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    Hi All,

    In a related post, wondering if anyone's done the Hibernian course for secondary HDip in Accounting/Economics/Business you found the course and any employment feedback since completion....Teaching council tell me I'm good for all three subjects...I'm a CIMA Accountant with BA Economics, (and a Management MSc)

    I'm a mature student with 2 small kids awaiting my interview outcome, but would like to be informed, before I make a decision if offered a place ....and they request my course payment!


    Hi HRJB, I haven't done Hibernia but I got accepted to Hibernia last year however I decided to take DCU instead and I am very happy I did. I have done teaching practice with a few people from Hibernia and the teaching in blocks seems to be a nightmare. I know last year that I thought the blocks would actually be handy but having experienced school properly now, teaching in blocks isn't ideal. One of the key skills to being a good teacher is very reliant on the relationship you have with students and it took me quite a number of weeks to build up these relationships. I couldn't think of anything worse than getting inspected by my supervisor having only known my students a couple of days, which unfortuately is the case in Hibernia. If it is the course most suited to you due to flexibility, I would definitely recommend, if at all possible that you ask a school principal can you volunteer to take atleast one class a week, one where you can have a weekly routine and build a relationship with your class.
    Hope all goes well for you :)

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    I'm in a similar situation myself. I'd love to hear how your experience was of the PME and did you manage to get work after/where are you now?

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    I'm in a similar situation myself. I'd love to hear how your experience was of the PME and did you manage to get work after/where are you now?

    Perhaps PM the original poster as they might not ever see this.

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    Apologies for late reply.PME was a very good experience for me in UL. The placement worked well and the time flies by as your in a school for the 2nd semester year and 1dt semester year 2.

    If you put in the work you'll get the rewards. I came out with a 1.1 but I worked for it while juggling family life too. It's a full time course but there is some flexibility in the timetable for school pickups etc.

    I subbed for the first few months in Dublin, then got learning support and Business hours in a school for all last year. Just secured a contract for next year with same school. All down to going the extra mile on extra curricular activities and doing the best for students.
    I'd recommend early registration with Teaching Council and dropping / hand delivery CVs with schools in the local area you want to work..... this worked for me. Hope this helps!