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The Billy Meier UFO case Switzerland

  • 24-11-2011 3:09am
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    This article is built around Billy Meier’s' space journey. A five day journey in deep space. He was picked up from a location not far from Hinwil in Switzerland by Semjase. The beam ship too him out to other planets in our solar system first, and next to a mother ship present in our solar system. The journey continued to extremely distant locations in our universe.
    This article also include:
    - A photo where the extra terrestrial woman Alena from the Lyra Star
    constellation can be partly seen.
    - Copy of a 8000 year old lyrian writing
    - Copy of the letter Semjase wrote to the group in Switzerland .. and more..
    Link to article here :



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    The Billy Meier UFO case is a complex case. But it is an interesting case. Most importantly it is a case with hard evidence. Here is a short overview of the case along with some of the evidence

    The Billy Meier UFO case

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    google billy meier hoax.

    end of discussion

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    charkee wrote: »
    google billy meier hoax.

    end of discussion

    I hardly think a web page on the validity of one photo should end any discussion,much less a discussion that's be going on for some 40 years. I've just began reading up on this after following the link provided by the OP, what I can't understand is,judging by the fantastical stuff that Meier has claimed,have I not heard of him before?

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    The picture of the so called alien is obviously a guy in an orange jump suit holding a toy gun. I cannot believe any of this story. Its just to far fetched and out there.

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    Well, I think the Billy Meier UFO case is real. In fact I have no doubt it is real. Just look at the evidence in one category alone, the photographic evidence. And it was something the investigators focused on right from the beginning, to get the photos lab tested in a professional laboratory before they proceeded further in their investigation, outlaying more time and money.

    Below photo is just one out of 1476 photos which Billy Meier took up to the year 1998. He used an Olympus -35 camera with a focal length 1:28 / f 42mm.

    1. Fake model versus the real object : The American team lead by Wendelle Stevens brought over a beam ship model to Switzerland. They then asked Meier take photos of the model using same camera he used when taking the real beam ship photos. When the photos of the model were later developed and put side by side and compared to the real beam ship photos there were differences. Most importantly a lab analysis showed a clear difference between the photos of the model and the real photos. The comment from the lab technician was: “It is easy to tell a small model” what Meier photographed was not a model, but a large sized object.

    2. The triangulation method. By using size of known background objects as reference the beamship was measured to be seven meters in diameter

    3. Pixel analysis of the famous beam ship & mirage photo undertaken by a professional American laboratory. They compared the beam ship to a mirage from the Swiss air force flying close by. Meier claimed the jet made 22 passes around the beam ship. No strings found in the photo. The conclusion also from this test was that the beam ship was seven meters in diameter.

    4. Meier had only one arm which would make it difficult to make, carry around, hide and let alone take a photo of a seven meter object in the air.

    5. Meier took many of the photos in 1975 and 1976 several years before personal computers and programs such as photo shop became common.

    The Mirage and the Beamship

    Below is the pixel analysis where the Mirage and the Beamship is in the same photo frame. It measured the beam ship to be 7 meter in diameter:

    Pixel analysis 1 min 30 min into this clip

    Or Forward 1 minute 30 seconds on player below

    Photo nr. 248 taken 14 April 1976
    Place: Schmärbül-Maiwinkel.Betswil-Bäretswil
    Taken by <Billy> Eduard Albert Meier


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    In regards to the photo of the extraterrestrial Alena from the Lyra constellation, I have pieced together some of the information and evidence related to that photo below. A photo which I also think is real.

    The photo below is one of more than 10 photos <Billy> Eduard Albert Meier took of Alena on the 6th of July 1977. She is an extraterrestrial woman belonging to the Plejaran federation and comes from the Lyra Star constellation. The condition Billy was allowed to take photo of her was that her face not to be recognized and is why only a small part of her face is visible. Main reason given is that they at times mingle with us in our villages and cities. It would thus pose a security risk for them to have their face displayed on a photo as they could be recognized.

    Alena comes from the planet SATER which is about 33 pct smaller than Earth. The planet is 157,3 million kilometers away from its central sun in the Lyra star constellation, but in another space-time configuration. She is 148 centimeters tall.


    .. “But just as intriguing was our search for a gold nylar jacket that might look like the one Alena is wearing in the picture with her arm holding the gun. We looked in all the clothing stores, all the sporting goods stores, and checked even the uniform supply stores for such a jacket, or even such gold material as might be necessary to make such a jacket, like the arm of the one worn by Alena as she holds the pistol for Meier’s photographs. We never found anything like it.” Wendelle Stevens Messages from the Pleiades vol 4 (1995)


    Light brown - Alena's sking color can here be seen as being light brown. She looks similar to people living in countries surrounding the Mediterranean ocean.


    “…we had already been to every toy supplier in Switzerland and failed to find any toy weapon anything like the laser pistol Meier photographed. A search of sporting goods stores was equally fruitless. To this day we have never found a match for that laser pistol." Wendelle Stevens and his investigator team page 102 in “Message from the Pleiades vol 4” (1995)


    6 July 1977, 15:20, Hinterschmidruti, Switzerland. "This picture shows Jacobus Berschinger, the driver of the truck that was coming into the property as Menara and Alena teleported back into their ship parked above with a cloaking screen around it. He found Meier at the smoking tree examining the still glowing coals there around the burned opening. " Wendelle Stevens in Message From the Pleiades The Contact Notes of Eduard Billy Meier Vol 4 Wendelle Stevens was the chief investigator in the Meier case.

    6. July 1977

    (From the German Contact notes, published Augsburg 2003)

    The official contact number 78 starts at 15.19 (3.19 PM) that day with the following opening lines.

    Billy Glad that you are still coming. I almost thought you had forgotten.

    1. Then you think timidly.-
    2. This is Alena; She wanted to see you once in real.

    Billy Schön, dass ihr doch noch kommt. Beinahe dachte ich, dass du es vergessen hättest.

    1. Dann denkst du kleinmütig.-
    2. Das ist Alena; sie wollte dich einmal in Natürlichkeit sehen.

    So the visitor arriving in Hinterscmidruti this day was not his main contact at the time, Semjase but it was actually two of them. And their origin was from the star constellation Lyra, both of them members of the Plejaran federation. The conversation opens up with Menara, a woman Billy already was introduced to a year earlier, in July 1976. She then acted as stand in for Semjase during a short period she was away.


    Menara brought with her a person Billy had never met before. She introduced herself as Alena being from a planet named SATER, about 1/3 smaller than Earth. Seen from Earth her planet is located in the star constellation Lyra. The planet circle in a distance of 157,3 million kilometers from their sun MEL. Alena said that her planet cannot yet be detected by us with our still underdeveloped technology. That is because it is located in another time-space-configuration. Billy guessed here height to be around 1,5 meter to which Alena replied she was 148 cm tall. Her skin colour is light brown which can be seen on the photo.


    The details about Menara does not come up in this contact, but was given a year earlier when Billy was first introduced to her 29 July 1976, contact 61. Menara originate from a planet named DERON in the Vega system. Billy describe here as being a beautiful woman. Her skin very dark with a very deep brown colour. Eyes black. Billy estimated her height to be 10 centimetres shorter than Semjase, but with negroid characteristics like the Hottentots in Africa. Menara explained reason being their race in fact originated on Earth. Their forefathers mingled with people on Earth and created the so called tribes of the Hun (Stämme der Hunnen) which later mixed with negroid tribes in Africa. From this new races appeared, amongst them, and after a long period of time, the Hottentots. Some of these tribes also joined together with Menara’s later forefathers and created what today is their current race, living in the Vega system.


    Above The contellation of Lyra
    The star Vega (Alpha Lyrae) is close, 25 light years away. It is 2,5 times the diameter of our sun and is the fifth brightest star on our night sky. Further out in Lyra is Ring Neubla, 2300 light years away. It is a remnant of an exploded sun.

    Billy then mentioned that early in the morning Menara telepathically told him to make sure nobody was around in the Center that day, something he has arranged for. Billy then queried the reason for this request. Menara answered it was because today they were going to carry out a promise earlier given – to test fire a laser gun. They said Billy could now decide the target, which would stand as a memory for himself and the group members according to his own wish. As to taking photos of the weapon, Menara did not mind. Billy then asked Alena if she would mind holding the gun in her hand while he took photos. Menara said that was also OK but on one condition - no photos of Alena’s face. They could not allow her face to be recognized.


    Above Semjase Silver Star Center, Hinterschimidrüti
    It was here the the laser gun was test fired in 1977
    Photo Bergheim July 5 2006

    The laser gun

    Menara explains to Billy the technical details about the laser gun. She starts with the gun-aiming device, the sight. It shows the target in details enlarged through a special optical magnification instrument. It will enable a needle to be hit on a fir tree kilometres away. This because the tube shaped finder-optic brings the target so close that it looks as if it located directly in front of the weapon. When it comes to the activation mechanism, she says this gun has the old trigger version similar to what we use in our explosion type firearms. Meaning the ray is activated when the trigger is pulled back by the index finger. She then goes on to explains the cartridge and how the rays are made. The cartridge consists of two see-through containers placed on top of the gun which contains two different type elements essential for creating the ray. Used coupled together the gun creates a type of laser ray unknown to us. This emitted ray contains a very a very strong disintegrating oscillation. The oscillation would also affect some artificial material around, such as camera film. Wherefore Menara advised Billy not to take photos when firing the gun.

    The gun has two different settings depending on purpose. By pushing at a certain point the gun it switches the gun on to a lethal setting. Then both the front element and rear element container becomes couped together. This create a combustion ray which in the fraction of a second dissolve everything in its path into nothing up to a distance of 37,2 kilometres without leaving any trace of ash. Only the surrounding edge where the beam hits becomes charred. Another push on a certain point switches the gun to a non-lethal setting. Then only the front container is activated. It then creates an anaesthetization effect used for self-defence. As opposed to the combustion ray setting, which as a rule only serve for the purpose of work or total elimination. Which in extreme cases becomes necessary to apply, when for example an enemy craft or any such flight vehicle need to be damaged to such an extent, that it becomes unable to manoeuvre and thus becomes inoperative. Same goes for weapons etc.


    Above “ 6 July 1977, 15:20, Hinterschmidruti, Switzerland. This is an enlarged photograph of the hole in the apple tree showing the detail of the seared area versus the charred area. Please note that the hole is slightly oval in shape, and not exactly round as it would be if bored with a tool.” Wendelle Stevens Message from the Pleiades vol 4 (1995)


    Above “This is a close-up view of the severed branch showing the clean separation of the two parts with a narrow burn done so fast the green sap did not even start to run. Burned branches were found like this in a perfect lin through the undergrowth.” Wendelle Stevens Messages from the Pleiades vol 4 (1995)

    Menara then tells Billy that this type weapon, the gun in front of him, has not been in use for a long time, more than 600 years ago. This because their technology has over time advanced further. Their current laser weapon gun is a third smaller in size and the trigger mechanism has been advanced further. The new weapons has a trigger mechanism which is synchronised to the user. It means only the owner of the weapon can use it, no one else. The activation of the trigger is thought based. Which is why the brain wave pattern must be programmed in the memory of the trigger mechanism. That is the brain wave pattern of the owner. Should the weapon for some reason change hands , it means it must be reprogrammed for the new owner to use it.

    The propulsion of Menara’s beam ship

    Billy then ask Menara a question. It is in regards to his animals. He said the hens and dog always made a lot of noise and went crazy when a beam ship came near. This time it is different, the animals behave normal so Billy wonders why that is the case today. Menara tell him reason is that her ship is not a beam ship, but a flight vehicle with a compression aggregate which flies by the use of compression, by ejecting highly compressed atmospheric gas. This is the reason why the animals are not agitated this time around. This as opposed to the beam ships which send out radiation and oscillation which agitate the animals, makes them anxious or make them run away. Billy then asked what kind of propulsion they use when flying in space. Upon which Menara replied that the craft currently in her possession is not fit for flying in space.

    This information indicate:

    Her flight vehicle that day unlikely to have been dispatched from a mother ship in space. But likely dispatched from an underground base which they had three of at the time. One in Switzerland, one in America and one in Asia. On one occasion Billy was taken to such a base in Egypt where he was shown how a flight vehicle exited from that base underground. See my article extraterrestrial bases Her flight vehicle was likely meant for special purpose. For example studying animal life.With this kind of propulsion animals and birds could be studied up close without them running away, since it did not emit any kind of rays and oscillation which would disturb animals and birds.

    Billy then says that at least their ship can be shielded from optical sight which Menara replied was also the case. She says it is located 27 meters up in the air, right above them. The technology on how to shield a ship from visual detection is something they already knew 42 983 years ago.


    Above “Here is landing track left by the coherent beam of white light that projects down from the bottom of Menara’s Lyrian ship as it hovers about six feet above the ground. This track was made in the dry grass of a harvested hayfield. Note the very regular searing without flame, and the geometric precision of the edges of the track. Two tracks were made within minutes of each other at this time.” Wendelle Stevens Messages from the Pleiades vol 4 (1995)


    Above Key Investigator
    Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens (Ret.) Served as a test pilot in USAF. After retiring he and three others undertook a five year investigation into the Billy Meier UFO case . An investigation they videotaped and released under the name CONTACT (1982)


    Above Key Witness
    Jakobus Bertschinger.

    Jakobus Bertschinger. Key witness

    Wrote statement in Block 2 page 467 German Contact notes published Augsburg 2003

    Jakobus opened up his statement reiterating information in the contact notes. He writes that on Wednesday 6. July 1977 at 15.19 pm was when the contact took place, directly in front of SEMJASE-SILVER-STAR-CENTER. Beside Billy, who was working in the office on the August-September issue of “ Stimme der WASSERMANNZEIT “, there was no other person present. In the morning he had already received information telepathically from Menara that she the same afternoon would appear for contact and that the location for the contact would be at the Center. And for this occasion she told Billy to arrange it so that he was alone at the Center when Contact to take place. Jakobus write that this was exactly what Billy did that day. He sent everybody on various purchase and shopping trips to Wetzikon and Wila before the Contact took place. He writes that this was an eventful contact afternoon, where Menara arrived with the main purpose to carry out an earlier given promise. To bring with a laser gun which Billy could take film and photo of. And Incidentially the gun was also tested, fired at an apple tree not far from the house. From about 20 meter distance Billy fired the laser based weapon which in the fraction of a second bore through the trunk of the tree. The trunk measured from shot entry hole to shot exit hole a thickness of 24,2 centimetres. Seen standing from the location where the shot was fired, looking towards the hole in the middle tree, writes Jakobus further, if somebody tried by the use of an Earth based tool or weapon to drill that same hole they would need to prepare themselves for a laboriousness task. Because the trunk of the apple tree is in such a way twisted that it is questionable if a hole could be bored through it so accurate and clean as the one made.

    Wendelle Stevens. Key Investigator

    Wrote the following in page 101 Message of the Pleiades vol 4 (1995)


    “When I first saw these laser pistol photos I had serious misgivings about them and the whole story of this so called “ancient weapon”. But then Eduard Meier took me to the place in the Frecht Nature Preserve, near Hinwil, where he had tested the first one. He showed me a seared line of vegetation that went in a true straight line until it struck an embankment and stopped. He showed me another, and then a limb high above our heads on a tall tree over 60 feet tall, that was severed cleanly at a place about 45 feet above the ground and 20 feet out from the trunk, where the branch was about one inch in diameter. The severed part of the branch was still lying on the ground where it had fallen, and I picked it up and examined it. It was severed cleanly without any fraying, but the most noticeable thing about it was the thin layer of seared wood at the break. The charring was no more than 1 inch to 1:1/4 th inch deep into the wood, all the way through the branch, and the searing of the bark was likewise very narrow at the break, and so sudden and quick that the sap in the bark did not bubble out and run. Certainly no blow-torch could have done this, and how would a one armed man get himself or any equipment up to such a fragile and high up position in the big tree? The trees grew so close together here and in such a way that no vehicle could get through without removing some trees first, and that would certainly have been evident.

    The weapon was neither made of metal, nor plastic, nor ceramic, nor any other substance recognizable in our technology, but most nearly like the composition of a solid nylon block, or bearing. It was smoothe to the touch and felt a little slick. It seemed to be made in one piece and was composed of two colors of the same material, a grayish-tan and a rosey-pink or pinkish-red end of the barrel and a chamber on the top. “

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    That's utter bollox! You can't make a bit out of those pictures. The one with the gun especially. Why didn't the alien ask him for a bit of card to conceal her face instad of that half arsed hand sticking out from behind a door thing? Allegedly they've mastered interdimensional travel but not managed to master putting together a bit of cardboard with holes cut out for eyes tied by a bit of elastic band? They had cloaking shields 42,000 years ago but only lately managed to create weapons that map to their user's minds? I'm fully expecting some form of thought control to be available for devices in a limited capacity before I'm an oul' lad but I expect cloaking and interdimensional travel will take longer. Complete rubbish really!

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    Frankly I don’t see any problems with these photos. Meier claimed from day one, when Semjase first contacted him in 1975, that she was human looking. She was looking just like any of us, and so human looking that we would have a hard to tell her apart if we saw her. Semjase also told Meier she had normal clothes she wore when she at times entered our populated areas. So when Meier then take photos of a human from the Lyra region with light brown skin, I cannot understand what the fuss is about. Wendelle Stevens and his team would have examined these photos thoroughly before they decided step 2, go out searching in the shops in Switzerland to see if it was anywhere Meier could have purchased the gun and the jacket Alena wore on the photo. They found nothing. And the other photos the team put up for testing in an American lab came out fine. For example the Schmärbüel-Maiwinkel/Bettswil-Bäretswil was one of several tested on the video CONTACT (1982) (test starts here).
    Below are still pictures from that video, the photo tested (same as I posted above in this tread).


    The jet fighter is then enlarged for testing


    The pixel test also shows the exhaust coming out from the rear of the jet, not before visible.


    The beam ship is enlarged for testing


    A field shows up, marked in green.


    Again the pixel test show up something not visible on the photo. It is a field of some sort. It is marked in green. The lab technician is unable to tell what kind of field it is, but he thinks it is a force field since the same field showed up other photos which was lab tested and taken by Meier (Reference here)

    So two result came out from the test:

    The beam ship in comparison with the Mirage jet fighter, is 7 meter in diameter.

    The beamship generated a field of some sort. Marked with green colour on the test.

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    The mysterious field around the beam ship, or “object” being the definition used by the technician, appeared on several of Meier’s photos when pixel tested in the lab. But it may not be just one type of field such a beam ship is surrounded with according to Billy Meier. It is able to create several types of fields depending on purpose and situation. Some of the information Billy Meier has given about this over the years has also been supported by photographic evidence and witness statements. Here some related to:

    Energy shields when landed

    Energy shield in flight

    View protective shield

    Energy burning

    Protective shields when landed.

    Outer screen – radius 500 meter

    When landed, the beam ships (UFO's) belonging to the extraterrestrials would, as a rule is shielded behind two protective screens. The outer protective screen would be located in a radius of 500 m from the ship. This screen is constructed with a steering function, acting as an invisible detour sign. This means if an uninvited life form, either deliberately or accidentally, tries to come close, then this invisible and non-noticeable protective screen will act in such a way that it will lead the life form astray, in a circle around and away from the beam ship.

    Inner screen – radius 100 meter

    The second protective screen is further in, located closer to the ship, only 100 m from it. This screen is constructed to have a repelling function. It works according to the principle that two magnetic fields of same polarity repel each other. But this protective screen is built to such a strength that even the most powerful attempt to use force, in order to break through it, will not succeed. Firing at it with antitank weapons like a RPG-7 or stronger will be ineffective. It will not get through. All types of missiles or projectiles are incapable. Billy writes that if a shell was fired at it from a tank, the projectile would only go as far as the maximum penetration range would allow it. That would be a maximum of 30 meters into the screen before being repelled. It would then simply be hurled back.

    Reference: Stimme der WASSERMANZEIT. WISSENWERTES aus Grenz- und Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologiestudien Nr. 1 September 1976

    Energy shields when in flight

    It matters not what type of energy hits it. The energy shield will automatically soak up all type of energy and convert it to usable energy. That is, any type of external energy which strikes it will immediately be transformed to energy in own shield. The effect being; The more energy hits the shield, the stronger it becomes.

    Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gesprächte, Block 7 printed Augsburg 2005 page 487 and 488 Contact 260 held on the 3rd of February 1998 - My translation above . German original underneath.


    However, let’s leave this, because I still have several questions which are more important. Here, for example: The protective shields of spaceships. – As you know, science fiction films are being aired practically all over the world by all TV stations – also in cinemas are they being screened and of course as a rule are always the extraterrestrials the evil ones who kill people on Earth and destroy it or want to conquer it for themselves and colonise it what of course is sheer nonsense.

    Now in these films, on a regular basis, it is shown that the energy protective shield of the spaceships in each case suffer a percentage wise loss in strength and protective function when any type of energy hits them. These other, foreign energies are as a rule naturally those fired or radiated from enemy ray weapons from hostile objects.

    Now the question to this is, to what extent such an energy protective shield can be rebuilt in proper time, so that a complete protection again is given. Such protective shields exist indeed, as I know from you, consequently what is being displayed in the movies does not simply correspond to a unattainable imagination. And as you once explained to me so do our Earth scientists also work on such protective shields, although everything still falls under secrecy.


    142 Whereby the success in this respect may already be seen – were it not for that this is secret projects.

    143. Your question however I can answer as follows:

    144. It always depends on which energies are being utilized in a protective shield, in what quantity they are applied and how they can be applied.

    145. As is very well known to you, energies are simply just not energies, this must really not be explained further in detail, consequently what only can be said is that as a rule different technologies of applying protective shields also show different forms of energy, out from which energy shield can be created.

    146. The shields itself can be also be very different, thus it can protect a spaceship or a similar flight unit only sectors-wise or even completely.

    147. With that said it should be explained that a spaceship, or other aircraft, a human, a robot or android or anything else of choice which can be shielded with one single full-extensive shield or with one which consist of several divisions or sectors.

    148. A full-extensive shield disposes of a main and a reserve energy source, whilst a part or sector shield has a main and reserve energy source for each individual sector, consequently each of the individual sectors are independent of each other.


    And which type of energy shield is used by you ?


    149. We solely use full protective shields, and indeed for spaceships and other aircraft as well as for humans and all things which in this way must be shielded.

    150. Nevertheless, our energy shields do not work in the way which is portrayed in your science fiction films where it is shown that the shields are even weakened when external energy from ray weapons or from cosmic energy fields or energy shocks strike the shields whereby these becomes weakened in their capacity, respective performance.

    151. This form of shield development only corresponds to a beginning, and we have left this phase behind us as far back as thousands of years ago.

    152. Already more than 40,000 years ago was our technology in this respect, to such an extent highly developed, that the shields could be perfected and put into use and the shields were in such a way constructed that any type of energy which hit them were converted to shield usable something which has remained as such until this day.

    153. By being hit by foreign energy of every kind, what of course also includes shield-compliant energy, do the shields therefore neither become weakened nor destroyed, but they immediately and without time delay convert the energy which hit them into own energy and strengthen thus the power of their own shield.

    154. In other words:

    155. There occurs without time delay an energy transformation of the shield energy, by which these accumulates every new incoming energy batch in any form, from ray weapons or cosmic energy.

    156. This means that the more energy hits the shields, the stronger they become.


    Whereby it then makes no difference which form of energy hits the shield because it automatically converts all kind of energy which strikes it for own use.


    157. Yes, that’s what I explained.

    German original

    Billy Doch lassen wir das, denn ich habe noch etliche Fragen, die wichtiger sind . Hier z.B.: Schutzschilde der Raumschiffe. – Wie du ja weisst, werden praktisch rund um die Welt von allen TV-Stationen Science-fiction-Filme ausgestrahlt – auch in den Kinos werden solche vorgeführt, wobei natürlich in der Regel immer die Ausserirdischen die Bösen sind, die die Erdenmenschen umbringen und die Erde zerstören oder diese für sich erobern und besiedeln wollen, was natürlich blanker Unsinn ist. In diesen Filmen wird nun regelmässig dargestellt, dass die Energie-Schutzschilde der Raumschiffe jeweils prozentmässig an Kraft und Schutzfunktion einbüssen, wenn Energien irgendwelcher Art auf diese treffen. Diese anderen, fremden Energien sind in der Regel natürlich solche, die aus feindlichen Strahlenwaffen von Feindobjekten abgeschossen resp. abgestrahlt werden. Die Frage dazu ist nun die, inwieweit ein solcher Energieschutzschild in massgebender Zeit wieder aufgebaut werden kann, damit wieder ein vollumfänglicher Schutz gegeben ist. Solche Schutzschirme gibt es ja tatsächlich, wie ich von euch Weiss, folglich das in den Filmen Dargestellte nicht einfach einer unerfüllbaren Phantasie entspricht. Und wie du mir einmal erklärtest, arbeiten ja auch unsere irdischen Wissenschaftler an solchen Schutzschirmen, auch wenn alles noch unter Geheimhaltung fällt.


    142. Wobei sich die diesbezüglichen Erfolge bereits sehen lassen dürfen – wenn es sich eben nicht um Geheimprojekte handelte.

    143. Deine frage aber kann ich folgendermassen beantworten:

    144. Es kommt immer darauf an, welche Energien für einen Schutzschild Verwendung finden, in welchem Masse sie Anwendung finden und wie sie zur Anwendung gebracht werden können.

    145. Wie dir ja sehr wohl bekannt ist, sind Energien nicht einfach Energien, das muss ja wirklich nicht speziell im einzelnen erklärt werden, folglich nur zu sagen ist, dass in der Regel verschiedene Techniken der Schutzschildnutzung auch verschiedene Energieformen aufweisen, aus denen Energie-Schutzschilde eben erzeugt werden können.

    146. Die Schutzschilde selbst können auch sehr unterschiedlich sein, so im einen, dass sie ein Raumschiff oder ein sonstiges Fluggerät usw. Nur sektorenweise oder eben vollumfänglich schützen.

    147. Damit soll erklärt sein, dass ein Raumschiff, ein sonstiges Fluggerät, ein Mensch, ein Roboter oder Android oder sonst etwas Beliebiges mit einem einzigen vollumfänglichen Schutzschild geschützt werden kann oder mit einem, der aus mehreren Teilen resp. Sektoren besteht.

    148. Ein vollumfänglicher Schutzschild verfügt über eine Haupt- und eine Reserve-Energie-Quelle, w ährend ein Teil- resp. Sektoren- Schutzschild für jeden Sektor eine eigene Haupt- und Reserve-Energie-Quelle hat, folglich die einzelnen Sektoren untereinander unabhängig sind.


    Und, welche Form von Energie-Schutzschild findet bei euch Verwendung?


    149. Wir benutzen ausschliesslich ganzheitliche Schutzschilde, und zwar sowohl für die Raumschiffe und sonstigen Fluggeräte wie auch für die Menschen und alle Dinge, die in dieser Form geschützt werden müssen.

    150. Unsere Energie-Schutzschilde arbeiten jedoch nicht in der Art, wie in euren Science-fiction-Filmen dargestellt wird, dass die Schutzschilde eben geschwächt werden, wenn Fremdenergien von Strahlenwaffen oder von kosmischen Energiefeldern resp. Energiestössen auf die Schilde auftreffen, wodurch diese in ihrer Kapazität resp. Leistung geschwächt werden.

    151. Diese form der Schutzschild-Entwicklung entspricht nur einer anfänglichen, und diese Phase haben wir schon vor Jahrtausenden hinter uns gelassen.

    152. Schon vor mehr als 40 000 Jahren erfuhr unsere diesbezügliche Technik eine derart hohe Entwicklung, dass die Schutzschilde perfektioniert und in Gebrauch gesetzt werden konnten, wobei die Schilde derart konstruiert wurden, dass jegliche Art von Energien, die auf sie trafen, schildnutzbar umgewandelt wurden, was sich bis heute so erhalten hat.

    153. Durch das Auftreffen von Fremdenergien jeder Art, wozu natürlich auch schutzschildkonforme Energien zählen, werden die Schutzschilde also weder geschwächt noch zerstört, sondern sie wandeln die auftreffende Energie sofort und ohne Zeitverlust in Eigenenergie um und verstärken so die Kraft des eigenen Schildes.

    154. Anders gesagt:

    155. Es erfolgt ohne Zeitverlust eine Energieumformung auf die Schutzschildenergie, wodurch diese mit jedem neu hinzukommenden Energieschub in irgendeiner Form von Strahlenwaffen oder kosmischer Energie kumuliert wird.

    156. Das bedeutet, dass je mehr Energie auf die Schutzschilde trifft, diese desto stärker werden.

    Billy Wobei es also egal ist, welche Energieform den Schutzschild trifft, weil dieser automatisch alle auf ihn auftreffende Energie jeglicher Art umwandelt und für sich nutzbar macht.


    157. Ja, das erklärte ich.


    Above Ptaah. Self portrait 15.5.2000.

    From one witness account:

    Short encounter with Ptaah

    “ It was yesterday, on Billys birthday 3rd February 1979, when I, Kalliope Meier, towards 2.30 PM came from the kitchen and stepped into our sitting room because I wanted to get something there. The door opened and I took the first step into the room when I stopped frightened because at the rear living room exit door stood a big male figure dressed in a strange grey outfit.

    A type of overall which in the neck featured a large round opening which obviously served for a helmet but which, however the man did not wear. Around the belt were mounted some strange things .Himself obviously startled, the bearded man looked at me for several seconds, then took a step backwards and reached with his left hand for a small device on his belt whereupon he simply, within a split second, disintegrated into nothing.

    He disappeared simply without a trace, in fact without noise. Still startled standing there, wild thoughts shot through my head, before it became clear to me that the man at whom I had been staring at for about 15 seconds, could have been no one else but Ptaah – the extraterrestrial friend of Billy. Billy’s description of this man fitted at least very precisely to the figure in the living room.

    And that it really was Ptaah, verified he to Billy, still on the same day, at 2.46 PM, thus about 15 minutes after the incident, did contact 108 take place, whereby as Billy explained, Ptaah told him that he had looked for him in the sitting room and in the bedroom, where in fact Billy still was minutes earlier, before Ptaah appeared, however he then went out through the bedroom-corriodor-exit door in order to go to the garage where he did something. After that took the contact place. " <Popi> Kalliope Meier-Zafiriou, Switzerland 3. February, 1979 Short encounter with Ptaah page 227 Zeugenbuch (2001) (Witness's book)The experiences with <Billy> Eduard Albert Meier, his abilities and contacts with the Plejaren people and their federation 1959-2001

    German original

    “ Es war gestern, Billys Geburtstag, der 3. Februar 1979, als ich, Kalliope Meier, gegen 14.30 Uhr von der Küche her kommend in unsere Wohnstube trat, weil ich dort etwas holen wollte. Die Tür öffnend, machte ich den ersten Schritt in den Raum, als ich erschreckt stehen blieb, den am hinteren Wohnraumausgang stand eine grosse männliche Gestalt, die in einen seltsamen grauen Anzug gekleidet war. Eine Art Overall, der am Hals eine grosse, runde Öffnung aufwies, die offenbar für einen Helm diente, den der Mann jedoch nicht trug. Rund um den Gürtel waren einige fremdartige Dinge angebracht. Offenbar selbst erschrocken, sah mich der bärtige Mann sekundenlang an, machte dann einen Schritt rückwärts und griff mit seiner linken Hand an ein kleines Gerät an seinem Gürtel, worauf er sich einfach von einem Sekundenbruchteil zum andern in nichts auflöste. Er verschwand einfach spurlos, und zwar ohne Geräusch. Noch immer erschrocken dastehend, schossen mir wilde Gedanken durch den Kopf, ehe es mir klar wurde, dass der Mann, den ich etwa 15 Sekunden angestarrt hatte, niemand anderes als Ptaah gewesen sein konnte – der ausserirdische Freund von Billy. Billys Beschreibung von diesem Mann passte jedenfalls sehr genau zur Erscheinung im Wohnraum. Und dass es tatsächlich Ptaah gewesen war, bestätigte er gegenüber Billy noch am gleichen Tag, den um 14.46 Uhr, also etwa 15 Minuten nach dem Vorfall, fand der 108. Kontakt statt, wobei, wie Billy erklärte, Ptaah ihm sagte, dass er ihn in den Wohnstube und im Schlafzimmer gesucht hätte, wo Billy Minuten zuvor, ehe Ptaah in Erscheinung trat, tatsächlich noch war, jedoch dann zur Schlafzimmer-Gang-Aussentür hinausging, um zur Garage zu gehen, wo er etwas erledigte. Danach fand dann der Kontakt statt” <Popi> Kalliope Meier-Zafiriou, Schweiz 3.Februar 1979 Seite 227 Kurze Begegnung mit Ptaah Zeugenbuch (2001) Zu Erlebnissen mit <Billy> Eduard Albert Meier, seinen Fähigkeiten und Kontakten mit Menschen der Plejaren und ihrer Föderation 1959-2001

    View protective shield

    By using a light and ray breaking technology their ships becomes invisible. They create a cloaking screen around them, which as a rule is always used when flying in our atmosphere. But not only the Plejaran extraterrestrials and their federation members do this. Other extraterrestrial races, not in contact with them, but visiting our planet use this technology as well. This according to information passed on to Billy Meier in the contact notes. In one instance it came up when Billy Meier enquired about a photo taken near the Center by a passive group member. He was told a mysterious discus shaped cloud formation was a Plejaran beam ship partly cloaked taken the split second it was partly visible due to a frequency change of its shield. Their craft that day was surveilling another craft, not belonging to them, using a cloaking screen as well but one which was less advanced than theirs so they were able to surveil them. For us, both crafts would appear invisible.

    It is here claimed visible light can be manipulated by technology. Light after all, is only one part of the electromagnetic spectrum – definition:

    The electromagnetic spectrum:

    The "electromagnetic spectrum" is simply a phrase used to describe electromagnetic radiation of all wavelengths. This includes radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, x rays, gamma rays, and other electromagnetic radiation of longer and shorter wavelengths. Note that the names given to various portions of the spectrum are simply arbitrary labels imposed by humans; there is no definite wavelength where "radio waves" cease to be radio waves and suddenly become "microwaves". Rather, the various portions of the spectrum blend into one another and waves in between radio waves and microwaves interact with matter in a manner in between radio waves and microwaves. It is important to remember that there is no fundamental difference between any portion of the electromagnetic spectrum other than wavelength (and its dependent properties, frequency and energy). A radio wave is electromagnetic radiation of a long wavelength, and x rays are electromagnetic radiation of a shorter wavelength, but they are both electromagnetic radiation and their behaviour is governed by the same laws. Source


    Above Not a cloud, but a discus shaped formation with a metallic core according to an analysis of the photo. A semi cloaked Plejaran beam ship according to Billy Meier. Photo taken by Bernhard Kellner Germany just above Schmidrüti, near Semjase Silver Star Center on May 9th 1998. From left to right: Philip Mc Ainey (Canada), Rita Keoughan (Canada) and Klaus Wenz (Germany).


    Above Copy of an enlargement of the original picture which was made in a photo lab in Canada by a friend of Rita Keoughan.

    The statement

    A photocopy of a one A4 page statement related to above photo is printed in Block 8 page 70. It is written and signed Philip Mc Ainey, Kanada. He writes the photo was taken on Saturday the 9th of May 1998, during the lunch break of the yearly passive member meeting. The time was 1300 when Rita Keoughan and he were walking on the road above Semjase-Silver-Star-Center. They were both passive members from Canada. Rita then said they should take a photo. They met another passive group member, Klaus Wenz from Germany walking on the road direction Hamberg-Sitzberg so they asked him to hold the camera belonging to Rita and take a photo of Rita and himself. Philip then gave Klaus his camera and so he took another photo with that camera as well. As this took place a fourth passive group member came walking by named Bernhard Kellner, another German. Rita called him over and asked him to take a photo of the three of them. Bernhard Kellner then took the photo of Klaus, Rita and Philip. This became the photo where the beam ship appeared in the background. Here are three main points Philip states:

    - Back in Canada Rita emailed him her photo where Philip immediately noted the strange ‘cloud’ in the background. He then compared her photo with his own, the photo taken by his own camera with only 30 seconds difference. On his photo, in the same location, there was no ‘cloud’ to be seen which he found strange and told Rita.

    - When Rita heard this she said one of her friends could analyse her photo to find out what the mysterious ‘cloud’ was. Two weeks later Rita emailed him the result of the analysis. It could not have been a cloud she wrote because the centre of the discus shaped formation it was clearly metallic.

    - The photo was then sent to Klaus Wenz, Germany. He forwarded it to Billy Meier who stated it was a Plejaran beamship. (See copy of contact notes below).

    The contact notes

    Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 8 printed Augsburg 2005 Page 69 Contact 272 held on the 16th of May 1999 page 68 and 69


    Thank you, - Okay, it was on the 8th of May, thus on the Passive member's Annual General Meeting evening, when Klaus Wenz, a passive member from Germany, showed me a photo and various enlargements of it. In the picture were himself, together with the passive members Philip McAiney and Rita Keoughan from Canada to be seen – photographed by the German passive member Bernhard Kellner.

    Now, on the photo which was taken up above of Semjase-Silver-Star-Center, was in the sky, in the background above a spruce pennant, something like a small grey-black little cloud to be seen, which one at first sight could not define as anything in particular. Only the enlargement of the <little cloud> proved something interesting, and in fact an object became visible, which for me definitely showed a beam ship of your design.

    The photo was taken on the 9th May, 1998, around 13.00 h, at lunch time at the Passive member's Annual General Meeting last year. Now to that is my question: Is it possible that some of you at the time cruised around in the Centre surroundings and deliberately or unintentionally was captured on the film? Do you know something about that or can you inquire about it?


    50. About that, I am able to remember very well, because Florena and I were at that point in time on the move in your airspace because we observed foreign aircrafts which also were active flying around in your immediate and wider airspace.

    51. Like us, they were shielded from any view for people on Earth and consequently could neither these strangers nor we be observed.

    52. Our advanced technology also allowed us to remain invisible for the strangers as well, consequently they had no clue about our presence.

    53. When now nevertheless, our aircraft is seen in the picture you mentioned, then this could be only be captured on the film during a tiny fraction of a second, and in fact at a moment when the safety automatic changed the frequency of the view protective shield.

    54. A procedure which can become necessary when foreign objects, for which one wants to remain invisible, enters in a too close range.

    55. Is the aircraft for a tiny fraction of a second visible, during such a procedure, then this happens only on the side facing away from the foreign aircraft, which guarantees that our aircraft cannot be seen and not be located.

    56. Now however, If our aircraft was photographed by the person you mentioned, then this corresponds to a nearly unbelievable luck and a coincidence which happens only once in a million of similar cases when the view shield-switch automatic is delayed for a split second.

    German original


    Danke, - Gut, es war am 8. Mai, also am Passiv-GV-Abend, als mir Klaus Wenz, ein Passiv-Mitglied aus Deutschland, ein Photo und verschiedene Vergrößerungen davon zeigte. Auf dem Bild waren er selbst nebst den Passiv Mitgliedern Philip McAiney und Rita Keoughan aus Kanada zu sehen – photographiert vom deutschen Passiv Mitglied Bernhard Kellner. Nun, auf dem Photo, das oberhalb des Semjase-Silver-Star-Centers aufgenommen wurde, war am Himmel im Hintergrund über einem Fichtenwimpel etwas wie ein kleines grau-schwarzes Wölkchen zue sehen, das man auf den ersten Blick nicht als etwas Bestimmtes definieren konnte. Erst die Vergrösserungen des <Wölkchen> ergaben etwas interessantes, und zwar wurde ein Objekt sichtbar, das für mich eindeutig ein Strahlschiff eurer Bauart darstellte. Das Photo wurde am 9. Mai 1998, um 13.00 h aufgenommen, zur Mittagszeit bei der letzjährigen Passiv- General-Versammlung. Dazu nun meine Frage: Ist es möglich, dass jemand von euch zu jener Zeit in der Center-Umgebung herumkurvte und sich willentlich oder unwillentlich auf den Film bannen liess? Weisst du etwas darüber oder kannst du dich danach erkundigen?


    50. Daran vermag ich mich sehr gut zu erinnern, denn Florena und ich waren zu jenem Zeitpunkt in eurem Luftraum unterwegs, weil wir fremde Fluggeräte beobachten, die ebenfalls in eurem näheren und weiteren Luftraum umherfliegende tätig waren.

    51. Wie wir selbst, waren sie gegen jede Sicht für Menschen von der Erde abgeschirmt, folglich weder diese Fremden noch wir selbst beobachtet werden konnten.

    52. Unsere weitentwickelte Technik erlaubte es uns auch, dass wir auch für die Fremden unsichtbar blieben, folglich diese keine Ahnung von unserer Gegenwart hatten.

    53. Wenn nun aber trotzdem auf dem von dir genannten Bild unser Fluggerät zu sehen ist, dann konnte dies nur während eines winzigen Sekundenbruchteils auf den Film gebannt werden, und zwar in einem Moment, als die Sicherheitsautomatik die Frequenz des Sichtschutz-Schildes veränderte.

    54. Ein vorgang, der nötig werden kann, wenn fremde Objekte, für die man unsichtbar und unortbar bleiben will, in einen zu nahen Bereich geraten.

    55. Wird bei einem solchen Vorgang das Fluggerät für einen winzigen Sekundenbruchteil sichtbar, dann geschieht dies jedoch nur auf der dem fremden Objekt abgewandten Seite, was gewährleistet, dass unser Fluggerät nicht gesehen und nicht geortet werden kann.

    56. Wurde unser Fluggerät nun aber von der von dir genannten Person photographiert, dann entspricht das einem beinahe unglaublichen Glück und einer Fügung, die unter Millionen von ähnlichen Fällen nur einmal in Erscheinung tritt, wenn die Sichtschutz-Schaltautomatik sich für eienen Sekundenbruchteil verzögert.

    Energy burning

    We know that the atmosphere has electrons and enery. We have seen a thunderstorm produce lightening bolts, measured well in excess of 250 000 Ampere. But electrical energy burning is a phenomenon unknown to us. In this process energy is first accumulated by extracting electricity from the atmosphere around. Next the accumulated energy is eliminated through a special burn process which produces a drizzle of sparkles, falling down like rain.

    Contact notes. Definiton

    Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, block 2 printed Augsburg in 2003 page 102 and 103 Contact 48 held on the 14th of March 00.04 o'clock (Midnight)


    Besides, unfortunately also today I had to be brought over here by car, because yesterday the gas cable in my vehicle was torn. My colleague Jacobus has brought me here, and now he waits all alone out on a limb about two kilometres from here.


    5. This is very friendly of him, he is rather helpful.

    6. Recommend him my thanks.

    7. Attending to my efforts should not be in vain for him.

    8. When I depart, I will render him my thanks in the way that he can see my beam ship.

    9. In addition, I will give him a small demonstration, by undertaking an electric energy-elimination which he can observe very well.

    10. It involves that I bring about an energy concentration with electricity to be sucked from the atmosphere which I then totally eliminate through a burn process.

    11. However, he must be a little bit patient because I may not do it under a height of 2,500 meters since the burning energy falls to earth and is very hot.

    12. So that he can observe everything properly, I will climb very slowly.


    2. He should also be able to see my ship, when I fly away.

    3. Now, however, to other things: ….

    German original


    Leider, ausserdem musste ich heute auch mit einem Auto hierher gebracht werden, denn gestern ist mir an meinem Vehikel das Gaskabel gerissen. Mein Kollege Jacobus hat mich hergebracht, und jetzt wartet er mutterseelenallein auf weiter Flur etwa zwei Kilometer von hier.


    5. Das ist sehr freundlich von ihm, er ist recht hilfsbereit.

    6. Empfehle ihm meinem Dank.

    7. Er soll meine Mühe nicht umsonst gemacht haben.

    8. Wenn ich weggehe, werde ich ihm meinen Dank erweisen dadurch, dass er mein Strahlschiff sehen kann.

    9. Ausserdem werde ich ihm eine kleine Demonstration geben, indem ich eine elektrische Energi-Eliminierung vornehme, die er sehr gut beobachten kann.

    10. Es handelt sich dabei darum, dass ich eine energieballung zustande bringe mit aus der Atmosphäre anzusaugender Elektrizität, die ich dann durch einen Verbrennungsprozess total eliminiere.

    11. Er muss sich allerdings etwas gedulden, denn unter einer Höhe von 2500 Metern darf ich das nicht tun, weil die verbrennende Energie zur Erde fällt und sehr heiss ist.

    12. Damit er alles genau beobachten kann, werde ich sehr langsam hochsteigen.


    2. Er soll auch mein Schiff sehen dürfen, wenn ich wegfliege.

    3. Nun aber zu anderen Dingen:…..


    Above It was here at Bäretswil bei Bettswil in Zürcher Oberland that Jakob Bertchinger was waiting by his car just past midnight on the 14h of March 1976 when he witnessed the demonstration.


    Above Electric Energy elimination as witnessed by Jakob Bertchinger

    ".... The night was still rather cold something which made the waiting not exactly pleasant, because I stood in the open and observed the immediate and more distant surroundings.

    The time did not stand still and thus it became 00.40 h, as I suddenly saw in northerly direction above the fir treetops a dark yellow-coloured light which was stationary and which came out of nowhere. My first thought was that it could be a house in which the light simply had been switched on.

    However, this suddenly seemed a little bit strange to me, because above the fir treetops and in addition to that, in the middle of the forest there could be no house. This prompted me to monitor the light more closely. It was still simply stationary and immobile, however it then indiscernibly began slowly to move and roamed slowly away above the fir treetops . It then went quicker and quicker and rose higher.

    Seen from my viewpoint and according to my estimate I observed it so long as until it had risen to a height of approx. 200 to 300 meter , whereby it slowly changed its dark yellow colour to a deep dark red. In the aforesaid height, the light stood still for a few moments, next it started moving in the same manner, with an exact course towards me. This happened with sudden great speed whereby the approaching light increasingly grew in size and at the same time again changed it's colour, this time to a milky white.

    The ball of light then all of a sudden again stood still, while I awaited the things which probably now had to come. It should also here be mentioned that the light object during its flight climbed unstoppably upwards and was now located in about 2000 to 3,000 meter height. Underneath the light ball started now suddenly a true spark rain to come down – like with a gigantic fireworks display – probably around 150 to 200 meter in length.

    This phenomenon was coupled with very strong noise, just as when two non isolated electric high voltage cables for a longer period are touching each other. Following this a clear bang could be heard. Then everything started to develop in reverse, exactly like it just had begun. The ball of light went again away, rose higher and floated quietly from there northward to shortly after immerse into a high hanging cloud and disappear. ....."

    Eye witness Jakob Bertschinger, part of statement he signed Pfäffikon, 20th April, 1976

    German original

    "....Die Nacht war noch recht kalt, was das Warten nicht gerade angenehm machte, denn ich stand im Freien und beobachtete die nähere und weitere Umgebung. Die Zeit stand nicht still und so wurde es 00.40 h, da erblickte ich plötzlich in nördlicher Richtung über den Tannenwipfeln ein dunkelgelbfarbenes Licht, das stationär war und wie aus dem Nichts auftauchte. Mein erster gedanke war, dass es sich dabei um ein Haus handeln könnte in dem einfach Licht eingeschaltet worden war. Dies aber erschien mir plötzlich etwas seltsam, denn über den Tannenwipfeln und dazu noch mitten im Wald konnte sich doch kein Haus befinden. Dies regte mich an, das Licht etwas genauer zu beobachten. Noch war es einfach stationär und unbeweglich,doch da began es sich unmerklich langsam zu bewegen und langsam über die Tannenwipfel hinweg-zu-streichen. Dann wurde es schneller und schneller und stieg höher.

    Von meinem Standpunkt aus gesehen und meiner Schätzung nach beobachtete ich es solange, bis es auf ca. 200 bis 300 meter Höhe gestiegen war, wobei es langsam seine dunkelgelbe Farbe in ein tiefes Dunkel rot veränderte . Auf besagter Höhe angelangt, stand das Licht für einige Augenblicke still, setzte sich danach aber gleich wieder in Bewegung , mit genauem Kurs an mich zu. Das geschah mit plötzlicher enormer Geschwindigkeit, wobei sich das Licht mit dem Herannahen zusehends vergrösserte und dabei wiederum seine Färbe änderte, diesmal in ein milchiges Weiss.

    Dann stand die Lichtkugel wieder plötzlich still, während ich der Dinge harrte, die nun wohl kommen mussten. Zu erwähnen ist dabei noch, dass das Lichtobjekt während seines Fluges unaufhaltsam hochgestiegen war und sich nun in etwa 2000 bis 3000 Meter Höhe befand. Unterhalb der Lichtkugel begann nun plötzlich ein wahrer Funkenregen nieder zu gehen – wie bei einem gigantischen Feuerwerk – wohl an die 150 bis 200 Meter lang. Diese Erscheinung war mit äusserst starken Geräuschen verbunden, gerade so, wie wenn zwei nicht isolierte elektrische Starkstromkabel für längere Zeit sich berührt hätten. Anschliessend war ein deutlicher Knall hörbar . Danach began sich alles rückwärts zu entwickeln, so wie es eben begonnen hatte. Die Lichtkugel entfernte sich wieder, stieg höher und schwebte ruhig nordwärts davon, um bald danach ins hochhängend Gewölk einzutauchen und zu verschwinden. ..."

    Teil der Erklärung von Zeuge Jakob Bertschinger die er unterschrieb Pfäffikon, 20. April 1976

    Energy burning

    Guido Mosbrugger

    Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gesprächte, Block 2 printed Augsburg 2003 page 207 Statement related to unofficial night time contact held 13 June 1976

    This took place during an unofficial contact Billy Meier had with Semjase 13 June 1976 early AM . Guido wrote a 3 page statement supported with very good night time photos. And there were several other witnesses present with him that night. Guido was given 3 days advanced notice from Billy that Semjase would perform the demonstration for the purpose of delivering evidence. Because of this advanced notice, he was able to get hold of proper photo equipment ; telephoto lens, tripod and light sensitive dias colour film.


    Above Guido Moosbrugger , photographed in 2000, worked as a school principal at a school in Austria when he on the 13th of June 1976 together with a group of other witnesses followed Billy Meier to a remote area in the Swiss outback. This was the second time he followed Billy to a contact. By the use of a telephoto lens he that night captured sharp images of Semjases’ beam ship performing an energy burning. Guido was later given the task by Billy to outlay and explain technical information passed on to him from the extra-terrestrials. He authored two books about about Billy Meier UFO case Und sie fliegen doch! (1991) and Flugreisen durch Zeit und Raum Reale Zeitreisen (2001)


    Above Photo Nr. 567 taken at 02.15 h 13.June.1976 by Guido Moosbrugger. Place Winkelriet / Wetzikon

    Semjases’s beamship radiating intensive light during night demonstration. Witnesses listed as being present when when Guido took this photo were: Margaret Flammer, Olga Walder, Amanda Stetter, Hans Schutzbach and Konrad Schutzbach.


    Above Photo Nr. 568 taken one minute after the above, at 02.16 h 13 June 1976 by Guido Moosbrugger. Place: Winkelriet / Wetzikon

    The beamship has now entered the phase of energy burning. Below is part of Guiodo’s statement where he is describing what he witnessed:

    "...Shortly after shone the third disc towards us in a higher position. According to the statement from the ladies should this have been three-coloured, what I personally really did not witness because I at that time was occupied with the adjustment of the camera. Soon afterwards quite high above the horizon appeared a silver disc which dropped a glittering drizzle straight down. For a better understanding I would like explicitly to emphasise that this so-called energy burning in fact is generated from the spaceship but is in no way identical with the figure itself.

    Finally, we could after the demonstration track the slow departure of the space ship in the form of a red point, which rose high in the sky and was thereby getting smaller until it finally vanished from our view. The whole performance had lasted no longer than 10 minutes.

    Towards half past two o'clock on a narrow farm road rattled a motorbike towards us from the mentioned direction. It was a Herr Meier who after the contact also had observed and taken photos of the demonstration. He informed us that Semjase has flown over Austria and on her return once again would land, albeit at another location... ”

    ' … Part of statement by Guido Moosbrugger and photos taken by him on the 13th of June, 1976. Photo equipment: Telephoto lens, tripod, light sensitive Dias colour film

    German original

    “... Bald danach leuchtete uns in höherer Position die dritte Scheibe entgegen. Nach Aussage der Damen soll diese dreifarbig gewesen sein, was ich persönlich nicht so recht mitbekommen habe, weil ich zu diesem Zeitpunkt mit dem Höherstellen der Kamera beschäftig war. Bald darauf erschien ziemlich hoch über dem Horizont eine silberne Scheibe, die einen glitzernden Sprühregen lotrecht nach unten fallen ließ. Zum besseren Verständnis möchte ich ausdrücklich betonen, daß diese sogenannten Energieverbrennungen zwar vom Raumschiff aus erzeugt werden, jedoch mit der Gestalt desselben keineswegs identisch sind. Schließlich konnten wir nach der Deomonstration den langsamen Abflug des Raumschiffes verfolgen in Form eines roten Punktes, der am Himmel hochstieg und dabei immer kleiner wurde, bis er endgültig unseren Blicken entschwand. Die gesamte Darbietung hatte nicht länger als 10 Minuten gedauert. Gegen halb drei Uhr ratterte uns auf einem schmalen Feldweg ein Moped aus der genannten Richtung entgegen. Es war H. Meier, der nach dem Kontakt die Demonstration ebenfalls beobachtet und fotografiert hatte. Er teilte uns mit, daß Semjase nach Österreich rübergeflogen sei und auf ihrem Rückflug noch einmal landen werde, allerdings an einer anderen Stelle...” Urheber Guido Moosbrugger 13 Juni 1976. Photo Geräte : Teleobjektiv, Dreibein, Lichtempfindlichen Diafarbfilm.

    In Stimme der WASSERMANZEIT. WISSENWERTES aus Grenz- und Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologiestudien Nr. 1 September 1976 Billy wrote that as a rule, people who escorted him could potentially see no more than a landed beam ship or a beam ship taking off, but only in quite some distance away. The distance would always be more than 500 meter away. But in practical terms nobody would be able to see the ships when they were landed because they always and without exception landed and remained hidden within openings of the forest or at the forest edge. Which meant they would not be visible from a large distance away. At day contacts another circumstance came into play. The ships then used a light and ray breaking technology having the effect that it made their ships invisible to bystanders. Not even from an airplane could it then be spotted when it is flew away. The landing places were always chosen in hidden and remote areas with no people around.

    Jakob Bertschinger wrote in his statement, which involved a night contact “….it became 00.40 h, as I suddenly saw in northerly direction above the fir treetops a dark yellow-coloured light which was stationary and which came out of nowhere”. Gudio wrote in his statement, which also related to a night contact. “Neither from the landing nor from the take-off of the spaceship did we see or hear the slightest.” This could suggest the cloaking screen was used at night time contacts as well. It could indicate that the view protective shield was activated at a certain height above the landing area. So that it actually would land in an invisible state. It could be part of their safety measures as it would make it harder for any unwanted bystanders to pinpoint the exact location where the face to face contact was taking place.

  • Registered Users Posts: 361 ✭✭Cokeistan

    This has to be the most far fetched story I have ever heard, and I would see myself as a believer of UFO phenomenon.

    The picture of the Alien with the "ray gun" is the biggest load of bollocks, it's clearly a woman dressed up in an orange suit? But according to Billy Meier these Aliens look identical to humans. Why should organisms that evolve on a planet hundreds of light years away with most likely different atmospheric conditions look exactly the same as humans?

    I just can't imagine why anyone would believe this nut case!!

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  • Registered Users Posts: 42 bergheim

    I completely disagree. I view the opposite as being logical.

    The building materials in the Universe are the same. We have found ice in meteors, water on Mars. And all sorts of elements and gases in Space are the same as on Earth.

    We can therefore expect many planets out there to have parallel conditions to Earth. Planets which eventually will bring forth humans in their evolution over time, just like on Earth.

    Even if a variety of other life exists in the Universe, it is still the most logical that we are being contacted by other humans on the basis of like seeking like. That is, humans in the Universe, who see us being similar to them, are also the most likely to contact us.

  • Registered Users Posts: 191 ✭✭Trine

    "We had already been to every toy supplier in Switzerland and failed to find any toy weapon anything like the laser pistol Meier photographed. A search of sporting goods stores was equally fruitless. To this day we have never found a match for that laser pistol."

    Is that really any surprise? Does that pass as good evidence that it's a real "alien laser pistol"? Because they couldn't find it in a toy shop? Jesus, some "investigation"...

    Put yourself in the hoaxer's shoes. If I was to dress somebody up as an alien, I sure wouldn't buy a plastic gun from a local toy store. I'd modify it, or make my own. If he is capable of making convincing UFO models (or however he achieved the craft pics), putting together a pistol for a badly staged, badly focused portrait would be no problem.

    The photo alone of the female alien really blows this whole story out of the airlock. It's ridiculous. And a pity really...if he had taken as much time to fake that photo properly as he did for the (impressive) spacecraft photos and the rest of his story, he could have had something. As it stands, it's absolute rubbish, and that is why this particular hoax doesn't stand up or is as well known as others.

  • Registered Users Posts: 42 bergheim

    Well, don’t forget they also left behind a nicely shot hole in the tree. The investigator also found burn marks which went along a straight line. This lend further support to that this was no toy gun, but a real ray gun.

  • Registered Users Posts: 42 bergheim


  • Registered Users Posts: 30,123 ✭✭✭✭Star Lord

    Bernhiem as you're obviously lifting this content from elsewhere, I'm going to have to ask you to limit it to a paragraph at most, with a link to the source, rather than copying and pasting a wall of text from someone else's material.

  • Registered Users Posts: 42 bergheim

    Dame El Diablo,
    Since that is how you look at it, I have deleted my last post. So done.
    I am also done posting here.

  • Registered Users Posts: 30,123 ✭✭✭✭Star Lord

    I meant that as in if you're copying content from another site, you should be providing links back to the source, and not copying large amounts of information that has been published elsewhere.

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 598 ✭✭✭dyer

    this goes through and debunks his claims

  • Registered Users Posts: 42 bergheim

    Dame El Diablo,

    Ok then, thanks for clarifying. I know what you mean now. Thanks.:)

  • Registered Users Posts: 79 ✭✭FishHook

    I love the way these photos were taken in the 1970s, and the 'alien' looks like something straight out of a glam rock band!!!! Very with the times :D!!!!

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  • Closed Accounts Posts: 5,724 ✭✭✭tallaghtmick

    bergheim wrote: »
    This article is built around Billy Meier’s' space journey. A five day journey in deep space. He was picked up from a location not far from Hinwil in Switzerland by Semjase. The beam ship too him out to other planets in our solar system first, and next to a mother ship present in our solar system. The journey continued to extremely distant locations in our universe.
    This article also include:
    - A photo where the extra terrestrial woman Alena from the Lyra Star
    constellation can be partly seen.

    - Copy of a 8000 year old lyrian writing
    - Copy of the letter Semjase wrote to the group in Switzerland .. and more..
    Link to article here :

    Now im a man who loves all things alien/ufo but this was my face when I seen that picture of "Alena"


  • Registered Users Posts: 42 bergheim


    Looks like I am the sole defender of the case around here.

    Well then.

    There are of course many things which can be said about that video, but let’s look at one segment.

    The jerky pendulum movement around the three, where it here has been assumed that Billy had filmed a model.

    Now this was one of the things that puzzled me as well when I heard about the case in the beginning. Namely why would Billy film a beam ship in a pendulum movement around a three, which he clearly would know would arouse suspicion, when on the other hand he simultaneously filmed three beam ships wobbling in the air all at once, within the same frame. A far more complicated manoeuvre to fake, since no trees around and since 3 objects all at once, all of them moving.

    And let me add that Stevens’s investigator team. They were the first team to check it out, found no strings in any of the photos or film clips they analysed. They used Jim Dilettoso. The lab assistant seen in the move CONTACT (1982)

    So the super 8 clip we are talking about here, the one where the beam ship is flying in a jerky pendulum movement around a tree, is filmed on the 9th of July 1975 between the communities of Fuchsbüel and Hofhalden near Balm and Wetzikon.

    The official answer as to why the pendulum move was chosen is in Billy Meier’s contact notes, the recorded dialogue between himself and the extra-terrestrials . It is in contact 251 dated 3rd of February 1995. Billy here talks with the extra-terrestrial Ptaah. He tells him it they chose this manoeuvre for the following two main reasons. In short:

    To create controversy

    By duplicating the pendulum movement, they also duplicated a movement often used by swindlers using a model and string. They also noticed that this kind of faked material produced by these swindlers, appealed to some, most notably the so called ufologists.

    The swinging jerky pendulum movement here seen around the tree is not normally how their ships fly. They knew this would create controversy. They saw the advantage of creating controversy outweighing the disadvantage. The drawback being that many would accuse Billy of being a swindler.


    But, those with genuine interest in the case would see through this, and accept that the pendulum motion was artificially created for the controversy bit and look for other details. Which is not hard to do. Those people would rely on own thinking and not be deterred by slandering loudmouths.

    So this is the sort of people the extra-terrestrials preferred Billy to surround himself with, in his inner and wider group and also amongst his circle of friends. People being able to think for themselves, take a stand and rely on own judgement. This is a second reason here given by the extra-terrestrials. So this clip can be seen as being part of a filtering process.

    Taking a closer look one can see that the treetop is swaying as the ship flies around it. A tree also gives a good reference as to size of the ship. There are also other details. And a lab test would reveal more.

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 598 ✭✭✭dyer

    What about the fact his wife said it was all fake? as shown in the vid above, most of his "ufo's" were constructed with dinner plates and aluminium bin lids. Some of his photographs eg dinosaurs etc were lifted straight out of a book. its all a load of crap really, i'd put it up there with Scientology, it does nothing but damage the already precarious reputation of ufology.
    The swinging jerky pendulum movement here seen around the tree is not normally how their ships fly. They knew this would create controversy. They saw the advantage of creating controversy outweighing the disadvantage. The drawback being that many would accuse Billy of being a swindler.

    because he is.

  • Registered Users Posts: 42 bergheim


    Kalliope Meier and KKK’s debunking video

    Divorces can be ugly. Often jealousy is involved if the ex-partner has found a new one. Eva Bieri, Billy Meier’s new wife, had just got a daughter the year before this 1998 interview with Kalliope was conducted. So jealousy could be one motive. Money another. Wether she asked for money or not for this interview I don’t know. But I have no doubt that the organisation representing Korff (USA) and the organisation representing Burgin (Switzerland) would be more than willing to pay her a nice lump sum of money if she went on video and said the right things.

    What Kalliope forgot was that she also signed several written witness statement which went in favour of the case, such the one I listed above in this tread. That was the incident in 1979 where she stumbled upon the extra-terrestrial Ptaah. It is printed in Zeugenbuch (witness book) and also printed in the contact notes. In the copy printed in the German contact notes, her signature can be seen on the statement.

    All of her three children disagreed with the actions she took after the divorce from Billy Meier and they all sided with the father. They also made observations and experienced things over the years which convinced them that their father had real extra-terrestrial contact.

    Metusalem Meier – son

    Spoke in favour of Billy Meier at the IUFOC conference, titled The Billy Meier case reopened, in Laughlin Nevada 1999.

    Atlantis Meier – son

    Became a member of the core group in 2002

    Gilgamesha Meier – daughter

    Expedited my purchase of books and publications when I visited the center at Hinterschmidruti, Switzeralnd July 2006.

    The 10 pct of gross earnings – core group members

    Korff also tries to make a point out of the fees payable by the core group members. First of all the fees paid by the members did not go to Billy personally but to the organisation where all core group members had ownership. The same organisation owning and controlling the Center along with its assets and publications like the contact notes.

    In 2006 it had 35 members according to the DVD they then published, called Die Mitglieder der Kerngruppe der 49 stellen sich vor (“The members of the core group of 49 presents themselves”. Interviews recorded summer 2006). The fees paid by the core group members were set at a level necessary to cover operating costs of the Center and also printing of publications.

    The printing in later years were shifted to Augsburg, South Germany for better quality. Alone the printing of one A5 book like Lehre und Künder der Wahreit (The teaching and Announcer of Truth) cost in 2006 CHF 20 000.- to print. The contact notes, each block 500 A4 pages in hardcover, would come in at a far higher price tag.

    Of course some money would be recouped from sale, but a lot of money would also be tied up in inventory. More than 40 books have been published by Billy Meier under his own name and more than 50 published when including the contact notes and books written by some of the core group members. Not possible to do without each member chipping in a minimum fee.

    The core group would be for people living within a certain travel distance from the Center as members in this group required to meet every 2nd Saturday, besides doing other duties such as guarding the property at night. So members in this group would need to live close by. Meaning for people living in Switzerland Austria or South Germany.

    Passive Group and Supporter group

    I was until 2008 member of the so called PASSIV-GRUPPE und GEISTESLEHRE –STUDIUM. I paid a lot less than those in the Core group. The passive group counted about 250 members in 2006 and the income from this group was rather modest. I paid CHF 30 as a yearly fee. I then paid 7 pct of a monthly fee, but paid only once over the year. In addition I paid CHF 210.- in lieu of not working the required 3 days pro year at the Center, except in 2006 when I travelled there and worked these 3 days. However I got free lunch and dinner when I was there, so I view my net contribution being rather modest.

    Now the spiritual teaching study was paid directly to Billy Meier’s own account. But that was only CHF 45 per dispatch of about 55 A4 pages every 4 months. Postage added on top. So over the year only CHF 135.- to Billy Meier personally. But after all it cost him a lot of work to write it. Then cost to print it. As per 2006 he had 365 spiritual teaching letters printed up and in stock (each dispatch consisted of 4 letters). So that meant he had 5000 A4 pages of spiritual teaching printed up and stored. More Inventory which cost money to make in the first place.

    Everything was very modest at the Center. The kitchen was of a standard commonly found on European farm in the 1960’s. It was exactly as in seen in the movie CONTACT (1982). Very modest. Stoves used for cooking etc. So if Billy was earning fat profit from anything he sold, it was not visible to me anywhere.

    Instead everything I saw indicated that whatever money he and the group took in from sales, fees and donations went to print up more material.

    And any money spare went to help people locally and abroad. On Wednesdays he went shopping to buy basic food stuff which he donated locally. To the poor and to the needy in the district.

    In the beginning of the 1980’s this kind of help and assistance became more organized and he formed Aktiv Allianz. An offshoot supported by all group members. In the 1990’s at a time when conditions were quite dire for many Russians, assistance also went there. In the book Aus den Tiefen des Weltenraums.. (1997) he wrote that they assisted a dozen of families in Western Siberia. Every month they sent each family a packet of 10 kg with groceries. In addition, sporadically, they also posted packets of cloths to them. This action was called Russlandshilfe (Help to Russia).

  • Registered Users Posts: 42 bergheim

    During my 3 days’ work duty, on July 6 2006, I had a long chat one evening over a cup of coffee in the kitchen at the Center with one core group member named Alfred Kropf, better known as Freddy Kropf. He is a well-known witness in the Billy Meier UFO case. On many occasions he took photos of the UFO’s, which Billy Meier verified were space craft’s being piloted by the Plejaran extra-terrestrials or their federation members

    Freddy took many good night time photos. They are printed in the coffee table sized Photo book. Furthermore, the circumstances surrounding these photos is written in the form of statements in the Zeugenbuch (The witness book) , where he has several entries, the first one in 1983, as well as in the German contact notes.

    One series of very good photographs was taken by Freddy on the 25th of October 1988. It was late evening and he was walking outside of Semjase Silver Star Center at about 11.40 PM, so just prior to midnight.

    It was full moon and no clouds so he took with his camera to take some photos of the full moon. Lacking a tripod, he instead rested the camera on the rear window of his car in an angular position. The camera was adjusted to automatically take one photo per 4 second. So within 18 seconds he shot 4 photos of the full moon.

    Freddy never saw any UFO when he photographed the moon that evening. It was first when he developed the film, that he became aware that a bright shining UFO was captured on all 4 photographs. It was positioned beside the full moon, but in different locations vis-a-vis the moon in each photo. In one photo the UFO was over the moon. On two of the photos it was under the moon. And on the fourth it was under to the left of the moon.

    The UFO was as shining like a sun and appeared on the photo five times larger than the full moon itself. The comparison in size can easily be seen on the photographs since the full moon and the UFO appear within the same frame in all four of them. These photographs are in colour and are of good quality.

    Freddy was living on the Center when I was there in 2006 and had a full time job outside. He stated to me that he definitely took these photos. I think he was telling the truth. I think he did take them. It brings up the following questions:

    Was it a space ship he photographed, and if so, who did it belong to?

    Was he monitored from the space ship so that exact timing for appearing visible was calculated?

    Was he monitored from the space ship so that exact angle on his camera was calculated?

    Why did he not see the UFO with his own eyes since on the photographs, the UFO appears five times larger than the full moon itself?

    The official answer to these questions appeared first later in the contact notes, in a contact Billy Meier held with the extra-terrestrial Ptaah. He was told that this was carefully planned. It was not random.
    It was a Plejaran extra-terrestrial who piloted the ship. But he first sought permission from Ptaah. Ptaah, according to the contact notes, is in command of all the extra-terrestrials operating on Earth, belonging to their federation.

    This is also what happened according to the contact notes when Edith Beldi took the photo of Florenas beam ship over Lago Maggiore by Luino in Italy 22 April 1998. Then Florena first sought permission from Ptaah before making her ship visible for the camera. This is furthermore also an indication that they look at evidence as something to be given out with great care.

    What the notes further states regarding Freddy’s photos, is that the ship was flying in an invisible state, but that a wedge-shaped channel was opened up. Only through this channel was the ship visible. Meaning the ship was not visible 360 degrees, but only within the very narrow sector, shaped in a wedge-shaped form reaching Freddy’s camera.

    This would also seem to indicate that great precautions are taken when they supply evidence. In this case only to the selected person on the ground, not to any random bystanders in the area. The information here indicates that the space ship was able to measure the angel Freddy had placed the camera in, and also adjust its own position and angle of visibility accordingly. Meaning to adjust the wedge-shaped channel to fit the camera position, and with great precision it would seem.

    The fact that Freddy did not see the space ship, but the camera did, indicate his face fell outside the visibility range. Meaning the space ship was able to lock in on the camera lens and narrow down the wedge-shaped visibility corridor to only cover the area of the lens. So anybody standing beside the camera would not see the ship as they would fall outside of the visibility range.

    The circumstances surrounding Freddy’s photos of the 25 October 1988 are discussed in a contact Billy had with the extra-terrestrial Ptaah. The discussion here is related to the circumstances around each of the photos to be printed in the Photo book.

    Below is only the part of the contact where Freddy’s photos are being discussed. It goes as follows, my translation above the original in German.

    With reference to : Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 8 (2005) Contact 282 dated Thursday, 13. April 2000 at 23.10 Page 139 to 142:

    Good.-Then I have something else that we should look through together and for which assessment is needed. It concerns the photo book which Piero has in progress and of which he has done a provisional printout for your inspection.

    11. Then let us examine the work.
    12. I however think that we must not discuss my or your comments officially, consequently these should not appear in the conversation report.

    That’s clear. Let’s now start the work.

    13. Then make continuous notes after I have delivered a comment, if this should be necessary.

    I will do that. – Wait, I’m just going to get a pen and paper. - OK, we can now begin....

    14... Something is missing here, which I would like to state officially.
    15. The report from Freddy is missing in regard to his photographic recordings of the 10th and 25th of October, 1988.
    16. Equally, the same applies for Eva concerning the 19th August 1989 when she took a photo of one of our controlling discs.

    What Freddy at that time photographed, was it one of your beam ships?

    17. Indeed
    18. Just as it was one of our aircrafts, it was also one of our controlling discs.

    And who at the time piloted the ship?

    19. It was Gaudon who performed his control task.
    Billy You mean on the 25th of October, 1988?

    20. Yes.
    21. Equally, the same applies to the 10th of October, 1988 when Freddy took photos of the sunset.

    And how did it come about that he let himself be captured on the film by Freddy?

    22. It was as such intended and arranged for by Gaudon that only a wedge-shaped channel to the camera stayed open.
    23. Gaudon had my permission to do this.

    That is indeed news. However what does Gaudon actually mean?

    24. <The one who rides with enjoyment >
    25. He was actually really glad about the fact that Freddy succeeded with the photographic recordings.

    Freddy was of the opinion at the time, as I remember it, that the picture which he took on the 10th of October only was a light reflex in the lens.

    That is not the case, because he has in fact photographed Gaudons aircraft.

    And what was the case in regards to Eva on the 19.8.1989?

    27. There were at that time four controlling discs in use around the Center, remotely controlled from Gaudons aircraft, who was in charge of this task.

    And for which purpose was all of this? And why has he not so far come to visit me?

    28. Gaudon was only on duty in the region of Earth up to the 16th of November 1989 and was given the order not to make any personal contact with you, but nevertheless make his presence noticed precisely the way through which the photographic recordings by Eva and Freddy has happened.

    But for which purpose then if I may ask?

    29. Indeed, because the why is not a secret:
    30. It should indicate to you and the member of the group that we are willing to let us become visible every now and then, also to the members of the group, for on one hand give them joy and, on the other hand, to indicate to them that we are still constantly present.

    The thanks of all group members for that to you in return is a certainty. Let’s however now continue with the Photo book.

    German original

    With reference to : Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 8 (2005) Kontaktberichte. Zweihundertzweiundachtzigster Kontakt Donnerstag, 13. April 2000, 23.10 Uhr Seite 139 biz 142

    Gut.- Dann habe ich hier noch etwas, das wir gemeinsam durchsehen sollten und dessen Beurteilung gefragt ist. Es handelt sich dabei um das Photobuch, das Piero in Arbeit hat und von dem er zu deiner Einsichtnahme einen provisorischen Ausdruck gemacht hat.

    11. Dann lass uns das Werk begutachten.
    12. Ich denke jedoch, dass wir meine oder deine Kommentare dazu nicht offiziell erörtern müssen, folglich diese nicht im Gesprächsbericht erscheinen sollen.

    Klarer Fall. Machen wir uns also an die Arbeit.

    13. Dann notiere fortlaufend, wenn ich einen Kommentar abzugeben habe, falls dies erforderlich sein sollte.

    Werde ich tun. – Moment, ich nehme mir nur Papier und Kugelschreiber.- Ok, dann können wir jetzt beginnen....

    14. ... Hier fehlt etwas, das ich offiziell genannt haben möchte.
    15. Es fehlt der Bericht von Freddy bezüglich seiner photographischen Aufnahmen vom 10. Und 25. Oktober 1988.
    16. Gleichermassen gilt das für Eva in bezug auf den 19. August 1989, als sie eine unserer Kontrollscheiben photographiert hat.

    Was Freddy damals photographiert hat, war eines eurer Strahlschiffe ?

    17. Gewiss
    18. Es war ebenso eines unserer Fluggeräte wie auch die Kontrollscheibe.

    Und – wer pilotierte denn damals das Schiff ?

    19. Es war Gaudon, der seine Kontrollaufgaben wahrnahm.
    Billy Du meinst am 25. Oktober 1988?

    20. Ja.
    21. Gleichermassen gilt dies für den 10. Oktober 1988, als Freddy Aufnahmen des Sonnenuntergangs machte.

    Und wie kam es, dass er sich von Freddy auf den Film Bannen liess?

    22. Es war so vorgesehen von Gaudon und derart arrangiert, dass nur ein keilförmiger Kanal zur Kamera offen blieb.
    23. Gaudon hatte dazu meine Erlaubnis.

    Das sind ja Neugkeiten. Was bedeuted aber eigentlich Gaudon?

    24. <Der sich freuende Reiter>
    25. Er hat sich auch tatsächlich darüber gefreut, dass Freddy die photographischen Aufnahmen gelungen sind.

    Freddy meinte damals, wie ich mich erinnere, dass das Bild, das er am 10. Oktober aufgenommen habe, nur ein Lichtreflex im Objektiv gewesen sei.
    Ptaah Das trifft nicht zu, denn er hat tatsächlich Gaudons Fluggerät photographiert.

    Und wie war das bei Eva am 19.8.1989?

    27. Es waren zu jenem Zeitpunkt vier Kontrollscheiben rund um das Center im Einsatz, ferngesteuert aus Gaudons Fluggerät, der für diese Aufgabe zuständig war.

    Und zu welchem Zweck das Ganze? Und warum ist es bisher noch nie mich besuchen gekommen?

    28. Gaudon war nur bis zum 16. Novermber 1989 im irdischen Raum im Einsatz und hatte die Order, keine persönlichen Kontakte mit dir aufzunehmen, wohl jedoch in der Form sich bemerkbar zu machen, wie das eben durch die photographischen Aufnahmen von Eva und Freddy geschehen ist.

    Aber zu welchem Zweck denn, wenn ich fragen darf?

    29. Gewiss, denn das Warum ist kein Geheimnis:
    30. Es sollte dir und den Gruppenmitgliedern aufzeigen, dass wir gewillt sind, uns von Zeit zu Zeit auch Gruppenmitglidern sichtbar werden zu lassen, um ihnen einerseits eine Freude zu bereiten und andererseits um ihnen aufzuzeigen, dass wir noch ständig gegenwärtig sind.

    Der Dank aller Gruppenmitglieder ist euch dafür gewiss. Machen wir jetzt aber weiter mit dem Photobuch.

  • Registered Users Posts: 30,123 ✭✭✭✭Star Lord

    I meant that as in if you're copying content from another site, you should be providing links back to the source, and not copying large amounts of information that has been published elsewhere.

    Remember this?

    Unless it was your 3 days work duty, and you wrote that for this site, you should be posting no more than a paragraph, and linking to the source please.

  • Registered Users Posts: 42 bergheim

    Dame El-Diablo,
    Thanks for your comment. Yes I confirm I was there for my 3 days work duty on the said date. I confirm I only wrote it for this site. So I have no link to provide elsewhere, because it exists nowhere else. I have given due reference to the part of the contact notes which I have translated, which relates to the photos. This material is not in English wherefore, I provided the German text beneath. Sorry for the length.

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 598 ✭✭✭dyer

    Yes I confirm I was there for my 3 days work duty on the said date.

    don't you mean you copy pasted it all into google translate? :)

    i don't know how you can buy into this bergheim.. i'm saying this as someone who whole heartedly believes in ufo's after my own experiences, and in all honesty, meier's photos and videos look like toys in comparison. his stories are absolutely ludicrous.. i strongly urge you to research all the hard work that has been done to discredit the nonsense that he spews. isn't it so convenient that they don't visit him in this modern age where he could photograph/video everything in HD etc? have you ever heard of the vril society?

    notice a familiar pattern emerging here?

  • Registered Users Posts: 9,166 ✭✭✭Fr_Dougal

    dyer wrote: »
    this goes through and debunks his claims

    You can't argue with that, it's covered pretty much everything including providing the sources of the photos of the women and he's found the actual trash can lid that Meier's wife said he used to mock up an aircraft.

    Myth busted.

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    The original German is placed underneath. If you run it through a Google translator or a PROMPT, Babylon or Microsoft translator for that matter, you will not get the translated English text I presented above. That alone proves I have not done a copy paste from an electronic translator as you accuse me of. Those electronic translators are simply not accurate enough. I am amazed you were not able to spot that. The reason why I have placed the German text beneath is that you can do your own translation and chose the expression or words you think fit best. That is if you think mine is not good enough or contain an error. A person living in NZ or Australia might go for a word or expression different to a person living in India, UK, Scotland, Ireland, Canada or the US. Also when I spoke to Freddy at Center I spoke to him in German. Same with Eva and Gilgamesha and several others there belonging to the Gründer fraction as they found it difficult to speak English.

    Billy Meiers’s spiritual teaching has nothing to do with Vril. By the way the Wikipedia sources’ you refer to are unreliable as references. A reason why, for example school kids are not allowed to use wiki sources as references in school project. They often contain errors because anybody can edit them.