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Strings introduction to macroeconomics



  • Doh, just dawned on me I was counting the Dolphins as a win here but didn't put them in the post with my picks, feck it anyway. In that case I'm hoping for the Cardinals to cover tonight to show a bit of profit for the log! 2 up and 2 down so far

    "People say ‘go with the flow’ but do you know what goes with the flow? Dead fish."

  • My picks

    Titans +6

    Line is a little too big for me, if it were 3 I'd be on the other side

    Panthers -3

    Panthers are a good football team, Newton is playing great and though the Eagles D at least looked good the other night it is never easy playing consecutive road games, and especially not when the second is at the home of a very good football team

    I'm taking the Cardinals -8 though its slightly on the high side for me

    I fancy them to bounce back strong this week and that Ravens secondary could be badly exposed by Palmer

    Chargers -3.5

    Ok, they can't stop the run, but Rivers is on fire and though the Raiders will be well rested I just back Rivers to get it done at home

    Colts -4.5

    The Saints still suck balls for my money and even though I took them to beat the Falcons at home (they always do!) I think a healthier Luck may have a big day tomorrow. Course its the Colts and they often **** me over so..................

    I am still weighing up whether to have a bet on the Pats/Jets contest. Game of the week for me obviously as a Pats fan and the crucial match up for me is whether the Pats can find a way to contain Marshall.

    I find it hard to go against the Pats, particularly at home against the Jets but they do have a good chance of keeping it close I think.

    5pt singles on all the above and am weighing up a double of the Chargers and Panthers.

    Titans +4.76
    Panthers +4.55
    Cards +0
    Chargers -5
    Colts -5

    "People say ‘go with the flow’ but do you know what goes with the flow? Dead fish."

  • I've stuck a 5 pt bet on United in running @2/1

    "People say ‘go with the flow’ but do you know what goes with the flow? Dead fish."