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Financial aid to study a postgraduate degree (Veterinary)

  • 13-01-2014 12:18am
    Registered Users Posts: 6 ✭✭✭ BellamysPiano

    I am currently studying animal science in UCD and I am applying to study veterinary in Kosice or Budapest for the coming college year. I have a problem as it will cost between €50,000-60,000 over the four years of study between fees and living. Does anybody know of any financial aid such as grants I can apply for from either intended college or even from Ireland. I am yet to go to the credit union to discuss a loan although I am highly doubtful I will get a loan for such a high amount or is this possible does anybody know? Is there any other sources of student loans or personal loans that will give me such a high amount of which the majority can be paid back post graduation? basically if anyone has any information on how I may get financial aid, loan or grant I would be inexplicably grateful.
    I have worked so hard for the past four years to hopefully be accepted and to have this opportunity removed due to finance would be devastating for me, thank you.