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The Later with Jools Holland thread



  • Love later with jools holland, i can happily spend hours on youtube watching videos from the show. Here are some of my favourite performances.

    Gotta have Nick Cave, He's been on the show so much it's hard to pick one video. But the energy in this performance is just fantastic.

    Joan Armatrading , First time i heard this song was on jools. I remember when i seen it i was watching the show in my bedroom and i actually watched turned it up and walked over to the tv to hear it better. Only songs i really like make me do that :)

    Jimmy Cliff, another classic song

    Raghu Dixit.Some World music! An artist i never heard of before i seen this on jools. Most of the time i don't like the world music but every now and then there's some really good stuff like this.

  • Pighead wrote: »
    I used to get so excited when I heard my favourite bands were on Jools. There was always something special about performances in that studio.

    Three performances off the top of my head that were memorable for me.

    Unreal performance from Villagers. Just Conor and a guitar but he had the whole room hanging on his every word. Magic.


    My favourite guitarist in full flow with one of the best vocalists of his generation. I must have watched the last 50 seconds of this video when Butler loses himself in his guitar solo about 9873 times.

    And finally at the risk of getting banned from "Alternative and Indie" I put forward a...........Travis track! I actually quite liked their debut album, especially the big dumb shoutalong songs. "All I Wanna Do Is Rock" was one of those dumb songs and they plyed it on Jools back in 96. I'm nearly sure this was their first ever appearance on television and the bit at the very end when Fran Healy puffs out his cheeks and gives a look as if to say "****ing hell, how the hell did we end up on the Jools Holland show lads?" makes me smile everytime. Just the wide eyed freshness and innocence of it all.


    Pighead you travis banning was only rescued by Butler. Remember seeing that vid for the first time and going - **** Yes, this **** is good.

  • Get the volume up. This will get your hips and shoulders a shakin'

    Great song and performance by one of the best bands of the last 10 years

  • WinstonOno wrote: »
    for me, this is the greatest performance i've ever seen on the show. absolutely spellbinding. the look on jools face half way through says it all. i remember every hair on my body standing on end the night i watched it, and it still has the same effect. also remember every other act on the show sounding absolutely crap afterwards. talk about a poisoned chalice, being asked to play on later with jools holland the same night as radiohead!!

    That is just mind blowingly good!

  • The most memorable Jools Holland performance for me has to be Paranoid Android.

    The song was playing on the radio for a short time before this performance but I wasn't really feeling it. It seemed like such a big shift from Pablo Honey/The Bends era.

    However, I was blown away while watching it. Airbag and No Surprises were outstanding too.

    I must have watched my VHS recording of those 3 performances at least 50 times each in the lead up to the release of OK Computer a few weeks later and their Dublin gig the following week.

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  • Orion wrote: »
    Loved that too. She has a free live EP downloadable from her website which is very good too. Unfortunately her main EP is only available from iTunes which I won't ever use. I'd love to buy it (downloadable or cd).

    Love that Jools always has diverse acts on the show. Where else will you see the likes of Mastadon and Bon Iver on the same show? Or Florence and Pete Townsend? As others have said I never like everything on the show but there's always one I love.

    Great thread idea. Subbed to it now :)

    Yeah I got the live EP from her sight. She has a pretty cool video for the same song of her walking through Paris playing and singing with a guitar and little amp.

    Must have a look when i get home and post some of my favourites.

  • Metallica, Lou Reed and Steve Earle on tonight, I've got a delicious beer in the fridge right now for the occasion :)

  • Metallica and lou reed will not be pretty! Looking forward to it all the same.

  • Metallica and lou reed will not be pretty! Looking forward to it all the same.

    I dunno, I think it's pretty cool!

  • El Pr0n wrote: »
    I dunno, I think it's pretty cool!

    i'm lovin it, it's just everyone else is losing their mind and i can't even discuss it without hearing the same sh*te bulls*t!! ...james thinks he's a table etc...

    well ok that one does make me laugh...but ya know what i mean!

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  • El Pr0n wrote: »
    I dunno, I think it's pretty cool!

    Seriously? I think it's terrible shi-te.

  • I like it. It had the same impact on me as seeing Napalm Death Scum on the bbc arena series back in the day....

  • Another crackin' radiohead performance on Jools.

  • Just remembered this one. Seeing this got me into Björk.

  • What the hell are Lou Reed and Metallica on? Thats shockingly bad material .....upsetting that they could waste their undoubted talent and skills on that tripe.....:mad:

  • SAINTRON wrote: »
    What the hell are Lou Reed and Metallica on? Thats shockingly bad material .....upsetting that they could waste their undoubted talent and skills on that tripe.....:mad:

    I don't wanna hear or see it, but your post made me smile :)

  • Two of my fav Later performances:

  • livinsane wrote: »
    Two of my fav Later performances:

    I'll give ye thumbs up for half of that......

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  • Dengue fever - some crusty old california rockers with a young cambodian singer. a strange looking band but they do pump out some good stuff.

    Carla Bruni talking about Nicholas Sarkozy and singing while Metallica look on.
    Again, very strange, but bruni is effortlessly sexy, and she and jools played 'nobody knows you when you're down and out' on the piano....piy youtube seems to have taken it down & this video has it cut out.

  • Lou isn't really trying is he?

    And Lars, we all know you're ****e, that's fine, just stop acting deadly while you're being ****e.

  • I'll give ye thumbs up for half of that......

    Which one have I failed you on? :D

  • Got a best of Jools Holland DVD for Xmas a few years back and for some reason I played this a lot. Not a big Keane fan. Just find them easy to listen to. But I thought this performance was powerful...

  • better late than never:

  • Why bother starting up a new thread. This is one of the few jaw dropping moments I've had in amongst all the amazing acts I've seen play the show...

    Just stunning

    Yup their pretty amazing..

  • Wonder if Jools will have the Stone Roses on when they return?

  • Robbie Williams? GMAB. And some random "world" music garbage every week. And the obligatory 90 year old soul legend.
    No ta.

  • too lazy to post it up, but the recent Feist stuff on Jools is worthy of a mention here.

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  • Dave Edmonds - sabre dance

    Jeff Beck - Brush with the Blues

    Bellowhead - New york girls

    three of my favs, i know the top one is from hootenanny but too good to not put up