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The return of the season long €20k challenge



  • There's actually no tie breaker if they finish on equal goals, it would be a dead heat, and the stake would be halved so I'd win €5k instead of €10k.

    After last night's games, the four doubles in with a chance have now been reduced to one after Exeter lost at home to Mansfield and Wimbledon won away to Dagenham. The gap is too big now, but I have to give Exeter credit for going on a 10 game unbeaten run. They came back from 2-0 down last night, but then conceded a third almost straight away, which must have hurt.

    Anyway, it's not all bad news as Plymouth won again last night to make it extremely tight at the top. It's looking like Accrington will take second, as Oxford now are not in great form and are only ahead of Plymouth on goal difference.

    On paper I think Plymouth and Accrington have the easiest run ins.

    No goals for Grigg or Ajose last night, but Ajose had a few chances to score while Grigg had a fairly quiet night. 3 games to go. One goal in it. Billy Sharp is still hanging around like a bad smell and is only 2 goals behind now.

    Nervous couple of weeks left for this bet!

  • According to flashscores Griggs 2 behind ajose their hardly wrong are they?

  • Unfortunately Flashscores are wrong. He is only one behind... I'm very worried about their game v Blackpool!

  • After a really nice day on a personal and work related basis, I'm looking forward to tomorrow's games hoping that good things come in threes.

    A goal or two for Ajose, plus a win for Plymouth would go down very well. I'm feeling good about tomorrow so here's hoping.

    Just enough time for a quick update of the odds:

    Burnely Top 6 finish -> WIN
    Dundee Utd to finish bottom -> 1.03
    Ajose top scorer -> 2.0
    Plymouth promotion -> 1.73

    Total odds -> 3.56

    Odds are now at their lowest point all season for any bet. Hopefully the trend will continue down to 1.0

  • Best of luck, il be watching closely.

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  • Grigg scores and Plymouth 2-0 down :(

  • Horrible, horrible start to the day yeah, as Grigg has scored two...

  • And plymouth 3-0 down :( dream looks over

  • and now Plymouth 3 down at home to bottom of the league! Bet falling apart :(

  • Grigg has just had a third goal ruled out for offside. Currently need Ajose to score two unanswered and Plymouth to win the playoffs to end up with a winning bet. Looking seriously unlikely.

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  • Very bad day with Grigg scoring two and Plymouth now with no chance of automatic promotion. Serious long shot now, as it started.

    Swindon play Rochdale and Shrewsbury in their last two games. Wigan play Blackpool and Barnsley.

  • I'm ready for today's games with very low expectations. That's the beauty of these bets. No major highs or lows, more of a slow burn, which is particularly important for gamblers who are haunted by the dreaded need to chase losing bets. I've fallen into that trap many times in the past and these types of bets are my solution. They may all lose, but they defo serve a purpose (entertainment value plus no chasing = win for me).

    That said, come on Nicky Ajose and bag a brace today! :D

  • 85th minute goal for Will Grigg :(

  • 2 goals for Ajose today to Griggs 1, One behind with 30 mins left come on Nicky!!!

  • Well today is the last day of the L1 season and Ajose started two behind Grigg. I came home with 15 mins gone and Grigg had scored AGAIN to go three clear. That meant Ajose needed to score a hat trick to even have a chance of equally Grigg. Well after 53 mins, he has two! Can he get a third!?

  • Well that's the end of that. Great value for money with a few bets this year, but at the end of the day none of the longshots came home!

    Ajose gave me some hope, especially when I heard Swindon got a late third but 9 goals in the last 8 games for Will Grigg means Ajose finises one goal behind.

    Thanks for all the support through the year lads.

    I will be back very soon with the Euros only around the corner...

  • Super Season Chompdown! Really enjoyed following you!

  • One thing thats softened the Ajose blow is the Will Grigg song thats gone viral :D

  • Just a quick post to put an end to the domestic season. I was very relieved to see Plymouth lose the playoff final yesterday, which meant that Will Grigg's unbelievable comeback had no effect on the end result of the bets.

    All in all a good season with all bets being losers but providing plenty of entertainment!

    Very much looking forward to the Euros although no value bets have been found so far.

  • I think shane long top irish goalscorer @ 7/2 is decent value.

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  • Not a lot of stand out value in the markets in the Euros but I've just placed a treble with my new bookmaker of choice Betfair Sportsbook. Coral were limiting some of the more obscure markets and Betfair seem pretty generous with their winning limits.

    Anyway, here are the selections:

    Lewandowski top scorer Euro 2016 @ 17.0
    Argentina Copa America winners @ 2.3
    Jorge Lorenzo Moto GP 2016 Winner @ 1.9

    Total odds: 74.29
    Stake: Eur 100
    Potential winnings: Eur 7,429

    I'll probably add another bet if there's some value after the first few games.