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In the Playpen: Eathrin



  • You *do* realise that no-one actually says that in real life, except to wind up the jackeens?! :P
    Stop bursting my bubble!
    Are you, or do you aspire to be, Ireland's Barney Stinson?
    The time is coming, I'm free of my LC shackles and beginning my new career as a full time playa.
    How often do you cut your fingernails and toenails?
    Whenever they're long, I suppose once a month?
    I'll admit to occasional biting or ripping. :o
    Do you find that it helps?
    No everything is more difficult with shorter nails, for example, peeling stickers.

  • Togepi wrote: »
    Oi! I say that! In real life!! :P

    Well, occasionally, and I know several people who say it now and then, mainly when we're being true boggers ourselves. :D
    Faith. Restored.

    Anyway Cian, what's your second favourite culchie phrase?

    Either "Going for a space" as in a ramble or a stroll or
    " D'yoo knoo whaat ah mean liek"

  • 5aef357b_1007.FACEPALM_5F00_wrong.jpg

    Shush, I know, it's still fun though. :pac:

    I say 'ara' fairly often though, not even messing, just in normal conversation. :D

  • Okay I think my playpen is over now.
    Thanks guys, really enjoyed it, even if nobody read it:pac:

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