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    Well its the 1st of December so its Santa Strike Force collection time!

    SSF is a collection drive on Boards where 100% of the money is spent on life improving items for kids charities. Its that simple. :)

    The further it spreads the more we can collect and the more we can help.

    Here's the Paypal link: [SSF]stuff[/SSF]
    The bank account details are here:

    Last year we raised a record amount and here is what we did with it. :)

    Don Bosco's House for street-kids in danger. We provided one of their houses with a communal PC and another with an Xbox. We're still working on a third for a garden conversion.

    Extern asked us for surf boards (yep!) and an Xbox and Nexus Tablet.

    Bumbleance! Love these guys... Tony is a work horse for them and asked us to fund two mobile Bumbleance-In-A-Suitcase for kids who have to travel by regular ambulance. (The Bumbleance has been a terrific success and is, unfortunately, now always booked up). In the mobile suitcases are things like iPads, DVD players and DVDs, music and headphones etc. We paid for them. See Tony's Response down below

    Oznam House Asked us for a fit out of musical equipment for a new music room they wanted to build. We supplied all the instruments for it!

    Coláiste Eoin is a special needs school in Crumlin and they wanted 4 interactive whiteboards to update their classes and to use the internet to make teaching more fun. These are expensive but in a year when we decided to pay bankers rather than Special Needs Assistants, we went with it :)
    I particularly like this pic:
    Check out their response below!

    Maria Goretti Foundation These were a late and surprise addition to the list but we had the extra cash and so when I got a tip off that they might be a suitable target, I rang them out of the blue and asked them what they wanted Santa to buy them. This was about May. :)
    They said they had wanted pedal powered racing karts but they were too expensive to justify on their meagre budget. The professional carers agreed that they would be great therapy... Perfect.... just our kinda thing.
    Read their feedback here...
    Reports are that the kids and parents have been having a ball with them!

    There are outstanding projects we have committed to like Liams Lodge (from the Bumbleance people!) and Don Boscos garden (awaiting planning permission and other resources).



  • I'll start the ball rolling by donating €30, really glad to see the great causes last year's donations helped.

  • I'll match LizT's €30, transaction number 10Y2745311164460M

  • €20.00 donated. (last few digits/numbers of PP transaction 4463E)

    If you want to add the siggie just add the below to your code.


  • Great work, great causes, I'm in :)

  • €20 donated :)


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  • Oh yeah, we funded a Barretstown photography studio for developing pictures too! (sometimes I forget things we do during the year :) )

  • 6C05884061693535S
    That should be it. I never used Paypal to actually send money to someone. It was fifty quid I sent.

    Edit: feck it. I have more than I thought. I put in an extra 80 just now.

  • I'm waiting for my online banking to show a code from paypal. It is sitting in pending transactions but only shows "PAYPAL" but not the four digit code I need to activate the card.

    I only have ten euro to spare, sorry if that seems like a small amount.

  • No amount is too small, whatever people can manage helps. Tough time of year for a lot of people so if you are able to spare and think it is worthy, please share.

  • I'll try sort out my paypal account now (never use it and its linked to an old ucd account I never use I think). If I can't, is there any other way of sorting a donation? Not that I'll be able to donate much!

    EDIT: Not having an AIB code card reader will cause me a headache for this, I will sort something if there is another non-Paypal way (although I think all online transactions will be a curse too). But if there is an easier way, I can head to a branch to sort it out.

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  • €30 in the pot, transaction ending in V286403U :)

    Cake, and grief counseling, will be available at the conclusion of the test

  • Hi all
    Tony Heffernan here from the BUMBLEance.

    Since the first day that BUMBLEance hit the road in September of 2013 we have been entertaining children on the BUMBLEance with your help.

    We have transported over 300 children in that time,many of them travelled more than once.

    We have transported almost 30 children on Angel Trips, a child's final journey on earth before they grow their Angel Wings. My son Liam had his own Angel Trip in May before he joined his sister Saoirse.

    As Devore stated we are so busy that we have to get a second BUMBLEance in the New year. We hope to raise the money to confirm the order for BUMBLEance2 between now and the end of the year.

    Our partnership with the SSF has been brilliant and we want you to continue with us in 2015.

    We help the sickest of Irish children from every county in Ireland on the BUMBLEance, let's double the impact together in 2015.

    Have a great Christmas, check out our website and you tube channel to see the work you support.

    Take care Tony

  • Well done to all, this is truly one of the great things Boardies do!

    €20 (maybe more later) contributed - ......NU9059059

    Santa Rules!

  • I have a job this year so I can give ye some dosh! \o/
    Will donate later when I get home!

  • €10 donated ref:5ER76423DC9547816


  • On behalf of the kids in Coláiste Eoin, Crumlin, I would like to say a huge thank you to Santa’s Strike Force for our Interactive Projectors.

    Unfortunately, because of cuts in funding and spending money on extravagant things like heating oil, toilet paper and books, we haven’t been able to afford luxury items over the last few years. There are so many deserving kids out there so I really didn’t expect anything when I contacted Devore with a wish list, but we were blown away when we were granted our top items.

    The whiteboard rooms are timetabled so that each class gets one or two interactive sessions a week and then on treat days we can get all the kids in together to watch a movie, instead of wheeling round “tellies on trollies” like we did before. Our 6th year boys organised FIFA tournaments all by themselves, which might not sound like much, but a lot of them have confidence and self-esteem issues and it was great to see them bonding and generally just having fun together without adults telling them what to do. The projectors are used every day by every student in the school for learning and also for fun and relaxation.

    Thank you so much to Devore for organising SSF and to everyone who contributes and gets the money out there to make life better for young people all over the country. You’re good people!

    Merry Christmas to you all.

  • €200

    Your transaction ID for this payment is: 5HK08166CR9776504.

    Tony.. Yourself and your wife Mary are absolutely inspirational people. Well done on the work you have done with Bumbleance :) I can't even imagine what the work you do means to the families that find themselves in the unfortunate position of using the bumbleance.

  • €30 in the pot, amazing work by all involved, fair play


  • On behalf of all of us at the Maria Goretti Foundation, especially the kids we would like to sincerely thank the Santa Strike Force for their generous gifts throughout the year. The Maria Goretti Foundation is a newly built eight bed respite centre for children with disabilities based in Lordship, Co Louth. We opened our doors officially with the kids having their very first sleep over on Thursday 18th September 2014. During the year we ran summer schools which give us a chance to get to know the kids and do needs assessments to ensure we were fully ready to give them the best possible care when on respite with us. The tricycles and go-karts donated by the Santa Strike Force really added to the kids experience with them spending endless hours going round obstacle courses in the beautiful sunshine. Their kindness didn’t stop there as we received a second parcel in September which included a WII, loads of games, an IPAD4 and an IPAD Mini. We are deeply indebted to the Santa Strike Force for making this happen and to think it all came from a very random phone call asking would we have a wish list of things we needed for the children and hey presto they appeared!! It was as simple as that!! Thanks to all involved and keep up the good work ;)

  • It may bankrupt me, but I'll match 10% of whatever that lunatic Beasty donates this festive season.

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  • €50 pledged.

    I'll get some spot prizes together if there's a boards Christmas beers this year again also.

  • 2 pages in and I'm a blubbering mess :) I love this thread every year.

    I'm not paid until next week so I'll be donating my bit from myself and the young buck then.

  • Lucyfur wrote: »
    2 pages in and I'm a blubbering mess :) I love this thread every year.

    I'm not paid until next week so I'll be donating my bit from myself and the young buck then.

    40 posts a page, fwiw, n00b :p

    I love this time of year and no donation is too small. Every cent of what is given is spent on the kids, no wages to be subsidised etc.

    You rock.

  • I'll donate as soon as I'm paid. I've tried to spread the word a bit also.

    Reading the posts from the places that received it is so touching

  • This is one of my favourite threads every year :)

    €50 donated, transaction ending 63154M

  • I'm in for €20 transaction ending 38812

    You know it's Christmas when SSF thread appears :)

  • Sorry I'm going to sound so stupid now.
    trying the link but nothing happening.
    is it because I'm on touch site?

  • Possibly... do you know, SSF actually predates Mobile so I think we've never really tried it from a mobile before :):)

    I'll check it out tomorrow when I get a chance.

  • deise08 wrote: »
    Sorry I'm going to sound so stupid now.
    trying the link but nothing happening.
    is it because I'm on touch site?

    It is, I had to change to the full site to see the link.

    €30 donated, transaction ending in 494892J. It's fantastic to see the different organisations that this supports.

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  • Done diddly done :-) EB644602U. is the end of the thingy...:-)

    Awh that made my morning now! :-)

    Will share :-)