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  • 1x or 2x daily A320s would do it in the meantime, Regional and Emerald routes won't be actually flying for some time - likely not 2022 - so its a big gap without a very well used serviced.

    And I don't see the fuss about Cork for transatlantic. Shannon and preclearance is the way to go there, plus there are no runway issues. Cork doesn't REALLY need it.

  • The calls for transatlantic will drop greatly when the M20 is complete.

    Shannon Airport is 128km from me vs 270km for Dublin yet the journeys are both unattractive. It should be a no brainer.

  • If Cork gets a few flights a week to New York and Boston which prove to be popular, I would imagine a pre-clearance facility will be built fairly sharpish.

    As for the runway, it's becoming less of an issue all time with airlines now using smaller more fuel efficient aircraft like the A321 neo and the 737 max.

  • Frequency to the US out of Shannon is awful and getting worse. There are also very few options like the aircoach to Shannon. Even with the M20; the lack of frequency, lack of options with bus and distance will mean that Dublin and London will still be the two big routes to the US from Cork.

    A lot of US multinationals in Cork have cut business travel to zero and plan to keep it extremely low in the medium term. That kills a lot of the potential viability on routes to the US. On top of that Aerlingus are pivoting to large regional UK cities, they were the great hope for Cork transatlantic. Depite the airport talking about transatlantic for decades they have never even hinted at looking for funding to extend the runway to really make it viable.

    I honestly think the ship has sailed, at least in the medium term. We may get a Norwegian like carrier back but they won't last.

    I have read both on ppruune and skyscraper city that an A220 may be a game changer for Cork. Looking at the Oddessy plans for long haul out of London City with the A220 (which has a runway 500m shorter than Cork), they may be right. Air Canada, Breeze (who fall into the Norwegian category), Jetblue and Delta stand out from the A200 orders list but I don't see a demand unless pre covid business travel is reached again, which may never happen.

  • One thing to note about London City is the clientele who will be flying that route, especially the block booking by companies. You’re talking about connecting the two biggest financial centres in the world so it would be very high yield.

    Not saying Cork is a backwater or anything but the prices airlines out of Cork would be able to charge may not make the route viable especially given the lower total seats on the A220 and the fixed overheads.

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  • Not sure if this is news but Aer Lingus will be flying to both Glasglow (four times a week) and Edinburgh (daily) from March 27th 2022. Munich returning for once a week (Saturday morning) on January 1st but only bookable at the moment until March 26th

  • Munich flight is likely just for the ski season if it's only bookable til March.

  • Most likely. It's a route that I think would do decent for longer as there are easy transport links there to the Austrian cities and even Prague if you're doing a multi city trip.

  • I saw this message too in the booking system but all of these routes will not be available. All of the routes you mention have been in the booking system for years now. Places like Düsseldorf and Newcastle were abandoned by Aer Lingus long before the pandemic yet remained on the booking system.

    in any case, the Aer Lingus Press release today stated that there were going to be seven routes from Cork in summer 2022:

    They will be announced in the next few weeks. If I had to guess, I’d say Malaga, Faro, Lanzarote will be there for sure. Not sure about the remaining four. I wouldn’t be surprised if EI abandoned Amsterdam now that KLM are up to twice a day. Paris won’t be coming back either. There is talk that there will only be two EI planes based at Cork.

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  • Actually, just checked the timetable on the EI website for next summer. The following destinations are coming up:

    Lanzarote, Malaga, Amsterdam, Dubrovnik, Faro.

    That is 5 so two more are to be announced. Perhaps Palma de Mallorca and Alicante?

  • 2022 timetable now showing Edinburgh daily, Glasgow 4pw and Bristol 5pw. Amsterdam 9 weekly. No Paris. Heathrow 4 daily.

    I’ve seen that about 2 planes and it’s baffling to me. Why is IAG’s most profitable airline downsizing for no apparent reason. New management which is perhaps and less knowledge of the Irish market (vs Walsh and Kavanagh/Doyle) is possible.

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  • Very poor return. I assume EI regional will be announced soon but Paris, Barcelona and Lisbon are all gone. Frequencies down on the routes kept too. No wonder the airport is only projecting 1.8 million pax next year

  • Bizarre. The world wants to fly again and every airline bar Aer Lingus seems to be embracing it. If the Cork operation pre Covid was profitable (which it must have been if they were running it) I can’t see why it wouldn’t be now.

  • No flights to France from EI :s

  • Ryanair to commence double daily Manchester from December 17th.

  • disappointing.

    it seems Ryanair will be making hay on a few of the routes without competition. Having Girona and Reus as options out of Cork on Ryanair may have put an end to EI to BCN.

    It looks like a few of the routes above will be year round. Lanza, Amsterdam, Malaga and Heathrow (still makes me laugh how they fanfare Heathrow)

  • Ryanair picking up what Aer Lingus didn't bother continuing with. Fair play to them. Aer Lingus have effectively forgotten about Cork. A number of sun routes doesn't cut it. No France? Disappointing.

  • I still think there are Aerlingus regional routes to come with Emerald. It seems Ryanair are more interested in muscling Emerald out of a few key UK routes than picking up on what EI dropped.

  • The Manchester flight isn't disappointing. I think that was Aer Lingus Regional's busiest flight and went 3 times a day. That had to be back as there's huge demand.

    And in fairness to Ryanair, they have started several brand new routes out of Cork in recent years. Aer Lingus have done sweet **** all. The same bog standard Spanish routes every summer.

    Cork needs a few more off peak city break routes like Berlin, Rome, Prague, Copenhagen.

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  • Still no news about Zadar via Lauda, which was supposed to start summer 2020, and Iberia Express who flew to Madrid. Not surprised to see Paris isn't coming back considering Air France and Veuling have it covered now. Shocked not to see Barcelona, but as someone else said, Girona and Reus might have that covered. Hoping the Frankfurt route goes well for Lufthansa and they consider adding Berlin in the future. Ryanair to Rome would be welcome too

  • I was booked on the first Aer Lingus Amsterdam flight on the 22nd of November, it was cancelled yesterday.

    Any idea if it's due to the runway or just a normal cancellation? I was able to get the KLM option the next day as they only gave me a ticket out of Dublin for the Monday morning.

  • Looking at the Aerlingus website it seems the Amsterdam service has been postponed to recommence to the 2nd of December to a 3 times weekly service.

    Heathrow is still showing as returning to normal on the 22nd so i'm not sure it's a runway issue

  • Lufthansa definitely won't add Berlin. They only fly to their hubs Frankfurt and Munich from there.

  • To elaborate on that, a few years ago, Lufthansa concentrated all their own-branded and Lufthansa Cityline/Regional operations on their Frankfurt and Munich hubs. So anytime you see a Lufthansa plane at, say BER or HAM, that's a flight going either to Frankfurt or Munich. The former Lufthansa bases at Germany's "regional" airports, and I use that term very loosely, were taken over by Germanwings and later Eurowings, who are both Lufthansa subsidiaries. So if we are to see any "Lufthansa" flights to Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart and the likes, they'll be coming in the guise of Eurowings.

    Good luck trying to figure me out. I haven't managed that myself yet!

  • The European city destinations that are not hubs seem to be tough going out of Cork. Budapest, Lisbon and the one Paris route that didn't have connections are all gone post covid. Cork is currently UK, bucket and spade and European hubs.

  • Budapest and Lisbon seemed busy (I've used both and flights were full) so disappointing not to see them come back. Both are great cities to visit.

    Hopefully others come in and give Aer Lingus a kicking here. There's going to be a demand for flights imo and going to Dublin for everything sucks.

  • SWISS Airlines flying from Cork to Geneva from December to March

  • Emerald Airlines to commence operations on March 27 2022 as Aer Lingus Regional according to CH Aviation

    Cork ops will be Edinburgh daily, 5 weekly to Bristol and 4 weekly to Glasgow.

    Quite a drop from the multiple daily flights to these destinations pre Covid

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  • With Ryanair covering Manchester and kind of covering Birmingham it seems there may actually be more capacity to the UK next year than in 2019? Downside is obviously reliance on Ryanair. Interesting EI are fighting Ryanair on the Scottish routes but not at all on the Northern English ones.

    One more airline to be announced for next year still. I assume its the Turkey route mentioned earlier.