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WWE Network Thread



  • I don’t remember exactly but is there something to do with the price being converted from sterling ? I could be taking complete rubbish but for some reason that’s in my head.

  • Does the network constantly freeze for anyone else when you watch old stuff?

    If I watch the latest broken skull sessions or whatever it'll play perfectly but if I stick on a random Nitro from 97 It'll constantly keep stalling and the loading circle keeps coming up. Tried on a few devices as well.

    I'm not sure how streaming services work but it's weird that the new stuff plays perfectly and old stuff doesn't. I keep saying I'll unsubscribe but the old stuff keeps me subscribing but can't be bothered if it doesn't play it properly. All other services (Netflix, Amazon etc) work perfectly for me.

  • Not that I’ve noticed @cactus mac88. I more watch matches than full episodes. I remember there being an issue early on where the old stuff just wouldn’t play(i think it was around summerslam time because I commented on it) whereas new stuff was fine. That makes two of us that doesn’t understand how this all works but it does.

  • And to follow up i checked the nitro episode where double A himself retired and gave curt hennig his spot and it’s working sweet as a nut.

  • Nic Kahn said there should be news soon on a streaming partnership for the Network in the UK so expect the end of the WWE Network as it's here at the moment and expect a Peacock version of it to arrive.

    I love a good Signature.

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  • Well let’s hope they use proper amounts of lube before they **** the Irish subscribers over again like they did a few years ago. So will it be linked to sky because I know peacock is launching as part of sky before the end of the year here.

    edit: it says Q4 in Ireland, UK, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy at no extra cost. Interesting.

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  • I unsubscribed a few weeks ago. Every device I tried old Nitros on, it would constantly stall and the loading circle would keep coming up.

    Only way I'll ever get it back in is if we get the 4.99 deal over here (which includes ads) that the US has. I have to watch a 20 second ad before every video anyway and was paying 12.99.

  • If anything I would say we will be going backwards with the Sky/Peacock deal 😞

  • Peacock launched today for Sky and NowTV customers as an add-on.

    DAZN is lining up to takeover BT Sports content for streaming so I would imagine due to either of these measures the days of the network are numbered. Enjoy the archive while you can.

  • As there a break in the F1 I went and had a look at the set up for peacock on sky and on a very brief view it looks messy. Please don’t have them move it to sky under peacock.

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  • Good to see another series of Ruthless Aggression starting up tomorrow is it ?

    What ever happened to the Legends episode for Lex Luger ?

  • If it means I can watch it via Sky Go with my old man's subscription then I'll be ok with that. Saves me 13 quid a month which I really should have cancelled by now anyway.

  • Anyone any info on what is happening with the network? I normally subscribe for a month around Christmas just to watch some ppvs i can't source elsewhere. But if its turning up on now or a similar service soon I won't bother this year

  • My son-in-law is into this WWE and I wanted to get him a 3 month voucher for Xmas. They are selling them in Smyths for €38.97, but I found them in Walmart $29.97 (quite a price difference..).

    So my questions are, will he need to have a VPN to view the Walmart version of this gift card and/or is there anywhere else I can but this that would not have geographical restrictions (if there are any..)?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  • No sign of it disappearing just yet anyways. Peacock shows are on Sky now but it looks like they've only done a deal for tv shows as opposed to any sports (or..ahem .. sports entertainment) that Peacock has.

    What I'm worried about long term is that they'll get rid of the Network here and go back to the PPV model, 25 quid a month is just not something I'm going to pay after years of having the Network.

  • Yeah if you get the voucher from Walmart he will need to sign up with a US based account and VPN. I'm not sure about long term maybe some of the regulars who used the Network with a US account might shed some light on that.

  • I wouldn't risk it myself to be honest as the WWE Network is no longer the WWE Network in the US it is part the Peacock streaming platform now so I wouldn't be sure US vouchers actually still work.

    I love a good Signature.

  • I don't see it that happening. Having the network in the USA and charging us full price won't work.

    Most people would just VPN the network here

  • That horse has bolted. I went back and looked at the comments from nick khan a month ago and he said they were talking about what to do and where the host it this side of the Atlantic. I’ve no doubt there’s something coming but reading it again it doesn’t sound imminent.

  • I recently resubscribed after a 3 year break from the network. Is anyone else having awful buffering issues? I have fast Internet but on ps4 and ps5 on two different teles the buffering is unbearable. One is a sony 2020 android TV and the app appears to be missing on it. Is there another easy way I can watch this on my television without awful buffering. Tablet and phone works fine. Really making me regret getting it again.

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  • It became unwatchable for me on Xbox in the last year. Constant buffering on any old stuff I tried to watch (Nitros etc). Anything new like broken skull sessions would work fine though which was weird.

    I got a Philips android TV before Xmas and decided to subscribe again to see would it work on that and it's been working perfectly.

  • Bar that time around summerslam a few years when it feel on its arse, I have to say that touch wood it’s been great.