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ummmmmhhhhhhhhhhh the belly

  • 29-08-2012 7:53pm
    Registered Users Posts: 21 ✭✭✭ xcitin121

    he guys

    i am a 28 year old i am 5'11

    inthe last 2 years i have gone from a size 30 in pants to a size 34

    i also seem to have a belly that i am soooooooooooo ashamed of.. i walk every day i dont eat that much really and i still manage to not lose a thing... i went threw a ruff patch 2 years ago and that i think just made me bigger everyone says o u look great with the weight but i go out with friends and i have to hold in my belly all night or lean over and cross my hand infront of it.... in fairness its not bad but everything i was i am not i was lean to the point people asked did i go gym also i had a six pack etc

    how do i get my body back to the way it was n will i have FLAB??????????? my legs have stretch marks n i have just about my ass what people call love handles do they go? or does the skin hang down..... p.s i am not in a position to pay for a gym............ many thanks