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Map of all breakers in Ireland

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    I have this map of all salvage yards in Ireland that people might find useful for finding their nearest salvage yard - locations should be correct to a mile or 2, so it might be useful for people looking for the closest place to themselves - if the GPS coordinates are listed within the tag it should be exact.

    For Connaught and Munster, a lot of the locations are on page 2 (Scroll to bottom of left hand pane to see link for page 2). There's some sense to the colour coding but can't fully remember what it was.

    I've taken the info from various sources and haven't visited all of them so can't stand over them - list will undoubtedly include the worst as well as the best. If there are any missing, let me know and I'll update when I can - it's just a guide so please don't give me any crap if a place is closed down. Would recommend calling ahead before heading out to any of them.