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The Clone Wars



  • Both are excellent series.

    No need to watch Resistance, in my opinion. It was kinda disappointing for the most part. The end of season 1 made me think it was going to pick up but it quickly went back to the same format. If you want more from the new trilogy characters like Poe and Hux then go ahead as they make appearances.
    But as a standalone series it's grand. I just wouldn't say it's as important as Clone wars or Rebels.

  • CastorTroy wrote: »
    You can spoiler the answer but why do you say that? I know Clone Wars final season aired after Rebels, but I don't remember anything that would spoil Rebels, since the final season of Clone Wars was already written before Rebels, I believe

    The way and feeling I got from
    the Ahsoka story arc.

  • Christ opener of season 4, filler nonsense, seems physics laws are the same under water as above.... and lightsabers too ... wow ...

  • Finished Clone Wars last week, fantastic final Arc and super ending. Was done so well and the animation was superb. Didn't know there was a cheat list to this series of what to watch and what not, could haver saved time on the dross, though I did skip some episodes that were ranked poorly on IMDB.

    As I said before, when it was good it was great and so much so, it made it me go back and watch the prequels again. Well, TPM and AOC are still absolute dire and honestly, the animation in Clone Wars was better than CGI in the prequels, but I guess that's advancing technology. ROTS is such a huge jump in quality compared to what came before, but still a bit uneven. Would still rank it after the Originals and Rogue One. Clone wars does help fill out some very thin characters from the Prequels, especially Maul and the Clone Troopers themselves.

    Anyways, might give the better arc's of Clone Wars another watch sometime.

  • Just finished season 5 , wow that last episode _The wrong Jedi_ ... incredible stuff, really looking forward to watching the last 2 seasons.

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