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It's PanDENmonium! [Off Topic Chat]

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    New den,new name.

    Anyone want to rename it?open to suggestion here folks ;)

    The general off-topic chat for C&H,say what you want in here[within forum rules obviously] and try to keep general chitchat to this thread.Link to it from another thread if need be,mods will love you for it ;)

    To begin;First!!

    Mod Note:
    I've decided to implement a new rule. From here on in, I declare that no two names of the den shall be the same! If you have a suggestion for a new name either post it here or PM one of the mods. Anyway, here's a list of old names:

    - The Den: off-topic chat here!
    - The Den: Flirting is Optional...
    - The Den: Flirting is an Abomination and Should Be Stopped In Threads
    - The Den: Arbitrary name-changing FTW
    - The Den: My name-change brings all the boys to the yard...
    - The Den: D4RK ONION <3s Facebook 4eva
    - The Den: Top o' the morning to ye, me fellow leprechauns'
    - The Den: *insert topical, witty tagline here*
    - Honey where are my shoes? In THE DEN? May God have mercy on us all!
    - The Den. Epic thread title gone. BLAME D4RK ONION!
    - ɹǝʇɐl uıɐƃɐ ʎɹʇ ǝsɐǝld ˙ɯǝlqoɹd lɐɔıuɥɔǝʇ ƃuıʌɐɥ sı uǝp ǝɥʇ
    - Insect Overlord > D4RK ONION \o/ <333333 ;_; etc
    - KnifeWRENCH >> Insect Overlord > D4RK ONION \o/ <333333 ;_; etc
    - 'Insect Overlord + D4RK ONION > KnifeWRENCH
    - 'lim[as t->∞]f(t)=∞, where t is time and f(t) is IO's level of FAIL
    - The Love Den <3
    - Midwest Forum
    - Click Here For Free Money
    - Click Den For Den Den
    - The 'lion's Den
    - The Badgers' Den
    - The Badgers' Sett
    - The Craic Den
    - The Davidius Appreciation Thread
    - The A Neuortic is an Evil **** Thread >=(
    - Excuse me, where can I find The Den?
    - Oú est Le Den?" C'est ici, b!
    - Wo ist das Den?" Es ist hier, baby (das Off-topic Chat Thread)
    - Face-den (the Off-topic Chat Thread)
    - "DENtal Plan!" "Lisa Needs Braces..." (off-topic chat thread)
    - The Ninja DEN (off-topic chat thread)
    - The Old Spice Den: The off-topic thread YOUR thread could smell like...
    - </3 The "**** you St.Valentine" Den; off topic chat FOR BITTER SINGLE PEOPLE ONLY </3
    - Den, Den, Den, Den, Denly, Den, Den, Den, Den, Deeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnn! - Off Topic Chat
    - The Pirate Den - Eye patches compulsory [Off Topic Chat]
    - The Fox's Den - Redheads half price [Off Topic Chat]
    - The Den of tomorrow!!
    - Den of Inquity (off topic chat!)
    - Den of Doom [off topic chat!]
    - Super Happy Fun Den of Doom [off topic chat!]
    - Den of Indecision [off topic chat!]
    - The Den of Lust - Get your flirt on here [off topic chat!]
    - Now is the Winter of our Den content [off topic chat!]
    - dendendendendendendenden...BATMAN! [Off Topic Chat]
    - An' Den Der Was Ligh' [Off Topic Chat]
    - The Dendrophilia Support Group [Off Topic Chat]
    - The "Summer" (Ha!) Chillout Den [Off Topic Chat]
    - The DN (dodo-dododooo) [Off Topic Chat]
    - iamanengine's Canoodling Corner [Off Topic Chat]
    - iamanengine's Canoodling Den [Off Topic Chat]
    - Y'all Motherfcukers Need Jesus in Your Den [Off Topic Chat]
    - Den-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea [Off Topic Chat]
    - Den 2: Return of the Chattening [Off Topic Chat]
    - The Den of Uncomfortably Flirting Singles. [Off Topic Chat]
    - But Where Did The Den Categories Go? [Off Topic Chat]
    - The DENmark Appreciation Society [Off Topic Chat]
    - It's PanDENmonium! [Off Topic Chat]

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