, you may be strong – but I am John Cena. I am like no man on this planet that you have – or will – ever face. And as for that face painting, crazy haired, dare devil – Jeff Hardy (loud cheers) – I will say this. If you want to go – you’d better show up sober. Because I will do to you – exactly what I did to this worthless piece of trash. I am the Franchise and THE CHAMP IS HERE!!!”

    John Cena slams the mic to the mat and heads for the back as the crowd looked on in stunned amazement at what had just transpired.
    Necrominus: “I’m not quite sure what to make of what has just happened – John Cena looks like he’s at breaking point.”

    Jiminy Billy-Bob: “I would be too if I had to face Andre the Giant at Natural Selection. John Cena, just like Jeff Hardy tonight – simply has no chance against such a behemoth!”


    Pete Rose and Kane are in their office.
    Pete – “I don’t know Glenn. That seemed a little cruel to Disco. He seems harmless…”

    Glenn: “I’m telling you Pete, he was the one that trashed this office last week. He got what was coming to him. Now, I don’t trust that Road Dogg will stay out of this handicap match later tonight. So can you please see to it that he is removed from the building. We won’t be requiring him for action this week.”

    Pete Rose nods solemnly at Kane and leaves the room. Kane sighs, shakes his head and opens his closet to put in his jacket – when he stops in shock! Written inside the closet in bright red paint is:

    Kane flips out and tosses his desk across the room. Pete Rose re-enters just as Kane is composing himself.
    Pete: “What in jiminy happened here?”

    Glenn: “It’s nothing. That damn idiot Disco. Next week I have another assignment for him.”

    Kane whispers something in Pete’s ear and he looks shocked by it.

    *Elsewhere, backstage*

    Billy Gunn is warming up for his match, with Road Dogg pacing the floor of the locker room beside him.
    Road Dogg: “This is ridiculous. I’m coming out there, and there’s nothing or no one that can stop me!”

    Suddenly, security enter the room.
    Security Guard: “Mr Dogg – we’ve been sent to escort you from the premises.”
    Billy Gunn and Road Dogg look at each other in shock.
    Road Dogg: “You’d best get an army so!”

    Road Dogg gets ready to fight just as Scott Hall and X-Pac enter the ring, tag belts around their waists.
    X-Pac: “Give us a minute, guys.”

    The security guards nod and exit the room. The four men then square off against each other.
    Hall: “Hey yo. We’re not here to fight. But you boys got some explaining to do after last week.”

    Billy Gunn: “Listen guys – we were pissed. Firstly, we don’t get a shot at those titles. Then both myself and the DO double G here both get our asses whipped. It was nothing. Forget it happened.”

    Road Dogg: “I’m gonna be honest here boys. You’ve got what we want. We’re going to get our match – it’s an if – not a when. But we’ve been friends for a long time. Let’s let bygones be bygones. That moron Kane has seen fit to put Mr Ass here in a handicap match – and for old times sake – I’m asking you.. do you have our backs?”

    Hall looked at X-Pac who shrugged his shoulders.
    X-Pac: “Sure guys. We’ve got this.”

    X-Pac extended his hand, making the Kliq sign – and Road Dogg returned it. All four men then made the sign together.
    Road Dogg: “Then, gentlemen. Until next week!”

    Road Dogg left the room and the security guards escorted him from the arena. Hall and X-Pac nodded to Billy Gunn as they were leaving.
    Hall: “We got your back.”

    *I’m an ASS Man!*

    The crowd roared once again as Billy Gunn came to the stage, looking determined as he faced a huge task in the ring tonight.
    Necrominus: “I’m not quite sure why our GM has got a stick up his… behind… about the New Age Outlaws, Jiminy Billy-Bob – but whatever the problem is, Billy Gunn is going to pay the price tonight.”

    Jiminy Billy-Bob: “It’s quite simple, Necro my friend. The Outlaws are symbols of the past. The Attitude Era that still gives grown men that funny feeling in their panties. Mr. Jacobs wants to move away from that and into a newer, brighter future!”

    Abyss and Matt Morgan come to the ring next, a devilish gleam in their eyes.
    Necrominus: “I honestly cannot think of two men that would be worse to take on in a handicap match. This could be a slaughter!”

    Jiminy Billy-Bob: “I can think of one man… and Jeff Hardy has him all to himself tonight!”

    Abyss and Matt Morgan enter the ring, and Gunn – un-deterred – immediately begins the fight taking on both men! The referee struggles to get the match under control as the two powerhouses begin to beat down Gunn, Morgan bounces off the ropes – CARBON FOOTPRINT! Gunn slumps to the mat but the beatdown is relentless. Abyss hauls Gunn to his feet….

    *Are you ready?*

    The crowd roars as Scott Hall and X-Pac race to the ring, steel chairs in hand! Abyss and Morgan quickly back off and exit the ring as the tag team champs stare down the big men from inside the ring. Billy Gunn staggers to his feet, as Hall nods at X-Pac – CONCHAIRTO TO BILLY GUNN!
    Necrominus – “What the hell…? No!”

    Billy Gunn slumps to the mat, motionless as X-Pac and Hall smirk at each other. The crowd boos furiously at this shocking betrayal. Hall looks down at Billy Gunn and then motions to X-Pac. The two men drop their chairs and leave Gunn lying in a heap on the mat. Hall looks down at at Gunn, mouthing:
    “We got your back.”

    *Commercial Break*

    Ring Announcer: “The following contest – is the Number 1 Contender’s Match! And it will be contested under No Disqualifications!” Introducing first – the Charismatic Enigma – Jeff Hardy!”

    The crowd cheered emphatically and Jeff Hardy came to the stage to his typical rockstar reception.
    Necrominus: “The more and more I think about John Cena’s comments earlier – they were completely out of line! Jeff Hardy may have had his demons – but he’s come through them all, and the fans have never left his side!”

    Jiminy Billy-Bob: “Listen, he’s only telling the truth! And I think Jeff has more on his mind tonight – he’s thinking about the beating Andre is about to inflict on him!”

    Hardy perched on the top rope, posing for the fans. He continued to pose – as the music of Andre the Giant hit.
    Ring Announcer: “And his opponent – the 8th Wonder of the World – Andre the Giant!”

    Andre stomped to the stage as the fans began to boo.
    Necrominus: “Say what you like about the man – Andre is, plain and simple – a specimen to behold. There is truly no one else like him on this planet.”

    Billy-Bob: “I see you’re coming around to my way of thinking! You are looking at not just the number 1 contender – but NCW’s next World Champion!”

    Andre continued his slow march to the ring, eyeing his opponent like a piece of meat – Hardy launches himself onto the monster – Andre swats him to one side and to the floor!

    The referee rings the bell to start the match as Andre stalks Hardy – who is already gasping for air – Hardy rolls to the side and jumps onto the apron – dropkick to Andre… he barely moves! Andre grabs Jeff by the hair and flings him across the ringside area – straight into the guard rail! Andre steadies himself, then charges – and smashes his hip into Jeff’s head against the guard rail!

    Necrominus: “This is a massacre! Andre is just too strong!”

    Billy-Bob: “I told you Necro – Andre is unstoppable!”

    Jeff is somehow trying to crawl away from Andre who simply continues stalk forward. Jeff staggers to his feet using the steps as Andre goes to grab him – Jeff attempts a drop toe hold – Andre shakes it off and nails Jeff in the stomach with a huge right hand! Andre then slams Hardy stomach first into the ring apron before finally rolling him into the ring. He then takes his time walking up the steps, wiping his feet on the apron as the crowd boo him loudly.

    Crowd: “Let’s Go Hardy!”

    Andre smirks as Jeff lies on the mat – Andre steps onto his midriff with both feet! Jeff screams in pain as Andre then bears down his full weight using the ropes for extra leverage.
    Necrominus: “My God – can you imagine what that feels like? That’s almost 500 pounds on Jeff’s chest!”

    Billy-Bob: “He has to have broken ribs after that! I’m almost starting to feel sorry for Hardy… almost that is.”

    Andre finally steps off Hardy and again drags him to his feet using his hair. He sets him for the double underhook suplex – Hardy fights out! Using the ropes, Hardy bounces off and hits a low dropkick – right to Andre’s knee! Andre holds his knee in pain as Jeff scrambles back – and hits a dropkick to the other knee! Andre’s leg buckles and he goes down!

    Clutching his ribs, Jeff rolls to the outside and looks under the ring – and hauls out a ladder! The crowd roar their approvement as Hardy sets the ladder up outside the ring as Andre gingerly gets to his feet clutching his knee.

    Necrominus: “Hardy will never give up! It’s like he feeds on this crowd’s approval!”

    Hardy slowly climbs the ladder as Andre tries to shake off the pain in his knee – Hardy gets to the top – SWANTON BOMB TO ANDRE FROM OUTSIDE THE RING TO THE INSIDE!!! Both men crash to the mat as Hardy drapes an arm across Andre – 1 -2 – Andre powers out!! He’s getting back to his feet!! Hardy drags himself up using the ropes, kicks Andre in the gut – TWIST OF – NO! Andre counters, tossing Hardy out of the ring!!
    Necrominus: “I honestly don’t know how much Hardy has left, he’s thrown everything he has at Andre to no effect!”

    Andre shakes his head, and makes a throat cutting gesture towards the fans before exiting the ring and picking up the ladder – before throwing it into the ring! Andre then sends Jeff flying into the steel steps – the force of which seperates them! Andre proceeds to begin to rip apart the announce table, pulling one of the monitors from it and turning towards Hardy in a menacing fashion. Hardy is still trying to get to his feet! Andre swings the monitor at Hardy’s head – HARDY DUCKS! Hardy jumps to the uses the guard rail – Whisper in The Wind to Andre!! Andre’s head cracks into the monitor, which smashes into the steel steps – the giant looks out of it!!
    Necrominus – “Holy shi….!!! What a counter by Hardy!”

    Billy-Bob: “Get up Andre!”

    Hardy takes a few moments to recover, leaning against the announce table as Andre lies motionless on the steel steps. Hardy then walks around and picks up the top part of the steps just as Andre roars to his feet – BOOM! Hardy smashes the steps off Andre’s forehead! The giant staggers – but doesn’t go down! Hardy winds up for another shot – Andre swats the steps to the side like a gnat and clotheslines Hardy to the mat!!

    A large cut has appeared on Andre’s head from the steel steps shot and the blood begins to flow. He lets out a roar of anger and throws Jeff into the ring. Hardy is somehow getting to his feet! Andre rushes to get into the ring as Hardy runs the ropes again – uses the downed ladder as a leaping pad – dropkick to the head of Andre – Andre crashes to the floor! Andre is down, and bleeding badly!

    Both men are down now, Jeff inside the ring and Andre on the mat outside as the crowd begin to chant ‘This is Awesome’ and sound their approval for both men. Hardy, using the ropes now, once again gets back to his feet and staggers round to the ladder – and begins to set it up! Hardy then climbs the ladder as Andre begins to stir at ringside…

    Necrominus: “What the hell is he doing? No – Jeff – don’t do this!”

    Both men are completely out of it!!

    Crowd: “HOLY ****, HOLY ****”
    Necrominus: “I cannot believe what we have just seen – Jeff Hardy has just risked life and limb to take out Andre the Giant!”

    Billy-Bob: “Yes, but how smart was that? He can’t pin him on the outside!!”

    Referees and trainers swarm the ringside area to check on both men who are still down outside the ring. The trainers start to help Jeff to the back – he fights them off! Jeff half staggers and half crawls back inside the ring as Andre finally is aided to his feet! Four men aiding the monster, they begin to bring him backstage. Jeff can barely stand in the ring and starts shouting – ‘Hey, Andre – we’re not done yet!”

    The giant turns around and sees Jeff beckoning him back to the ring. The trainers try to reason with him – but Andre pushes them off and stumbles back towards the ring! Jeff lets the giant enter the ring before hammering him with lefts and rights – Andre shoves him off – Jeff rolls to his feet and keeps on swinging! The crowd cannot believe what they’re seeing!

    Andre palms Jeff away again and lands a crushing right of his own – Jeff somehow gets straight back up again! Andre shakes his head and regards Hardy with a look of respect – before booting Hardy in the stomach and delivering the underhook suplex!

    Necrominus: “It’s over – it has to be now!”

    Billy-Bob: “That’s it, he’s out!”

    Andre makes the cover…
    1-2- Andre is assaulted from behind… by Muhammad Hassan! The crowd boo furiously as Hassan puts the boots to Andre who is physically spent from his match so far. Hassan continues his assault on the giant who is barely moving at this point – HASSAN APPLIES THE CAMEL CLUTCH! Hassan smirks as Andre fades away from the pressure…WAIT! ANDRE GETS TO HIS FEET WITH HASSAN ON HIS BACK!

    Hassan releases the hold in shock and drops down as the giant roars after him – Hassan makes a quick escape to the back taunting Andre as the giant looks furiously down the ramp. Andre turns around – TWIST OF FATE BY HARDY! Hardy ascends the ropes – SWANTON BOMB – A THIRD SWANTON BOMB!!

    Hardy collapses into the cover –


    The crowd explode as Hardy drops to his knees, exhausted from the contest.
    Ring announcer: “Here is your winner… JEFF HARDY!”

    Hardy’s music plays as the referee aids Hardy to his feet and raises his hand…. WAIT! Andre is up!

    Hardy staggers around – ready for a fight… but Andre stops him… and extends his hand! The crowd go wild as Hardy accepts this show of respect!

    Andre leaves the ring, and allows Hardy to celebrate….

    *My Time Is Now hits*

    It’s Cena! John Cena is here! Cena comes to the ring, NCW belt on his shoulder and enters the ring to face his opponent in just two weeks. Cena nods his approval as Jeff eyes him warily – Cena begins to applaud Hardy!

    Crowd: “Let’s Go Hardy! Cena Sucks!”

    Cena’s expression suddenly changes. Jeff turns around from acknowledging the fans –

    The crowd boo furiously as Cena kneels down and holds Hardy’s head beside the belt –
    “That is the closest you’ll ever get to this!”

    Cena dumps Hardy to the outside before rolling out there himself. He gestures to the announcers to move out of his way – and they scatter! Cena sets Hardy on his shoulders –


    The crowd begin to fling rubbish into the ring as Cena puts his foot on Hardy’s chest – and poses with the belt to close the show.

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    Overview/Preview Show here.

    Tonight's show comes live from Orlando, Florida.

    Commentator #1: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the brand spanking new season of Night Grappling. I am your host Babe E. Face aka Commentator #1; and joining me as always is my partner Dick Heel, aka Commentator #2.

    Tonight we have just one match for you, folks. But what a match it is! Commissioner Cornette has sanctioned a battle royal to crown the new Monday Night Grappling World Heavyweight Champion.

    Commentator #2: Oh, I've been looking forward to this one all week!

    Commentator #1: The first hour of tonight's show will be building towards our main event. The second hour will feature the match itself. Let's not waste any more time and go straight to our boss Commissioner Cornette's office!

    Hour 1: The Build-Up

    Backstage Segment

    Scene: 'Million Dollar Man' Ted Dibiase, his son, plus I.R.S. enter Jim Cornette’s office.

    Cornette: Well, gentlemen would you care to draw your numbers for tonight’s battle royal?

    Million Dollar Man: It’s a disgrace, Cornette, that I have to go through this match tonight. I beat Dynamite for the World Title back in England and –

    I.R.S.: Japan, boss.

    Dibiase: Whatever. Couldn’t we come to some sort of, ahem, arrangement, financially speaking and-

    Cornette: Dibiase if I didn’t know better I’d swear you were trying to bribe me, but I know you wouldn’t be that stupid because I would then have to suspend you indefinitely and remove you from the match tonight. Now why don’t you draw your numbers, gentlemen?

    Dibiase grumbles and goes first. He looks at his number and shakes his head in annoyance.

    I.R.S. goes next and draws his number. He puts his hands to his head and is not happy either.

    Dibiase Junior goes next – and punches the air. He is ecstatic. His father has a peek at his number and looks up to the heavens in despair.

    Million Dollar Man: Alright, son. Swap me your number.

    Dibiase Junior: No way, Dad. This is a great opportunity for me.

    Million Dollar Man: Irwin, will you tell my son to trade numbers with me?

    Dibiase Junior: Forget it, guys. This number right here…why, it’s priceless.

    Dibiase Junior leaves as Dibiase Senior looks at I.R.S., then at Cornette who is smiling, and he angrily leaves the room.

    Interview with Finn Balor

    Interviewer: Finn, tonight you participate in one of the biggest matches of your career where you have a chance to walk out of here the World Heavyweight Champion. First things first, are you happy with the number you drew tonight?

    Finn Balor: Honestly, my number could have been better. But I’m staying positive. I believe I have what it takes to get the job done tonight.

    Interviewer: And can you confirm whether you will stick to your guns and avoid returning to your demon persona tonight?

    Finn Balor: I decided to leave that part of my life behind me and I meant it. I don’t want the darkness of the demon to take over ever again. Besides, I won the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title without the demon, and I believe I can win the MNG World Heavyweight Title without it. Because I’m Finn Balor…and I’m rrrrreeeaaaallllll.

    Interview with Big Van Vader

    Interviewer: Big Van Vader, you have been installed as the favourite for the battle royal in certain quarters. Is tonight the night that you claim Monday Night Grappling’s greatest prize?

    Vader: I came back to this company to dominate. To prove to the world that I am the most destructive force in professional wrestling. Tonight I show the world why I won titles on four continents. Tonight I show the world why I am the toughest man in this sport.

    Because it’s time…IT’S TIME…IT’S -

    Voice: …feeding time.

    Vader turns to his left as a man slowly steps into shot: it is Ryback.

    Vader: What did you just say?

    Ryback: Vader, you are a legend. You are an icon. You are one of the most imposing forces that professional wrestling has seen. But you have never experienced the power of the big guy. And the big guy is hungry. Tonight, Vader, I feast on you. FEED ME MORE!

    Ryback slowly backs out of view as Vader looks on, seething.

    Interview with the Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase

    Interviewer: Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase, you are moments away from the battle royal tonight for the World Title and my question for you is will this be the night that you, officially at least, become the World Heavyweight Champion for the first time?

    Dibiase: I said it to Cornette and I’ll say it again it is a travesty that I am forced to go through this circus. I am the rightful champion and -

    Voice: are you still crying, Dibiase?

    One half of the tag champs Nick Bockwinkel enters the shot and is shaking his head and smiling.

    Bockwinkel: You really need to build a bridge and get over it. Stop trying to buy your way to success and fight like a man. I'm not sure you have it in you though, do you Dibiase? To be a champion?

    Bockwinkel turns to leave but Dibiase calls out…

    Dibiase: Don't you worry, Bockwinkel. I assure you myself and my friends are going to party like it’s…1986.

    Bockwinkel: What is that supposed to mean?

    Dibiase: Oh, you’ll see.

    And the Million Dollar Man cackles his way down the hall as Bockwinkel looks on, bewildered.

    Backstage Segment

    Scene: It is Commissioner Cornette's office and he is talking to someone out of shot.

    Cornette: Well, I’m glad that you decided to get back in contact. A lot of people were worried about you. But you certainly look very different to what we’re used to seeing. Can you do anything about that appearance of yours? Anyway, good luck tonight…Curtis.

    The figure is heard shutting a door and the announcers wonder was Cornette just speaking to Curtis Axel?

    The MNG Women’s Champion Manami Toyota enters and says she wants to be in the battle royal tonight and fight to become the holder of both the Women’s Title and World Heavyweight Title.

    Cornette: I'm sorry but as much as I respect you I am not a fan of male-on-female violence.

    Toyota then produces a form which she says waives the company of responsibility if anything happens to her. She shows him that she signed it and pleads with him to enter her so she can be an ambassador for women. Reluctantly, Cornette agrees and enters her in the match.

    Toyota bows and thanks him before leaving. There is then a knock on the door.

    Just Joe: Boss, rumour has it that I’m in the match tonight. Is that true?

    Cornette: I wonder who started that happy horsesh*t rumour, Joe?

    Just Joe: Uh, well, the annoncers were talking and…

    Cornette: Joe, I wouldn’t believe you if your tongue was notarized. Fine, if you want in the match tonight. Guess what? You’re in.

    Joe thanks Cornette and leaves as the Commissioner shakes his head.
    Interview with 'Cowboy' James Storm

    Interviewer: ‘Cowboy’ James Storm, welcome to Monday Night Grappling. Fans are delighted to see you here and the question many are wondering is: will the Cowboy be drinking to a World Championship victory tonight?

    James Storm: Well hell ‘Cowboy’ James Storm as the MNG World Heavyweight Champion sounds good to me. I’ve had to scratch and claw my way here to the big time and I intend to take the opportunity that comes my way. As far as everyone else goes, it’s a case of ‘Sorry ‘bout your damn luck’ because tonight you better believe I plan on downing a few beers and toasting my World Title victory!

    A vignette airs hyping the arrival of Gail Kim and Molly Holly next week. In the video both women speak about wanting the Women’s Title.

    Hour 2: The Battle Royal to crown the new Monday Night Grappling World Champion

    Commentator #1: Ladies and gentlemen, the time for talking is over. We are now ready for the battle royal to crown our new champion!

    The announcer explains the rules that you must go over the ropes to be eliminated, and then the bell sounds. It's go time!

    Commentator #2: Drawing number one is certainly the number everybody back there would have been looking to avoid. Who got the short straw?

    Entrant #1 – Finn Balor


    There is a huge pop as Finn Balor makes his way down towards the ring. As he promised earlier, he has shown up without his demon attire. The camera pans towards signs in the crowd that say ‘Unleash the Demon!’ and ‘We want Demon Balor’ respectively.

    Commentator #1: Balor is looking all fired up!

    Commentator: #2: He’s going to need plenty of fire if he wants to make it through all the way to the end. Who is out next? Because drawing number two is just as bad as drawing number one…

    Entrant #2 – I.R.S.


    Boos ring out as Irwin R. Schyster makes his way towards the ring while he screams at several fans to pay their taxes.

    Commentator #1: The Million Dollar Man is counting on I.R.S. to last the distance in this match and help him win the gold, but I suspect I.R.S. is thinking about getting the glory himself.

    Commentator: #2: Hey, all I.R.S. needs to do is not take any risks and wait for the Million Dollar Man to get there.

    The Match:

    Balor goes after I.R.S. immediately with elbows and kicks and I.R.S. slides out under the ropes and takes a breather on the outside. The announcers remind us that you are only eliminated by going over the ropes. I.R.S. stalls on the outside to boos from the fans as we await the countdown for the next entrant….

    Entrant #3 – Ray Stevens

    Cheers ring out as one half of the World Tag Team Champs Ray Stevens makes his way towards the ring. I.R.S. keeps his distance as Stevens gets in the ring. Stevens then shakes hands with Balor as the two men lock up in the ring.

    Commentator #1: This is interesting seeing as it was Stevens and his partner Nick Bockwinkel who brought Finn Balor into the company last summer.

    Commentator #2: These two are fools. Why not form a pact and work together? Forget about honour when there’s gold at stake!

    There is an exciting exchange of holds between Stevens and Balor but while both men are on the ground wrestling, I.R.S. slides back in the ring and begins a sneak assault to much booing from the fans.

    We then await the fourth entrant…

    Entrant #4 – Manami Toyota

    Cheers erupt as the hugely popular women’s champion Manami Toyota appears. The announcers note that she asked to be put in the match and ponder could she walk out of here tonight with both world championship belts?

    I.R.S. laughs at Toyota as she makes her way down to ringside. ‘You don’t belong in here’ he yells at her and he goes to put his hands on her but she counters with an arm drag and begins stomping away at I.R.S. and then nails a hurricanrana on Balor, and a dropkick on Stevens.

    She soaks in the cheers and beats on I.R.S. some more as the next entrant is expected…


    Entrant #5 – The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase


    Dibiase makes his way down to the ring to boos and he is angered at how I.R.S. has been faring against Toyota. As he enters the ring Toyota charges and seems to land kicks and punches. She runs the ropes to deliver a cross-body but he catches her and gives her a fall-away slam as the fans boo loudly. He then helps I.R.S. up – or rather drags him up – and the pair begin beating down the babyfaces with two-on-one attacks.

    Commentator #2: See? I told you working together is the best strategy.

    Commentator #1: Balor, Stevens and Toyota are in big trouble here. Who is the next entrant going to be?

    Entrant #6 – Curtis Axel

    The fans pop for the debut of Curtis Axel who comes down sporting thick, long hair and a wilder beard than we’re used to seeing from him. He is also noticeably heavier than he was.

    Commentator #2: Wow he really looks like a social outcast now!

    Commentator #1: Axel went off-radar for many months. None of his friends have been able to contact him and rumours have been circulating that his mental state is not good…

    Axel enters the ring and delivers suplexes to Dibiase and I.R.S. and a clothesline to Stevens. He attempts to hit Balor with his finisher but Balor counters and hits him with the Bloody Sunday.

    As we reach the twenty-five minute mark Balor is the only one standing as we await the next entrant…

    Entrant #7 – Vader


    The fans rise to their feet as the monster Vader makes his way down and all of the competitors in the ring turn towards the ramp as Vader approaches.

    Commentator #1: It’s safe to say business just picked up here!

    Commentator #2: There he is. My pick to win it!

    Vader enters the ring and Balor gamely hammers him with rights and lefts but the monster absorbs the punishment and then clubs Balor down with a vicious shot. He then hits a headbutt to Axel and Stevens; and as Toyota attempts a DDT, he lifts her up and dumps her to the floor outside.

    Manami Toyota has been eliminated

    Vader then turns his attention towards Dibiase and I.R.S. The fans pop as the monster approaches them, but Dibiase takes out a wad of cash from his tights: he is trying to buy the monster off.

    Dibiase points to the others in the ring and suggests to Vader they can work together. Vader takes the money and agrees. The fans boo as Dibiase rests in the corner, watching Vader and I.R.S. attacking the babyfaces.

    The new entrant is then expected…

    Entrant #8 – Just Joe

    Vader and Dibiase turn to one another and laugh as Just Joe makes his way down to ringside with a look of terror on his face.

    Commentator #2: Joe, if you get in that ring you are a bigger idiot than I thought. Turn around and run.

    Just Joe gets in the ring and charges at Vader but the monster simply runs into him and floors him to the mat. Dibiase and I.R.S. stomp away at the enhancement talent who hasn’t a prayer. To make matters worse, Vader delivers a sick powerbomb to Joe and then dumps him to the floor below.

    Just Joe has been eliminated

    Commentator #1: This alliance between Money Inc. and Vader is dominating everybody. I don’t know who can stop them.

    Commentator #2: Looks like we have the next entrant on the way but I don’t think they have a hope against this trio…

    Entrant #9 – Stan Hansen

    A huge cheer erupts as the veteran outlaw Stan Hansen makes his way down to the ring. Vader’s mouth drops as he sees one of his greatest foes and a man who once damn near took his eye out in an infamous match. Dibiase backs away to the corner as he eyes up a man who was once his tag team partner.

    Hansen approaches Vader and the two men go nose to nose and begin trash talking. The fans are making a deafening nose and are clamouring for the two men to go at it one more time, but Dibiase gets in between the two men as the fans boo.

    Dibiase whispers something into Hansen's ear and begins pointing at Ray Stevens and to everyone’s surprise, Hansen turns away from Vader and moves on Stevens, beginning a vicious beatdown on him.

    Commentator #1: Dibiase just convinced Hansen to go after Stevens but why is Hansen doing this?

    Commentator #2: I don’t know but Hansen was probably the only guy that could have stopped the dominance of Money Inc. and Vader. I don’t think the others stand a chance now. Here’s the countdown for the next entrant. Can anyone stop these guys?
    Entrant #10 – Ryback


    As ‘Feed Me More’ blares out over the arena the fans rise. Perhaps ‘Big Hungry’ can help even the odds here? Ryback runs down and begins hitting clotheslines to all of the participants.

    Ryback sends Vader to one knee and manages to temporarily stop Hansen’s beatdown of Stevens. He also has a reunion spot which the fans pop for where he stares down his old tag team partner Curtis Axel. The two men shake hands and begin working over the other men but as they try a double team spot, Vader clotheslines them both down!

    Hansen meanwhile has returned to focusing on Stevens and he clotheslines Stevens over the rope to the floor below.

    Ray Stevens has been eliminated

    Hansen now slides under the rope and continues attacking Stevens as we await the next entrant…

    Entrant #11 – Nick Bockwinkel

    The fans pop as Stevens’s tag team partner enters and goes straight for Hansen on the outside. Hansen, however, has been waiting for him and as Bockwinkel approaches he takes some brass knucks from his tights and wallops Bockwinkel, busting him open.

    Hansen then launches a vicious attack on Bockwinkel, screaming ‘Who’s yellow now, huh?’ ‘I should have run you over with my damn car!’ He adds, ‘I was always a better champion than you.’

    Hansen then rolls Bockwinkel back into the ring towards Ted Dibiase so he can immediately throw Bockwinkel out over the ropes, which he does.

    Nick Bockwinkel has been eliminated

    Commentator #1: Fans, in 1986 Stan Hansen was supposed to defend the AWA Title against Nick Bockwinkel but Hansen refused to do so, and he was stripped of the title which was awarded to Bockwinkel. Hansen was ordered to return the belt and he did so by driving over the belt with his truck and leaving mud tracks over it. I believe that’s what this assault by Hansen relates to…

    Commentator #2: Remember what Dibiase said to Bockwinkel earlier about 'partying like it’s 1986'? Obviously Dibiase has got inside his old friend Hansen’s head and urged him to go after Bockwinkel, and his partner Stevens tonight!

    Commentator #1: My God, I think you’re right!

    On the outside Hansen grabs a chair as we await the next entrant…

    Entrant #12 – ‘Cowboy’ James Storm


    The fans pop as Storm enters the ring and begins hammering away at all the participants. To a loud pop he manages to take Vader down off his feet – the first time it happens in the match.

    Storm is now the one guy standing and his attention catches Stan Hansen on the outside who is preparing to smash the prostrate Bockwinkel with the steel chair. Storm leans over the ropes and grabs the chair from Hansen who is stunned. The veteran Hansen slides back in the ring and then has a staredown with the younger man as the fans are going crazy at the two cowboys facing off.
    Commentator #1: What a clash of generations this is, fans!

    Before they can actually clash, however, Balor enters the scene and hits Hansen with leg kicks that have him prone over the ropes. Hansen manages to smash Balor down with a clothesline but Storm comes running through and tosses Hansen to the floor below to a huge pop.

    Stan Hansen has been eliminated

    Commentator #1: What a difference maker that could be!

    Hansen is irate and continues trying to attack Bockwinkel outside as medics try to get him away. The announcers then tell us that we are awaiting out penultimate entrant…

    Entrant #13 – Tomohiro Ishii


    Ishii makes his way to the ring to a big pop as the announcers note that he has been reportedly having financial difficulties and that his family home in Japan is under threat.

    Ishii enters and clubs down his former New Japan colleague Balor before taking down everyone bar Vader and Money Inc. As Ishii and Vader go nose to nose the fans pop but Dibiase again tries to intervene, as he did earlier with Vader and Hansen.

    Dibiase takes out a wad of cash and instructs Ishii to climb over the ropes and eliminate himself. ‘I know you need money,Ishii’ says Dibiase and we can see by Ishii’s face that he is considering the offer. The fans boo and shout ‘noooo’ as Vader screams at Ishii to get out over the ropes before he throws him out. Vader begins jabbing Ishii with his finger and Ishii snaps and begins hammering away at Vader with rights and lefts and headbutts as the fans go wild.
    Commentator #2: I guess Ishii doesn’t let anyone push him around!

    Amidst the melee, Ryback gets involved and attempts to throw out Vader via an Irish Whip but Vader reverses it and instead sends Ryback out.

    Ryback has been eliminated

    Axel now attempts to avenge his partner. He grabs Vader’s leg but Vader swats him away like a fly; however the distraction allows Ishii to eliminate Vader to the loudest roar of the night!

    Vader has been eliminated

    Commentator# 1: I don’t believe my eyes! Vader is gone!

    Commentator #2: I told you Ishii was my pick to win!

    Vader is outraged and drags Axel under the ropes to the outside. Vader clears the monitors from the table and as Ryback runs down to stop him and help his buddy but Vader grabs a chair and takes down Ryback with a shot to the ribs. Vader then sets Axel up for a powerbomb and sends him crashing through the table.

    The commentators note Axel was never officially eliminated, but that his night Is definitely over. He has been knocked out cold.

    Curtis Axel has been stretchered out

    While this is going on, Storm and Ishii are exchanging rights and lefts as the fans are on their feet cheering both guys. Storm eventually gets the better of the exchange and knocks Ishii down, but from behind Dibiase grabs Storm and tosses him over the ropes.

    James Storm has been eliminated

    The fans boo as the popular Storm is eliminated and as we reach the forty-fifth minute, we are presently down to four men: Finn Balor, who has been in there since the start; I.R.S., who also started the match; Ted Dibiase, and Ishii.

    Ishii now approaches Money Inc. as Dibiase again tries to buy off the Japanese star. He points at Balor. Ishii does indeed turn towards Balor, though whether this means he is working for Dibiase is hard to say.

    Dibiase and I.R.S. rest in the corner as Ishii drags Balor to his feet, but Balor gets a second wind and hammers away at Ishii with rights and lefts and kicks. Ishii headbutts Balor, leaving him dazed, but Balor responds with a bicycle kick that staggers Ishii, and summoning his strength Balor delivers a dropkick with authority that sends Ishii out over the ropes.

    Tomohiro Ishii has been eliminated

    Dibiase’s jaw drops at what has just happened as Balor tries to hold himself up by the ropes, seemingly unable to stand. I.R.S. senses an opportunity and charges at Balor but Balor finds enough energy to send I.R.S. up in the air and over the ropes to the floor below.

    I.R.S. has been eliminated

    Commentator #1: Dibiase just lost his partner!

    Commentator #2: How is Balor still in this?!

    Dibiase begins tearing at his hair as he realises he is now all alone as Balor clutches the bottom rope and is sucking wind. The announcers inform us that here comes the final entrant...

    Entrant #14 – Ted Dibiase Jnr


    A smile falls over the Million Dollar Man’s face as he realises he still has one last bit of back-up left: his own son.

    As Dibiase Jnr enters the ring he is given a hug by his father. Dibiase Snr then instructs his son to pick up Balor, who by this stage is exhausted having been in there nearly an hour.

    As Dibiase Jnr drags Balor up to his feet, Dibiase Snr charges – but his son turns and sees him just in time.
    Commentator #1: Wait a minute, the Million Dollar Man was about to eliminate his own son!

    Commentator #2: No, he was just giving him a hand eliminating Balor.

    Commentator #1: Baloney. He was trying to eliminate the both of them! What kind of slimeball does that?

    Dibiase Jnr now begins admonishing his father. ‘How could you do that? I’m your son’ he says as Dibiase Snr tries to reassure him. Dibiase Jnr begins jabbing at his father’s chest.

    Balor meanwhile attempts to free himself from the grip of Dibiase Junior but is knocked down by Junior; however Dibiase Senior uses the distraction and punches his own son down.
    Commentator #1: Are you kidding me? What the hell is that about?!

    Commentator #2: Tough love, I guess.

    Dibiase picks up his groggy son to many boos and throws him over the ropes screaming ‘don’t you ever defy me, boy!'

    Ted Dibiase Junior has been eliminated

    Now we have our final two: Finn Balor and the Million Dollar Man.

    Balor is utterly spent and has now been in there for officially sixty minutes; and, unlike Dibiase, he has sustained punishment from Hansen, Vader and Ishii.

    The fans however are chanting for Finn and he motions Dibiase to bring it on. Suddenly, I.R.S. hits the ring to huge boos and begins attacking Balor.
    Commentator #1: What? This is ridiculous. I.R.S. was already eliminated!

    Commentator #2: Well it’s no-DQ in a battle royal. Everybody knows that.

    Eventually half a dozen refs manage to get I.R.S. out of there and up the ramp but the damage appears to have been done. Balor is not moving.

    Dibiase laughs and hauls Balor up, placing him before him on his knees. He mimics a gun with his index finger and points it at Balor as the fans boo and chant for Finn again.
    Commentator #1: How disrespectful! That’s what Balor used to do to his opponents while a member of the Bullet Club.

    Dibiase cackles but the mockery backfires as Balor gets a final burst of energy. He feeds off the fan’s chants and begins punching Dibiase and sends him over towards the ropes. Dibiase is teetering on the brink now as Finn hits punches and forearms while the fans go crazy.

    Finn charges and attempts a clothesline but Dibiase counters with the Million Dollar Dream and drags Finn over towards the ropes. Both men are on the brink of elimination as Finn appears to be fading. Finn, however, manages to free himself and he hits a kick that stuns Dibiase. Finn then catches hold of Dibiase’s arm with both legs and manages to cling on to Dibiase who is leaning further and further over the ropes and…can he…yes! Dibiase tumbles over the ropes to the floor. Finn Balor has done it!

    ‘The Million Dollar Man’ Ted Dibiase has been eliminated

    Fans are jumping up and down as Finn collapses to his knees and begins to cry.
    Commentator #1: Finn Balor’s sixteen year odyssey has culminated in his first ever World Heavyweight Championship! He entered the match at number one and he leaves the match as number one!

    Commentator #2: I got to hand it to this kid. We wondered could he do this without the demon and he managed it. Congratulations, Finn Balor.

    The referee enters the ring with the MNG World Heavyweight Championship and hands it to Finn who proudly holds it high…


    …but the fans all rise to their feet as they spot Jim Cornette emerge on the ramp. His face looks grim and deathly pale.


    Cornette: I—I’m sorry. Turn Finn Balor’s music off please.

    The music stops. The fans are all standing motionless.

    Cornette: Finn, I’m sorry, I don't know how to say this...

    Cornette begins wiping his brow.

    Cornette: I’m so sorry but you see I was lied to—I mean, we all were lied to. We all were…

    The fans are silent as Balor is on his knees not understanding what’s going on.

    Cornette: This has nothing to do with me. I want you to know that. It’s all the owner’s doing. It’s the both of them…they both lied to us.

    Finn is seen mouthing ‘what’s going on?’

    Cornette: I’m sorry Finn but I’m afraid you are not the World Heavyweight Champion. Because you see there is still one other member of this roster that you have yet to face. The final entrant in this match.

    He points behind him.

    Cornette: This man…










    Entrant #15 - Edge


    Commentator #1: Wait a minute! What the hell?! That’s Edge! What the hell is he doing here?! I thought it was announced he was traded?

    Commentator #2: What did Cornette say about the owner lying to us?

    The fans are on their feet. Some are jumping up and down; the Balor fans have their heads in their hands. Balor himself is now trying to claw himself up on the ropes. The referee has just taken the title back out of the ring.

    Edge meanwhile slides into the ring with a smile on his face. He motions Balor to get up. He is poised in position, preparing a spear.

    The exhausted Balor struggles to his feet slowly, slowly…and Edge strikes Balor down with a spear. Edge them mounts Balor and delivers a flurry of vicious punches to the head.

    Edge then drags Balor up, screams ‘this is my night’ and to the shock of the fans tosses Balor over the ropes to the mat below.

    Finn Balor has been eliminated

    The bell rings and Edge demands the referee hand him the title.

    Winner and new Monday Night Grappling World Champion: Edge

    Edge’s music plays while from the aisle Cornette is seen with his hand covering his mouth. He is struggling to keep his composure.
    Commentator #2: I don’t believe it! Edge has shocked the world!

    Commentator #1: Wait, let me piece this together. Commissioner Cornette said that the owner lied to us. So I take it that means the announcement a few weeks ago by the owner that Edge was to be traded was all a ruse. (Note - To see that post, see here.)It was all a damn set up just to allow Edge strike when no one would see it coming. Now that I think about it, that announcement of Edge being traded was never registered in the official picks thread location like all the other trades. It was a damn phantom trade all along.

    Commentator #2: Edge has made a career out of exploiting the element of surprise and he’s done it again. That’s why he’s called the ultimate opportunist!


    Edge laughs his way up the aisle as confetti begins to stream down from above.
    Commentator #1: I can’t believe after Finn Balor produced one of the most courageous displays I’ve ever seen, lasting over sixty minutes in there, and then this damn vulture Edge comes in from out of nowhere and picks the bones, and steals his moment!

    Commentator #2: It’s one of the most shocking moments we’ve ever seen on Monday Night Grappling!

    Before the show goes off the air we see Edge pass by Cornette on the ramp and he holds aloft the title right in the Commissioner’s face.

    Meanwhile the camera pans across the faces of the eliminated competitors, all of whom are shocked, and the camera lingers on a final shot of the heartbroken Finn Balor whose eyes burn a hole right through the new champion; and he is giving a look to the new champion that could be considered positively…demonic.



    The credits roll.

    P.S. sorry for fibbing you about the Edge trade

    'It is better to walk alone in the right direction than follow the herd walking in the wrong direction.'

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    PRESS Release

    ICE Wrestling is pleased to announce we will be participating at the at Dallas Comic Con. Fans will be able to meet our founder DM Seven, Shane McMahon, ICE Wrestling Legend Roddy Piper and some special guests at the event.


    ICE Wrestling Comic Con panel opens with a video package of some of ICE Wrestling’s greatest moments:
    • Roddy Piper defeating Muhammad Ali
    • Okada winning the ICE Wrestling World Title form Triple H at Amorphous 2013
    • Randy Orton injuring and defeating Okada the following month
    • Bray Wyatt cashing in his Diamond Contract but losing to Randy Orton in the main event of our final weekly show of 2013
    • The Briscoes becoming Tag Team champions at a MSG house show earlier this year
    • News snippets talking about the Eddie Guerrero and Ric Flair trade.

    When the video is over the panel is introduced, we have ICE Wrestling founder DM Seven, CEO of Pantheon Shane McMahon, ICE Wrestling General Manager Roddy Piper as well as new signings Eddie Guerrero and Austin Aries.

    DM Seven opens the discussion:
    Hello Everyone, I am delighted to see you all here today and it is great for us to interact with our fans in this way.

    I must say I am impressed by some of the costumes sported by the fans, you look great.

    DM Seven continues: Now why are we here? simply put, we want to make sure everyone knows
    ICE Wrestling is back.

    ICE Wrestling legends like Roddy Piper are back with us, we also have new talent, new investment from Pantheon and Shane McMahon. What you saw in the video package was only a brief recap of our past but should give you all a taste of what to expect over the coming months.

    The partnership with Shane McMahon is going to really help the depth of the company, we all know his heritage, we know our TV product will be helped by his involvement; he will help negotiate deals in and out of the ring. Our Roster of Talent is the best we have ever had and talks are ongoing to add to that.

    It really is an exciting time for us.

    I would like to open the panel for questions from the floor.

    DM Seven: I understand Big Mark is waiting in line to ask the first question:

    Mark when I look at you I have to ask, have you ever thought about getting into wrasslin?

    Big Mark: No Sir, I prefer fantasy booking shows on message boards :P

    Question: My Question is for Shane McMahon: we hear you have some great names lined up for the roster, it’s really cool to see you back in wrestling, but why are you back now and why ICE Wrestling?

    Answer - Shane McMahon:
    Why? Opportunity and sense of calling kid. This is an opportunity to put my stamp on a wrestling company without interference from my family or blow ins. I know the wrestling business is where I belong, I’ve learned a lot in the business world, you know I proved what a great promoter I am when I took a small, talented guy from northern Ireland and made him one of the biggest names in world sport. Now I want to set a wrestling company apart from the rest.

    Shane continues: In wrestling, my family name opens some doors, how do you think we got into MSG earlier this year? But it’s also a curse, my whole life I was pre-judged all the time, in the business world I re-invented the name McMahon now I have to use the skills I learned in that setting to reinvent this industry, break down barriers and grab the world’s attention.


    The next Question is from Steve and it is for Roddy Piper:

    Question: Roddy Piper you talk about changing questions, well old Stone (ICE) Cold has a question for you: When will we see you back in the ring?

    Answer - Roddy Piper:
    Who knows Steve, my plan is to wrestle again. But after the battles fought in my career and my bout with Ali in 2013 I was banged up.

    When DM contacted me to come back here, I told him straight up: I am hurt.

    Then he changed the questions, he asked me to be his GM. I was shocked but he sold it when he explained it would give me a chance to rest up and learn a new job. That suited me bro as it gave me a shot at learning something new and let me prepare for life outside the ring. All that said, I hope one day soon I will be ready to fight again.

    Shane McMahon interjects, the GM role is a tough one, it needs a business head and having Roddy in the role right now is a risk for us. He is going to have to learn fast but I am impressed with him so far.

    Piper Responds: Listen man I don’t need your approval, I don’t have a famous Daddy to set me up in life, I have a hard earned name that gave me this opportunity and thanks to the majority shareholder here in ICE Wrestling I have that chance, I earned some time to heal my body
    Shane McMahon: (To DM Seven) I told you his temper could embarrass us……
    DM Seven:
    Let me handle him Shane, you know anyone with the name McMahon riles him up
    DM continues: Listen guys Roddy may wrestle again, for now he is a great asset in this GM role, he is why we were able to sign people like Austin Aries and why we have just signed Adam Cole.

    Next, question please.

    Next question is from Dwayne and is for DM Seven:

    Question: Why would you trade Ric Flair after signing him? I felt like I got a slap on the Johnson when I heard the news.
    Answer - DM Seven:


    Because we got Eddie Guerrero

    We had a chance to get one of the greatest performers of our time.

    Sure, Eddie is a man who had his demons, had his problems just like our own company.

    But the way he came back from that makes him a great role model for us all. He is loved in America, Mexico, Japan, all over the world.

    He is a great example of the work rate and athletic abilities you will see here in ICE Wrestling


    Next Q is from Terry, directed to Austin Aries and Eddie Guerrero:

    Question: Hey Brothers, Briscoes mania is running wild since they won the Tag Team Championship brothers, so what the ICE Wrestling Maniacs need to know is when we gonna see you running wild and battling for gold brothers?

    Shane McMahon: I will actually take this one


    Answer - Shane McMahon:

    I am glad you asked that Terry, here at ICE Wrestling we have a good handle on what fans want to see and it starts today.

    (Takes large brief case from under the table)

    This briefcase once held the Diamond Contract guaranteeing the holder a title shot at any ICE Wrestling Event

    Shane McMahon Continues: Today it holds something else; it holds the new ICE Wrestling World Title and (opening the briefcase) a contract for an ICE Wrestling TV main event to decide the new world champion.

    I am pleased to tell you that next week on the DM Netwrok we will see a battle between two of the premier stars in sports today, it will be Austin Aries versus Eddie Guerrero for the World Title.

    Shane McMahon gets Aries and Eddie to sign the contract. A photo op arises with Shane presenting the new title to the fans while Aries and Eddie shake hands.

    Out of nowhere, commotion breaks out from the back of the room:
    Loud Voice: Hey! I have a question, why should the fans care about a match to determine an INTERIM world Champion.

    Holy S#it that’s Randy Orton.

    And he has a title on his shoulder.


    Randy Orton: You see this title, this is THE World title, I won it before I left ICE Wrestling in 2013.

    Nobody ever beat me for it, hell nobody could beat me for it even if they tried, the truth is whoever wins your little match is just an interim champ, actually no, he is a FAKE champion.

    So why bother Shane, why don’t you just hand over that title to me, I can place it on my other Shoulder, have that photo up moment you wanted and we can all get out of this **** town.

    Roddy Piper gets up from the table:


    Rowdy Piper HEY Randy

    (Piper swipes the title from Shane.)

    Shane McMahon: What are you doing Piper

    Roddy Piper: SHUT IT McMahon.

    Roddy Piper: Everyone wants to be the big shot eh? Well you don’t just get handed titles around here. You vacated that title when you walked out without defending it. You want to be champion again?

    Great, I will give a you a chance to do it, but you’re going to earn it man.

    Next week, live on the DM Network you compete in a Triple Threat match: Randy Orton v Austin Aries v Eddie Guerrero to crown the Undisputed ICE Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion.

    Now everyone go home before I start a goddamn riot

    Next Week LIVE on the DM Network it will be

    Austin Aries v Eddie Guerrero v Randy Orton

    To Decide the Undisputed ICE Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion

    Also scheduled:
    • The Briscoes will defend their Tag Team Championships against Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez
    • Pipers Pit with a special guest courtesy of Shane McMahon
    • Pentajon Jr will debut in ICE Wrestling

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    WWF. An Introduction


    The year is 1990, the wrestling boom of the late nineteen 80s is still at its booming high and the wrasslin' business worldwide is white hot. Chief kingpin Vince McMahon, the man who created this great vision, is atop the mountain of conquered territories and he can't help but rub it in everybody's face at every chance he gets. The once mild mannered colour commentator has become somewhat of a tyrant. His father Vince Snr. created a wrestling company of sport, tradition and respect. Once he acquired the company he took it by the horns and like all pop cultural shifts in the 1980s did it with flash, brash and was oh so unapologetic. Speaking to Sports Illustrated he gave his approach quite clearly.
    "In the old days, there were wrestling fiefdoms all over the country, each with its own little lord in charge. Each little lord respected the rights of his neighboring little lord. No takeovers or raids were allowed. There were maybe 30 of these tiny kingdoms in the U.S. and if I hadn't bought out my dad, there would still be 30 of them, fragmented and struggling. I, of course, had no allegiance to those little lords.........I am the Lord!!!!!"

    Vincent. K. McMahon.

    Wall Street's sharpest trader Gordon Gecco told us that "greed is good". Well wrestling's own financial genius sings from the same hymn sheet and he will even throw in his biggest belief "Power is good". He rules the business and his federation with an iron fist. HIS Champion Hollywood Hulk Hogan is the number one son. Sometimes Black & White, sometimes Red & Yellow but like his biggest fan and associate Vince McMahon always a bad guy.

    Vincent Kennedy McMahon and Former Champion Hulk Hogan

    For three long years the pair have reigned over the federation and nobody has come close to usurping them. Countless superstars and legends have stepped up to challenge the status quo but have never had enough to beat the ever strong Hogan and the ever scheming McMahon. That is until last month's PPV Wrestlemania VI in Toronto Canada which saw an impressive new contender The Ultimate Warrior beat Hollywood Hogan 1...2....3. With huge excitement and hoopla The Ultimate warrior celebrated in front of his adoring fans, finally the WWF has a champion they can be proud of. The companies owner Vince McMahon is far from happy and in the late hours of Sunday March 14th 1990 he sent a fax to the WWF communication stated the The Ultimate Warrior gained the title via dis-reputed and will never ever be the WWF champion. We will surely see how this plays out in the next episode of WWF Saturday Night Main Event.

    The New WWF Champion The Ultimate Warrior

    WWF Tag Team Champions Ax and Smash Demolition

    Equally dominate within the federation are its tag team champion Ax and Smash, Demolition. The hard hitting tough guys have lived up to their names smashing and cutting through any of the competition that have challenged. In the slightly cartoonish world of the 80s there have been far from cartoonish threats to the tag titles. Having overcome technical wizards, lumbering giants and high flying brawlers the champs have commented jokingly and condescendingly towards the newest number one contenders- Adult movie producer, actor and writer Val Venis, teaming with his new recruit to his to sleezy-queezy porn business "The Italian Stallion" Santino Marella.

    The demand for WWF VHS have skyrocketed and with his is great business acumen Vince McMahon has invested heavily in a new venture of WWF movies and in his wisdom has passed the camera to his former Intercontinental champion Val Venis and given the remit to head the production of its movies. What could go wrong? Can Val and Santino pose a realistic threat or our they destined to be god all "Boogie nights" and take their eyes of the balls........errr ball.

    The Bullish Hoss Jack Swagger

    Debuting in 1988 All American American wrestling superstar Jack Swagger came into the federation like a shining light. Massively talented, he represented "We the people" with honour and valour. A true gent, a patriot that soared like an eagle to the heady highs of Intercontinental champion (and with great pride, at the Survivor Series, won US championship to add to his wares). Going toe to toe Hulk Hogan in late 1989 he showed what his country meant to him when he went so close to the future HOFer in a exciting flag match. Hulk came out on top and this seemed to turn the patriot entirely toxic and this ethos of freedom, liberty and respect turned to one of hate and racism. At one time, the man would have met all colours and creed as they should be welcomed but Swagger now has turned his sights to the hot topic of Cuban immigration to the United States. We shall hear what the All American American take is on this.

    The Rogues Gallery

    Jesse Ventura--- Long term colour commentator and supporter of Vince McMahon. If there is sh*t stirring Jesse won't be far behind. Always prone to express his strong political leaning. He has put the fed on hold with regards to his scouting of one of wrestling most desired free agent Corey Graves.

    Brutus Beefcake--- Present TV champion. As cotton candy as you can get. The younger fans love The Barber. When that theme hits the fans go bananas to their hero and owner of the WWF TVs most popular Barbershop Chatshow

    Men On a Mission
    --- Mo and Mabel. Bringing good vibes and funs since 1988..

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    Wednesday January 9th 2017
    AEPW : The First 9 Months Review Show


    Intro :

    Commentator 1 : Welcome to AEPW Monday Night ActionZone. Coming off the back of our New Years Eve PPV The Big Bang, we are going to review the first 9 months of AEPW.

    Comm 2 : What a 9 months it has been. We have seen great wrestling, some shocking moments and some awe inspiring moves.

    Comm 1 : Lets begin by talking about the crowning of the first WWGC Heavyweight Champion. 16 men started in the single elimination tournament and it all came down to 2 men, AJ Styles and Chris Jericho. At the first ever AEPW PPV, And New…. These 2 men engaged in a classic encounter.

    Comm 2 : What a mach that was. It all came down to AJ Styles missing the Spiral Tap and Jericho capitalising and hitting his Codebreaker for the 1..2...3..


    Comm 1 : Since that match Jericho has reigned as the only WWGC Heavyweight Champion knocking back challenges from Barry Windham, The Barbarian, Sabu and AJ Styles most recently at The Big Bang in what many are calling a 5* match. And we will talk more about the fall out from that match a little bit later. But Y2J continues to reign as WWGC Champion…

    Comm 2 : Yea but we know James Mitchell and his Church of the Zoetic are very interested in Y2Js affairs.


    Comm 1 : That’s true. They continue to stand on the stage during all of his matches and the mysterious HE, the supposed leader and financial mastermind behind The Zoetic seems to have his sights set on Y2J.

    Comm 2 : Who is HE? Come on you must know by now…

    Comm 1 : I know just as much as you. James Mitchell says it will all be revealed in good time. And for the meantime his personal Seraphs Meng and The Barbarian will continue to protect him and do his bidding.


    Speaking of The Seraphs, lets talk about the WWGC Tag Team Titles. At And New…. Kings of Air (Ricochet & Matt Sydal) defeated The Seraphs to become the first ever WWGC Tag Champs.

    Comm 2 : Yea and that didn’t last too long hahaha

    Comm 1 : Indeed, just 3 weeks later here on Monday Night ActionZone the Alpha IV team of Dr. Death and Finlay defeated them for those titles and they have defeated Kings of Air, The Young Bucks and the dream team of Styles and Jericho amongst others since then.

    Comm 2 : They have been dominant and I heard from Doc that they aint too happy that Kings of Air are again the #1 contenders as they have already beaten them twice.

    Comm 1: Well they did beat The Young Bucks at The Big Bang PPV in a #1 contenders match.


    Also at The Big Bang PPV, we were all delighted to see DDP return from his 6 month injury lay off due to a serious rib injury from a car accident.

    Comm 2 : Not everyone was delighted to see him…..

    Comm 1 : Well we know Manu wasn’t! He was the first to “Feel the Bang” as DDP put him down with the Diamond Cutter after weeks and weeks of Manu running his mouth while DDP was injured. I wonder what DDP has in mind now he has returned. Maybe a run at the WWGC Title? Or an AEPW European Title match with Barry Windham?


    Comm 2 : Lets hope not. Imagine that idiot as a champion talking about his yoga crap….EUGH……

    Comm 1 : Well 1 thing I do know about DDP is that its great to see him back.

    Now lets talk about the AEPW European Championship. At And New…. Jerry The King Lawler defeated Sabu to become the first European Champion.

    Comm 2 : Yea but since then its found its rightful home on the waist of Barry Windham.


    Comm 1 : It has. Sabu defeated Lawler in a No DQ Title match but the very next night he was goaded into another No DQ Title match by Windham and his Alpha IV stable mates.

    Comm 2 : He wasn’t goaded. He was just dumb and thought he could beat The WidowMaker.

    Comm 1 : Well no matter what you say happened, at The Big Bang PPV, Windham defeated Sabu and Lawler in a Triple Threat Match thanks in no small part to Jim Ross.

    Comm 2 : Mr Ross did nothing wrong. Barry Windham pinned Sabu fair and square.

    Comm 1 : Do you have amnesia? Ross was threatening to hit The Queen (The Kings valet, not yet drafted) and that distracted The King. Oh and not to forget Windham using the chair, and hitting the WidowMaker Superplex onto the chair to put Sabu away!

    Comm 2 : Ok, ok calm down there. All that matters is that Alpha IV still have their gold.

    So can we now talk about AJ Styles?


    Comm 1 : Yes lets address the AJ Styles situation. For months the rumours have circulated that AJ was signing with another company. We do know his contract expires on January 31st when AEPW is on hiatus.

    AEPW management allowed Y2J to select his opponent for The Big Bang PPV and Y2J selected AJ. Fans and critics alike are now saying this matched has topped their battle at And New…. The fans chanted for both men throughout…..

    Comm 2 : I have never heard a crowd so loud. I thought my head might explode.

    Comm 1 : This time it took a combined 3 CodeBreakers and a Lionsault to put away AJ. And in a classy move Y2J left AJ alone in the ring to soak in the fans adulation. With tears in his eyes AJ took a bow to each side of the arena. And just as he was bowing to the final side and saying thank you to the AEPW fans, the arena turned to darkness…………


    And when the lights came up, Taz was behind AJ and he put AJ in the TazMission.


    Comm 2 : That’s how you make an entrance.

    Comm 1 : It was a shocking moment. But what followed was just as shocking. After such a gruelling match AJ couldn’t fight off the TazMission. But not content with just choking out AJ, Taz laid AJ out with the rarely seen TazMissionPlex.

    Comm 2 : Even I felt bad for AJ when I saw that. OUCH…

    Comm 1 : Now we don’t know why Taz targeted AJ. We also don’t know if AJ is still a part of AEPW. The latest news we have is that nobody at AEPW has heard from AJ since that night. He was brought to hospital after the PPV for checks on his neck and has refused to speak to AEPW management since.

    Comm 2 : You mean AJ is done with AEPW?

    Comm 1 : We don’t know. All we know is his contract expires before our return to tv on Monday 13th February. But we are told Taz will be there for our first ActionZone of the new year along with all of the AEPW champions. And I can exclusively reveal that kicking off the show we will have DDP v Sabu!

    Comm 2 : Wow that’s a ppv level match up! Oh man I cant wait.

    Comm 1 : Well its 5 weeks from now, AEPW will return with our weekly Monday Night ActionZone. And we are heading to our biggest ever PPV, AEPW Easter Rising on April 2nd.

    So from both of us goodnight and we will see you in 5 weeks.

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    Strong-Will Wrestling Group 1

    Welcome everyone to the Palace of Strong-Will here in exotic New Ross, Co. Wexford in the South East of Ireland. I'm Trevor Marx and I'm joined by my brother Johnny.

    John:We won't delay with any of the usual crap, because our inaugural episode is starting with our first televised SWWG World Championship match, Trevor!

    T:Of course we were meant to be joined by a hall of famer to call the action but I won't mention that individual's name as he began to cite different reasons, many of them contradicting each other, as to why he couldn't join us on tonight's premiere episode. Check my Twitter for the real story folks.

    WELL..... WELL IT'S THE BIG SHOW......

    The audience gives Paul Wight a decent enough response, a little bit lukewarm in some sections if only due to the fact that he's going up against the new company's no. 1 babyface.

    T:Here we GO!!!
    J:The legendary 6 time world champion is here Trevor. I wish he'd just retire already, boring piece of ****.
    T:Well said brother, well said. Anyway, here comes the champ.

    Bret Hart's music plays and the audience comes unglued in a severe Canadian Stampede fashion. Bret walks out and jokingly places his trademark Hit Man shades on Johnny's face.

    J:Get a grip ya has-been!
    T:Apologies for that distraction wrestling fans, our first EVER last man standing main event will be starting following the introductions......

    Last Man Standing Match for SWWG World Championship
    Paul Wight vs. Bret Hart

    J:Trevor do you think we're going to find out why Hart has been so quiet around the media over the last few weeks tonight?
    T:I've been told that Bret Hart will address the rumors that have been circulating online about him after tonight's championship match. But Trevor, if the Giant has his way, Bret isn't going to be able to move his jaw when all's over with here!

    The two competitors shake hands in the middle of the ring as the referee holds the championship aloft, before retreating into their respective corners and waiting for the bell.

    Bret launches himself at Wight with forearms straight away, getting straight into an uncharacteristic frenzied attack right off the opening bell.
    Paul Wight battles back with kidney punches and headbutts to his smaller opponent. Only 2 minutes into the match and Bret is down for a 7 count already, having felt the force of the Giant's skull, sending him reeling.
    Bret props himself up in the corner as Paul Wight runs towards him, dodging Wight's charge at the last possible second, sending him shoulder first into the ring post.
    Bret drops underneath the bottom rope and searches underneath the ring for something to help with his battle, pulling out a table.

    T:Like it or not Johnny, we have some pretty dumb roadies in this business, constantly leaving this crap under the ring.
    J:It really baffles me at this stage, brother.

    Paul Wight pulls himself out of the ring to cut off Bret as he attempts to set up the table at ringside, grabbing Bret by the hair and throwing him into the SWW Palace wall back-first.

    T:Bret doesn't look good Johnny.
    J:Sure he's ****ed, Rov, I mean Trev. He should have retired years ago. Melty hasn't listed him in a match of the year candidate since the 1990s at this stage.

    Paul Wight slides the table into the ring and sets it up in the centre. Bret uses it to pull himself to his feet, as the referee reaches a five count.

    J:What the **** is going on here?

    Commentary goes silent as the crowd starts to go into overdrive as The Iron Sheik attacks both Johnny and Trevor (Marx), clocking them both across the cranium with his right fist.


    SWWG backstage interviewer "The Viking" Dave Coleman joins The Iron Sheik in the booth (talk about being thrown in at the deep end).

    Johnny and Trevor go running into the ring to get away from the greatest Iranian of all time, but Trevor is caught by a KO Punch from Wight, who also catches Johnny by the throat and sends him through the table with a chokeslam.


    The Giant sees the funny side of what just happens, feeling the pop from the crowd, despite the fact that the match couldn't have stakes any higher. Wight gets out of the ring and soaks up the cheers of the crowd, who are marking out from the table spot. Bret has managed to regain his composure and climbs to the top rope to launch a missile dropkick at the Giant as he climbs back into the ring. The referee barely begins his count, only registering a 1 as Wight just stumbled off of the apron and onto his back before climbing straight back into the ring, Hart staying down for longer, leading the referee to count to 2.

    Viking:Sheik that was Bret's chance to pull back into this match and you have to wonder if he's going to get another opportunity like that again. The Giant was completely distracted there. You have to wonder if he took too much of a risk by going up top.


    Paul Wight is on a roll now, returning his focus to Bret Hart, who runs at him attempting his Hart Attack clothesline, but the Giant catches him with the K.O punch, which sends Hart through the middle ropes. The Giant is like a man possessed as he follows Hart out of the ring and tosses him onto the announce table. Bret attempts to roll off but Wight catches him by the throat to hold him in place before lifting him over his shoulder and driving him down through the announce table.
    The referee finds his 10 count and we have a NEW SWWG WORLD CHAMPION PAUL WIGHT!


    SWWG Episode 1 goes off the air with Paul Wight holding the championship having just beaten The Best There Is, The Best There Was and The Best There Ever Will Be fair and square. The fans are stunned (not WrestleMania XXX stunned, or Montreal stunned, but noticeably quiet all the same).

    Viking:The Giant's reign has begun. The reign of terror that the internet smarks have feared has finally come to pass, Sheik. You have to wonder if Bret Hart is going to be able to challenge Paul Wight for a rematch. He does not look in good condition here, we have medical professionals here at ringside checking him out. I've never seen Bret Hart take such a beating in all my years both as a fan and an announcer of this great sport of professional wrestling. Who will be able to take it to The Big Show? Will we have a different challenger by the time we get to Electric Ladderland?


    Bret Hart is unable to make his announcement due to the injuries sustained in tonight's championship match. Please return to us next week where we hope to get an update from both our new champion Paul Wight and Bret Hart. We will also feature action from the SWWG Women's division!


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    Welcome to Hard Cheese Entertainment, I am your host... Elijah Burke...


    ...and this is our humble abode!


    It's quite beautiful ain't it???
    At the decree of our esteemed general manager: yours truly, "The Black Pope" will be specially filling you all in on what has been happening in our spectacular organisation as we get ready for our first broadcast on the Network in the next few days. A multi-million dollar deal was signed in order for us to make the move, so you can be damned sure that we're going to let you know exactly who we are, and what we're about! So without further ado, let me guide you through a who's who of our roster!

    Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat

    Beloved by fans of all ages, Ricky has wowed audiences all over the world with his never say die attitude and sensational in ring skills. A former HCE World Heavyweight champion, a shoulder injury cruelly dictated that he relinquish his title just as quickly as his reign had begun. With his return due any time soon, it must be imagined that he will seek to regain what he never truly lost in the first place. With the HCE WHC still vacated, now may be as good a time as any to make good on that promise.

    'The Nature Boy' Buddy Rogers

    Easily one of the coolest guys on planet Earth, Buddy is simply effortless. A general in the ring, and a politician outside it, he is a guy who takes no prisoners and doesn't need to exert too much to make it happen. As the current HCE Intercontinental champion, his reign has stretched to 339 days, the longest in company history. He has taken on all-comers and succeeded on each occasion, a lot of the time through nefarious means. Aided and abetted by his loyal valets, Sylvester Terkay, Shelton Benjamin & Rich Swann, Buddy has people who have his back, and who he can mould to take over when he calls it a day. This doesn't look like happening any time soon however!

    Seth Rollins

    The self proclaimed 'Greatest Performer on Earth', and you know what? He probably isn't wrong! Since moving to HCE, Seth has lit the place up with his phenomenal athleticism. Despite this, he retains a love-hate relationship with management and the fans due to constantly looking out for Seth and Seth only. In his quest to win the HCE World Heavyweight title, he has formed and broken alliances, with many dubbing him "The Serial Sellout". He knocks these claims back, saying that he is only looking out for opportunities to cement his already rock solid greatness. Like Steamboat, Seth succumbed to injury just as it looked as if he would finally win the big one, which kept him on the shelf for 2-3 months! With his return, Seth has looked to reassert his dominance as the "Undisputed Gamechanger of HCE".

    Jay Lethal

    An immeasurably talented guy, Jay is at a crossroads currently. The current vacated situation of the HCE World Title means an opportunity is arising. However, the Intercontinental title would love to see his name etched into it for a record 6th time. A man with limitless potential, perhaps he can attempt to capture both. Lethal has often spoken about how HCE has afforded him the opportunity to maximise his capabilities, so do not be surprised to see him express himself on your screens!

    Montel Vontavious Porter

    The hottest free agent at the turn of the year, HCE were able to tie MVP down to a 3 year deal, with a guaranteed downside of $500,000 per year. A lot of money, but is he worth it? From his tenures at WWE & TNA, it would seem to indicate that he is yet to reach his full potential. However, with opportunities galore to unfold, he could yet be one to watch out for. With a boot as sweet as his, I think we would be wise not to count him out.

    Sean O'Haire

    Also recently signed in the new year, the WCW alumni hasn't been seen too much, keeping to himself mostly. We know about his abundant abilities, but we wonder will he struggle to show them to the world much like his ill-fated move to WWE? HCE represents a new chapter for all, will his be worth reading?

    Roderick Strong

    A supremely gifted wrestler, Strong is the current HCE Television Champion. This title is seen as a symbol for those who can work hard and entertain the crowd. As such, it is mandatory for it to be defended every week. Strong is currently in his second reign, much longer than his first which now stands at 131 days. He loves nothing more than giving the fans their money's worth, and he doesn't care who he has to fight in order to make it happen.
    Phew! That was a lot to get through, now let's swing by our tag division...


    John Morrison & Joey Mercury are legends of the HCE tag division, the current champions and 7 time winners overall. Nobody has come close to them in terms of matching their success and longevity. Morrison has also dabbled in singles action, becoming a one time TV champion and a three time Intercontinental champion. Their bread and butter is together however, and they aim to solidify each reign by completely decimating their opponents, giving them no hope of coming back for another shot at their titles.

    Inoki & Fujinami

    Legends of Japanese wrestling, these two are equally comfortable on their own, but have found comfort in wrestling together for the company's biggest dual prize. Three time winners, they have been at war with MNM for what seems like forever. Typically, this kind of rivalry has a shelf life and stagnates with fans, but their attritional and unpredictable battles have incredibly left the audience wanting more after all this time. We can surely expect this to continue, I hope!

    The Godfather & D'Lo Brown

    Two guys who love to have fun, they mean well but ultimately keep falling short when it comes to winning tag team gold. This doesn't seem to phase the two, as they maintain their positive outlook. You have to wonder if this is really what they want? Is competing enough for them or are they playing the long game?
    Well, that was fun! I hope that this has satiated your appetites for our broadcast in the coming days, which will include an opening announcement from our principal owner, Mr. Cheese Wagstaff. No doubt that this will have big implications for HCE, so please tune in as it is not to be missed!

    And finally, I know you're all wondering...what about you Pope?!? Will we be seeing the Elijah Express coming to a station near us? Well, sadly...I'm beat up pretty bad, so it's looking like my fighting days are numbered. For now, you'll just have to get used to seeing my beautiful face on commentary! To everyone crying their eyes out, I feel your pain. I really do! But, it's better for everyone if I'm not unleashed in my condition, you know what I'm sayin? You all know what I mean, I don't have to say it no more!

    Until next time boys & girls, stay safe!

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,804 ✭✭✭A Brad Maddox Guy

    "A champion wronged....." video showing Brian Pillman devastated after Mike Tyson has taken the World Championship belt from him....... "A contender denied....." a quick montage of Kazuchika Okada pinning various faces of MWA past....... "A crowd frustrated......" images of annoyed, bored fans watching another Supremacy with 2 hours of 100% directionless filler...... "Change is coming...."

    Pyro goes off and the capacity crowd cheer, eagerly awaiting the unveiling of MWA's newest owner & the crowning of a new MWA World Heavyweight Champion. There is a cautiously optimistic atmosphere that the mystery owner will implement the change MWA needs to thrive once more.

    Petey: "Good evening everybody & welcome to another night of Supremacy. We have a packed arena tonight folks & Dave can you feel the buzz amongst these fans?"
    Dave: "Well Petey I got a chance to talk to some of our fans outside the hotel this morning & the excitement was palpable. And who can blame them when you consider the rumours that have been swirling around this week."
    Petey: "I can confirm to our audience watching at home that the rumours are true & MWA does have a new owner who we expect in the ring any moment now."
    Dave: "Like always I welcome our new boss & would like to let him know that there was a zero missing from my pay cheque this morning which we can sort out after the show. But let me tell ya something first about those fans I spoke to today Pete – they were all a bunch of idiots. I thought nerds were supposed to be smart but some guy wearing a "Pillman was screwed" t-shirt kept shouting about some guy called Colin Delaney being named World Champion."
    Petey: "I'm not gonna rule anyo.."
    Dave: "Shut up Petey here comes our new boss!"
    Brad Maddox walks out announcing himself to be the new owner of Maddox Wrestling Association. "For too long you have all paid your hard earned cash to watch subpar programming. PPV's may as well have been house shows such was their lack of importance. Well I'm here to save this company and I'm just in time to make WrestleRama III the Pay-Per-View you all deserve!" Maddox soaks up the applause & "Thank you Maddox" chants. "And in my first act as boss I have handpicked a new signing to be our new World Heavyweight Champion and I have full confidence he will lead us to greatness. The Champion's unveiling will happen inside this very ring tonight! And I'm sure a lot of you have your doubts about me, after my last run in charge of a company I didn't fare too well. And that is why I have hired a General Manager to assist & mentor me so that I can make MWA great.....But that's not all. I am announcing a tournament starting tonight to name the number 1 contender to the World Heavyweight Championship meaning the winner will go on to main event The Ultimate Showcase of Supremacy, WrestleRama!"

    Brian Pillman's music plays & the Loose Cannon walks out to a standing ovation. He doesn't look happy though as he joins Maddox in the ring, walks straight by & gets a mic.
    "What is this sh*t. Who the hell are you? I go from being screwed by Mike Tyson to having some punk in an undersized blazer calling the shots. It's bad enough that I never lost my Championship, it's worse still that I haven't gotten to take it back. But you dare come into this company and 'award' the biggest title in wrestling to someone that hasn't ever step foot inside its ring. And still you piss me off even more by telling me I gotta face some bull**** tournament just to get a shot at MY Championship!"

    Pillman is fuming, the veins in his forehead are popping & Maddox looks nervous and ready to run.

    "Now Brian Pillman ain't one for complaining about having to compete, the only thing I love more than putting on a show for the fans is kicking ass inside this ring. BUT STILL I GOTTA HUGE PROBLEM WITH SOME OUTSIDER BEING HANDED MY CHAMPIONSHIP!"

    At this point Pillman is close to losing it - he has squared Maddox into the corner, spit is flying from his mouth with every exhaled breath. Maddox looks like a deer in headlights but he tries to compose himself before raising his microphone to his mouth.

    " you just said..ha em.. the most important thing yourself.. you love putting on a show for the fans and that's exactly what I want you to do. Now Brian..uh..ok..can you eh..just stay right..right I'm going backstage..and um (Maddox is out of the ring now) I'm going to get your opponent because...yeah well.. you're um.. kicking off the tournament after the break."

    Maddox turns & walks briskly up the ramp as Pillman angrily throws his jacket to the outside.
    brian_pillman_-_brian_pillman_07.jpg VS Big_John_Studd_-_John_William_Minton_10.jpg

    Quarter Final
    Brian Pillman vs Big John Studd
    Both men lock up early on but Studd is clearly too large & powerful for the man formerly known as Flyin Brian who gets swatted to the ground. Pillman doesn't make the same mistake again & ducks under Studd's arms in the next lock up and starts swinging at Studd from behind. Studd absorbs the punches & forearms & hits Pillman with an elbow which sends him into the rope. A clothesline from Studd puts Pillman over the rope & down to the outside.

    Studd follows quickly, eager to keep Pillman down and he stomps on the outside while the referee makes his count. Studd lifts Pillman up and runs him back first into the ring post before putting him on the apron. Studd climbs back inside, reaches over the top rope & grabs Pillman by the hair, raising Brian to his feet. He wraps Pillman up in the ropes and hits huge clubbing forearms on Pillman's chest before putting Brian in a Sleeper Hold against the ropes. The referee forces the release at 4 which annoys John Studd who shouts at a now cowering referee. When Studd goes back to Pillman he gets a thumb to the eye, stumbles backwards and gets hit with an Air Pillman. Brian goes for the cover but Studd kicks out on 2.

    Dave: "Not many people kick out of Air Pillman but Big John Studd is not many people.
    Petey: "But that was Pillman's first offence of the match, I gotta believe that if Pillman hits it again we'll see a 3 count because if not then I just don't know how Brian Pillman wins this match Dave."

    The match continues with Pillman on top, trying to keep the big man off his feet but Studd is tough to put away. The match culminates when Studd puts Pillman in a Bear Hug but Pillman is smart enough to attack Studd's head before the move can wear him down and counters into a DDT. Pillman seizes his opportunity, waits on the apron for Studd to get on his feet & Pillman hits a 2nd Air Pillman. This time he gets the 3 count and advances to the semi finals.

    Winner: Brian Pillman

    Petey: "What a hard fought win by our former, and in my opinion, rightful World Heavyweight Champion."
    Dave: "Why do you gotta be like this every year Petey. Just because the fans cheer doesn't mean they're right."

    Intercontinental Champion Rob Van Dam is stretching backstage when he meets Brad Maddox.
    "Bro welcome to MWA. My name is Rob Van Dam & I'm the highest flier you've ever seen."
    RVD starts laughing at his joke, confusing Maddox.
    "Well Rob you're going to be the next competitor in the World Championship Contender's tournament. I couldn't not give the Intercontinental Champion a shot at rising the ranks."
    RVD is still laughing at his own joke when Maddox introduces his opponent – Matt Hardy who walks up with a smirk on his face.
    "Brad I'm gonna save your production team some time & tell them to get the Matt Hardy brand in full flow for WrestleRama because if RVD is the caliber of my opponent then my place in that main event is as good as booked."

    A blacked out limo drives into the arena surrounded by paparazzi trying to get a snap of the star inside.
    Petey: "I wonder could our new World Heavyweight Champion be inside?"
    Dave: "It might even be Maddox's mentor & GM. Whoever it is they roll in style."
    334284-rob_van_dam___pointing.jpg VS 5e61aa040864427ec0d9fca5c567ea19.jpg
    Quarter Final
    Rob Van Dam vs Matt Hardy
    Matt seems even more cocky than usual when the match starts, turning his back on RVD to pose for the millions of Mattitude followers. RVD pushes Matt, annoyed that he isn't taking him seriously. Matt holds his eyes & angrily complains to the referee that RVD poked him & should be disqualified. The crowd boo until RVD roundhouse kicks Matt and the match becomes a fight.

    Hardy cheats throughout, pulling the tights, feet on the ropes for leverage & hiding behind the referee. The match reaches its peak when Matt goes for a Twist of Fate but RVD counters with a kick to the head and rolls into a quick pinfall using his legs to hook Hardy to the mat.

    Winner: Rob Van Dam

    The Lions of CHAOS (Okada, Omega, Ibushi, Shelley & KUSHIDA) are backstage with interviewer Jimmy Microphone.
    Microphone: "As we all know, CHAOS arrived with a bang on MWA when they took out Dean Ambrose & since then all 5 of you have used your superiour numbers to your advantage multiple times, most prolifically when the entire group was at ringside to help Kenny Omega & Kota Ibushi defeat the Tag Team Champions Gene & Ole Anderson."

    The group remain silent, waiting for Microphone to ask a question.

    Microphone: "But as a group you seem to have endeared yourselves to the MWA fans. Generally you all get the job done without the need for outside interference in recent months and its led to some classic matches. However Okada, you so far have failed to win the big one, to get your hands on that World Heavyweight Championship. With Brad Maddox's Number 1 Contender's tournament do you feel a need to revert back to old tactics in order to win it all?"

    Kenny Omega & Okada whisper together before Omega turns to Microphone and says "Jimmy, you talk too much. There was no underhanded tactics when we arrived, we did what lions do and hunted in unison to assert our dominance on the plains of MWA. And as we hunted together we grew together & learned from eachother. We thrived and now we do our hunting however we damn well please because all the other animals know that we are Kings."

    Okada grabs Microphone and says "tonight Lion must fight Lion." He lets Microphone go & the Lions of CHAOS walk away.

    Dave: "What the hell was that about?"
    Pete: "Could it be? Is there really going to be two Lions of CHAOS in a match against each other tonight?"

    A brief shot of the parked limo, commentators still speculate about who is inside.

    Brad Maddox is seated in his office. "Bradley." Maddox looks up; "Superstar you made it."
    The camera pans from Brad Maddox's desk to show Superstar Billy Graham walking into his office. Maddox extends his hand but Graham isn't paying attention as he walks over to pour himself a whiskey.
    "How ya finding it kid?"
    "There's a lot of potential to do something great here."
    "Yeah yeah look kid I'm gonna cut straight to the point. This tournament you've set up is good, it is. But it's not great. It needs a true Superstar for the people to watch and that's why, in my first act as General Manager, I have entered myself into the tournament."
    Brad is surprised. "But it's full already, there's no room to add y.."
    "Kid the wheels are already in motion. I've gotten my secretary to kick the two guys you had pencilled in, well, out."
    "But what..why..secretary..why kick two out?"
    "There's this talented kid I saw backstage & I thought to myself 'f*** I'd love to have a match with this guy.' So I made it happen."
    "You said it yourself Bradley, you want to put on the best show possible for these fans. Well I'm your whole show right here. I'm the Superstar, I'm the one these fans have & will pay to see. Now I know you don't want to go wrong like you did before so do yourself a favour, shut up and listen to the Superstar. This is the right call."
    With that Billy downs his whiskey & leaves.
    Maddox looks dejected in his seat: "I don't even have a secretary."

    The limo is shown once more, a lot of bodyguards are on the scene now but still no further movement.
    latest?cb=20091021162818 VS latest?cb=20091003051924

    Quarter Final
    Colin Delaney vs 'Superstar' Billy Graham
    Graham warms up the crowd, points to Delaney and urges them to cheer. They applaud politely & Graham invites Delaney to lock up. Graham grimaces in pain before laughing and twisting Delaney's hands the wrong way. He lifts Delaney up by the hands and pushes him back to the mat. Delaney gets back up holding his hand, jumps at Graham but is caught with ease & Body Slammed. Graham picks Colin up in a Full Nelson and swings him around the ring. Finally he throws Colin in the air, catches him and puts him in a Bear Hug. Colin passes out and the match is over before the 2 minute mark.

    Winner: 'Superstar' Billy Graham

    Petey: "Dave I've just got word that what Okada said earlier tonight is in fact to do with the Number 1 Contender's Tournament – Okada's opponent is a fellow Lion of CHAOS.
    Dave: "Wow that's gonna be interesting. In the animal kingdom everything is about dominance & the prize of leading the pride. Tonight the prize is keeping a World Championship dream alive but the dominance is the same. If another Lion can defeat Okada tonight I don't see how he can call himself the leader.

    Backstage Okada hugs each Lion of CHAOS before walking out for the match.
    Kazuchika-Okada-640x370.jpg VS Kota-Ibushi.jpg
    Quarter Final
    Kazuchika Okada vs Kota Ibushi
    A war of a match with near falls and both men pushed far. Okada controls the early stages with various attacks to Ibushi's legs as he looks to nullify Ibushi's aerial attacks. Ibushi fights out of a single leg crab and once back on his feet he uses his lightning quick footwork to wear Okada down. A standing drop kick sends Okada to the outside, and Ibushi runs towards the corner and jumps to the outside with a Golden Triangle Moonsault taking out himself & Okada.

    Both men make it back to the ring before the 10 count & get back to their feet. Okada swings a lariat at Ibushi hoping to catch him by surprise but Ibushi ducks under & turns it into a German Suplex which he holds in a bridged pin. Okada kicks out at 2.

    Ibushi climbs to the top rope but Okada gets to his feet and hits a big dropkick which sends Ibushi falling to the outside. The referee starts his count but Okada slides out & rolls Ibushi back in. Okada then hits a Springboard Senton, goes for the pin but Ibushi kicks out.

    Okada resumes control of the match after this, once again working Ibushi's right leg. When Okada transitions a figure 4 into Red Ink it looks like the match is won, Ibushi has nowhere to go. Both men using all of their energy Ibushi somehow crawls to the bottom rope & forces the break. Okada picks him up, locks the wrist & goes for a Rainmaker but Ibushi ducks it & hits a spinning kick to the liver which catches Okada hard enough to wind him & Ibushi follows it up with quick, adrenaline fuelled elbows which knock Okada down. Ibushi climbs to the top rope once more & jumps for a moonsault but Okada rolls to the side - Ibushi amazingly lands on his feet & immediately jumps into a standing moonsault which catches Okada. The referee counts 1...2.. Okada kicks out.

    The first landing did a lot of damage to Ibushi who is struggling on his feet. Ibushi starts slapping his right leg, urging it to wake up before Okada recovers. Both men end up on their feet & face-to-face. They look from side to side as the crowd cheer their incredible athletic performance. They push their heads together, Ibushi is first to swing a kick, Okada hits a forearm, another kick, another forearm. A forearm from Ibushi is then followed by a kick from Okada, both men trade forearms & kicks for another 45 seconds until they are dazed on their feet. Ibushi with a burst of energy hits a quick combination of kicks & forearms until he aims for one final kick to the temple, but Okada dodges his leg & ducks behind him while grabbing Ibushi's wrist in one fluid motion before hooking him round for a Rainmaker!

    Okada collapses onto a fallen Ibushi & the referee counts..1....2.....3!

    Winner: Kazuchika Okada

    Petey: "What an incredible match. Amazing that this is only the quarter finals of our tournament, both men gave everything to advance. That was worthy of a WrestleRama main event in my eyes."
    Dave: "Not only has Okada triumphed in an absolute war but he's done it over his friend & teammate. Any doubts about the leadership of CHAOS has just been put to an end."
    Petey: "And Okada has just helped Ibushi to his feet & embraced him. A true show of respect. I'm saying it now, Okada is my favourite to win this tournament after that."
    Dave: "This match is the exact reason Okada is least favourite to win in my book. No other competitor tonight had to go through a match like that & it's hard to see how he can recover in only a week. I'm tired after just calling that match, no way he'll be fit."

    After the break the ring has been set up with the World Heavyweight Championship in a display cabinet & Brad Maddox walks out.
    "It has long been my belief that the pinnacle of any wrestling company should be its World title. In MWA this has always been the case & will continue to be under my leadership. MWA has in the past had great World Champions, some of the biggest names in wrestling have held this belt. Men like Keiji Mutoh & the phenom The Undertaker who fought inside Hell in a Cell for this prize. Audiences watched in awe last year when KENTA overcame the odds & the monster that is Sycho Sid for this prize. And finally there's Brian Pillman, a potential MWA legend who this very night gave his all just for an opportunity to reclaim this prize."

    Maddox pauses to catch his breath and the fans applaud in acknowledgement of MWA's past.

    "But tonight is a new dawn, tonight we crown a new MWA World Heavyweight Champion. He is a former WWE Champion, he has main evented WrestleMania, he is a Hollywood box office smash hit. He is..."

    Maddox is stopped abruptly by a car horn – the limo drives out onto the ramp flanked by bodyguards. The chauffeur steps out and opens the door...


    The Miz steps out of the limo with his arms outstretched. The crowd boo as he struts towards the ring. Some at ringside throw their arms out angrily but none can reach passed the bodyguards. The Miz enters the ring, poses at the turnbuckle and gets a mic.
    "Let me start by saying what an honour it is to be your new World Champion. And now I get to main event WrestleRama III. All of this on the back of my critically acclaimed performances in The Marine 4 & Santa's Little Helper. Aren't you people lucky to have someone such as myself inside this very ring?"
    "Uhh Miz..."
    "And to all the people out back crying about me being 'handed' this title just remember that I earned it. I'm a movie star, I beat John Cena in the main event of WrestleMania, I trained the leader of the YES Movement Daniel Bryan & I am a grand slam champion in the WWE. I don't need to prove myself to anyone when it comes to being the World Heavyweight Champion. Now Maddox, strap me up."
    "Miz, welcome to MWA and all but you are not our new World Heavyweight Champion."

    Dave: "This is ridiculous. If it's not The Miz then who is it?"
    Batista's music plays and The Animal walks on top of The Miz's limo. The crowd cheer, many just happy to see The Miz look stupid. Batista walks down to the ring, touching the outstretched hands of the fans as he goes.

    Maddox: "Ladies & gentlemen, please welcome our new MWA World Heavyweight Champion, The Animal, BATISTA!"

    Brad Maddox picks up the Championship but it is grabbed from his hand by The Miz who tries to attack Batista with it but Batista ducks and hits Miz with a vicious Spinebuster. The Miz rolls out of the ring, Maddox picks up the Championship and awards it to Batista. Batista poses with the Championship on the turnbuckles & pyro erupts from the stage but suddenly the lights go out & the pyro stops.

    Everyone in the crowd gets out their phones but the lights flash back on briefly before going out again. This flash starts happening every 5 seconds & our cameras are struggling to adjust to the sharp changes. Suddenly two figures can be spotted on the ramp. With each flash they are closer to the ring until finally we see that they have entered. Both men charge forward and between the flashes of light & the phones of the crowd the cameras can vaguely make out two masked men punching & kicking Batista who is fighting to keep them at bay. Suddenly a 3rd man jumps in from the crowd, steel chair in hand. The lights catch him sliding into the ring & crashing the chair off Batista's back. The 3 men are now attacking a downed Batista, the lights catch a number of security men running down the ramp but the 3 men escape into the crowd.

    The lights come back on properly but amidst the confusion the men got away. Batista is down,hurt & bloodied. The Championship gold stained in his blood and the show goes off the air.

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    Pyro goes off and our commentators Michael Cole and Josh Matthews welcome us to Thursday Night "CARNAGE"


    Paulie walks to the ring:

    Paulie: "Tonight is sure to be one hell of a night, more big names have signed and there's going some excellent in ring action as well."

    Diesel music hits

    Diesel: "God knows what I'm doing in this ****hole of a town but the money you offered Paulie was too good to turn down so I'm here and ready to roll."

    Paulie "That's good Diesel because your in action next to kickstart the tournament to be the first PCW World Heavyweight Champion"

    Tournament Match No.1

    Diesel v Scotty 2 Hotty

    "Scotty goes to lock up but Diesel catches him with a kick to the sternum and begins to beat down on Scotty. Several punches and kicks later and it looks like Diesel is about to close in on victory, he lifts up Scotty for the powerbomb but Scotty counters and hits a running bulldog, he goes for the worm the crowd are on their feet in the anticipation of an upset, W O R bang a big boot from Diesel derails all the momentum he finally hits the Jackknife 1 2 3 and this one is in the books folks"


    Mr Kennedy approaches the Honky Tonk Man

    Kennedy "I hear you were one of the all time greats but guess what old man that was in the past I'm the greatest there is now and my name is Mr Kennedy Kennedyyyyyyyyyyyyy"

    Tournament Match No.2

    Greg Valentine v Rikishi

    "Hammer gets on top early hitting Rikishi with a number of elbows and punches, Rikishi fights back landing some headbutts and eventually lands a superkick which sends Valentine into corner sitting down Rikishi teases the stinkface but Hammer manages to get out of the way hits a belly to back suplex on Rikishi sets him up for a piledriver but Rikishi counters hits a samoan drop and goes for the Bonzai Drop but Valentine rolls out of the way Hammer locks in the figure four leg lock Rikishi is close to tapping but just about manages to get to the ropes both men to their feet exchanging blows until Rikishi hits a superkick heads for the middle rope and connects with a Bonzai Drop 1 2 3 and this one is over"

    Cole: "What a match that was Josh?"

    Matthews: "It really was a classic match Michael and if that's going to be standard around here I'm sure the audience will surely be impressed."

    Cole: "I've just received some big breaking news that a mega star has signed for PCW and will be here tonight."

    Matthews: "Wow, I wonder who is is Michael?"

    Tournament Match No.3

    Steve Blackman v Sharkboy

    "Blackman removes the turnbuckle and as the ref is fixing it he pulls out a Kendo stick and goes to town on Sharkboy when the ref turns around after been distracted Blackman has Sharkboy in the sleeper hold and Sharkboy loses conciousness therefore giving Blackman the win"

    Steve Blackman interrupts Mick Foley and Terry Funk

    Blackman: "Did you see that you two has beens? how I dismantled that waste of oxygen Sharkboy out there"

    Funk: "Yeah real impressive Steve although I don't remember Mick or I after needing to distract a referee when we were the hardcore Kings"

    Foley: "That's right Terry, we never needed to cheat to win and in fact Steve you didn't need to do it either to win that match you only do it because it gives you some kind of sick pleasure."

    Blackman: "Yeah okay whatever, how about I just kick both of your old asses right now"

    Brawl breaks out but refreees and security seperate them

    In the ring

    Cole: "We've arrived at the final segment and this is where our brand new superstar signing will arrive"

    Rock: "Finally, after months of negotiations I've reached a short term deal to join Paulie Championship Wrestling and while I'm here I plan to kick some candy asses and become the inaugural PCW World Heavyweight Champion."

    Rikishi and The Usos attack Rock from behind

    "This is one hell of a beatdown, superkick by Jey, frogslash by Jimmy, Bonzai Drop by Rikishi, The Usos set Rock up in the corner Rikishi lifts his trunks up and delivers a digusting stinkface to his cousin"

    Cole: "Why why why have they come out and attacked their own flesh and blood?"

    Matthews: "I guess Michael we may wait till next week to find out."

    Cole: "Thank You everybody for joining us tonight and tune in next Thursday for another exciting episode of CARNAGE."

    Closing Credits Roll

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    Slick Wrestling Federation

    The owner – Floyd Mayweather


    The man is bored.
    He needed a plaything as a retirement gift to himself, and so, bought Slick out, and became sole owner of Slick Wrestling Federation, promptly changing the name of the Federation to Money Championship Wrestling.
    Don’t expect the man to make decisions based on what’s ‘best for business’.

    Bob Sapp


    Mayweather’s bought and paid for henchman.
    Originally arrived in the company as a fun-loving, larger than life crowd favourite, but that didn’t pay the bills.

    Now, wherever you see Mayweather, you’re sure that Sapp won’t be too far behind.

    Slick Wrestling Federation
    Money Championship Wrestling.



    The current MCW Champion.

    6 months ago he was poached by his good friend Mayweather, and has since made a mockery of the promotion, with the help of his good mate.
    He won the championship a month into his reign from then champion, Mitsuharu Misawa; a man who had held the title with pride and dignity - Mayweather lending HHH the help of 3 of his ‘associates’ to get the job done.
    HHH has since beaten Misawa twice more, never clean, and always with Mayweather conveniently turning the other cheek to his shenannigans.
    It’s a partnership that works for both parties – Mayweather has some fun, and HHH has his ego stroked.



    The former champion.
    The man who carried Slick Wrestling Federation on his back before Mayweather took over, putting the promotion on the map.

    He’s been screwed 3 times out of the championship, and vows to not be screwed again, and restore dignity to the title and the promotion again.

    The Road Warriors


    Dominant. Arrogant. Inaugural champions and undefeated.
    Can they possibly be stopped?

    The American Wolves


    Arrived in the promotion last month.
    Patiently waiting their turn at the champs.
    Repeatedly requesting Mayweather for title shots each week that they impress.
    What do they have to do to get a shot?

    Samoa Joe


    Angry Samoan with a chip on his shoulder.
    Former TV Champion, who got screwed out of his title by Bam Bam Bigelow, a new signing by the promotion, who Mayweather ‘helped’ win the title on his first appearance.
    Can he get his title back?

    Bam Bam Bigelow


    Drafted in recently by the new owner.
    Won the TV title on his debut.
    Arrived believing he has never received his due, despite headlining multiple arena shows with other companies.
    Feels he deserves what’s coming to him, and if that means ‘selling out’, so be it.
    He’s the best ‘big man’ in the world, but he hasn’t got paid like it, and he feels people haven’t respected him as they should.
    Will he get the respect he’s looking for?

    Bruiser Brody


    Arrives. Beats people up. Leaves.
    In 3 months, he still hasn’t wrestled a match, and Mayweather is too much of a coward to make him.
    Does he have a person, title, or something bigger in mind?

    You’ll notice some names haven’t been included.
    You don’t need to know why yet.
    But suffice to say, they’re waiting.
    They will make their mark, and they will do it soon.

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    [Removed Image]

    2016 will see the debut of the fighting Irish wrestling federation featuring some of the worlds best wrestlers including


    Kevin Owens

    THE APA (Ron Simmons and Bradshaw)


    plus many more including MMA legend Ken Shamrock, Rhyno, Bobby lashley, high flyer Nevile, Mason Ryan and R Truth.

    we are also very happy to announce our general manager


    Arnold Schwarzenegger


    FIWF World Championship
    [Removed Image]

    FIWF Intercon title

    [Removed Image]

    FIWF tag team titles

    the following shows will take place

    FIWF carnage (live from MSG NY)
    FIWF Presents the BASH (Live From THE STAPLES CENTRE)

    and finally the showcase of the immortals

    the FIWF thunder brawl live from Croke Park in Dublin Ireland)

    Matches for FIWF carnage will be announced By Arnie at the event.

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    (sig by Deadlie)

    Overview/Preview Show here.

    Week 1 Show (A Champion Crowned) here.

    Tonight's show comes live from San Diego, California.

    The first image of the show sees the Commissioner Jim Cornette who is sitting in the back of a limo. He is looking directly into the camera.


    Cornette: First things first, fans, I need to apologize once more. I want to say how truly sorry I am to Finn Balor for what transpired last week when Edge shocked the world and took home the World Heavyweight Championship.

    The mention of Edge’s name gets a mixed reaction: some cheers, mostly boos.

    Cornette: I want to stress again that I had nothing to do with what has since been dubbed ‘the phantom trade’ in which it was announced, falsely, that Edge had been traded to another show. That was the owner’s doing. I think it’s a disgrace that the owner went over my head like that. I am right now on my way to meet the owner and express to him my disgust. I intend to tell him I won't stand for such behaviour and I will not get messed around like that ever again.

    The fans cheer.

    Cornette: Now what’s done is done and I can’t change what has happened. But damn it, I am the Commissioner of this organisation and what I can do is determine who the number one contender for the World Title is!

    The fans chant ‘Finn! Finn! Finn!’

    Cornette: And that man needs to be someone who has earned his opportunity. Who fought and scratched and clawed his way to prove he was the best, before an opportunist came and struck him down…

    The fans chant louder: 'Finn! Finn! Finn!'

    Cornette: It is my conclusion therefore that the most deserving contender to face Edge for the World Title at Grapplemania is…Finn Balor! I'm Jim Cornette. And that's my opinion.

    A huge cheer erupts at the news.
    Commentator #1: Finn Balor vs Edge at Grapplemania for the World Title! A fitting outcome for Balor who lasted over 60 minutes in the battle royal and who we thought had won the gold.

    Commentator #2: Balor vs Edge in the main event; what a match that promises to be!

    The show's opening theme plays and fireworks and pyro greet the start of proceedings.
    Commentator #1: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Monday Night Grappling as we process the huge news that Finn Balor will face Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship at Grapplemania.

    Commentator #2: Huge news is right. And I also want to know the fallout from when our angry Commissioner Cornette meets the owner. I have a feeling tonight is going to be just as memorable as last week!

    Commentator #1: Well my understanding is that the Commssioner intends to be back before the end of the show and that he has some big announcements to make.


    Edge’s music hits and the World Champion comes down, parading his newly won title around the ring. When the music ceases Edge is met by 50/50 cheers and boos. He smiles.

    Edge: It’s reactions like that which remind me why I love this business. You know, all week I’ve had my Twitter blowing up with people asking me about the so-called ‘phantom trade’: how the owner of Monday Night Grappling and myself essentially lied – or as he puts it ‘fibbed’ – everyone in the Draft by pretending that I had been traded to another roster – when in fact I was here the whole time.

    Fans start chanting ‘You screwed Finn’ as Edge gives a wry smile.

    Edge: Okay, look. I have to hold my hands up here, guys. I am guilty as charged: I did concoct this plan so that I could strike when no one would see it coming. But I need all of you, and especially Finn Balor, the newly named number one contender, to understand something; so I would like Finn Balor to please come to this ring right now so I can tell him face to face.


    Balor’s music hits and the fans cheer as Finn Balor makes his way down the aisle. He is still without the demon paint, though he is not his normal positive self; his face is more sombre than usual. The camera pans to signs in the crowd which call for the return of the Demon.

    Edge extends his hand to Finn but Finn refuses it and locks eyes with Edge.
    Commentator #2: Notice the look Balor is giving Edge. He may snap any minute.
    Edge: Okay, that's cool. I can understand you not wanting to shake my hand. I can understand you being upset. I just called you out here, Finn, because I want to make one thing clear: that what I did to you last week was nothing personal against you. I respect the hell out of you and consider you one of the very best in this business. In fact, I have long thought that with another few years of seasoning you might even be spoken of in the same breath as myself.

    Finn’s eyes remain fixed on Edge.

    Edge: If Dibiase had been the last guy left in the battle royal last week then what happened to you would have happened to him. It was just business, Finn. That’s all.

    Edge extends his hand one more time. The fans boo. Finn reaches out his hand…and takes the mic from Edge as the fans cheer.

    Finn: Not personal, you say. Just business. Do you have any idea how much last week meant to me? Sixteen years, Edge. Sixteen years fighting to get an opportunity like last week; and then I discover that I have to do it all as the number one entrant in the battle royal. And yet I managed to outlast both monsters and millionaires and made it all the way to the end, to the promised land…only to find out that it was all an illusion. To find out that what I thought was my dream coming true was actually a nightmare.

    You want to know the one thing worse than not achieving your dream, Edge? It’s thinking you’ve achieved it, and then having it snatched away from you at the final moment. You did that to me, Edge. All week I have had to fight real hard not to give into some really dark thoughts. I’ve had to fight really hard not to give into my inner demon.

    The fans chant ‘Demon Balor’.

    Finn: But I’m not going to allow myself go to that place, Edge. (The fans boo) I won’t go to that place because I’m not sure if I can come back from it. I came to this company to become the World Champion and that is what I am going to do. So I will shake your hand Edge…but I will shake it at Grapplemania. After I kick your ass and take the World Heavyweight Title.

    The fans cheer; Edge smiles.

    Edge: I admire that confidence, kid. And while you don’t want to shake my hand right now I hope in time you will develop the same respect for me that I have for you.

    And with that Edge drops the mic and exits the ring with his head down. Suddenly, Ted Dibiase and I.R.S. hit the ring and attack Finn from behind.

    Dibiase hits Finn with a piledriver as I.R.S. stomps on the prone Finn. All while this is happening, Edge continues to slowly walk up the ramp, head down, seemingly oblivious to what’s happening. The fans are pointing and screaming at Edge to turn around.
    Commentator #1: Balor is being mugged here! Damn it, Edge, get down there and help!

    Commentator #2: He doesn’t know it’s happening. He hasn’t got eyes in the back of his head, you know.

    Commentator #1: How can he not be aware?!
    Edge gets to the top of the ramp and slowly turns around. His mouth drops at what’s happening.
    Commentator #1: Now he sees it! Get down there, Edge!
    Edge points towards the ring and turns to the fans with his mouth still open.

    ‘That’s Money Inc.!’ says Edge, looking to the fans who are begging him to run down. Balor is still being assaulted.
    Commentator #1: Come on, Edge! Get down there!
    Edge furrows his brow and says ‘I need to stop this’. He carefully takes off his title belt and lays it on the floor. Then he removes his jacket and folds it beside the belt. Balor is having elbows dropped on him now. Edge marches down the aisle as the fans cheer but then he stops. He goes back and folds up the title belt and then places in atop the folded jacket.
    Commentator#1: For goodness sake, come on! Come on!

    Commentator#2: Give him a break. A champion has to take care of his belt.

    Commentator #1: Balor is getting the tar beaten out of him! What sort of rescue job is this? If Edge were a fireman, the Great Fire of London would still be going on.
    Edge eventually makes it to the ring and as he enters, Dibiase and I.R.S. exit. Dibiase is screaming from the aisle.
    Dibiase: I should be the number one contender!

    Edge: Don’t ever think you can attack Finn on my watch!
    As we head to commercial we see Money Inc. backing up the aisle smiling at the damage they’ve caused, as Edge tends to Balor who is unresponsive.


    Match - Manami Toyota vs Anna Cotty

    A showpiece match for Toyota who makes short work of the enhancement talent. Toyota pins her with her Japanese Ocean Bomb finisher.

    Winner: Manami Toyota

    Post-match, an interviewer enters the ring and plays on the titantron for Toyota the video that played last week featuring Gail Kim and Molly Holly talking about being here for the Women’s Title

    Interviewer: Manami Toyota, it is clear from that video that the Women’s Championship represents a big target on your back right now. As the premier women’s wrestler today, I’m wondering how do you feel abo-

    Gail Kim’s music then plays and she comes down. She gets face to face with Toyota, a woman with whom she squared off against for the Title on thebostoncrab’s promotion Fusion Pro Wrestling last year. She takes the mic from the interviewer and tells the interviewer to leave the ring.

    Gail Kim: Premier women’s wrestler today? Listen, Manami. You know I respect you enormously. But you and I both know that’s not true. Last year on Fusion Pro Wrestling's Queen of the Ring show, I defeated you in the main event to win the FPW Women's Championship. That belt sits proudly on my wall at home as a reminder of the time I bested a legend. So with all due respect, Manami, how can you be considered the premier women’s wrestler today when you aren’t even the premier wrestler in this ring?

    There are cheers to this from the Gail fans while the Toyota fans boo. At this point, Molly’s theme hits. She makes her way down and enters the ring.

    Molly Holly: Whoa, whoa, whoa, there Gail. Know what's on my wall at home? My WWE Women's Championship belt. And when you and I dominated the WWE back in the day, it was ME that had that title, not you. I am the best women’s wrestler today and if anyone deserves to be the number one contender for Toyota's title, it’s me!

    Gail and Molly get nose to nose and trade insults as Toyota looks on somewhat amused. Suddenly the lights go out. We hear the sound of bodies being struck and when the lights come back on we see all the women have been taken out by a female figure clad in black, dressed like a ninja, who is holding a baseball bat. As Toyota struggles to get up, the ‘ninja’ strikes her down again.
    Commentator #1: What is going on here?! Who is that woman?!

    Commentator #2: I don’t know but I’m getting flashbacks to last year’s show with this attack. Although I think it’s safe to say it’s not Dynamite under there!

    The mysterious female grabs a mic and puts a voicebox up to her throat which distorts the sound.
    Mystery woman: The premier woman in this industry today? That’s easy…it’s me.

    She stands over Toyota.

    Mystery woman: And remember ‘champ’: anything you can do, I can do better.

    The mystery woman then lifts up the women’s title to boos from the fans before draping it across the prone Toyota. She steps over the unconscious bodies of the other women and leaves the ring as the announcers wonder who that was and how with the Commissioner away, order may be breaking down with two assaults in quick succession.


    Scene: We see an interviewer standing with Tomohiro Ishii and his translator.

    Interviewer: Ishii, thank you for joining me. The past number of weeks we’ve heard about financial difficulties you’ve been having at home. Reportedly your family have accrued debts with some shady individuals and as a result your family home in Japan is now under threat. What are you going to do to pay off these mounting debts?

    Before Ishii can answer, the Million Dollar Man enters. He tells the interviewer to leave and takes the mic. He addresses Ishii and the translator.

    Million Dollar Man: Last week, Ishii, I offered you a hell of a lot of money in the battle royal if you would just step over the ropes. You turned me down due to your foolish pride. But these are dangerous times. Luckily for me Bockwinkel and Stevens are in a medical facility tonight due to their beating last week, but I still need all the protection I can get; so I’m going to make you one more offer, Ishii.

    He writes a figure in his chequebook and presents it to Ishii. We see Ishii’s face remain still but the translator’s eyes go big and his mouth drops. Dibiase laughs and extends his hand. ‘So have we got ourselves a deal? Will you work as a bodyguard for the Million Dollar Man?’

    Ishii pauses; then after several moments he grips Dibiase’s hand as the fans boo. The Million Dollar Man cackles.

    Million Dollar Man: Some things are just universal in every language.

    And he drapes his arm around Ishii and leads him down the hall.


    The announcers tell us they have footage of something that happened two hours ago involving Curtis Axel...
    Scene: a dimly lit room; the camera pans over several empty beer bottles across the floor before it shifts upwards and we get a glimpse of a dishevelled man with his head in his hands: it is Curtis Axel.

    A figure opens the door and enters, removing his white hat: it is Commissioner Jim Cornette.

    Cornette: Jesus H. Christ, Curtis, what the hell is wrong with you? We’ve got a show starting real soon.

    Cornette lifts up a sign which says ‘I was Never elimina’; it is unfinished, and he lets it fall to the floor.

    Cornette: A few days ago you rang me up and told me you wanted to throw your hat into the World Title scene on the basis that you were never officially eliminated from last week’s battle royal. You also said you and your buddy Ryback were looking for revenge against Vader for his attack last week. Yet now I see you wallowing in all this sh*t here. What is going on with you?

    Axel laughs.

    Axel: Ryback ain’t gonna be helping me, Jim. He’s deserted me like all the rest. Just when I thought I couldn’t be any more of a social outcast…

    Cornette: What the hell are you ta-

    At that moment a producer enters and says the owner’s limo has arrived. Cornette tells Axel he is going to meet with the owner to discuss the fallout from last week. He tells Axel he is suspended from TV tonight due to his drinking. He also tells Axel to ‘sort his sh*t out’.

    Cornette exits and Axel takes out his phone. He calls somebody.

    Axel: Hello? It's me. I...I really need your help.

    He breaks down and sobs.

    We cut back to the announce team who say that was difficult to watch. They wonder who Axel was calling.


    Match – Vader vs Donnie Brooke & Grey Stones


    A total squash match. The announcers said the youngsters were from the local area. The duo rushed at Vader as soon as the bell rang but it was a big mistake. Vader clobbered both men down and gave them a vicious beating. He hit the powerbomb on Brooke and then did the Vader Bomb to Stones. He piled the two young fellows on top of one another and pinned them both.

    Winner: Vader

    After the match Vader got a mic.

    Vader: I should have won the battle royal last week but they all ganged up on me! The man who threw me over last week, Tomohiro Ishii, the man everyone says is the big bad brawler nowadays, well I know you’re back there and if you’ve got any balls, come out here and try and get the better of me tonight.

    The fans cheer and we cut backstage and see Ishii watching all this on a monitor. He tapes up his fists and prepares to go out but the Million Dollar Man enters the scene and puts his hand across Ishii’s chest.

    Million Dollar Man: Whoa, whoa, where do you think you’re going? I hired you to be my security, not to go fight monsters on my time. I have no beef with Vader so you’re going to stay right here with Irwin and me. Got it?

    Ishii’s chest rises and falls. His face goes red. From here we can make out the fans chanting Ishii’s name, but reluctantly he unrolls the tape from his fists and sits down beside I.R.S. as the fans boo. Dibiase smiles.

    Back in the ring, Vader, who has watched all this on the titantron, shakes his head.

    Vader: I've fought Japanese guys my entire career, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen one that was a coward. You call yourself the Stone Pitbull but you must have been castrated because I see no balls.

    Vader drops the mic and leaves the ring screaming into the camera that he is going out on the town to find someone to fight.


    Scene: Enhancement talent Just Joe is backstage talking to a food vendor.

    Just Joe: So last week I was behind the door of Stan Hansen’s dressing room, right? And I see the Million Dollar Man leave the room. And he goes up to his buddy I.R.S. and he says ‘Irwin, I went and riled up my old buddy Stan Hansen real good. I told him Bockwinkel was disrespecting him over their history together. We ain’t gonna have to worry about those big-mouths Bockwinkel and Stevens tonight.’

    And I laugh to myself thinking, ‘man, that Hansen fella got played big time.’ Haha, anyways I gotta go. Spread the word.

    As Just Joe turns he walks right into Stan Hansen who has overheard everything. Just Joe’s face goes pale.

    Stan Hansen: So I was ‘played big time’, was I?

    Just Joe’s lips quiver and his legs shake.

    Stan Hansen: Relax, kid. I ain’t gonna hurt ya.

    Just Joe smiles in relief and turns to leave only for Hansen to drag him back and damn near take his head off with a Lariat.

    Stan Hansen: Well, looks like it’s you that just got played.

    He walks off.


    Ted Dibiase Jnr's theme plays and he makes his way down the aisle.

    Dibiase Jnr: Last week was an opportunity for me to finally emerge from my father’s shadow. But it was my own father that took that away from me. All week long my mother and my brothers have been so upset by the actions of my Dad. I want to say this to you, Dad, because I know you’re back there.: if you want to take me down in the ring, then come out here face-to-face and take me down in this ring!


    But it is Ishii’s music that hits. Ishii makes his way down, taping his fists as Dibiase Jnr shakes his head. The camera then cuts backstage to the Million Dollar Man’s locker room. ‘Time for Ishii to earn his money, Irwin’ and he cackles. ‘Some tough love will do him good’ says I.R.S.
    Commentator #1: This is ridiculous. The Million Dollar Man is sending out Ishii here to beat up his own son!

    Commentator #2: Father knows best.
    Match – Tomohiro Ishii vs Ted Dibiase Jnr

    This is not a squash match as Dibiase Jnr shows plenty of fire and gets in some good offence in the early stages. Eventually, however, Ishii proves to strong and after several minutes pass he pins Dibiase Jnr following his Ishii Driller finisher.

    Winner: Tomohiro Ishii

    After the match the camera pans backstage to Dibiase’s locker room. He laughs and tells I.R.S. to go tell the limo driver to prepare to leave. He says with Balor and his son beaten up their work tonight is done. He tells him to go tell Ishii to take the night off for a job well done.


    Scene: Edge sits in a local medical facility outside a room. A doctor approaches.

    Doctor: Are you a family member?

    Edge: A friend.

    Doctor: Well we’ve run tests on Mr. Devitt and happily it doesn’t look like he has a concussion.

    Edge: So you’re saying he is medically able to compete?

    Doctor: Yes. We’re going to keep him in overnight as a precaution. But he’ll be fine. You must be relieved.

    Edge: .....

    Doctor: I said, you must be relieved?

    Edge has been staring off into the distance but he composes himself.

    Edge: Yeah, doc. Relieved.

    Edge walks down the hall as the doctor calls out, ‘what should I tell the patient.’

    Edge: Tell him I’ll see him soon.


    I.R.S. approaches the limo driver.

    I.R.S.: Hey! The Million Dollar Man is ready to leave. You hear me? Hey! Turn around, I’m talking to you.

    The limo driver turns and we see it’s Nick Bockwinkel. The fans cheer as I.R.S.'s face turns white.

    Bockwinkel knocks down I.R.S. and drags him to the back of the limo. We see Bockwinkel’s partner Ray Stevens there and together they shove I.R.S. into the boot and lock him in.
    Commentator #2: I thought those two were supposed to be in a medical facility?!

    Commentator #1: They were but I guess they left.
    The camera cuts back to the Million Dollar Man’s locker room who has seen all this happen on his T.V. He throws his wine glass against the wall.

    Bockwinkel looks into the camera.

    Bockwinkel: Hey Dibiase. I know you put up your old tag partner Stan Hansen to attack myself and Ray last week. You cost us a fair chance at winning the World Title. Then tonight we saw you attack Finn Balor, the man we brought into this company. Well if you want a fight, you’ve got one. And seeing as your current tag team partner I.R.S. is occupied at present…

    Stevens bangs on the trunk as we hear I.R.S. and his muffled threats.

    Bockwinkel: Go and find your old associate Hansen and tell him to come out and fight because Commissioner Cornette has booked us tonight in that ring!

    The Million Dollar Man paces back and forth in his room as the camera fades out.
    Commentator #1: Wow, we’ve got a hell of a match tonight! Dibiase and Hansen will renew their former tag team partnership against the tag team champions Bockwinkel and Stevens!

    Commentator #2: This has classic written all over it! I bet the Million Dollar Man wishes he hadn’t given Ishii the night off!


    Match – Nick Bockwinkel & Ray Stevens vs Ted Dibiase & Stan Hansen (Non-Title)

    A great tag team match that goes over twenty minutes and sees the fans fully invested. The announcers put over that Bockwinkel and Stevens couldn’t be 100 per cent after the beating last week. The announcers also note Hansen seems to be rather cool towards Dibiase; nevertheless both Dibiase and Hansen work them over for most of the match, but as the fans cheer on Bockwinkel and Stevens the fan favourites get a second wind.

    The finish of the match sees Hansen attempt the Lariat on Bockwinkel but he ducks and nails a pildriver on Hansen. He gets the pin for 1…2…but the referee is dragged out of the ring before the 3…by I.R.S. The referee is then knocked out cold by I.R.S. who enters the ring and begins an assault on Bockwinkel and Stevens.
    Commentator #1: I.R.S. struck an official! How did he even get out of that limo boot?

    Commentator #2: Good question. Maybe Ishii came back for him. Commissioner Cornette won’t be happy about the referee being assaulted.

    The Million Dollar Man and I.R.S. stomp away on Bockwinkel and Stevens as the fans boo.

    Match Result: Ruled a no-contest

    Dibiase points at Stan Hansen and tells him to get a steel chair but Hansen doesn’t budge. He starts screaming at Dibiase ‘you think you can play me for a fool?’
    Commentator #1: Wait a minute, we saw earlier Just Joe let slip to Hansen that Dibiase manipulated him last week. I think Hansen is letting Dibiase know he doesn’t appreciate being used as a pawn.
    Stan Hansen tells Dibiase to kiss his ass goodbye and he turns to leave the ring. But Dibiase attacks Hansen from behind and he and I.R.S. continue to beat on him plus Bockwinkel and Stevens. The announcers ponder if anyone can stop this when Cowboy James Storm’s music hits to a huge ovation.

    Storm runs down and knocks down Dibiase and I.R.S. He then tends to Bockwinkel and Stevens as Money Inc. exit and back away up the aisle.


    Meanwhile, Stan Hansen, struggles to his feet as Storm extends his hand to Hansen who takes it and nods at him.
    Commentator #2: I think Hansen just gave a sign of respect there to James Storm. Perhaps he sees some of himself in this young man?

    Commentator #1: Last week Storm was the one who eliminated Hansen from the Battle Royal but you're right, I think there is respect there from Hansen.


    Main Event segment - Cornette's announcements

    Cornette walks down the aisle stern-faced, holding a briefcase.

    Cornette enters the ring and says the chaos of tonight was unacceptable. He says several performers have been attacked, including a referee, and he told the owner tonight he won't put up with instability. He says the owner gave him his full support and apologized for deceiving him over the 'phantom trade'. The owner said that it was all done to please Edge and secure his services in the Draft. Cornette then promises an end to sneak attacks and an end to chaos. He says he has two major announcements to make.
    Cornette: My first announcement is that next week we will announce the first ever inductee to the Monday Night Grappling Hall of Fame. This individual is someone who has contributed hugely to our promotion over the years. We will announce him or her NEXT WEEK! So get speculating.

    The second announcement concerns this briefcase right here.

    Cornette unlocks the briefcase and reveals the MNG Legends Championship.

    Cornette: Many great wrestlers on our roster have held this title in the past, including Vader when he was last on our show; in fact, Vader never lost it. And since you all seemed to enjoy the battle royal last week, we’re going to have another one next week. It will feature the most impressive performers from last week’s battle royal, as far as I am concerned: Vader (fans boo); Tomohiro Ishii (fans cheer); Stan Hansen ( fans cheer); and James Storm (fans cheer). These four men will compete in an over-the-top rope battle royal next week to crown the new MNG Legends Champion.

    You will notice that Money Inc. were not mentioned. Their disgraceful actions tonight have resulted in me removing them from the match. I have also removed Curtis Axel, despite him not being officially eliminated last week, because he needs to sort his issues out.

    I will finish by saying if you want chaos and indiscipline you can find it on the crackpot shows like BWA and WECWF, but not here!

    The fans cheer.

    Cornette: The reason I came back is for our great fans here and to ensure that if any lunatic is gonna run this asylum, it’s old Jim Cornette! I promise you that from now on, order will be restored.











    The fans rise to their feet as Konnan and Homicide appear on stage.

    Commentator #1: It's Konnan and Homicide! Rumours have been swirling that they were Monday Night Grappling's newest acquisition!
    Konnan: Yo, long time no see, Commish. Here’s the thing, esse, you aren’t the only one returning to Monday Night Grappling, homes.

    The fans cheer the returning Konnan as Cornette nods, unimpressed at this interruption.

    Konnan: And I know Cornette that Hall of Fame ceremony you mentioned for next week isn’t being planned for me, right?

    Homicide: It should be, K-Dogg.

    Konnan: Oh I know it. But why would an American pig like Cornette want to honour a latino, right? Far easier to discriminate, and disseminate hate, like the rest of these putas out here.

    Cornette: First of all, dipsh*t, you’re damn right the ceremony next week isn’t designed for you. The person receiving it has more class than you could ever dream of possessing. Now is there any particular reason you’re out here? Because if it’s just to introduce yourselves, you’ve done that so get to leavin’.

    Konnan: “Get to leavin”. You here that, Homicide? That’s what the latin people have been hearing a lot lately from Americans: “get to leavin”. What if we don’t? You gonna build a wall, esse? You gonna deport us?

    The fans cheer.

    Konnan: You see? You prove my point. Americans are racist. We serve in your military, we clean up the dirt from your streets, we take care of your familia, and where does it get us, huh? Nowhere. Y’see Donald Trump may be the one who came up with the concept of 'the wall', but he didn’t create the glass ceiling that has kept the latin people down for generations. No, that’s you.

    He points to the crowd.

    Konnan: That’s all of you. And that is why now more than ever L.A.X. is needed in professional wrestling.

    Cornette: Can you wrap up this pity parade please and get to the goddamned reason you’re out here?

    The fans cheer as Konnan laughs.

    Konnan: Okay, homes. Sure thing. The reason I’m out here is to tell you: you’re wrong.

    Cornette: I'm wrong? Wrong about what?

    Konnan: Wrong about the owner never going over your head ever again. Big words, Commish. But you’re wrong. And L.A.X. being here proves that.

    Konnan and Homicide laugh.

    Cornette: I don’t know what you two find so funny because I hate to break it to you Cheech and Chong but I was fully aware that you two were on your way to Monday Night Grappling. In fact, I signed off on the deal.

    Konnan: Oh no, Jimbo. Oh no. See you obviously weren’t paying attention to what I said. I said I wanted to bring ‘L.A.X.’ to Monday Night Grappling. And what you see up here is just myself and Homicide. What you see here is just 2/3 of L.A.X. But L.A.X. is not just Konnan and Homicide…

    A buzz goes through the audience as they listen to Konnan.

    Cornette: What the hell are you talking about?

    Suddenly there is a commotion as someone runs through the crowd and hits the ring. It is Hernandez! And he floors Cornette with a big boot.
    Commentator #1: Wait a minute! What the hell is this?! It's Hernandez! The third member of L.A.X!

    Commentator #2: Hernandez! But he doesn’t work here! He works for the ICE Wrestling promotion, doesn’t he?!
    Hernandez then boots Cornette in the gut and lifts him up and delivers a devastating Border Toss to Cornette, flinging him across the other side of the ring as the fans chant ‘holy sh*t!’

    Konnan and Homicide then enter the ring and embrace Hernandez as some fans cheer and some fans boo.

    Konnan then drapes a Mexican flag over Cornette as L.A.X. mock Cornette from the aisle.
    Commentator #1: Oh my God! Cornette has been taken out! Our Commissioner has been taken out! We’ve been invaded by L.A.X.!

    Commentator #2: I think this may be the first time we've seen Konnan, Homicide and Hernandez all work together as a unit in the history of the Draft! What the hell does this mean for Monday Night Grappling?!

    Commentator #1: L.A.X. have made one hell of a statement tonight! Cornette promised an end to chaos, but I think the chaos is only just beginning!

    The credits roll.

    P.S. My thanks to DM-ICE for trading me Hernandez and allowing me to introduce the full group as a surprise. And yes, folks, I promise you this time the trade is for real. I will stick a notice of it in the picks thread soon to confirm it.

    'It is better to walk alone in the right direction than follow the herd walking in the wrong direction.'

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    Welcome to BCW Prime Time Wrestling!
    The arena is dark ... and then ...
    Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady appear on stage ... they begin walking towards the ring

    Enzo has a mic
    .... My name is Enzo Amore .... and I am ... a certified G .. and a bonafide stud


    and this right here ... this is Big Cass and he's seven foot tall ..


    BADDA BOOM ... REALIST GUYS IN THE ROOM ... How you doin?!

    They climb into the ring

    Big Cass takes the mic ...

    "C'mon Kansas Ciiiittyyyy!"

    The crowd goes wild .... but before Big Cass can continue ... we hear guitar chords over the PA system ..

    "Tearin' down a dirt road
    Rebel flag flyin'
    Coon dog in the back
    Truck bed loaded down with beer
    And a cold one in my lap
    Earnhart sticker behind my head
    And my woman by my side
    Tail-pipe's poppin'
    the radio's rockin' "Country Boy Can Survive"
    If you got a problem with that, ha ha!
    You can kiss my country ass "

    A chorus of boos, as well as a pockets of the crowd singing along ....

    It's Bob Sr, Bob Jr, and Barry ... The Orton Family!

    Bob Sr leads the way, followed by Bob Jr, wearing a cowboy hat, and sporting a cast. Barry O follows, a bottle in his hand

    The three men make their way into the ring. The two bobs in the centre, Barry relaxes with his bottle in the corner.

    Bob Sr has a mic ... he speaks slowly looking directly at Enzo and Big CAss ... " My Boys .. and I .." a chorus of boos ring out ... Bob waits for them to die down ...

    "My boys and I ... well ... we've been watching your lil show .... and to be frank ... you makes us sick. Sick. To see the perverts and degenerates and freaks who call themselves wrestlers here.

    Where we come from, we don't put up with boys ... with ... leopard print hair ... and fruity little dance moves... well ... Bob Jr ... why don't you tell them why we're here.

    Bob Orton Jr takes the mic "Thanks Daddy ... to paraphrase a friend of mine ... we came here ... to drink whiskey .. and kick ass ... " He turns to Barry Oh, still in the corner with his bottle ...

    "Well Barry ... how much whiskey we got left?"

    Barry holds the bottle up to check how much he's got left ... then takes a big swig ... emptying the last of it ... looking at Bob Jr, Barry holds the bottle out, turns it up side down to indicate it's emptiness ..

    "Well .. I guess we're all outta whiskey ... .so now it's time to kick ... some ... ass"

    Barry joins his father and brother in the centre fo the ring ...

    Enzo starts to speak "Yo Yo Y..." Before he knows it Barry Oh has smashed the empty bottle into Enzo's face! Cass moves to help his tag partner but is himself suckerpunched by the two Bob's. Bob Jr using his cast as a weapon, mercilessly beating Cass about the head.

    The three Orton's destroy the Realest guys in the room before officials are able to intervene and force them away. As the ortons reach the top of the stage, Enzo is able to make it to his feet. He's got a mic!


    "Is that what you good ole boyz got?!"

    Enzo ... hasn't quite made it to his feet ... blood is streaming from a cut at the side of his head ... he throws the mic to Big Cass ...

    "You three ... are looking at the B.C.W. TAG. TEAM. CHAMPIONS!


    (of course the crowd joins in here)



    The Ortons try to make their way back to the ring, but the masses of officials and security force them to the back.

    We cut to break as Amore and Cass.. worse for wear ... also depart the ring.

    We come back and Ivan Koloff is in the ring. His tag team partner (and nephew) Nikita at ringside.
    The Battle Hymn of the Republic blasts over the sound system, and here we have the all american Bob Backlund, accompanied by his friend, Lex Luger!
    Standing beside the blond haired, tanned, hugely muscular body of Luger Backlund might seem a bit underwhelming, but make no mistake, this man is dangerous.
    There is not a hold that this man does not know, and his cross faced chicken wing submission has ended many matches.

    The match begins, and as you would expect from two top wrestlers they put on a great show, trading holds early on.
    It seems whatever Backlund throws at Koloff the russian has a counter.

    Since returning from a sabatical Ivan has looked fantastic in the ring!

    Ten minutes into a very physical match up and Backlund is just starting to show some sins of fatique, and all of a sudden Koloff has the upper hand
    a moment's distraction has allowed Ivan to put Backlund into the crossface chicken wing! Backlund has no option but to tap ... his hand is raised ...

    But ... still no tap .... this man has the heart of eagle!

    The hand goes limp ... it seems that the pain from the hold has caused Backlund to black out!

    The Ref gives the match to Koloff! He leaps around the ring as sprightly as ever! Nikita climbs in and the two men celebrate.

    The two men leave the ring, to the boos of the crowd.

    Backlund regains consciousness ... the crowd give him a clap as Luger helps him back to the locker room ... appreciating his efforts, but noticibly disappointed.

    A match between Lex Luger and Nikita Koloff is announced as the Main Event!

    A piano plays over the sound system ... it's Waylon Mercy!

    Dressed in Hawaiin shirt and white trousers, Waylon makes his way to the ring, shaking hands with audience members, and then making sure to shake hands with the commentators and various officials at ringside.
    Mercy takes a mic, climbs into the ring ...

    Dusty .... Dusty .... remember me? Remember lil ole me? Waylon?

    In case you forgot ... I’m the man ... the man who’s career you took away ... who’s family you took away ... who’s life you nearly ended. Three years ago .. you ... you put me in a match. War Games Dusty ... war games. I followed you Dusty. I followed you to hell that day. Shoulder by shoulder, back to back, we fought together. Bloodied. Beaten. I thought we were brothers fighting the good fight. When the final bell rang we had won the match. But as your arm was being raised, a medic was wiping blood from my eyes. And I could see. I could see you turn your back Dusty ... turn your back and walk away. Lifting your arms to your fans as when I couldn’t lift a finger. You turned your back as I lay with mine broken. Three years Dusty ... teammate ...partner ...traitor.... Three years it took me to put my body back together. Well, my body is back together and I have returned. I'm Virgil and I'm here to guide you through the gates of Hell. You will learn ... you will learn what it is to see your life’s work taken from you ... to see your family destroyed. Dusty .. you will know loss.

    The lives of you ... and your loved ones ... are gonna be in my hands.

    A wide, sinister grin spreads across Mercy's face as his music plays. He leaves.
    The next match is announced, it's a hardcore triple threat match for the BCW Hardcore championship.

    First to the ring is the big man Konnor, one half of the Ascension. 6ft 4 and 270lbs, he is an intimidating specimen. This is a man who does not need weapons to hurt you.

    And next here comes Ahmed johnson 6ft 2 and 300 lbs of pure muscle.

    Last comes out the champ, accompanied by Jerry Sags. The smallest man in the match, but do not mistake his seeming lack of size and muscle as for a lack of ability. He knows many ways to bring the pain.

    The match begins and Sags immediately rolls out of the ring as the two muscle bound monsters start on each other with heavy clubbing blows. Knobbs is underneath the ring pulling out all kinds of items.
    In the ring it looks like Konnor has the upper hand has Irish whipped Johnson into the corner, he runs at Johnson, but is met with a big foot. Konnor is stunned, and then knocked to the ring by a big clothesline from Ahmed Johnson.
    Johnson jumps on Konnor going for a quick pin, but Konnor kicks out after a one count. As Ahmed stands up he is hit square in the head with a singapore cane by Knobbs. It takes a further two hits to the head to knock Johnson down.
    Knobbs goes for a pin, but Johnson kicks out after one.

    Knobbs gets back to his feet quickly and soon again has the singapore cane in his hands. He delivers blows to the body of both Johnson and Konnor as they struggle get up. He goes for one last strike on Konnor, but as the cane comes down Konnor manages to grab it.
    Knobbs tries pulling the cane back, but Konnor holds on. He stands up, pulls the cane towards himself, and the momentum brings Knobbs forward, Konnor's left hand goes around Knobb's throat, and it looks like we're gonna see a choke slam ... but a crushing chair shot to the back of Konnor from Ahmed prevents this.
    The Nasty boy rolls out of the ring again as the Konnor and Johnson grapple again. Konnor irish whips Johnson to the ropes, but a quick thinking Knobbs yanks them down, causing Johnson to fly out to ringside. Knobbs goes for another pin but is quickly pushed away by Ahmed.

    Seeing Konnor exiting the ring, Knobbs decides to back away in the hope the two big men will start on each other, but his plan fails as Konnor stalks after him. Going behind the curtain Knobbs finds a chair and tries to surprise Konnor, but Konnor literally punched Knobbs through it. In the background we see Harlem Heat, Booker T and Stevie Ray, immaculately dressed watching the action.
    Konnor hits Knobbs with a Full Nelson Slam, and looks like the match is to be over, only for Jerry Sags to intercede! Out of nowhere here comes Viktor, and it's 2 on 2 backstage. Booker T and Stevie Ray are watching and loving the action, sipping on their bottles of beer. But oh no! Knobbs has been Irish whipped into the Heat , causing them to spill their beers on their shirts, and they ain't happy about it.
    Harlem Heat attack the other men, and this is trully a chaotic brawl, with chairs, brushes, mops, garbage cans, and anything thing else that can be used as a weapon. Knobbs catches a Book-End and is left laying on the floor, as the other men continue brawling. The forgotten man appears through the curtains, sees Knobbs laying on the floor and goes for the pin, 1 .. 2...3!

    Ahmed Johnson is our new Hardcore Champion! He leaves the scene as security tries to calm things down.

    The screen fades to black.
    We return to the ring, it's Cody Rhodes. He berates the crowd for the ugliness, reminding them of his physical perfection. He is ready to prove once again why he is the future of wrestling.
    His opponent makes his way to the ring, and it's the Great Muta!

    Muta and Rhodes have a great match, while Rhodes has a slight height advantage Muta is definitely the more muscular of the two, and he's not afraid to use this greater strength.
    8 minutes into the match we see Waylon Mercy making his way back to ringside, shaking hands and high fiving fans, the same demented smile on his face. The two wrestlers ignore ringside and continue with the match.
    Waylon sits in on commentary, and starts giving play by play, praising both competitors moves and in ring styles. This goes on for several moments before he mentions "it's about time for my friends to arrive."

    Waylon gets up and walks to ringside, for a moment he watches the match, two big men climb over the barricades from the crowd to ringside and stand beside Mercy's Luke Harper and Eric Rowan!
    Mercy whispers in their ears... they move to either side of the ring, and then climb inside and attack. Both Muta and Rhodes are hit. But Muta is rolled outside as Harper and Rowan attack Cody.
    Cody is destroyed by blow after blow by the two big men. Waylon rolls in, mic in hand, as the two monsters hold Rhodes up.

    "Dusty ... I done told you Dusty .... I'm gonna hurt you ...and I'm gonna hurt yours. Your boy ... your perfect lil boy. He's just the first target I have. But he ain't the last!"

    Muta is back in and tries to intervene, but is quickly taken out again.

    Mercy, Rowan, and Harper destroy Cody, eventually leaving him lifeless in the ring. Muta returns to the ring and attends his fallen opponent. The Ref gives the X sign and a stretcher and medical staff appear. Rhodes is strapped to the stretcher and taken to the hospital.

    The USSR National Anthem blasts as Nikita makes his way to the ring for the main event. His uncle Ivan is with him of course, three steps behind.

    Soon after Lex Luger is announced, his music blares and pyro goes off. A dramatic difference between his entrance and Nikita's utilitarian's entrance. The crowd are fully behind Luger and look forward to seeing their man behind the evil commie!

    The match begins and it is a classic big man brawling match. Luger gives the performance the crowd were hoping for, countering every power move Nikita tries to make with one of his own. The recent changes in his fitness regime seem to have made a huge difference. Luger's power has gone through the roof!

    Of course Nikita is no slouch he puts in a tremendous effort to beat his foe, but it is all for nothing when Luger puts Koloff into the Attitude Adjustment (piledriver). And covers for three!
    The crowd is delighted, able to go home happy!

    Lex poses for the audience, soaking in the glory!

    He gets on the mic and thanks them. Thanks them for their support and their belief. It is this which has inspired him and helped him through his training regime to become the greatest wrestler of all time!

    end episode 1

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    Introduction/Evaluation Show


    Hello wrestling fans, welcome to my review of last nights ICE Wrestling season premiere.

    As the show starts the main commentator welcomes us to ICE Wrestling and tells us about tonight’s big advertised matches:
    • Undisputed ICE Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship match: Austin Aries, Eddie Guerrero and Randy Orton face off in a Triple Threat Match
    • The Briscoes defend their Tag Team Championship against Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez.
    • The controversial and mysterious Pentagón Jr debuts
    • A special edition of Piper's Pit.

    We then go straight to the Ring and see that Pipers Pit is all set up including a table holding a briefcase.

    Pipers Pit Part 1

    Roddy Piper, the ICE Wrestling GM tells us he has two special guests, one of his choosing and another thanks to Shane McMahon.

    We find out the briefcase is actually McMahons contribution, Piper describes it as “Prestigious and very important for the future of ICE Wrestling”.

    We soon see he has the Diamond Contract Briefcase. Roddy explains that within the case is a contract that guarantees the holder an ICE Wrestling World Championship match anytime and at any ICE Wrestling Event. In the traditions of the promotion a match to determine who will hold this contract will take place at the annual March PPV (now named ICE & Fire).

    Roddy then introduces his invited guest: A man who is perfect for that match, a man who has made a big impact since Piper signed him and a man who joined ICE Wrestling to become a polished Diamond, it’s Adam Cole.

    Pipers Pit Guest 2

    Adam’s music hits but Cole doesn’t come out. His music plays again but this time it’s cut off by a familiar tune and Shane McMahon makes his way out!


    Shane says he has news for Piper but first he has news for the fans. Shane says that while Adam Cole may be planning on appearing in the Diamond Contract match at the ICE & Fire PPV, he will definitely be competing here tonight.

    Piper interrupts McMahon to say Shane he can’t make matches tonight, the show is all booked.

    McMahon then tells Roddy he had to interrupt Piper’s Pit as he has important news. McMahon says he has a directive from the Board stating Piper is no longer in charge of talent negotiations and all recruitment or contracts will be signed off by Shane.

    Piper and the fans look confused, Roddy tell Shane that he knew McMahon would try to stab him in the back the first chance he got, accusing McMahon or trying to steal the spotlight on this big night for ICE Wrestling.

    McMahon says: You don’t know do you?
    You really don’t know?

    He expands and tells Piper that he messed up on Hernandez’ contract, he failed to perform due diligence. If Hernandez competed on TV for ICE Wrestling they could be sued for a lot of money. It turns out Hernandez never had freedom of contract!

    Shane says it was inevitable Piper would screw up and it was inevitable the board would turn to him to sort out Roddy’s mess. Pipers planned show is now a McMahon show.

    Shane says he negotiated a replacement tag team so the fans will still get a tag team championship match, we will see the Briscoes defend against Heath Slater and the Darewolf PJ Black.

    Piper, for once speechless, is told he will continue as GM, he can put shows together and provide commentary but he won’t have any more contract negotiations with talent.

    Piper is fuming, he looks like he is about to combust when McMahon wisely jumps from the ring and heads towards the back. Shane, now well up the ramp announces that despite Pipers mistake a deal was secured with MNG over Hernandez. The Ryback has joined ICE Wrestling and he fights against Piper’s boy Adam Cole - Next!.

    McMahon heads to the back and Salt-N-Pepa’s Whatta Man plays for Adam Cole’s entrance (This reviewer thinks Shane wanted that played for himself).

    Adam Cole v Ryback
    Adam Cole makes his way to the ring and we see him in discussions with Piper. We can’t overhear them but it’s obvious both men are pissed off.

    Ryback enters the ICE Wresting Arena for the first time and makes a familiar Feed me More entrance: As he makes his way to the ring we hear some words from the Big Guy via a pre recorded video: Ryback says McMahon’s love the Big Guy. He says he will cause big trouble for the little guys in ICE Wrestling, guys like Dalton Castle and Austin Aries better not be stupid enough to get in his way. The Ryback is known for hurting people and that starts tonight with Adam Cole.

    Cole starts red hot in this one and catches the Big Guy cold - Cole suggests a test of strength to the Big Guy who laughs and goes for lock up, but Cole hits a Super Kick that knocks the the big guy down. Cole goes to the top rope and hits a flying calf kick but Ryback kicks out fast of the follow up pin. Cole bounced off the ropes looking for a shining wizard but suffers a big meat hook clothesline from the recovering Ryback.

    Ryback goes on to dominate with big moves including body slams, a military press and delayed vertical suplex all punishing the smaller Cole. Cole displays great resilience and this starts to piss off Ryback as he can’t get the pin. Piper, who has now calmed down and joined commentary notices that the The Ryback looks gassed.

    Ryback goes for Shellshocked and Cole manages to slide off Rybacks’ shoulders, transitioning into the Corona Crush (Reverse DDT).

    Ryback kicks out and starts to get back up, again he starts laughing this time as if to say he is not hurt.

    Cole runs off the ropes and this time nails Ryback with the Shining Wizard.
    Oh Wow shouts Piper, Ryback outs! He hits the 1-2-3 and Adam Cole beats the Big Guy
    Winner: Adam Cole via Pinfall (15:13)
    Post Match:

    Cole’s hand is raised and he makes his way to the back.

    Ryback gets up a little groggy and shakes it off, he gets in the commentators faces, That was a fluke! These little indy guys have nothing on the Big Guy.


    Next up we get a video featuring Austin Aries to hype tonight’s World Title Match:

    Aries is talking to Michael Elgin. They talk about ROH and how The Briscoes (Tag) and Elgin (Intercontinental) already captured Gold.

    They always knew ROH talent would dominate Wrestling and tonight Aries has a chance to add to that domination by capturing the ICE Wrestling Undisputed World title.


    Our next match is:

    The Briscoes (C) v PJ Black and Heath Slater for the ICE Wrestling World Tag Team Championship

    The Briscoes are a tough hardened team and they prove it for long periods during this title match. Black and Slater stay competitive early on but they can't keep Demboys down and Briscoes eventually take control. The Briscoes repeatedly hurt Slater and punish him but he eventually makes enough room to get a hot tag to PJ Black, the Briscoes are fan favourites but the fans still pop huge for the Darewolf as he starts nailing strikes and flying around the ring.

    PJ manages to dump Mark from the ring and hits a suicide senton. He makes his way back to the ring and after a struggle he nails a Blue Thunder Bomb on Jay. Black goes to the top rope for the 450 splash.

    PJ Black sets himself and looks out to the crowd as they rise to their feet, He takes off but took too long and Jay gets his knees up.

    Slater gets onto the ring apron but is taken down by Mark. The Briscoes follow up with a Doomsday Device on Black and the 1-2-3
    Winners: The Briscoes via Pinfall (in 18:45)


    In the Locker Room:

    Eddie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero are talking about Eddie’s big match tonight. Chavo is encouraging his uncle and Eddie starts to talk about destiny when they are interrupted by an interviewer. She tells Chavo that Shane McMahon feels bad about the tag chance he lost so arranged a match for him tonight and it’s against the Intercontinental Champion Michael Elgin, next. This time Eddie encourages Chavo saying that Los Guerreros are taking over!


    Michael Elgin v Chavo Guerrero

    Elgin enters first as Chavo was not ready since he just heard about the match. Our ring announcer confirms this is a non title match but our commentator explains this is a great chance for Chavo to earn a future title shot. Piper disagrees and complains about how ridiculous it is that Chavo gets put in a match with no warning against a guy like Elgin.

    Piper’s words of caution turn out to be true as Elgin controls the match at first. Chavo is a vet though and used some patented Los Guerreros cheating to get back in the match. During a headlock from Elgin, Chavo tells the ref that Elgin is standing on the ropes and as soon as the ref look away he pokes Elgin in the eye. Chavo then pretends he was poked in the eye and the ref doesn’t know what to do.

    The end arrived when Chavo went for a springboard move from the top rope but Elgin grabs the top rope knocking Chavo down. A Burning Hammer (Inverted Death Valley Driver) later and it was over.

    Winner Michael Elgin via Pinfall (08:03)


    Backstage it's our interviewer and his three guests:

    Salutations ICE Wrestling Fans, my name is Dalton Castle.

    I am starting this promotional video package with a heartfelt congratulations to all ICE Wrestling fans for today you woke to the news of my signing with ICE Wrestling. As you can see I never come alone, I always have my boys.

    Now I must admit the two masked luchadors with me today won’t be as mild mannered or controllable as the company I usually keep, you see these two men are simply ungovernable.

    Daltons compadre’s remove their mask to reveal they are actually La Sombra and Rush.

    I spoke to these gents recently about forming LOS INGOBERNABLES USA with my boys, then realised I should ditch the boys and join LOS INGOBERNABLES full stop.

    HEY! Shouts La Sombra at our interviewer: "Why you smiling gringo, is Dalton Castle funny, are you disrespecting Los Ingobernables?"

    Rush knocks the mic out of the interviewer's hands.

    As Dalton urges his amigos to TRANQUILLO we hear a loud crash noise in the background.
    The cameraman searches and finds that down the corridor from the interview area is a fallen Chavo Guerrero, Chavo is wincing in pain and holding his shoulder and a large hooded man standing over him.

    La Sombra can be heard saying this place is going to be fun amigo’s

    Next up we go back to the ring to see the debut of Pentágon Jr

    Pentagón Jr vs Jinder Mahal

    "Poor Jinder", remarks Piper before the bell rings.

    He was right to say it, this is what we call a Twitter match, over in 140 characters or less:

    Cero Miedo pose, huge slap, Reverse Backbreaker, Fujiwara Armbar, Jinder Taps out, Arm Brake teased, Jr laughs, kicks Jinder on Ass, leaves.
    Winner: Pentagon Jr via Submission (2:59)

    Post match we get a quick update that Chavo seems okay and is already on his way to a nearby medical facility to be checked over. Piper speculates on how Eddie Guerrero must feel right now and hopes the positive news will mean Eddie won’t be distracted.

    Now we are backstage for yet another interview:
    Randy Orton is about to speak when Alberto Del Rio dressed in his suit shows up. Del Rio wishes Randy luck because whoever wins tonight will need luck as they will be facing him in the near future. Orton fakes an RKO that makes Del Rio jump before Del Rio splits


    Austin Aries v Eddie Guerrero v Randy Orton[/CENTER]

    To Decide the Undisputed ICE Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion

    Thank you if you have read this far, it has taken me ages to write! This is the type of match that deserves a PPV length write up but I need to save my energy for the review of the ICE & Fire PPV, which based on this match will be EPIC!

    Please, go onto youtube, the DM network anywhere you can find this online and just watch the match for yourself.

    But I will give a you a taster and the finishing sequence, it a review after all.

    The Review:
    All three guys work REALLY hard to put on a show here and show how important the title is. We even see an alliance between Aries and Eddie to clear Randy out of the ring early on but Randy recovers to get back in the match.

    Randy ends is in firm control near the end and hit the RKO on Eddie. As he goes for the pin Aries drags the ref out of the ring. Orton goes postal and chases Aries outside the ring but Aries is ready for him and hits a drop toe hold on Randy who crashed his head off the announce table. Randy gets busted open the hard way and is out for good this time.

    Aries gets back in the ring and picks Eddie up for a brainbuster but Eddie is playing possum and nails Aries with a European Uppercut followed by a brainbuster of his own.

    Eddie feels the energy of the crowd and climbs to the top rope, he checks that Orton is still down and then looks back at Aries. Eddie flies through the air and hits the Frog Splash for the 1-2-3!
    Winner: Eddie Guerrero via Pinfall (24:57)

    Post Match:
    Confetti falls from the rafters as Eddie celebrates. Trainers help Orton and Aries away (separately).

    Eddie starts to tear up as he sees family at ringside. Eventually Roddy Piper enters the ring and awards the ICE Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship to the NEW Undisputed Champion of the World Eddie Guerrero.

    Piper and the new Champ pose for the photographers who have entered the ring.

    As the flashes go off Shane McMahon enters the ring to join the celebrations.

    Oh **** is heard from fans at ringside as one of the photographers charge at Eddie and clobber the new champ with a clothesline across the neck.

    Before Piper can react Shane McMahon low blows Roddy. Piper falls to the ground and is hit by a big splash from the brute who we can now see it is Rusev.

    Rusev clears Roddy Piper out of the ring and roars something in Bulgarian.

    Where the hell is security, get some help out here exclaims the remaining Commentator.

    Rusev turns his attention back to Eddie and applies the Camel Clutch on our new Champion as we spill into the overrun.

    Finally some help arrives as Alberto Del Rio heads down the ramp into the ring

    Del Rio swings an object at Rusev and SMASH, but he hits Eddie right on the top of his head!

    Shane throws Del Rio a microphone:

    Sorry Mi Amigom Rusev crashed your little Fiesta Eddie but I have some news that couldn’t wait, in my hand I have a briefcase containing my official sign on bonus - An ICE Wrestling Diamond Contract - which I am going to cash in right here right now!

    As Eddie gets to his knees, Rusev exits the ring and the referee starts the match under orders from McMahon.

    Eddie Guerrero (c) v Alberto Del Rio - Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship

    Eddie still on his knees calls Alberto on and suffers a swift Super Kick by Del Rio, followed by a cover.

    The ref counts 1-2-3, immediately trash starts to join the confetti in the ring and we have a New Champion.
    Winner: Alberto Del Rio (0:54)

    Shane McMahon this time presents the Championship and Del Rio takes a chance to gloat over Guerrero as the show goes off air.

    Wow, what a jam packed show that was!

    I had great fun watching the show, enjoyed reviewing and I am really looking forward to the follow up.

    Thanks for reading my review.

  • Registered Users Posts: 20,753 ✭✭✭✭beakerjoe


    Previously on Monday Night Chaos!

    The Chaos Rising Pay Per View ended with a bang last year as the crazed Shawn Michaels was put in his place by a determined Jake Roberts in a match for the ages, in which Jake gained his final redemption by not only retaining his newly won Heavyweight Championship, but also by vanquishing a twisted Heartbreak Kid in the process.
    But it was the match with Vince McMahon and Jeff Jarrett that had a more impactful effect as both men battled for control of the company. While the Pay Per View was a critical success, it ultimately came up short in the ratings to MNG and BWA in the viewership war, as the two bigger companies just about edged BCW overall, much to the dismay of Jeff Jarrett. But life goes on.....

    The last year!

    After the PPV in which Jeff Jarrett overcame the odds and reclaimed ownership of the company from the evil hands of Vince McMahon, Jarrett was determined to make good on his promise to keep Beyond Chaos Wrestling afloat.

    Not only did Jarrett accomplish this but by the summer of 2015, Beyond Chaos was thriving on all fronts, both financially and in popularity, with Jake Roberts beating all-comers and establishing himself as the greatest champion in the company’s history and as a firm fan favourite.

    Jarrett successfully signed Cesaro, Sasha Banks and The 3 Von Erich brothers and the company's popularity skyrocketed. Cesaro would be adored for fans for his smash mouth, hard hitting style as well as his amazing feats for strenght and power and his popularity would soon rival that of Jake Roberts.

    Sasha would soon become the first Womens champion in Beyond Chaos and all 3 Von Erichs would bag titles themselves, with Kerry shortly becoming Intercontinental Champion, while Kevin and David would become crowd favourites by winning Tag Team Gold. Beyond Chaos was moving in the right direction


    However, Jeff Jarrett would surprisingly announce that he was stepping down from his role in Beyond Chaos and put the company up for sale in the summer of 2015. When news of this went public, Jarrett issued a press release that said he had set out to steady the ship on BCW and he accomplished this and now had nothing more to prove as owner.

    This came as a huge shock to not only fans of the popular wrestling brand, but it came as a huge surprise to the talented roster too. Many were in disbelief and feared who would come in to take the place of Jarrett. Jarrett has been rumoured to be shockingly join Donald Trumps presidential candidacy campaign in what seems like a bizarre move.

    Midway through September it was revealed that a consortium had purchased BCW and Jeff Jarrett would stay on temporarily as General Manager to help with the transition until someone could be found to run the company full time.


    Jarrett would continue as General Manager until mid-November, stepping down as he no longer could devote his time to Beyond Chaos. Jarrett departed the company and this left the consortium without anyone running the show.

    But in his last act before leaving, Jarrett announced the annual Chaos Rising PPV event in early March, with the main event being the Heavyweight Champion Jake Roberts taking on the number 1 contender, Cesaro. This, according to Jarrett, left the company in a fantastic position going forward and he wished The Consortium the best with their future endeavours.

    This announcement was huge as Roberts would face Cesaro, the fastest rising star in the company's history, with the title on the line. Many believed this would be Jake's biggest challenge as Champion to date, with some wrestling pundits speculating that Cesaro would finally win the big one.


    But with no one hired to take over from Jarrett, problems soon began to surface backstage. With little communication between The Consortium and the roster, all types of instability had been created, with the talent roster unsure of their future and the direction of the company.

    Many wrestling news sites reported that Champion Jake Roberts, the locker room leader, was tired of the situation and rumours had began to circulate that he was in talks with rival promotion MWF.

    The consortium released a statement days later suggesting any such stories were false and that Jake Roberts would be their top star going into the New Year and blamed the media for creating such fake reports. The Consortium reaffirmed that Jake would continue to be their Champion and he would defend the title against Cesaro at the Chaos Rising PPV in March.


    In late December, all these rumours over the previous 7 weeks would prove true as unbeaten Heavyweight Champion, Jake Roberts walked out on Beyond Chaos, one week before a big press conference regarding the Chaos Rising PPV in March.


    It would later be revealed that day that Jake had indeed jumped ship to MWF and signed a contract with their own Mr K., shocking the world of professional wrestling and leaving Beyond Chaos in turmoil.

    In the days that followed, The Consortium sent a press release that not only blamed Jake Roberts for the situation but also revealed that the Heavyweight Championship would be held up indefinitely. Rumours of talent unhappiness grew as a result, with Cesaro in particular voicing his concerns to the wrestling media at how angry he is that his opportunity had been taken away from him when he was so close from becoming Heavyweight Champion.

    The Consortium also stated in their press release that the press conference would still be held one week before the new season and they promised big changes and swift action.

    The Press Conference – Late January (One Week before the new season)

    The conference hall in Greensboro, North Carolina is the venue for this huge press conference. With a huge cloud of uncertainty hanging over Beyond Chaos, the nation's press awaits an appearance from a press officer on behalf of The Consortium.

    The press officer appears and he is hounded by questions upon arrival. He composes himself before reading a prepared speech.

    Press Officer: “Members of the press and fans of Beyond Chaos Wrestling, I speak on behalf of The Consortium of owners who are in possession of the company. While many believe the current situation of Beyond Chaos is literally just that.... chaos, I am not only here to bring calm to the situation, but I am also here to announce a bright future for those in our wrestling company. While it's true that the company suffered at the loss of Jeff Jarrett and other personel, many accused The Consortium of not acting quickly enough to address the situation, which is simply not true.”

    “While we took our time to secure a replacement for Mr Jarrett, and while we may have gone through a tough time in his absence, The Consortium can say it has all been worth it as we have great things to announce to the world today.”

    “Firstly the recovery of Beyond Chaos starts today, as does our march to ratings glory this term. And that Starts with the hiring of a new General Manager. Now, we didn’t want just anybody filling that role, we wanted the very best. We wanted a man capable of taking our promotion to new heights and we wanted a man who we could count on to help us thoroughly compete with BWA, MNG and others. So we hired a man who is no stranger to a ratings war and a man who knows how to take Beyond Chaos to the next level. “

    “Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the new General Manager of Beyond Chaos......Eric Bischoff. “


    Shock descends over the room as Eric Bischoff strolls out to address the gasping crowd.

    Bischoff walks up to the podium with a smug grin across his face. He scans the crowd before saying how good it is to be back. Bischoff says Beyond Chaos is capable of great things and he knows how to create “Chaos”. He says you can’t have chaos without controversy and he claims no one does controversy like he does.

    Bischoff: “I'll get straight down to business shall I? Firstly we shall take the Women's Championship. Sasha Banks has been complaining about a lack of real competition. Well I’m going to give her competition on the debut show of the new season. She will defend her belt against not 1, not 2, but against 3 new signees to Beyond Chaos. It will be Sasha Banks taking on new signing Bayley, and against new signing Emma and against new signing Becky Lynch. Now how’s that for upping the ante? “


    The press began shouting queries at Bischoff at the sound of that announcement but Eric ignores them and starts to talk over them.

    Bischoff: “Now that’s a PPV calibre match on free TV folks, let’s see the schmucks at MWF top that. Next on my agenda is the Heavyweight title situation. The Consortium had this lazy, lacklustre idea of an over the top rope Mini-Rumble would be held with the winner being crowned the new BCW Heavyweight Champion. Now that idea is's ok I guess, but it was done last year in Beyond Chaos and I think we need a fresh approach, we need an approach to suck viewers into our product, ………..we need an Eric Bischoff approach”

    The lights then dim in the conference room and a big screen is lowered from the ceiling. Bischoff then smiles and proclaims “ I give you my idea,........I GIVE YOU MY CREATION!”

    A video plays and it's a video about…...


    A bone crunching look at the Elimination Chamber is played on the big screen and Eric has a smile like a cheshire cat across his face.

    Bischoff: “That’s right ladies and gentlemen, members of the press, the Beyond Chaos Heavyweight Champion will be decided in the demonic, unforgiving, brutal structure that I created ............The Elimination Chamber.

    Bischoff : “ 6 men will battle within 6 tons of reinforced steel and the last man standing will be crowned the new Beyond Chaos Heavyweight Champion, live on free TV on the debut edition of Monday Night Chaos “

    Eric goes on to announce that 4 of those men will be Cesaro, Kerry Von Erich, Tyler Breeze and Ethan Carter III. A journalist points out that there’s 2 men not announced and asks Bischoff who those men are.

    Eric Bischoff: “Well both of those men are a huge surprise for the show and I’m not letting that cat out of the bag, so you’ll have to tune in to find out. “

    Bischoff gets hounded by the press about the mystery men and he decides to relent a little bit.

    Eric Bischoff: “I’ll tell you what, I’ll tell you one of the two names...actually I won't tell you a name, I'll just introduce him. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you newest member of Beyond Chaos..........The Nature Boy Ric Flair. “


    Suddenly Ric Flair appears and he’s dressed in his best suit and looking like a million bucks. Flair was in typical rambunctious form as he played up to the press in attendance and he announced that on the debut show of Monday Night Chaos that he will be competing in the World Championship Rumble. Flair became more intense as he continued to speak, stating his desire to become World Champion and compete with the best wrestlers in the world, mentioning Cesaro in particular. Flair also said it’s going to be a pleasure and a privilege to compete once again in his hometown of Charlotte for the biggest prize in the game. Flair and Bischoff shook hands much to the surprise of those in attendance considering their past, as flashbulbs go off from the surrounding cameras to close the press conference.

    Twitter explodes!!!

    In the wake of this huge press conference, certain stars of Beyond Chaos have their say on the news.

    @RicFlair #Wooooooooooooooo!

    @Tyler Breeze : Pros, i may make my gorgeous waist even more beautiful with a championship belt. Cons, me fighting in a steel cage may damage by gorgeous looks. #modelproblems

    @Cesaro : My rightful opportunity is now shared with 5 others. No matter, Im taking my title in the Chamber #IMTHEMAN


    @SashaBanks : Once again I'll prove that im the real deal in Beyond Chaos #4womenenter1womanleaves

    @Bayley : I cant wait to tell my mom, Beyond Chaos here I come #beahugger

    @JakeRoberts : Im glad I left Beyond Chaos, makes a man turn to alcohol #MWF4TW

    @Bounty Hunter : State of yer roster mate! #BWA-NO1

    With the first episode of Monday Night Chaos fast approaching, let's take a look at the roster who will be involved on the night.


    World Champion: As stated above the title is vacant since Jake Roberts left and a new champion shall be crowned on the debut show of this season. 6 men (5 announced Kerry Von Erich, Tyler Breeze, Cesaro, Ethan Carter and Ric Flair, plus one man unannounced) will compete for the chance to become Beyond Chaos World Heavyweight Champion within the Elimination Chamber.

    Womens Champion - Sasha Banks: Sasha has dominated the division since arriving and now with the signings of Becky Lynch, Bayley and Emma, the competition heats up. Sasha has unbelievable in-ring talent and it's growing by the day but so is her ego. Since she joined Beyond Chaos she has showed each time why she is the self proclaimed “Legit Boss” with many impressive victories, but many believe her attitude is out of control and it may ultimately be her downfall. But so far, she has backed up everything her mouth claims.

    Intercontinental Champion - Kerry Von Erich: Kerry is the current Intercontinental Champion and is on flying form since arriving in BCW as he became IC champ in less than a month. He has been a fighting champion since then, but after many successful title defences, his focus is now on the vacant Heavyweight Title and he believes it’s finally his time to become the top star and break through the glass ceiling. He’s relishing the potential battle with old nemesis Flair at the Elimination Chamber, a man he has never been able to beat and Kerry sees him as a bigger threat than anyone else in the match.

    Tag Team Champions - The Von Erich Brothers (David and Kevin) : These two hard hitting fan favourites won the titles last September and have been the top dogs in the division ever since. They have been just as dominant as their brother Kerry but they still believe they are lacking something to make them reach the heights of previous tag teams before them.

    Ric Flair: Flair is in the best condition of his career and is at peak physical condition, he has his eyes set on winning the gold in the Elimination Chamber. He only just arrived in BCW but he his reputation precedes him and he will be everyone’s favourite to win the gold. Flair will have an obvious target on his back due to his pedigree but if anyone can handle the pressure it's The Nature Boy.

    Cesaro: Cesaro has been on fire since joining BCW and he is in many peoples eyes, the top guy in Beyond Chaos. However, he has been close to reaching the title before but he has never actually won the big one. While many wrestling pundits predict Cesaro to have an impressive showing in the battle royal, some are predicting that The Swiss Superman doesn’t have what it takes to become a champion. Cesaro is still angry at having his original title opportunity away from him and now has a point to prove in Beyond Chaos. Will Cesaro prove people wrong and finally win the big one on the debut edition of Monday Night Chaos?

    Tyler Breeze: The self proclaimed Prince Pretty has been turning heads since arriving in Beyond Chaos. Breeze, a once hated superstar due to his over the top vanity and villainous ways, has now warmed himself to fans in Beyond Chaos due to a new friendly approach to share his beauty. While many believe he has lost his vicious side due to his new crowd pleasing charms, Breeze still is delivering with some eye-catching in-ring performances and he appears to be happy to be a hit with the fans.

    EC3: Ethan Carter has recently joined and he only has eyes for the World Championship and the fame that comes with it. He’s convinced that he’s destined to become not only the new Beyond Chaos Heavyweight Champion, but the greatest champion of all time. EC3 is still as vain as ever and he’s obsessed with being in the spotlight and he sees the Elimination Chamber match as his chance to steal the show.

    Becky Lynch : The Irish Lass-Kicker has just arrived in Beyond Chaos and is under the direct mentorship of Women's wrestling legend Sara Del Rey. She has been training hard under Del Reys tutelage and is a firm fan favourite.

    Sara Del Rey: Arguably the greatest Women's wrestler ever that never made it to the big leagues. While many agree that she is clearly making Becky a better competitor, there are those who believe she is trying to live through Becky in order to compensate for her own failed dreams of glory.

    Rick “The Model” Martel : Martel has been on a roll in Beyond Chaos and has been feuding with old tag partner Tito Santana in recent weeks. The Model, who is as arrogant as ever, recently won a match against Santana, in which the loser became the personal assistant to the winner. Martel, with Santana basically his lackey now, hopes to continue his rise through the ranks of Beyond Chaos.

    Tito Sanatna : As mentioned above, Santana recently lost a match to Rick Martel and is now his “personal assistant” and he would be fired if he does not comply (as per terms of the match contract). Martel makes the most of demeaning Santana, but Tito reluctantly gets on with it in fear of losing his job.

    Bayley: Easily the friendliest competitor within the Beyond Chaos ropes, with her reputation for being fan friendly making her a hit in Beyond Chaos. Bayley has earned the respect and admiration of her peers and the fans with her never say die attitude and her loving demeanour. But many wrestling analysts believe it’s her nice girl attitude that is holding her back from becoming top dog. Will Bayley have what it takes to topple Sasha Banks from her perch?

    Emma: The former fan favourite has ditched her crowd pleasing ways and turned her back on the fans. With a darker look and a newly found mean streak, Emma has shown a more vicious side to herself in recent months and she seems more focused on hurting her opponents than making the fans cheer.

    Eric Bischoff : The newly installed General Manager appears to be a man on a mission, with his ultimate goal being making Beyond Chaos Number 1 in the ratings war. While many fans have their reservations towards Eric due to his self indulgent reputation, Bischoff is headed in the right direction in relation to winning them over. Sources close to Bischoff report that while happy with his work thus far, still seems to be looking more ways to create a huge buzz for Beyond Chaos and he won't rest until more big names and surprises are secured.


  • Moderators, Social & Fun Moderators, Sports Moderators Posts: 50,964 Mod ✭✭✭✭Necro

    *Replay of last week’s main event and Cena’s assault on Hardy*

    NCW Tuesday Night Destruction (Show 3)

    Pyros go off as the show opens and the crowd cheers

    *My Time is Now plays*

    The crowd erupts in a fury of hatred as John Cena’s music plays – following his shocking attack on Jeff Hardy after last week’s main event.
    Necrominus: “Welcome everyone to another edition of Tuesday Night Destruction. And what a way to kick off – the NCW Champ is coming to the ring! I hope he has a good explanation for his actions last week!”

    Jiminy Billy-Bob: “Why the heck should he, Necro? He’s our champion! He is Natural Championship Wrestling! And he can do whatever the heck he wants!”

    Cena bursts onto the stage and the crowds boos intensify – Cena smirks to himself as he comes to the ring with a jacket covering his usual bright t-shirt. He struts down the ramp with the title belt draped across one shoulder – seemingly soaking in the hostile atmosphere tonight! There are no typical salutes or gestures as he simply walks up the steps and into the ring. He points at the ring announcer aggressively, shouting –
    ‘Give me a mic, now!’

    Cena puts the mic to his lips – and the boos get even louder! He laughs at the reaction now, a broad smile breaking out on his face.

    Crowd – ‘Cena Sucks! Cena Sucks!’

    Finally, the crowd quiet down enough and Cena starts to speak:
    Cena: “I suppose you think I owe you an explanation? Is that what you want? An explanation? Let me tell you all something – I don’t owe any of you a damn thing.”

    The crowd erupted again in fury and began to chant: ‘ASSHOLE, ASSHOLE’
    Cena: “I guess that’s how you feel now, huh? But, let’s be honest with each other. You’ve wanted this for years. All the blood, sweat and tears for you that I have shed in this ring – and you react by telling me I SUCK! You sing it to my music, you chant it in my matches. But do you know what? I never minded. I accepted it. It comes with being who I am. And so, it comes to why? Why now I hear you all ask. Why, why, why, WHY? I don’t owe you anything – but I will tell you all why. It’s because of him. Your hero – your rockstar – your idol – Jeff Hardy.

    He represents everything that is wrong with the fans today. He is a joke! While I was getting booed out arenas for busting my ass for you all – Jeff Hardy was busy getting suspended on wellness violations. He comes back – and you cheer him even louder! When he finally gets his opportunity to shine – he takes his ball – and goes to a two-bit wrestling organisation – leaving you all behind! Jeff Hardy then – with his joke of a brother – makes a video running down our organisation, it’s superstars and fans – and you still chant his name! He gets another chance in this two-bit organisation – and he turns up high to a main event with one of the greatest legends in this business!

    That is the legacy of your hero. And you have the audacity to boo me? I have given everything to this business! My heart and soul – my spare time! Do you know how many wishes I have granted to sick children – and yet you would choose a drug addict, degenerate as your hero… well no more. John Cena used to Rise Above Hate. But I can no longer stand idly by while you sell your souls to this disgrace to professional wrestling. So, starting last week – I have a new, simpler outlook on life.”

    Cena takes his jacket off and tosses it to the mat. His new black shirt beneath shows a simple, 3 word slogan:


    Cena: “No longer will I….”

    *Jeff Hardy’s music hits*

    Necrominus – “It’s Hardy! Finally someone shut this crybaby up!”

    Jeff races to the ring and rolls in, tackling Cena to the mat! Hardy laces Cena with blows as Cena struggles to push Hardy off – and rolls out of the ring! The crowd boo as Cena smirks at the enraged Hardy inside the ring – Hardy launches himself over the top rope onto Cena!!

    Crowd – “HARDY! HARDY! HARDY!”

    Hardy keeps hammering on Cena with blows as Cena again tries to roll to his feet – Hardy throws him back in the ring! Cena staggers to his feet, grasping at the leg of his shorts as Hardy comes off the ropes – CENA LEVELS JEFF WITH A STEEL PIPE TO THE FACE!

    Necrominus – “Ah what the hell! Cena with the cheap shot on Hardy!”

    Billy-Bob: “All’s fair in a street fight with no rules, Necro!”

    Cena dusts himself down as Hardy rolls about in the ring, clutching his face. Hardy reaches for the ropes to try and pull himself back up – CENA BLASTS HARDY ACROSS THE BACK OF THE HEAD WITH THE PIPE! Jeff slumps to the canvas, motionless as the crowd erupt in fury again – Cena smirks and points to his t-shirt!

    Suddenly, an evil look takes hold on the face of the NCW Champion – and he strikes Hardy with the pipe a third time! And a fourth! And a fifth! Right to the head of Jeff Hardy! Trainers and security swarm the ring and restrain Cena who looks intent on ending Hardy’s career tonight!
    Cena (shouting): “How’s your hero now? Where is he?”

    *Corporate Music Hits*

    The fans continue to boo as security restrain Cena and medical staff tend to Hardy. Kane comes to the stage.
    Glenn: “John – enough! You’ve more than made your point! Security – get him out of here!”

    Cena smirks as the crowd continue to show their hatred towards him and is escorted backstage.
    Glenn – “In fact, both of you – are suspended until Natural Selection! I won’t have you jeopardise my main event!”

    Hardy is loaded onto a stretcher and wheeled to the back as Glenn looks on.

    *Commercial Break*

    Backstage, Kane and Pete Rose are in their office.
    Glenn: “I know it wasn’t a good idea, Pete – but if I hadn’t done it we wouldn’t have a title match in two weeks!”

    Pete: “I agree – it was your only call. Now, what do you think of my plans for the NC-US Championship?”

    Glenn: “They’re good. Next week, Andre the Giant will square off against Matt Morgan, and Muhammad Hassan will take on Albert in the semi-finals of the tournament. The winners will face each other inside a steel cage to decide the first ever NC-US Champion at Natural Selection. But I’ve got bigger problems, Pete. I’m convinced that it’s Disco Inferno behind this….violation of my office. Has he recovered from last week sufficiently?”

    Pete: “He’ll be ok – but I don’t know, Glenn… I really don’t think…”

    Glenn: “Nonsense – it has to be him! Find him and inform him that he will be in action tonight. In the main event, no less. Against the team of Matt Morgan and Abyss!”

    Pete: “Come on, Kane…”

    Glenn: “What did you call me?”

    Kane grabs Pete Rose by the throat and pins him against the wall, eyes filled with rage and nostrils flaring
    Kane: “Don’t ever call me that again.”

    Pete (gasping): “I’m sorry Glenn, it was an honest mistake, I’ll go and tell him!”

    Glenn seemed to relax, and released his grip on Pete’s throat. He smoothed down Pete’s suit and smiled at him.
    Glenn: “Fabulous! I’ll catch up with you later.”

    Pete nodded and practically ran out the door as Kane went back to admiring his self-portrait hanging on the wall.

    *Elsewhere, in the parking lot*

    Road Dogg pulls up in his car, getting out and slamming the door so hard the glass shatters in the side window.
    Necrominus: “Road Dogg is on his way to the ring, next!”

    *Commercial Break*

    “Oh You Didn’t Know?”

    The crowd popped as the music of Road Dogg hit and he stormed to the stage, scowling and headed straight for the ring. He made to go up the steps – but thought twice and pulled up the ring apron – producing a baseball bat! He then rolled into the ring and grabbed the mic.
    Road Dogg: “Cut the damn music! Now usually ol’ Road Dogg would be out here having fun with y’all, laughing and joking – but I just spent the last seven days in the damn hospital with my friend Billy Gunn! Now I don’t even need to know why – SCOTT HALL! PAC! Get your asses out here! We’re gonna settle this country style!”

    Road Dogg dropped the mic and slammed the baseball bat off the ring mat, before pointing with it towards the stage. But no music hit and no-one came. Road Dogg, frustrated, picked up the mic again.

    Road Dogg: “I ain’t playing here fellas – you get your cowardly, scumbag asses out here or I’m going to come back there and start swinging for the fences!”

    “Are You Ready?”

    The crowd booed wildly as Scott Hall and X-Pac came to the stage, smirking and holding microphones. Road Dogg shrugged his shoulders and left the ring!

    X-Pac: “Now, now, Doggie – put your teeth away! We wouldn’t want to have to take you to the vet for the old… snip-snip, if you know what I’m saying!”

    Road Dogg continued to advance on his former stable mates – pointing the bat at them in anger.

    Hall: “Hey yo – I’d listen to him, chico. You’ll get your shot at us. It’s signed, sealed and delivered.”

    Road Dogg continued up the ramp as Hall unrolled a contract.

    X-Pac: “You got what you wanted, Jessie-boy. You get your shot at us. At Natural Selection, that is.”

    Road Dogg again shrugged his shoulders, and Hall strolled down the ramp to meet him! Road Dogg raised the bat…

    X-Pac: “Of course – if you touch either of us before then, the match is off. That goes for us too! You see, so we have nothing to lose coming out here to face you. You want your shot at the belts – or you want one free shot at Scott? Your choice!”

    Road Dogg lowered the bat for a moment, his face contorted with rage. Scott Hall stepped straight in his face.

    Hall: “That’s right, mutt. You scamper back to your buddy with your tail between your legs. We run this place!”

    Road Dogg shook his head, and dropped the bat. He straightened himself, inches from Hall’s face.

    Road Dogg: “In two weeks then. You’d better start writing your will…”

    Road Dogg snatched the mic from Hall: “And you’d best pack some spare nappies, Kid. Because at Natural Selection – you’ll both wish you were never born.”

    Road Dogg dropped the mic and stormed to the back, as Hall and X-Pac smirked and raised their belts, mockingly waving goodbye to him.

    *Commercial Break*

    Backstage, Pete Rose is seen coming out of the locker room. He heads down the hall when the lights suddenly start flickering – and then go out. A crash and a loud scream from Rose can be heard – and then the lights come back on. Pete Rose has disappeared! Sitting on a table in the hallway in his place – is a red mask.

    *Kane’s office*

    Kane is seen pacing back and forth, when a stage-hand runs in.
    SH: “Mr. Jacobs, come quickly – Mr. Rose has been abducted!”

    Glenn: “What? When did this happen!”

    SH: “Just now. He was seen leaving Andre’s locker room – then nothing. Nothing but… but this.”

    The stage-hand produces the mask. Kane’s face contorts in fury – and he grabs the stage-hand and flings him into the wall. The stage-hand smashes into Kane’s self-portrait, which falls off the wall and tears on the corner of the desk. Kane picks up the stage-hand:
    “Look what you did!”


    Suddenly, Kane realises what he has done, and his face relaxes. He smooths his suit as the stage-hand lies motionless on the broken desk. Kane picks up the now ruined portrait and frowns.

    Glenn: “That damn Disco! I’ll deal with him!”

    *Commercial Break*

    Ring Announcer: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, being accompanied by JTG, Shad Gaspard – together they are CRYME TYME!”

    “Brooklyn, Brooklyn!”

    The crowd pops as Cryme Tyme come to the stage in typical fashion.
    Necrominus: “I think the mask has finally slipped with K… Mr. Jacobs – if you’ll pardon the pun!”

    Jiminy Billy-Bob: “Can you blame him? That rotten Disco Inferno has abducted Pete Rose!”

    Necrominus: “Come on, Jiminy!! Do you really think Disco Inferno is behind all of this? I mean, he’s an idiot, no doubt. But a harmless idiot!”

    Billy-Bob: “Who else has any reason to abduct our co-General Manager?”

    Cryme Tyme are posing on the ropes as the music of Monty Brown hits.
    Ring Announcer: “And his opponent – The Alpha Male, Monty Brown!”
    Billy-Bob: “Look at this specimen of humanity, Necro, Monty Brown is a beast!”

    Brown smirks on his way to the ring, regarding his opponent with disdain. He strolls around the ringside area, posing to the crowd before walking up the steps slowly and entering the ring. JTG exits the ring as Shad and Monty eye each other tensely across the ring. The referee calls for the bell:

    Shad and Brown lock up in the centre of the ring, both men battling for dominance. Monty gains the upper hand, and shoves Shad backwards with force to the mat. Shad looks up in shock as Brown smirks and poses.

    JTG jumps up on the apron, shouting his support for his tag partner. Suddenly, a man with a bandana covering the lower half of his face hops the barricade, and pulls JTG’s legs from under him! JTG crashes face first into the ring apron, and lies sprawled on the outside.

    Shad, distracted by the goings on outside the ring, gets up and goes to the ropes to check on his partner. Brown runs the ropes – Shad turns around – POUNCE! Monty Brown crashes into Shad Gaspard with The Pounce! Brown drops down for the cover…

    1-2-3!! Monty Brown wins!!

    The crowd boos as the bandana-clad man enters the ring and pounds fists with Brown, before pulling down the bandana as they pose over the prone Gaspard.
    Necrominus: “Wait a minute… that’s Michael Tarver! What the hell is he doing out here!”

    Billy-Bob: “What a plan by Brown! What dominance! He’s the real deal!”

    Necrominus: “This is ridiculous. Tarver assaulted JTG causing the distraction!”

    Billy-Bob: “Quit whining! You’re always complaining! Show some appreciation for what must be a new NCW record win!”

    JTG rolls into the ring, holding his head – Brown boots him in the stomach and delivers the Alpha Bomb!! Tarver and Brown pose over the fallen Cryme Tyme as the crowd boos heavily.

    *Commercial Break*

    Backstage, Disco is being interviewed before his match.

    Interviewer: “Disco Inferno. Our co-General Manager Mr. Jacobs is convinced you are behind the recent vandalism to his office, and now the abduction of our other co-GM, Pete Rose! Are there any truth to these allegations?”

    Disco: “Listen, I’m going to apologise right now.”

    Interviewer: “You mean….??”

    Disco: “No you twit! Not for that! It’s not me! I’m apologising for not being my usual – cool – Disco self tonight. I’m lucky to be alive after what that… brute John Cena did to me last week. And as for tonight… it looks like the funk will be removed from NCW. But that’s later, baby! Disco Inferno will dance the night away till then!”

    *Disco music plays and he begins to dance*

    Interviewer: “Um, Mr. Disco? Inferno? MR. GILBERTI!!

    The music stops and Disco looks around in shock.
    Interviewer: “I’m sorry to tell you… but your match is next. Good luck.”

    Disco Inferno looks crestfallen as he realises what he is about to face.

    Ring Announcer: “The following contest is a 2 on 1 handicap match!
    Introducing first – from Funkytown – Disco Inferno!”

    *Disco music plays*

    The crowd half cheers, half boos the introduction of Disco Inferno, who trudges to the ring with no dance moves, gingerly limping from his beatdown by John Cena last week.

    Billy-Bob: “And finally, Disco Inferno gets what is coming to him.”

    Necrominus: “This isn’t right. Disco Inferno is many things – but mind-games and abduction?? It doesn’t make sense.”
    Ring Announcer: “And his opponents – Matt Morgan and Abyss!”

    The crowd boos as the two monsters come to the stage.

    *Corporate Music Sounds*

    Necrominus: “Finally, Mr. Jacobs has seen some sense!”

    Glenn comes to the stage:
    “You know what, I think I misheard. This match is not complete. I’ll take over the announcing.”

    The crowd boos furiously as Disco looks on from the ring, stunned.

    Glenn: “The following contest is a 4 ON 1 Handicap Match!”
    Necrominus: “Oh God…”
    Glenn: “Introducing… the team of Brian Adams and Adam Bomb – KRONIK!”
    Necrominus: “Oh come on! This is going to be a slaughter!”

    KRONIK come to the stage and stand alongside Morgan and Abyss.

    Glenn: “Oh…wait. And this match is now – A NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH!”

    The crowd boos again as the four men advance towards a shell-shocked Disco Inferno, and Kane looks on from the stage.

    Necrominus: “This isn’t right! I don’t care what Disco has or has not done, no one deserves this treatment!”

    Billy-Bob: “I actually kind of agree with you, Necro. This is going to be ugly.”

    The four men surround the ring, one on each side as Disco looks pleadingly at Kane on the stage. All four get on the apron at the same time, and all four enter the ring, surrounding Disco. They await the order from Kane – who snaps his fingers as Disco cowers…..


    Necrominus and Jiminy Billy-Bob: “WHAT??

    Bomb, Adams and Morgan begin to beat the hell out of Abyss as Kane throws his jacket on the ramp and rolls up his sleeves as he marches to the ring. He walks up the steps as Kronik hoist Abyss to his feet and deliver a thunderous double chokeslam! Disco is in the foetal position in the corner as Kane speaks again.

    Glenn: “Get up, you snivelling toad. On your feet!”

    Disco gets to his feet as Kane towers over him.

    Glenn: “Did you seriously think I would blame you for all of this? You, a cowardly, dancing buffoon? Now get out of here before I change my mind!”

    Disco nods and almost jumps from the ring to the floor, fleeing to the back.

    Glenn: “Get him up, Morgan!”

    Morgan, Bomb and Adams drag the motionless Abyss to his feet and Glenn gets in his face.

    Glenn: “You had to push me, didn’t you? You washed up copycat? You aren’t fit to lace my boots! And now, the only question left to answer is – what have you done with Pete?”

    Abyss opens his eyes, fury in them as the three men have a grip on him. Kane puts the mic to his lips.

    Abyss: “GO. TO. HELL…

    Kane snaps and smashes the mic off Abyss’ head, busting him wide open. He then directs traffic and Bomb and Adams tie Abyss up in the ropes as Morgan bounces off them – CARBON FOOTPRINT!

    Abyss is motionless as Kane starts choking the life out of him – when suddenly…

    Pete Rose (muffled): “Glenn, wait – I said WAIT!! It wasn’t him!”

    Pete Rose staggers out onto the stage, blood coming from his head and collapses onto the ramp. Kane sends Adams and Bomb to check on the injured Pete Rose…..THE LIGHTS GO OUT!!!

    A sinister laughter is heard all around the arena

    Mysterious Voice (Laughing): “Wrong again KANE! You’re always wrong! WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG! But soon you will find out the TRUE meaning of fear. You were a monster, and everyone feared you. But the fire has gone out, Kane. I will make that fire return. I will show you the way. All you have to do is don the mask once more. Because if you don’t….


    *Alarm clock starts ringing*

    The crowd explodes as the lights come back on, and THE BOOGEYMAN is standing in the ring with his alarm clock!! Morgan tries to attack him – Boogeyman smashes the clock across Morgan’s head! Kane is rooted to the spot in fear!! Boogeyman shimmies towards him and Kane goes to throw a punch – Boogeyman ducks -


    The crowd goes wild as The Boogeyman stands over the motionless co-General Manager as KRONIK and Pete Rose look on stunned from the ramp!

    Natural Selection Line-Up:

    NCW Championship: John Cena (C) VS Jeff Hardy

    NC-US Championship Steel Cage Match: Andre The Giant/Matt Morgan VS Muhammad Hassan/Albert

    NCW Tag Team Championships: Scott Hall and X-Pac (D-X) VS Road Dogg and Billy Gunn (New Age Outlaws)

    More matches TBC

    Tune in next week to the final edition of Tuesday Night Destruction!

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    (preview/introduction/year in review post : Here!

    Tonight on the Season Premiere of Monday Night Chaos :

    Who will become new Beyond Chaos Heavyweight Champion as 6 men (Ethan Carter, Cesaro, Tyler Breeze, Kerry Von Erich, Ric Flair and a mystery entrant) compete in a Championship Elimination Chamber Match!

    Beyond Chaos Women's Champion, Sasha Banks defends her title against new signings Emma, Bayley and Becky Lynch in a fatal four way match.

    Rick “The Model” Martel will be in action and he will have his new “Personal Assistant” with him, Tito Santana. What degrading demands will Martel have in store for Tito?

    The cameras are rolling live in Charlotte, North Carolina as Monday Night Chaos opens on a hot crowd as the commentators (#1 being the straight play by play man, the other, #2, being the loud mouth “broadcast journalist”) welcome us to the show.

    Commentator 1 : Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the re-debut of Monday Night Chaos. The question on everyone’s lips is who will be crowned the new World Heavyweight Champion tonight? For those who have been living under a rock for the past few weeks, Jake Roberts has been stripped of the Beyond Chaos Championship, and a new champion will be crowned tonight within the confines of The Elimination Chamber in our Main Event.

    Commentator 2: The crowd here in Charlotte, North Carolina is more excited than my broadcast colleague on singles night down at the bowling alley. My money's on hometown man, The Nature Boy Ric Flair; he always finds a way to win and I feel tonight with home field advantage, it's gonna be his night.

    Commentator 1 : Well in the Chamber he goes up against the undefeated Ethan Carter, current number one contender Cesaro, the debuting Tyler Breeze, his old rival Kerry Von Erich and one unannounced mystery competitor. It's anyone’s guess who's walking out of Charlotte with the gold. All six competitors have what it takes in my book.

    The fans in Charlotte crowd simmer down as General Manager Eric Bischoff strolls out and addresses the fans in attendance. Eric has the Heavyweight Championship belt draped across his shoulder and looks like he means business.


    Eric Bischoff : Allow me to get right to the point here. I’m not in Beyond Chaos to be the stereotypical evil boss or screw people over. I've been hired to win the ratings war and I intend on pushing this company to the top. I want to topple Monday Night Grappling and I want to destroy BWA and any other wrestling organisation. The owners of Beyond Chaos have given me free reign to do whatever is necessary in order to make this company Number 1 and I will make that happen by any means possible.

    Bischoff : You see the last 2 years, Beyond Chaos has come third in the Ratings and this year I want to be the man to lead this company to the glory. In the build up to tonight, we suffered a few setbacks, we had a few guys take their ball and go home, but I do believe I have assembled a fantastic array of talent and I guarantee that over the next few weeks we will entertain the hell out of everyone that watches.

    Commentator 2 : Is he going to put your wife on a treadmill? That would entertain me!

    Commentator 1 : Would you stop!

    Bischoff : My philosophy has always been that you need to generate interest and controversy in order to get people to tune in. And then, when you have people's attention you deliver something so powerful that they don't look away or change the channel. Tonight I have captured your interest and by the end of the night you will be dying for more. Welcome to Eric Bischoff's Monday Night Chaos!

    Commentator 2 : That's one hell of an opening battle cry from Eric Bischoff. He's like the William Wallace of Professional Wrestling. He's our Braveheart minus the awful Scottish garbage.

    Bischoff : I’ll step aside for now and go back behind the scenes and I’ll let our first match begin. Oh and I hope you like surprises.

    Eric exits the ring and makes his way to the back and the fans await the participants of tonight's first match. His music cuts and this video plays on the titantron:

    Commentator 1 : That's Zeb Colter! What's this scoundrel doing here in Beyond Chaos.

    Commentator 2 : Well hot dog, Zeb is here. I love this guy, he's a national treasure. I hope he's out here to replace you.

    Villainous manager Zeb Colter steps out to the stage and he has a microphone.

    Zeb Colter: Howdy folks. I pride myself on associating with the finest of red blooded american talent in this industry today and I'm here in Beyond Chaos Wrestling to lend my managerial expertise to two of the honest, hard working patriots to ever step inside the squared circle. Allow me to introduce to you my newest associates, they are your current Beyond Chaos Tag Team champions, The Von Erich Brothers!

    Kevin and David Von Erich stroll out with the tag team belts around their waist and happily shake the hand of Zeb Colter. They head to the ring together for their up-coming match.

    Commentator 1 : What? What the hell?! Why are two great stand up guys like David and Mike Von Erich aligning themselves with a low life like Zeb Colter?

    Commentator 2 : Because they want to become the greatest tag team in wrestling history you idiot. Zeb is a masterful manager, he can be the X factor the Von Erichs need and he can bring the these two southern schmucks and make them superstars.

    Tag Team Match

    The Von Erichs vs The Northsiders (Donnie Kearney and Bo Montt) (local workers)


    Its a quick match as the Tag Champions use a vast array of power moves to make quick work of the local workers and they finish them off with double pop-up powerbomb for the 3 count.

    Winners : The Von Erich Brothers

    Zeb enters the ring and the 3 celebrate as the fans don't know what to make of the fan favourite Von Erich Brothers aligning with the usually devious Zeb Colter.

    Commentator 2 :The Tag Team champs look even more impressive with Zeb by their side. Zeb has already done wonders?

    Commentator 1 : He didn't do anything there, David and Kevin did it all. I’m still puzzled at this alliance, I wonder what their brother Kerry Von Erich thinks of their new business partner?

    Commentator 2 : That bozo wouldn't know a good idea if it hit him in the face. Thankfully his brothers are getting some common sense. Teaming with Zeb Colter is just a no-brainer!

    Backstage Segment :

    We switch backstage and we see a Beyond Chaos reporter ready to speak with Becky Lynch who is flanked by her mentor Sara Del Rey. He asks her about her chances later tonight against 3 of the world's best wrestlers, but before she can reply, Del Rey cuts over her.

    Sara Del Rey : My girl Becky is the best wrestler in the world and she is in the best condition of her life. I've personally trained her for months in preparation for this night and my protégé will walk out of this building your new Women's Champion.

    Becky seems a bit put out by Del Rey's behaviour but she remains focused as they head to the ring.

    Backstage segment :

    Commentator 1 : We can now go to 5 of the six Elimination Chamber competitors and get their thoughts on the main event.


    We first go to Ric Flair and he's in his usual rambunctious manner. He gets asked about his chances tonight and he responds that he will always find a way to win and tonight will be no different.

    Commentator 2 : Flair always finds a way to sneak a win, he's my pick to win.

    We then change to Prince Pretty Tyler Breeze. Tyler talks about sharing his beauty with the fans of Beyond Chaos. Breeze keeps checking his hair the whole time as he tells the interviewer that tonight he will complete his gorgeous look by placing the Heavyweight Championship around his beautiful waist.

    Commentator 2 : He may think he's got a million dollar look, but he's got a 10 cent brain. An what's with his outfit? He looks like a cross between Rod Hudds Emu and Lady Gaga. This guy won’t stand a chance

    We then switch to Cesaro who is in no mood for niceties. The Swiss Superman appears to be more focused than ever as he claims he will be overlooked no more and declares that everyone will know his name by the end of the night.

    Commentator 2 : Cesaro ain't got it in him, always the bridesmaid never the bride.

    We next go to Ethan Carter III and he's as over-confident and as condescending as ever. He says nothing will stop him reaching his destiny and it's only a matter of time before he's crowned Beyond Chaos Heavyweight Champion.

    Commentator 2 : He's the kind of guy I can get behind. Scrap Flair, he's my pick.

    Finally we come to Intercontinental Champion, Kerry Von Erich and he's full of confidence and determination. But as Kerry continues, we can hear a commotion in the background. We can hear Kerry being summoned by someone off camera to come quick. Kerry dashes off and the camera turns to see that it's Zeb Colter. Kerry follows Zeb until we see Kerry Von Erich standing over his two brothers Kevin and David lying in a heap. Kerry checks on his brothers who have blood covering both their bodies. Kerry yells for a medic and as Zeb questions who did this. David is dazed but he manages to say that they were jumped by 3 guys. Kerry is visibly angry as he tends to his brothers.

    Commentator 1 : Why were the Von Erich brothers targeted? Who could of done this to the tag team champions?

    Zeb then finds a playing card with a picture on the back

    Commentator 2 : That's the... .. It can't be.... That's The 4 Horsemen logo. What the hell?!

    Kerry grabs the card from Zeb and examines it before crumpling it up while saying the name ......"Flair!"

    Commentator 1: The Horsemen is Flairs old crew. Kerry thinks Flair's behind this. Is Flair back to his old tricks?

    Commentator 2 : Well the evidence seems quite clear. Ric did say he always finds a way to win, and by the looks of things he targeted Kerrys brothers in order to get to him. He's sending a message to his old enemy. Rics my pick again.

    *** Commercial break ***

    We are back and we see Kerry Von Erich and Zeb Colter watching as Kevin and Mike are stretchered into an ambulance. Kerry vows revenge as the ambulance drives off and Zeb reminds him to focus on his match tonight.

    Kerry Von Erich : Listen bub, you may be their new manager but your not mine and I have my reservations about you. Don’t worry about me, I can handle myself. I'm off to find that Bastard Flair!

    Kerry walks off like a man possessed as Zeb looks on worried.

    Womens Championship Match - Fatal Four Way

    The place is buzzing as Bayley's music hits and the starry eyed fan favourite makes her way out, tagging as many hands of young fans as she can on her way down the aisle. Emma is next out and her attitude is much more menacing than Bayley's demeanour as she steps between the ropes and glares at Beyond chaos’s resident hugger.

    Commentator 1: I remember a time when Emma was just as much fun as Bayley.

    Commentator 2 : I remember a time you had all your hair,but things change. And in Emma’s case for the better.

    Becky Lynch and her mentor Sara Del Rey are out next and Del Rey is motivating her as she makes her way down the ramp. Becky looks determined as the music of Sasha Banks erupts out of the PA system and the Beyond Chaos Women's Champion appears, flanked by her security entourage as she makes her way down the aisle.


    Commentator 1 : This is surely Sasha's biggest test to date. Facing one of these challengers is a tough ask, but all 3 in a fatal four way is a hard task.

    Sasha Banks © vs Bayley vs Becky Lynch w/Sara Del Rey vs Emma

    This is a highly anticipated match and all four women stare each other down prior to the bell ringing. The crowd are heavily into the match with all 4 women highly thought of by the fans due to their wrestling ability. All four women have their dominant spells throughout their match, with Becky's mentor Del Rey being very vocal in her support for her student.

    Commentator 1 : Becky is a top contender, and under Sara Del Rey's guidance she can be unstoppable.

    Commentator 2 : Becky's got an unfair advantage. That meddler Del Rey is trying to live through Becky to make up for her own failed dreams of glory. Like one of those awful pushy pageant mothers.

    The match goes on for roughly 20 minutes with some great sequences, with one highlight being Bayley trying to entice Emma to do her old trademark dance only to temporarily dance before suckering Emma with a massive clothesline, while another highlight is Emma, Sasha and Becky all trading submission attempts, with Bayley finishing the sequence with a crowd pleasing homage to hometown hero Ric Flair, with applying a figure four to Becky.

    Commentator 1 : These women are proving that they are just as good as the men…. if not better.

    Commentator 2 : I say we should use the same philosophy when it comes to this commentary booth, because anyone has to be an improvement over you. Its not personal though, its just all about equality.

    The finish comes from an exchange with Becky and Bayley inside the ring while Emma and Sasha recover on the outside. Becky is in control of Bayley and is looking to finish her with a Bexploder suplex off the ropes, when Emma pulls Bayley to the outside by her legs after Becky whips her into the ropes. Emma takes it to Bayley on the outside, and while Becky is distracted by this, it allows Sasha Banks to sneak in and attack her from behind, delivering a nasty back cracker followed up by her Bank's Statement submission.

    Commentator 1 : Banks, ever the opportunist. Can Becky get to the ropes?

    Becky tries to hold on and she struggles with all of her heart to get to the ropes, but eventually she succumbs to the devastating submission move and Sasha retains.

    Winner and still Women's Champion : Sasha Banks

    Sasha is given her belt and declares that she is still “The Boss”.

    Commentator 1 : Sasha looks as dominant as ever, she once again overcomes a tough challenge.

    Sasha yells out "No one can touch me” and talks more trash to the crowd as she exits. The crowd is divided on Sasha as Bayley and Emma lick their wounds on the outside while Sara Del Rey checks on Becky inside the ring. Becky gets up and Del Rey consoles Becky and reassures Lynch that she is proud of her as the commentators put over the match we just saw.

    We switch Backstage and we see Kerry Von Erich and he's looking for Ric Flair in a hostile mood. Suddenly though from behind, 3 masked men all dressed in black jump Kerry and beat the living snot out of him. The men beat Von Erich down and then drive him shoulder first into a concrete wall. Kerry falls to the floor in agony as the 4 masked men do the Horsemen salute and drop another playing card on the body of the IC champion.

    Commentator 1 : That can't be the Horsemen, can it?

    Commentator 2 : I don't know but whoever these men are they just laid waste to Kerry Von Erich and his brothers.

    Kerry is left clutching his shoulder on the concrete floor as we cut to a commercial.

    We are back and the commentators are still talking about the heinous attack on Intercontinental Champion Kerry Von Erich as Rick “The Model” Martel struts out for his match and he's followed by his reluctant personal assistant Tito Santana.


    Commentator 1 : For those wondering at home, 3 weeks ago Tito Santana lost to Rick Martel with the stipulation stating that the loser of said match becomes the Personal Assistant to the winner.

    Commentator 2 : It doesn't get any better than this for The Model. You know he's used to this kind of service in Milan and Paris.

    Tito is dressed in a Butler's uniform and looks ridiculous in the process. Martel stops at the top of the ramp and removes his jacket, and he gives Tito orders to oil him up. Santana hesitantly obliges as he un-enthusiastically oils up his new master Martel as they slowly walks to the ring. Martel keeps calling Tito “El Slave-o” as he yells at Santana to shine his boots as he reaches the ring steps.Tito once again hesitatingly obeys, and then he opens the ropes for Martel as his master orders.

    Commentator 1 : This is just demeaning.

    Commentator 2 : It’s not, if he was being demeaning he’d get Tito to do commentary with you. Now that's a demeaning job….. Do you think my loafers are clean, maybe I can ask Martel to borrow his assistant.

    Match - Rick “The Model” Martel versus Art Taine (local worker)

    Martel goes through the motions fairly easy in this match and never loses control. Throughout the match, Martel demands fresh water from his slave Santana and spits it back in Tito's face as it's not chilled to his liking. Martel finishes the match off with his signature Boston Crab for the win.

    Winner : Rick “The Model” Martel

    After the match Martel demands that Santana dries him down and he berates him for his lack of care as Tito tries to do his task. Martel then orders Tito to lay the boots in to his fallen jober opponent. Tito looks extremely unwilling to do what his asked of him but Martel reminds him of his place and says he will be fired from the company if he is disobedient.

    Commentator 1 : This is just wrong, what kind of man is Martel?

    Commentator 2 : Tito really puts the ass into assistant. Get it... ass-istant.

    Commentator 1 : Oh Brother!

    The crowd chant “No,No,No!” but it's to no avail as Santana eventually does what he's told and delivers post match beat down to Marte'ls opponent. The Model laughs hysterically as Santana boots the helpless Sanders. Martel then exits and he summons a forlorn Santana to leave with him. Martel can be heard barking orders at his personal assistant Tito as they go up the ramp.

    Rick Martel : “Remember I own you chico! The poor house awaits for Familia Santana if you test my patience. Now, I want a high protein smoothie shake with 1 avocado, strawberries, wheatgrass and soybeans with 2, not 3, cubes of ice and the ice better be made of Evian elite glacier water... and it better be served at 34 degrees fahrenheit or so help you El Slave-o. I’ll make you wear the smoothie if it's not to my exact liking ”

    Tito looks fed up as we cut backstage

    The camera is backstage and we see that Kerry Von Erich is being helped into the medics room while clutching his shoulder and limping badly. Zeb Colter rushes in but Kerry wants nothing to do with him. The doctor tells Kerry that he can't compete with his shoulder tonight and that he needs to go to the hospital. Kerry says he's wrestling anyway and he declares that he's going to beat the life out of Ric Flair. Zeb says he has Kerry and all the Von Erich boy's best interests at heart and he pleads with Kerry to sit out the Chamber match for his own good. Kerry then struggles to his feet and says he's competing in the match and hobbles out much to the horror of Zeb and the doctor.

    Commentator 1 : I’m not Zeb's biggest fan but I have to admit, I agree with him on this one.

    We then switch to Ric Flair and he's in the gorilla position when a reporter questions him about The Horsemen and the attack on The Von Erichs. Flair looks puzzled and responds that he has nothing to do with the attack. Flair ends the interview by saying he's got a match to concentrate on.

    The Elimination Chamber


    The lights begin to flicker and dim as the Chamber is lowered from the ceiling and the ring crew begin securing the structure to the ring as a hype video plays.


    The ring announcer explains the rules (usual Chamber rules) to the crowd and the camera shows the time keeper who's holding the vacant Beyond Chaos Title. The Ring Announcer introduces the first 4 entrants and its Cesaro (who gets great pop from the crowd) , followed by Tyler Breeze and finally the place erupts when hometown hero, Ric Flair struts out to his space odyssey theme, and he looks a tad emotional by the fantastic welcome from the Charlotte crowd.

    Commentator 1 : These fans truly appreciate The Nature Boy.

    Commentator 2 : They only thing these fans appreciate is an all you can eat buffet. It's a cattle mart in here.

    The music of Kerry Von Erich theme hits but there is no sign of the Intercontinental Champion at first but he limps out holding his shoulder which is now heavily bandaged. Kerry makes it a few paces before collapsing on the entrance ramp. The backstage officials rush out as well as referees and escort him to the back.

    Commentator 1 : Kerry is sadly in no condition to compete. Whoever attacked him certainly did a number on him.

    Commentator 2 : His barber did a number on him too by the looks of things. Mullets aren't in style anymore Kerry.

    Entrant #1 – EC3 - Ethan Carter III

    (starting the match

    Fireworks go off as Ethan Carter strolls out and poses on the ramp as the commentators talk up EC3 as a top contender for the title. They remind us that EC3 will be starting off the match and as EC3 steps into the Chamber, he demands a mic.

    Ethan Carter : Tonight my journey to the top comes to its climax as I become the new Heavyweight Champion of Beyond Chaos and I will prove I am the best in the world by starting from the beginning of this match and I will eliminate everyman one (Points at Flair) one (Points at Breeze) one (Points at Cesaro) until I am the last man standing and the champion you people deserve.

    The fans chant ‘you suck’ at EC3 as he continues.

    Ethan Carter : So who ever is this surprise entrant, they better come down and prepare to be the first in my long line of victims.

    EC3 drops the mic and he gets prepared as the ring announcer announces entrant number 6, but stops short before announcing the name and the arena gets engulfed in darkness. The fans are literally in the dark at who the final competitor is when a music video begins to play throughout the arena and the name of the final entrant is spelt out on the titantron....


    Entrant #2 – Shinsuke Nakamura

    (starting the match)

    The arena erupts when they realise The King of Strong Style, Shinsuke Nakamura is entrant number 6. The spotlight hits the stage and out struts the charismatic Japanese star to his signature tune wearing a cool red leather jacket. EC3 looks stunned in the ring but his shock quickly turns to anger as Nakamura cockily steps into the The Chamber.

    Commentator 1: Shinsuke Nakamura, what a surprise! What a coup for Eric Bischoff and Beyond Chaos. This is must see TV. He's one of the top stars in the world today.

    Commentator 2 : That's no way to introduce this guy!

    Commentator 1 : How would you do it?

    Commentator 2 : “Ladies and gentlemen, taking another job away from a hard working American, the man with little or no English, Ching Chong Ching. And look at this guy, he's dressed like Eddie Murphy in his delirious show.

    Commentator 1 : Gimme a break.

    The music cuts and Nakamura stands on the opposite side to an irate EC3. Carter gets all up in Nakamuras face and but the Japanese star simply smirks. EC3 sarcastically waves bye bye at Nakamuras direction as the Chamber is locked. The bell rings and Carter rushes at Nakamura, but Shinsuke ducks and follows up with a hard elbow to the face to EC3. Carter is stunned and holds his face as Nakamaura begins a flurry of devastating kicks to the body of Carter and finishes it off with a vicious roundhouse to the head which drops Carter to his knees.

    Commentator 1 : : EC3 is in a world of hurt right now.

    Commentator 2 : He caught Carter off guard with a lucky shot. Big Deal!

    With Carter down, Nakamura walks back to the corner as he and the crowd gear up for his next attack in the corner. Carter struggles to his feet but he's too dazed to see Nakamura rushing towards him……. BOMA-YE knee strike to EC3! Nakamura with the cover 1….2…...3

    Eliminated : Ethan Carter III

    Carter is out cold and the Chamber is unlocked so referees can tend to him. They carry a lifeless EC3 out of The Chamber and relock it as Nakamura soaks in the cheers from the fans.

    Commentator 1: : Wow! EC3 is out already, what a shock! What was that 90, 95 seconds?

    EC3 recovers on the outside and he's stunned at his early elimination. He picks himself off and out of anger he goes to re-enter but is locked out. Nakamura returns the sarcastic wave from earlier and EC3 is seeing red as he is ushered by the referees to the back. Nakamura does his best Shawn Michael's impression as he lies nonchalantly on the top rope as the clock counts down for entrant number 3.....

    Entrant #3 – Ric Flair


    The arena in Charlotte erupts as Ric Flair's pod opens. Flair steps into the ring and he looks at Nakamura and lets out a big “Woooo” and the hometown crowd follows suit. Nakamura smiles and “woooos” right back at Flair. Flair is not one to be out-woo’d and yells out another huge woo and once again Nakamura gets in Ric's face and returns with a woo of his own. The fans eat it up.

    Commentator 1 : It's a Wooo-off ladies and gents.

    Flair smiles and goes for another ‘woo’ once more but this time he delivers a loud chop to the bare chest of Nakamura instead. Nakamura clutches his chest and retreats to the corner as Flair gears up for another chop. Nakamura sees it coming and throws Flair into the corner and delivers a chop of his own. Nakamura doesn’t stop there and he chops Flair a few more times and the fans “woo” and then “boo” after each one since Flair is the hometown favourite.

    Commentator 2 : Would ya look at the chest of Flair, it has been chopped raw!

    Nakamura then hits a flurry of quick chops to Flair and Ric does his signature Flair flop when Nakamura relents.

    Commentator 1: Nakamura is so impressive. He's proving anything he can do in Japan he can do here in The States. He doesn't look nervous in the least.

    Commentator 2 : I'm surprised. I'd be real nervous if I snuck into the country like him. He probably snuck into the arena too.

    Nakamura drags Flair to his feet but Flair turns the tide with a sly eye poke and he tosses Nakamura over the top rope and on to the hard steel below.

    Nakamura rolls in agony on the unforgiving steel floor and he is met with boots from The Nature Boy. Flair then drags Nakamura up and grates his face along the cage of the steel structure. Nakamura begins to bleed from his forehead and Flair tosses him into the ring as the clock winds down for entrant number 4.

    Entrant #4 – Cesaro

    Its a mixed reaction for Cesaro as even though he's a firm fan favourite, he’s currently in Flair county. The Swiss Superman enters and clotheslines Flair immediately. Nakamura is back to his feet but he's quickly knocked down by an uppercut from Cesaro.

    Commentator 1 : Cesaro is looking focused tonight.

    Commentator 2 : Someone probably told him the loser spends a night with your wife.That's motivation right there.

    Flair and Nakamura gets knocked down by Cesaro twice more before Cesaro shows his power by delivering a high back body drop to Nakamura and an impressive german suplex to Flair.

    Commentator 1 : Cesaro is tossing these men around like rag dolls!

    Commentator 2 : It would impress me more if he would lift one of these overweight fans in the air. Now that would be something.

    Cesaro stands over both men as the countdown for entrant number 5 comes to an end.

    Entrant #5 –Tyler Breeze

    The buzzer sounds and Breeze's pod is unlocked and Cesaro is anticipating his arrival. Breeze however, refuses to leave the pod, claiming his hair out of place and therefore isn't ready. Cesaro investigates the pod and tries to open it but Breeze is holding it shut, as he casually tells Cesaro “I'm not ready, don’t rush a star”. Cesaro has had enough and punches through the plexi-glass pod much to the gasps of fans. He reaches in and grabs a cowering Breeze by the hair and tosses him out.

    Commentator 2 : Cesaro is so angry he wants to make Breeze bald too. (turning to his co-commentator) Did he do that to you too, is that the reason your head resembles a cueball?

    Breeze is visibly upset, trying to maintain his hairstyle and is screaming “not the face, not the face” as he scampers into the ring in retreat. As Cesaro enters after him, Breeze is on the offensive and strikes with a jaw shattering Super-model kick which drops Cesaro to one knee. Breeze then signals for his Beauty Shot spin kick and bounces off the rope but Cesaro counters by catching Breeze mid air. Breeze struggles but Cesaro amazingly pushes him up into the air and delivers a vicious European Uppercut.


    Commentator 1 : Oh Lord, this doesn't look good for Prince Pretty.

    Commentator 2 : Neither does that attire he's wearing, it hurts my eyes.

    Breeze is on dream street as Cesaro picks him up from the mat and delivers his Neutraliser finisher to Breeze. 1...2….3

    Eliminated : Tyler Breeze

    Breeze is helped to the outside as the final buzzer sounds to signal entrant number 6, Kerry Von Erich who sadly could not compete.

    Entrant #6 : Kerry Von Erich - No appearance

    Commentator 1 : We are getting word that Kerry Von Erich has been taken to a local medical facility by Zeb Colter, and early reports suggest a badly dislocated shoulder. We are now down to 3, Nakamura, Cesaro and Flair.

    Commentator 2 : Well we know he won't be brain damaged. You cant damage what you don't have, Am I right?

    As Cesaro watches Tyler Breeze exit, Flair crawls up the behind him and goes for a roll up...1...2….oooh kick out by Cesaro. Flair gets up, staggers into the centre of the ring and he’s nailed unexpectedly by a devastating Boma-ye Running Knee strike from Nakamura.


    Commentator 1 : Thats gotta Hurt Flair.

    Commentator 2 : It probably didn't hurt him as much as his latest divorce.

    Nakamura gets up but he is met by the hands of Cesaro, who bounces him off the ropes and on the return hits a vicious pop-up European Uppercut. Cesaro looks at the two fallen opponents and adjusts his neck to signal his finisher, The Neutraliser. Cesaro drags up Flair and then hoists him up and as he does, Nakamura rises to his feet and kicks Cesaro square in the face. Cesaro drops Flair and as he looks up he sees Nakamura charging at him. Nakamura leaps to connect with another Boma-ye but Cesaro amazingly catches Nakamura in midair by the legs and proceeds to initiate his Giant Swing!.

    Commentator 1 : Wow, what awareness and strength by The Swiss Superman Cesaro.

    Commentator 2 : He's like your wife when she smells food from 500 feet.

    Cesaro rotates the swing 10 times with the crowd counting along in unison before dropping Nakamura into a Sharpshooter.

    Commentator 1 : Will Nakamura tap?

    Flair gets up as Cesaro locks in the Sharpshooter and he intelligently adds more pressure to Nakamura by applying a camel clutch simultaneously.

    Commentator 1 :Nakamura is being bent in half by Cesaro and Flair.

    Commentator 2 : They are going to snap him in a half like a cheap chopstick.

    Shinsuke tries to hold on but eventually he gives in to the excruciating double team submission and taps out.

    Eliminated - Shinsuke Nakamura

    Nakamura clutches his back and is helped out by officials as Flair and Cesaro crawl into opposites sides of the ring. Both men get to their feet and trade lefts and rights in the middle of the ring, with Flair being the obvious fan favourite with his hometown crowd. Flair ducks one of Cesaro’s heavy rights and whips his legs from under him and signals for a figure four and applies it quickly. Cesaro is in immense pain as Flair and the Charlotte crowd ‘wooo’ in unison as Flair applies pressure to the Swiss Superman's leg.

    Commentator 1 : Will Cesaro tap?

    The pain is written across Cesaro's face but he's not done yet as he powerfully rolls both he and Flair over, reversing the move. Flair is in a world of hurt.

    Commentator 1 : Now Flair is in trouble, will he tap out in front of his own town to his own move, you can't write this stuff.

    Ric reverses the hold once more and both men hit the ropes and the ref orders to break the hold. Both men are down and hurt and crawl to opposite corners, but suddenly......


    Commentator 2 :Look at the image on the titantron..... I’d know that music anywhere, that’s The Horsemen's music. What the hell is going on?! It's Flair's buddys.

    The 4 Horsemen's theme plays and suddenly the lights go out in the arena. After about 30 seconds the lights come back on and both Flair and Cesaro are still hurt in opposite corners, however the Chamber door is now wide open and 3 masked men stand in the center of the ring.

    Commentator 1 :