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Potential SHTF scenarios & tinfoil hat thread (Please read post 1)



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    No need to pay over the odds. See this article:

    It would be funny if it wasnt deadly serious.
    They say the average person touches their face with their hand 20 times an hour

    They warn you in poor countries bottled water is often refilled water bottles from contaminated taps or wells . Most bottles come with extra heat shrunk seal with matching brand name to reduce tampering

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    Russian intelligence agents have reportedly gone to Ireland to inspect undersea cables, reigniting fears they could cut them and take entire countries offline
    Russian intelligence agents have been sent to Ireland to make the precise locations of undersea cables connecting Europe to North America, The Sunday Times reported, raising fears that they plan to tap or even cut them.

    Irish security services believe that the agents were sent by Russia's foreign intelligence agency, the GRU, and are checking the fiber-optic cables for weak points, The Sunday Times reported, citing police and military sources.

    News of the Russian agents' arrival in Ireland has prompted concerns that Russia might ramp up its information warfare by cutting or tampering with the cables, which could disrupt global financial transactions or even take entire countries offline.

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    wow. these survival situations are boring!

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,738 ✭✭✭mawk

    sheesh wrote: »
    wow. these survival situations are boring!

    Yeah.. turns out the entertainment side of bugging is really really important

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    Doc Ruby wrote: »
    The US Department of Defence has declassified its 2009 Concept of Operations Plan for an Influenza Pandemic.

    Among the Plan's assumptions are that in the United States, such a pandemic will kill 2 percent of the infected population, or about 2 million people.

    The plan also assumes that a vaccine won't be available for at least 4 to 6 months after confirmation of sustained human transmission, and that the weekly vaccine manufacturing capability will only produce 1 percent of the total US vaccine required.

    State and local governments will be overwhelmed, and civilian mortuary operations will require military augmentation. Measures such as limiting public gatherings, closing schools, social distancing, protective sequestration and masking will be required to limit transmission and reduce illness and death.

    International and interstate transportation will be restricted to contain the spread of the virus. If a pandemic starts outside the US, it will enter the country at multiple locations and spread quickly to other parts of the country.

    Makes for interesting reading! Sobering repercussions though. They're saying that you are on your own in terms of vaccinations (not cures) for up to half a year, and they won't be able to make enough vaccine to guarantee everyone gets some for two years. So that's you potentially fukced for two and a half years unless you can sequester yourself away from contact with other people for that time. The damn thing will have gone around the world a half dozen times by then, everyone not living on the moon is going to get it. Even the likes of the Mormons with their mandated year's supply of food are wide open in this scenario.

    Travel will be limited so if you're going somewhere get out quick, public gatherings stopped (malls and shopping centres shut down as well as the schools), basically you'll be getting your groceries delivered by a man in a uniform.

    I can't speak for anyone else here but when I think about the ability of our 'de banks dunnit' government working in tandem with the 'strike for salaries' public sector to keep people alive...

    ...I have a doubt.

    That assumes there even is a workable plan, Kriss was going to get in contact with the minister responsible to critique the insane lack of even basic planning in place should a pandemic hit Ireland, before he fell off the internet.

    If the next pandemic walks in the shoes of the Spanish flu you're looking at 3-5% fatalities. The DoD has trimmed that down to 2% due to modern healthcare, but most of the world doesn't have that so we'd be looking at anywhere between a quarter and a third of a billion dead globally. Ireland, maybe a few hundred thousand in the worst case. Question is how to minimise your exposure for the duration?

    I don't care about meteor strikes. I don't care about alien invasions. I don't care about clathrate guns, economic apocollapses, oil running out, nuclear war, the illuminati herding people into death camps, that's all a pile of bollocks.

    People need to understand that barring some medical revolution in virus treatment, this is going to happen. It is not a question of if but when.

    Believe it.

    If you haven't the time to read the full PDF, go watch the movie Contagion, it's written from the same script.

    Ahh but really it won't ever happen. You're just gone down too far the rabbit hole of tinfoil hat thinking now:p

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    sheesh wrote: »
    wow. these survival situations are boring!

    Not if you look at the reality and at variations on them. Different ways of seeing situations and coping; fascinating and challenging.

    Many wild plants are edible and highly nutritious and vitamin rich ie so]called weeds.

    Chickweed has an amazing profile and all parts of dandelions are edible and great. NB I have none in my garden after eating three dandelion flowers every day last year....

    It is certainly worth looking at what there is around you on verges etc.

  • Registered Users Posts: 4,077 ✭✭✭sheesh

    in fairness this comment was made during lockdown and it was indeed rather boring. It demonstrates that in a long term survival situation that you would need to quickly get a routine locked in.

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    Shipping container price has gone from ~€2,000 to €18,000 and over in a year. Today its toys and furniture but food shortages are next and are already starting.

    There is already rationing of salt in tuscany, as there is not enough for the bakeries.

    People would be wise to stock up as soon as they can.

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    This is unusually low to unusually high. The high price is guaranteed transit time when many ships are queuing to get unloaded at ports. It's also due to lack of flights which fly cargo as a byproduct. People are being advised to stock up now for Xmas, and there is problems making certain cars, and general global supply chain issues due to multiple different reasons. That said it make sense to diversify from all savings in a bank, assuming things you need will remain in stock. However I am a realist, and if worst happens, most DIY plans will only last a few weeks. More realistic is to plan for general trends of inflation, currency changes, increase in cost of specific demand items, and plan ahead for increasing energy / fuel costs and maybe the odd shock every 50 years of something happening that may require sudden changes, such as a economic crash or war.

  • Registered Users Posts: 4,077 ✭✭✭sheesh

    So potential war in Ukraine. Is Ireland the soft underbelly of europe and will we be invaded? OK probably not

    I am wondering if EU are actually taking the threat seriously enough and are they prepared for the shitstorm if Russia actually invades Ukraine and then decides to take part of Eastern Europe

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