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Spammer/Shill Notification Thread

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    Edit at bottom of post, containing a helpful Greasemonkey script

    Hello everybody! As we have to limit all threads on boards to a maximum of 10,000 posts due to database issues, we've closed the old notification thread and opened this one. So, welcome to the all new Spammer Notification thread :)

    Just a quick run through for the uninitiated to this thread:

    If you see spam somewhere on the website, you can always click the 'report post' button, however, this report only goes to the Moderators of the forum that the spam is posted in. If you see dirty filthy spam, you're better off posting here for an Admin to siteban the spammer. We'd love you to help out by simply pasting a link to the spammer in question if that's cool with you. You can directly link to the post if you like, or even copy the user's username and paste into this thread if you don't know how to do the above, but simply pasting the user's profile link is perfecto.

    If an Admin sees your link and bans the spammer, they'll usually "thank" your post which signifies that they have actioned/removed the spam, and gives you a wee token of our appreciation. For reasons below, please don't "thank" someone for posting on this thread, I'd like to try and use the thanks system as a notification of resolution. But don't worry, nobody will be angry at you if you do :)

    :Note to Mods:

    * If you're being über helpful and 9pointing a spammer, can you please mention this when posting here. If an Admin browses the thread and sees your link, they'll open the user profile - see the user is banned, and ignore and carry on. If this is a 9pointed user, their 7 day ban will be up, and they will effectively be active again. It's not a quick process for an Admin to check if someone is temp-banned/9pointed unfortunately.

    * Also, if you've 9pointed a spammer on the back of someone posting on this thread can you thank the initial poster's post and quote-reply stating something like "9pointed them, cheers" type of post? Admins will (afaik) work from the oldest post onwards after the last Admin check. That means that we will see a user's report, check the profile, see the spammer is banned already and ignore/move on. Then later in the thread, we see your post stating that you've banned the spammer, and we'll go back and re-ban the spammer properly. However, if you've thanked the report, we'll know that something has been actioned and skip forward through the thread to find out if the spammer has been 9pointed.

    Jeezo, I'm making it sound more complicated than it is, so don't worry about all this really, the above is simply my wish list to you, I don't expect you to have to read rules and regulations to help us out :)

    Thanks everyone, lets can some spam!

    tl;dr: Please post spam here. Please don't thank others on this thread unless you've 9pointed someone. If you've 9pointed someone, please state this in your reply. Ta.

    edit: User 28064212 has created a handy Greasemonkey script that may shave some time off reporting spam on this thread. Click here for info. Just a note, this isn't an official boards.ie script, it's created by a long standing member of the community, as opposed to an employee.

    Updated May 2013 for new spammer thread:



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