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My autonomous lawn mower thread/blog



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  • Registered Users Posts: 106 ✭✭ dermotp

    This is a great thread,I have a hosqvarna 105,my garden is only 75 sq.meters,I have a dog kennel converted to house the mower,at the moment I have taken the mower itself inside for the winter and left the base outside under the kennel is this OK or should I take the base in aswell?

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    my base's are out all year round with no issues, i leave the power on to them as well.

    Mowers had a 48hr spin out there last week to keep the lawns in check.

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    thanks for your reply,I have put the mower out today Monday the weather is so good been out now for two and quarter hours but stopped in the centre of the garden when I checked it said need manual charging as the battery was flat,I was surprised it stopped without returning to base when battery was running low,this is my first time using the mower,checked the manual and all it said under troubleshooting was put in base to charge as it was in manual mode or should I get it checked by my supplier who is local,

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    Maybe give the supplier a ring, whenever i put mine out they always tip into the base for a while and stay there for a bit even if 100% charged. I've given up trying to figure them out and just let them at it.

    I dont leave mine out at night currently as its too cold. After their 48hr run they are cleaned and back in storage inside again.

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    My power and base are out year round and have been for three years. I turn if off from cutting for about two months of the year. Nov Dec. Its back started last week.

    Its never been an issue.

    I genuinely think folks pay too much heed to cuddling a machine which is very dumb. And is designed to be outdoors in whatever conditions. If you don't have a house or cover for it get one. Other than that leave it do its job. Give it a clean under every now and again and change the blades maybe once or twice a season.

    And relax.

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    dashoonage,i checked and it was not on automatic when I charged it I sent it out again and it worked perfectly and returned to base when completed,all good,thanks for your comments.

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    listermint,ivdo have a converted dog kennel which I house the robot in,I only bought the mower last November and feeling my way at present with it,I put it out on Monday as the grass had grown a lot as the weather was so dry and after an initial problem because it was,nt in automatic mode it died in the middle of the garden when the battery was flat,recharged and put it out again and worked perfectly, I cleaned it and put it in kennel ready to go when the grass grows again,thanks for your comments.

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    Hi all - I’m upgrading my Robomow RS 630 this season (8 years old) and was wondering if anyone here has any experience with the Wiper Premium range ? I’m looking at the F35S which does around 3500m2. Can’t find any reviews as they are fairly new to the market I believe.

    Any comments welcome.

    Thank you.

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    Hi Brian, just reading you bought the wiper premium f35s. What’s the verdict on that machine after a full Season done ?

    Thank you.

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    i got a Worx 700 sq. mt. robotic mower in December - i had ordered from in October but their delivery date was being pushed out. Their customer service was very poor so I asked for a refund. In fairness they refunded promptly, but after being messed around for 2 months I was happy to see the back of them.

    I went for this one

    I bought from a German seller on eBay for 675 including shipping. The seller only 2 for sale; both now sold.

    So far it has been fantastic, and I highly recommend them, particularly if you can get it at the reduced price of 730 in Argos. The reduction is genuine; they are normally priced over 900. Argos dont have many in stock; I checked a few of their shops and I could only find one in Rathfarnham (Nutgrove). Argos also have a smaller Worx one (300 sq. mt.) reduced from 710 to 560

    I'm waiting for the grass to start growing faster to get the full benefit, but in the month that I have been using it, it has taken care of most leaves, and the lawn is looking great. installation was fairly easy although it has cut the wire once in a place where I had allowed a little too much slack. Easy to repair though.

    highly recommended

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    Hi all - I’m upgrading my Robomow RS 630 this season (8 years old)

    Why the upgrade? 8yrs isnt that long considering what you would have paid. Is it showing its age or you just want newer tech?

    I also wonder what the 2nd hand market is like for these mowers. I'm not sure you'd convince too many to buy an 8yr old robot vs an 8yr old ride on. I'd be interested to know if you plan to sell and how that goes. I suppose anything is sellable at the right price.

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    It’s starting to cost me a couple of hundred euro a season on new parts. Plus the lithium battery needs replacing and the lcd screen. It still physically works but I think it’s time to retire her! Another reason is that the tracking / rutting it has left in the lawn from following the perimeter wire is crazy and causing it issues. The newer ones with the GPS etc work a little smarter and there is better scope to offset the mower from the perimeter wire when coming back to base. Overall I can’t complain about the mower I have as it has worked hard, my site is quite tricky, very hilly and has a good few trees very close to the perimeter.

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    It's been a joy, only problem I had was using the app, but got the hang of it, it was trial & error. Machine has been brilliant, couldn't fault it so far.

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    Am thinking of buying a Husqvarna 430x and I am just wondering if anybody had an issues where they bought a Husqvarna mower online from a shop in mainland Europe and had any difficulty in getting approved Husqvarna dealers here in Ireland to repair items which are covered under warranty. I realize that theoretically, there shouldn't be any issues but I am curious if any dealers have tried telling you to send it back to where you bought it which would be totally impractical. I can save circa 400 euros if I buy online but I don't want the hassle of dealing with someone in another country if something goes wrong while the mower is under warranty. This is a great thread and convinced me that the automatic mowers are the way forward.

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    Now I’m actually also leaning towards the 430X. I’ve a question regarding the drive past wire function if anyone can help please.

    if for example I set the drive past wire to 350mm will it drive past the wire by 350mm in all locations or does can I set this measurement to suit the conditions of different areas or zones in my lawn ?

    Thank you.

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    Have a 430x and highly recommend it. The drive past distance would apply to everywhere it senses the boundary wire.

    As for getting it repaired if bought on line… I haven’t needed any warranty repairs done but local agent was happy to take it for a service when I wanted a software update. Can’t see why anyone would turn the work away

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    Hi folks,

    Ordered yardforce 400 drunk shopping the other night..should have it next week..I'm wondering about the wire run. Our garden is two squares with a path down the middle. Do I wire around the garden/grass external perimeter and the mower will cross the path itself?



  • Registered Users Posts: 10,785 ✭✭✭✭ KCross

    No issue with the mower crossing that path as long as it’s level with the lawn.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 10,785 ✭✭✭✭ KCross

    Should be fine. You might have to fill the gap along the margin as it does look like its not entirely flush with the path but no big deal.... should cross that fine.

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    Thanks - fill with some soil?

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    Hi Fellow Automowers,

    Looking for some help advice here.

    I have the Husqavarna 430x for 3.5 years cutting a 2000 sq meter lawn. No issues at all until today that is.

    It has 5817 hrs total total run time (93.6% cutting time), distance is 9214 km.

    Today was its first cutting day this year since November and it was working fine for 3 or 4 hours before the "Wheel Motor Blocked" error appeared.

    I went out and I turned off the error and tried to get it going again. The right rear wheel was not moving at all. I then turned it off and looked at it more but I could seen nothing. Nothing stuck or caught on it. Both wheels moved the same by hand when i rotate them while under investigation. I then placed it back down and tried it again but this time the right wheel tried to move but was very jumpy and rough. It moved forward for about 10 meters and then awkwardly turned around but the movement was not smooth and its seem like it would damage if it continued. I parked it up for now.

    In the 3.5 years, i would maintain it by cleaning (removing heavy, stuck grass underneath) it every ~1 month and changing blades every ~3 months. I house it during the mowing season in a timber kennel I made and then I take it into the garage for winter. I have never serviced it.

    Has anyone seen this issue or know of what the solution is?


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    Sounds like the wheel motor needs replacing. I have heard that happen some of them, maybe a bad batch or something.

    Mine is on its 8th or 9th season now and still has the original motors all round.

    I have never serviced it.

    I'd say your hand is forced now. It'll need to go in, unless you feel like doing it yourself. They are simple enough when you open them up. If you are up for it you could probably swap it out yourself and buy the motor online.

    There is also an advanced menu which gives you some additional diagnostics where you can tell it to do various things and test sensors and motors etc. You could get into that and see what you get with that right wheel motor. Info here

  • Registered Users Posts: 155 ✭✭ bauney

    Thanks for the comment KCross.

    Update here. After the last post I came across this site which explained how to open it up and take a look.

    Last last night I followed the video and I saw the right rear wheel cogs were indeed very dry so I applied some lubricant to it. I put it back together and Hey Presto it started working again. At least in the short term.

    Couple of follow on questions?

    1) What lubricant/grease is recommend for this?

    2) Should I still bring it for a service?

    3) I know it depends on the Husqavarna branch but what service tasks do they do or should they do?

    FYI I only realized last night how easy it was to remove the automower hood after it came across this . This makes cleaning much easier going forward.

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    Did you get it yet? Intrigued to see how the yardforce goes.

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,325 ✭✭✭ micks_address

    no it hasnt arrived yet but will probably this week. I don't expect to use it for a few weeks though yet. I've already done one cut with the petrol mower i bought the plastic garage roof thing as well which was bit pricey.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 6,325 ✭✭✭ micks_address

    ok folks... so this is my plan for the mower position and boundary wire (green). Should the mower face forward or backwards in that position?