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Great Paleo link I want to share.


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    emclau wrote: »

    I disagree with the Paleo in legumes/grains are bad for you-

    That's a fairly intrinsic part of the paleo diet

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    --Kaiser-- wrote: »
    That's a fairly intrinsic part of the paleo diet

    Yeh it's kinda like saying 'I'm doing Atkin's and i'm having porridge for breakfast and spuds for dinner'.

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    I made bulletproof coffee this morning. I loved it and it kept me going till 2pm. they key part is to whisk the fat into the coffee to make a smooth fatty emulsion. yummmy! and the more butter the better :D

    ps. op doesn't state that (s)he is following paleo eating plan :P

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    I make mine with ghee + halzlenut oil = delicous!

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    Nope-not following the Paleo diet but I have friends who are fitness coaches who found the link very useful - thought I'd share... I think the link is useful to anyone who has an interest in the food they eat.. I might try the coffee again- just can't get used to the thought of butter in it!

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