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The D'Alembert Way... 4 years later



  • Bet #16 (Level 3=300 Pln):

    Football, Czech League
    (In Play, over 0.5 goals 1st half) Dukla Praha vs FC Zlin

    Hosts are pushing hard and they aften score in 1st half, hoping for a goal before HT.

    Odds: [email protected] 188Bet

  • Bet #16 is a loser again, as Dukla and Zlin finished 1st half 0:0 :mad:

    New Bank=3405 PLN (+405 PLN, 9W-7L)

  • Bet #17 (Level 4=400 Pln):

    Football, Croatian League
    (In Play, over 2.0 goals) Zplit vs Dinamo Zagreb
    Basketball, Euroleague
    Fenerbahce vs Real Madrid (+6.5 pts)

    Odds: [email protected] bet365

  • Bet #17 is a loser as well, both parts of double failed :mad::mad::mad:

    New Bank=3005 PLN (+5 PLN, 9W-8L)

  • Bet #18 (Level 5=500 Pln)

    Took Mensur Suljovic (under 1.5 180's) against Dave Chisnall in Darts European Championship. Later will combine it with something else for a double with odds higher than 2.00.

    Odds=1.72 @bet365.

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  • Bet #18 is a loser once again :mad:

    That's all for today, have already plans for tomorrow's bet. 3 more losing bets and I am out...

    New Bank=2505 PLN (-495 PLN, 9W-9L)

  • Bet #19 (Level 6=500 Pln, odds at least 2.25)

    Football, Premier League
    (In Play) Watford vs West Ham (+3.5 corners)

    West Ham usually has plenty of corners and so far Watford leads 5:0. Watford just scored, I expect them now to defend much deeper.

    Odds=2.40 @bet365.

  • Bet #19 is... a losing one of course :mad:

    West Ham didn't have a match with less than 4 corners this season, so of course they've lost corner battle 2:7.

    New Bank=2005 PLN (-995 PLN, 9W-10L)

  • I was absent last two months because of some personal stuff, but since I've did it with real money and I don't like things with loose ends I want to inform that 4 years later this log also proved to be a losing one.

    Dont remember specifics, but I lost on corners over in Villarreal match and FT result in handball. Oh well.

    I still had 1005 PLN left in the bank, but rule was no more than 8 losses in a row... which is shocking enough.

    I plan to resurrect my other log here sooner than later, so see you soon.