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(NO CHAT - READ RULES IN FIRST POST!) Selling Personal PC Gear? Link It Here!

  • 23-11-2011 7:51pm
    Moderators, Technology & Internet Moderators Posts: 18,376 Mod ✭✭✭✭Solitaire

    Getting rid of your old system on Adverts or Gumtree? Want to get some money back from your last-gen top-of-the-range CPU or GPU now you're buying the new updated version?

    Well... tough luck. You'll never be allowed to sell stuff on :p

    No-one said you weren't allowed to tell people you were selling said stuff on Adverts or the like though, did they? ;)


    1. You can post links to your online adverts for personal PC (or components/peripherals for) sales in here. Not business ones. Ever. Equipment bought specifically for resale also comes under this restriction and is forbidden.

    1a. If you want to get rid of above articles for free or as part of a swap you still need to link an online advert in order to post in this thread. If you really don't want to go to the bother of advertising freebies you could think about sticking a note in here or here without threat of banhammer, although creating an ad and linking it here would still be a quicker and more reliable way of offloading free stuff if you have a lot of stuff and/or need it gone fast.

    2. Give a brief but sufficiently detailed description of goods. No life stories, no copypasting huge reams of stuff off manufacturers' pages, but do put down the relevant details and a brief description of any issues with the item for sale. Save the verbal diarrhoea for Adverts (or wherever).

    3. This is a No-Chat thread. No random chat about how good an idea it would be for you to get <listed item> because <reasons>, why you would never be caught dead with <listed item> because it doesn't match the colour of your eyes or what you're having for dinner tonight. Not even chat about Cthulhu. Sorry. Repeat offenders will be treated just like chataholics on the Bargain Alerts thread - i.e. 3-day bans.

    3a. In particular, no discussions with sellers here. Keep those to the advert's page. If there is drastically insufficient information on a post I may allow limited chat so long as we're talking the odd line of text; of course I might just delete the offending post :p

    4. Absolutely no dealing on this thread itself or anywhere else on With the exception of just a few security-licensed or oversized items (e.g. firearms) which are all dealt with in specialized subfora any kind of sale of goods or services are strictly prohibited across all of This thread is no exception to the rule; it simply links you to existing listings. Any irregularities suggesting a private sale was made via PM based on stuff posted on this thread and both seller and buyer can most likely kiss their user accounts goodbye; if admins are called in they tend to take these issues very seriously.

    5. Absolutely no links to business adverts. Only personal sales. Again, if there is any evidence that the posts and their links are assisting a business of any size flog their gear the Admins will be called in to investigate and punishments will be exceedingly harsh - think category bans of significant duration and even perma-sitebans if the Admins think any entrepreneurs are just taking the mick using this thread.

    6. And, obviously, no selling anything other than the stuff specified in Rule 1 above. If you do your post will be counted as spam with ensuing unpleasant consequences for you. If you have a low postcount and break this rule your user account will undoubtedly be reclassified Spammer and will be immediately deleted with extreme prejudice.

    Finally, there are question marks over whether a thread like this can be successfully maintained and its rules upheld in the long term. Most of its rules tie in to sitewide policy and the ToS thus the Old Testament level of punishments. This means that if this thread is used for evil on a widespread basis it WILL be deleted. Its up to users to make sure this doesn't happen, so keep it clean! :o