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Why do teeth sometimes hurt or need root canal after a filling?



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    U2erthy wrote: »
    Try never getting a root canal it seldom works you will be in pain for rest of your life
    A lot of dentist do it as they get more money

    Interesting, what studies are you basing that on? I ask, because studies generally show success rates at circa 90 - 95%.

    And, given the length of clinical time required to do root canal and the cost of the single use endodontic files, Dentists would generally make more doing fillings/cleanings during that time.

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    I have had one root canal, can't remember exactly when (roughly early 80s) but I know it was before my daughter was born and she's 36, the dentist at the time told me it would be it would be very expensive, all of 17 old pounds! Luckily I found that dentist as the original one wanted to pull the tooth, one of my front teeth!

    Anyway tooth is still there and I've never had trouble since so I suppose it just depends but it's not always a disaster.

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    socopdo wrote: »
    At SOCO Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, our dentists specialize in comprehensive dental care for children, teens, and adults in South Orange County and give the best services of orthodontists, invisible aligners, and braces. Our Dental Home is a partnership between you, your child, your family, and our friendly staff. We’re committed to helping our patients create a healthy and beautiful smile through pediatric dentistry that they’ll be proud to show off. We hope to see you soon!

    Have you any appointments available Friday? Morning or afternoon is ok with me.

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    I chipped my tooth in work 8 weeks ago and went to my dentist filled it oain like that through the top of my head desperate went back sake went back different Dentist there filled it absolutely 100%(but said may need a canal ) took a solpadeine on the Sunday gone and not one pain its brilliant but went to Newry on the Wed took a xray like that yep need a root canal done but now I'm wondering if I'll have it done... No pain whatsoever.. ,€700 no JOKE...

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    So many new 'dentists' on this thread 😁

    Not your ornery onager

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    This thread has become a repository of spam boards accounts and bots SOE farming.

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    To avoid further spam attacks on this thread I've closed it

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