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Wrestling Figures Thread



  • Anybody collecting figures around here. Picking up a few here and there myself for last while after a few years not collecting (must have a collection worth 1000's at this stage)

    Recent pick ups -

    Kurt Angle Entrance greats for €8 on Littlewoods
    Missus bought me a signed Angle figure for Xmas
    Missus also picked up Walter's first figure
    Got a Mania 3 Andre The Giant fig for €25
    Went to get a Penta for on Smyths but sold out so came away with Darby Allin.
    Goldberg,Rolling and Styles Hambrook style figures for 9.99 each.

    Have a nice glass case with some figs showcased. Most in boxes back in the rents house.

    Getting quite expensive nowadays. Would like to go for an Old School ECW figure collection but can't justify paying so much.

    Gonna prob stick to one fig a month at €25. But do have my eye on a few NJPW ones and in particular a Liger one.

    Pride of collection is a signed Classic Ultimate Warrior.

    Smyths a few years ago had elites for sale for like €3 quid , picked up loads!

    Missing some good quality ones, have a few basics but decided to stop buying them and just go for elites, so lots need an upgrade.

  • Hi there bit of a long shot but I can't think of anywhere that's niche enough aside from here, so if I'm in the wrong place please feel free to redirect me.

    I have a large collection of WWF/WWE/TNA Action Figures in mint condition. They've been well looked after so I assure they are in great condition. I have some wrestling rings and sets too. I am looking to sell them all but I know they are worth quite a bit of money when you add it all up, and some are rare too.

    I will post a list of all the exact figures I have, with pictures if someone is interested in buying some, or all, and if someone is interested I am willing to do a fair deal for either combos or if someone was to buy the entire lot off me. The best figures I've got before I post an entire list (may take me some time) are a WM25 Limited Edition Shawn Michaels, a 1996 WM limited edition Shawn Michaels, a Bret Hart limited edition WM figure. Let me know where to go or if someone would like more info! Can be posted out :)

  • Hey Lallers,

    Feel free to send me on a list - would potentially be interested in taking the lot.

  • Sorry I've only seen this now. The new boards layout is horrific and I never get a notification for a thread I follow. I'll send you on a list of all the figures I have, and photos too if you'd like. I also have a lot of Dvds.

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  • Anyone who's interested, I have some playsets, figures and belts up for sale on adverts at the mo